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  1. I use the CH Throttle quadrant and I have the Saitek as well, I prefer the CH as it has 6 axis for TH-mx-sb etc and a bunch of switches. However I do think the Honeycomb will be much better, I will probably buy that at some point when in stock. Any USB throttle will work. I have a few items I made myself using LeoBodnar boards like Collective for helis and nose wheel steering for big iron. One thing about the Honecomb yoke is that you have to disable all the switches on the housing, not the yoke itself in FS2020. This is because the rocker switches and key are permanently on not intermittent. This causes a number of problems in FS2020 at least it did before the last update, I have not checked id ASOBO fixed this yet in Sept 29 update. Just be aware that is what causes avionics to tick off at odd times especially in the Mooney. I am sure this will be fixed at some point.
  2. AirManager 4b13 works great, you have to do a bit of code conversion on some of the gauges. A lot are already converted in the Beta. The Garmin dials and buttons don't have "events" working yet, but this is coming hopefully in the near future, the sim is not 2 months old yet, I am amazed it is working as well as it is. This is my M20 panel, I love flying with it on my 4 screen setup. I also use a Laptop for plates and a couple tablets for plates, charts and METAR.
  3. I agree 100%. Use what works, wait for what will be fixed. The Mooney is really very good and I love flying it, it really feels like a Mooney. I have spent 70 hrs in MSFS 2020, since it came out and about an hour and a half with the new X-plane 11.5. Before that all my time was spent in XP both BETA and 11.41. The 11.5 betas had tons of problems and even the final version still needs patching. So I don't mind what does not work well in a 1 month old sim. The fixes are coming fast. I do think that the immersion offered by MSFS 2020 is unparalleled. That is why my time is spent with it. I am sure in a year it will be very different with lots of new models and even better free and payware scenery. Basically I am blown away by how much fun this sim is.
  4. Love this plane. I can confirm the "Garmin and NavCom turning off bug". Is cured by turning off all the non intermittent switches on your controls. On the Honeycomb yoke it means all the light switches and avionics/battery alternator switches as well as the ignition switches (Key). This is a workaround but it works perfectly now. Autopilot works very nicely as well, the heading bug can be moved 1 degree at a time using my custom rotary encoder or mouse wheel. This moved in 10 degree increments before. Everything else seems to work well even the approach settings in the G530. I also have AirManager working well even for the HSI, on my 4th touchscreen monitor. It would be nice if they bug was squashed in the next patch, but as is the plane is very flyable.
  5. I think this is just the beginning of a whole new form of simming. And it will be around for a long time at least a decade. Then something even more amazing will come a long, some kind or VR that really works with your hands and body seen and felt in the sim world, force feedback, affordable motion etc.. It is coming... I also think the technology that is revolutionary will get better and be used in other Apps and games. No doubt there will be drastic updates as the concept matures and expands. I think other sims are the ones we should be worried about. They will have to change a lot to keep up. The audience for this sim is much bigger than the other sims put together, so there is a lot of reason to keep it going as a continuing revenue stream, both royalties from the marketplace and new additions like helis and maybe even unthought of uses. I for one jut love flying the drone cam around, with a game controller, this can be greatly expanded and will have huge appeal, at least IMHO. I think this sim/game is a real winner and a sign of better things to come. It was very smart to release early, I for one am really helps me forget the state of the world right now, hours at a time. I don't mind the things that don't work, I know they eventually will and it is fun to figure ways around problems, and when they are solved it is like a gift or a new game all over.
  6. I have not changed anything. Since yesterday, no new installs or updates. I will see if it happens again tonight...
  7. All of a sudden a Console window has started opening along with the MSFS main window. And if I close it MSFS quits as well. Everything "works/does not work" as "normal", as long as I leave the empty Console window open. Has anyone else had this happen? It just started this morning.
  8. I have almost 60 hrs flying in the new sim. Most in the Carenado 182, I really like it. And the M20 is the only one that has had the avionics click off. I have the 172 with steam gauges as well and it has not displayed this phenomenon.
  9. All avionics are affected, the engine instrument gauges are fine still on
  10. About 20 minutes, I was just switching VOR freq on #2 Nav, and there was an audible click, like a breaker popping. But all breakers seem fine none popped out, I don't know if they work anyway. I will do some more flying in a couple hrs. All avionics go off not just Garmin.
  11. Flies fine AP seems good, just doing a DME Arc to an ILS into KPSM. Feels like a real Mooney, nice and fast. OOOPPPS. All the avionics just clicked off. Luckily I was in VFR conditions so I landed fine, it really feels good on the yoke and pedals. But this avionics glitch is a bit disconcerting. Interesting after going back to main menu and starting new flight avionics are back. And I can turn them on and off with the Honeycomb yoke. I will fly more later, have to drive to town now.
  12. I just restarted the PC and changed the livery to the first one, I was on the second one when avionics were not lighting up. Now it is working great. About to maiden fly the M20. Textures in cockpit seem nice but like brand new, fonts easy to read on switches etc.
  13. I did quit MSFS but I did not reboot the PC. I will try a restart and hopefully that works. I will report back...
  14. Just bought it. Having a problem, the avionics NAV-COM and Garmin will not turn on. No checklist. I tried restarting, same thing even starting "ready to fly". I like supporting devs including Carenado. Want to encourage MSFS20 development by buying new additions. I may be doing something stupid. I removed all my mods in community folder, same thing. It sounds good, but I have not flown yet, I like NAVcoms and Garmin working.
  15. Screenshot of my 4 screen setup. Flying a ferry flight in the C182T from NH USA to Sweden, with stops in Labrador, Greenland, Iceland and Scotland. On third leg over Greenland Bing is having a very interesting time. I guess this is to be expected, looks more like Mordor than the IceCap. It keeps growing and changing as I fly. Most of the flight had pretty good ortho, but Greenland needs help.
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