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  1. Yes I have and it works great in other models. I will do more testing this afternoon if it rains.
  2. Just got it and it is great. For some strange reason though the G530 on my 500 does not work correctly, maybe the next time I start the sim up again I will. I had to buy direct from GotFriends as the MP did not have it yet. I prefer the MP, so easy to update. I don't care if it takes a while for updates, I have over 50 models to fly and 4 sims so...
  3. I love helis, and my favorite is the Cowansim 500E. I also like the free Cabri, and the 407 somewhat. I have the Hype H145 and both payware 206's, I like the Cowansim best. OK that is just me the fly inside is great as well. The Hype is great as well, just too easy to fly to be serious fun. So I decided to try the $12 payware R22 that just came to the store. Pretty crude modeling and behavior. The blades are permanently drooping and don't change in flight at all. They have at least on my system an irritating flicker out the canopy. Also the flight model seems really crude. Very different from even the Cabri. Almost none of the switches seem to work at least for me. OK is anything good with this model. Yes it is kind of fun to fly and very good at FPS. Very easy to master, unrealistically so IMHO, this makes it fun to just fly around and take in the great scenery in MSFS. Would I buy it again, no. Would I recommend it to someone into helis, no. But for someone just wanting to easily maneuver around and feel like you are in a heli, yes I can see it being a easy gentle experience with great FPS. I just thought I would post this as I see no reviews yet. Sim on and have fun.
  4. Yes I got that as well about 3PM EST. Cleared up by 3:30 EST. This i s in Northern NH, we are having very windy cold WX here. I thought maybe some of the WEB was suffering from that. But testing I was getting solid 360mb/s on my fiber cable. So it was probably MS servers down or slow for a while this afternoon. All is back to normal fast great simming now. This is the second time since I started using FS2020, and I started on day one. So that is not bad IMHO.
  5. Great video about the 500E first impressions. Not my video, just posting from YouTube.
  6. Double post, don't know how this happened. Admins please delete...
  7. I use a TM Hotas with a 12" extension for cyclic and -35 on all 4 axis settings (upper and lower). The extension makes for even greater accuracy for helis, kind of like in a real helicopter. My VBK anti torques set to -20. And my home made collective with 10" travel and twist throttle set to -30. Twist throttle does not work yet on CowanSim helis, hopefully soon they will. I have a Virpil collective ordered, long wait, but mine works great in the mean time. The views in every model I fly are custom set to buttons on my Hotas 4 views so I never use the default views. I fly this model from the right seat as I do most helis, just feels right. My real life lessons were always in the right seat on helis. This really is the best Heli so far in FS2020.
  8. I too enjoyed the 206 so I got the 500E. Now it is my favorite heli in MSFS. It feels right, I did tune my curves a bit to make her a bit less twitchy, and now she flies like a dream. Just pay attention and don't loose concentration, she is very quick reacting. But still the easiest to t/o hover and taxi of all my helis in FS2020, I have about all of them. I have never piloted a 500 IRL so I can't say if it is true to life. I highly recommend this one. FPS is very good on par with fixed wing planes about 7-10 fps better than FI 206 and a bit better than Covansim's 206 for me at least.
  9. I know an old pilot/mechanic that got in an accident. He was driving his car home at night after a long day. Suddenly a car turns out in front of him from the left. He reacted quickly as a pilot and stomped on the gas to avoid the car, but he was not in an airplane so he hit hard. Habits diet hard.
  10. There are many small airports w/o instrument approaches all over the world. They will not be listed in Navigraph etc. but the ID is still on a VFR chart (US or Canada) or similar. To fly there on an IFR plan file to an airport close by with IFR procedures, and cancel IFR when in VFR conditions possible to navigate to the small airport. This is how it is done in real life. I hope this helps.
  11. Just got the update in the MP. Tried it on a quick flight around Stockholm. Seems really nice. Good Fps. Always nice graphics. M20R Ovation FS2020 version 1.6 ——————————————————— January 13 th, 2023 -Improved flight dynamics to meet again the performance described in POH. -Added dynamic movement to static wicks. -Incorporated engine startup smoke and engine heat effects. -Included compatibility to couple with GTNxi. -Remodeled animations on all empenage elements. -Reduced the volume of the fuel pump sound. -Redone all navigation lights effects. -Fixed VR commands. -Fixed Fuel flow gauge not indicating remaining fuel. -Fixed autopilot logic to work with WT’s GNS, as well as TDS’s GTNxi. -Improved interior details. -Overall fixes to update M20R to current MSFS standard and user requirements. -Other minor bug fixes.
  12. I would probably update if my system had a TPM chip. But W/O a V2 version W11 is a no go. Built 7 years ago for X-plane and never updated anything hardware, but I keep current on OS updates, though I always wait a few weeks before updating, let others find problems. Sys description in my sig. This system still runs fantastic even as old as it is I use 4 monitors with 30+ fps 90% of the time. Some ultra settings and most lower. I am amazed at how FS2020 has improved performance.
  13. I now have both. I am not rotor rated but I have flown a few piston helis as student. I have also worked as a camera man in 2 different Jet Rangers. I like both, they are different. I fly the HI a bit easier, it does not need the tilt left that does not feel quite right in the Cowan. But both are fine sim helis as far as sim helis go. I have flown a lot of them in XP and enjoy them a lot. I also fly the H145 and enjoy that, now that one is super easy it is a modern heli with lots of computer help. I do like the EMS pack for the H145. If I had to pick one I would go for the FI 206, over the Cowan. But that is just me. It feels better (to me) and I like having the working throttle. Both are good and will probably both get better. The FI is more of a FPS hog by 5 fps or so on my system. Just my nickel.
  14. Do all your instruments and pop out what else you need in AM, then use FS to view outside. This is best with multi monitors but can be done with just one big one as well.
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