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  1. At least 160 million a month for fees to use msfs 2020 to microsoft, time to get servers and program running top notch, that is a bunch of dough that can be invested.
  2. I put my settings on, not complaining just comparing. Some companies do better with my setup others do, always a little bit of a gamble.. No big deal only 30$. Hopefully the sim will get better with time.
  3. Yes I think I will have to shut it off and use default again, I'm disappointed by this I watched videos on youtube and most the guys said it was great, but who knows. Loss of 30$
  4. Thank you have shut off everything and made the textures normal not hd, I will work on it but I think its a problem when all the other airports work just fine. I wanted to pull trigger on buying because its my home airport for my VA.
  5. I have tried to lower all settings but my fps is terrible with this software? I wish I would have waited to see more reviews. I have a low end video card 1080 gsx but Flytampa and Fsdreamteam scenery works great for me. I hope this can be optimized for better performance. Anyone else having bad stutters and lagging? I fly vr most of the time so I expect a little but I even get terrible frames in 2d. Any tips will be appreciated. Thank you Anthony
  6. Do I have to uninstall all the aig liveries I installed for this to work or just move its folders out of my community folder? Thank for the help Anthony
  7. Also I was wondering do you lose everything I have loaded into msfs when you delete the .dat files. Wil it restore itself next load if you leave the community folder alone. Just curious how this worked for you.
  8. Where is the Simulator.dat file located? I know where the other is. Thanks for the help
  9. The only time I experience turbulence in msfs is because of land features. Period, I have never had them unless there is a mountain, ridge, valley, I was flying over. I never get them flying through clouds, or near storms. This needs fixed. Anthony
  10. somiller Thank you for your settings!! Plane feels much better now. I really appreciate the help everyone
  11. I will try the settings from somiller hopefully that helps. Just doesn't feel quite right with my old settings
  12. I was wondering if anyone here could give me an example of where their control sensitivity settings for the 737 are? I'm having trouble getting them to feel right with my saitek yoke system. Any help would be great. Thanks a lot Anthony
  13. ok great thank you so much. I will wait until it is released. I can live with it for now.
  14. I only get turbulent air when over mountains, clouds don't give me any, gusts don't either. I wish this could be fixed it really takes away from sim.
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