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Found 38 results

  1. Hello, I've recently purchased the AI Lights Reborn pro edition. I'm still trying to get used to the configurator so apologies if the solution to my problem was just a missing step. I've noticed that the AIG A320's nav lights are very bright to the point they illuminate on the ground. I've also noticed that the B737s have no nav lights on at all. Apart from that, all the other planes seem to use the light presets that I applied via the configurator. I have clicked on "Reset SimObjects" and "Verify Setup" in the OCI settings, with no luck. Lastly, as I fly on vatsim most of the time, is there an option to override Vpilot lighting behaviour on other aircraft? I notice a lot where pilots seem to leave their strobes on when at stand, especially those flying in the A320 family. I believe that pilots flying the Airbus have left the strobes in the AUTO position when on stand. Here, I'm guessing that Vpilot is assuming that AUTO=ON and so the strobe lights illuminate, when in reality they haven't. Thanks.
  2. I have just purchased the Reality XP GTN750 Touch to install into my newly acquired Carenado Sabb 340 . Using the Addons menu install feature, I have been able to install a popup window which is lsited as Unit 1 (managed). Problem: nothing works, except the mouse pointers on the knobs... completely black screen. I would appreciate any clues as to how to get it working. Ron
  3. Hi there! I have been desperately trying to install the GTN750 for a few days now, to no avail. I keep getting these errors when running the installer. Any ideas? The trainers are working just fine. Thanks!
  4. My RXP has been working without an issue for 6 months now on every aircraft I configured it for (add-on menu). I recently installed the Alabeo C207 and configured this plane for the pop-up GNS 530, the configuration appeared to work as expected. now when I attempt to pull up the RXP system from the views menu it pops-up as normal but immediately disappears. It is happening on all my aircraft now that were previously configured which were working as expected.
  5. Hello everyone I installed REALTY gtn 750 no problems of install. When I run X-plnae 11 and the PC12 the GTN 750 is present. But he puts the following message: http:// and What to do, please? Thanks in advance
  6. I am running FS2004 (Version 9.1 Build 40901.01) in XP SP3 compatibility mode on a Windows 10 Ver. 1803 using the "no disk required" fs9.exe file. I updated FS2004 to version 9.1 using the official Microsoft files. FS2004 will not run under Windows 10 without the "no disk" file. I have installed (3 times) the rxpGTN750 gauge with no errors reported. When I install the gauge into an aircraft using either the add on manager, or by manually editing the panel.cfg file, the gauge will not come up or display. The c:\documents\user1 log file reports #rxpGTN.Gau ver. Error: unsupported simulator version What options do I have to make this work? Thanks, Bill
  7. I have just updated to P3D v4.3 and RXP GTN v 2.5.2. GPS based navigation is no longer working properly; on a 'Direct-To" course the aicraft will fly as much as 50 degrees off of heading. The aircraft appears to initially track on course but soon thereafter begins to drift. I am in OBS mode, with NAV selected as the lateral mode on the autopilot. Approach sequencing is no longer working, either. Aircraft proceeds past Fly Over or Fly By waypoint. This is demonstrated on two Milviz aircraft - the DHC-2 and C310R Redux. Also with A2A's C-182. Screenshots attached. Thoughts?
  8. Hello, System: P3D v 4.2 on Win 10 machine. I have the GNS 430w V2.1, and successfully installed it into the Alabeo PA32. I can use the GPS to navigate enroute (it drives the HSI needle), but the problem arises when I activate a GPS approach: the 430w continues to provide lateral guidance, but I get no glideslope (the 430w does change to LPV mode). Whereas in my Alabeo C404, I can fly a full LPV approach to minimums. The stock PA32 has both a 530 and a 430. I replaced the 430 with the Reality XP 430w using the Addon wizard, and again, it works fine for everything but APP. Might this have something to do with the stock 530 being present? I tried "installing" the Reality XP 530 (which I don't have), such that the 530 panel is dark, but same result. I could not find any avionics switch setting in the PA-32 cockpit that might route things differently. I looked at the configuration settings menu, but left it default as the HSI was working...did I miss ticking a box there? Something else? Thanks! Scott
  9. Hi .. I was wondering around and couldn't figure out the answer, hope to get some help. Im running multiple monitors X-Plane11, I need to drag the GTN750 to a secondary smaller touchscreen monitor, I tried different methods and settings to make GTN run on it's own window, just like the default GNS that comes with XP11, but couldn't figure it out. it looks like we cant drag the GTN outside the XP11 view! If the above is not possible, can I run the GTN trainer as a stand alone product and integrate it with XP through the same RealityXP plugin? any help? Thanks
  10. Unfortunately, I always get this error message when I try to update my RXP GTN 750 to the new version: The error comes even if I turn off my firewall. The same error will also be reported later during the validation of my Flight1 account immediately before the actual reinstallation. But I can login to Flight1 without problems. When I first installed the RXP GTN 750 a few days ago and also with the update to version 2.5.2 I had not this problem (both with the firewall turned on). Is this a temporary server problem or what can I do? All the best. Micha
  11. Hi! Have been spending hours trying to get the newly purchased RXP GNS V2 to interact with my FSX SP2. Tried reinstalling both FSX and RXP as well as SimConnect. I don't get any error messages but when I start the FSX and load the new C421 (or any other plane), I never see any add-on menu. Can't even seem to find the log files as per location in the user's manual ??? (I do see the rxpGNS2.dll in the GAUGES folder so it must have ran the installer at least partly) Win 8.1 Pro 64 Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot? Thanks
  12. I updated to v2.4.2 430 WAAS now the scrollwheel does not work on any of the instruments i.e. to change the altimeter setting, radio freq. etc. I am using the Carenado F33 bonanza for XP 10 in XP11. Before upgrading to this version the scroll wheel worked. When I disable RXP the scrollwhell works again. any help would be appreciated.
  13. I have opened a ticket with Carenado as well but looking to see if anyone has had this issue as well. When I load the latest B200 in XP11 and then load the 750 all the cockpit switches freeze. Nothing can be switched on/off or adjusted. If I load the plane w/o the 750 all is well. I also have the B200 that works in XP10 and have no issues with that version. Has anyone else seen or had this happen?
  14. Hello I bought RealityXP GTN750; today I tried to update last version of the program, and after that, the product is not working. I reactivated the license, however the GTN is blank (off) in the planes. The product works fine until the update, but I had to make several attemps to reinstall and I think that is the cause of the problem.
  15. Is there a way to make the RXP GNS WAAS Hardware Driver work with the Precision Flight Controls Avionics Hardware (PFCs Digital Avionics Enhanced Hardware), RXP GNS 530W V2, and P3D version 4.2? Operating system is Win7. Thanks, Ron
  16. Thank you for making such a wonderful addition. Our flying club has recently added the GTN 750 and 650 to one of our planes and I am hoping to use this to help become more familiar with it within the sim. My hope is to be able to use this fully in VR without needing to use the popout windows. In the little bit of searching I have done, I realize there is some limitation with how x-plane 11 currently uses the VR mouse cursor and that it is unable to interact with the the current GTN 750/650. What is the current status of this implementation and do you foresee being able to enable this in the future? Does anyone know of a workaround to be able to interact with the 750 within VR (apart from the popout window)? Also, while in VR, the mouse wheel is no longer able to control fine adjustments on knobs, mixture, etc. It works fine the moment you leave VR. This is only with the 750 enabled, the moment I disable it, the mouse wheel functions again in VR. The only plane I have tried this with is the Justflight Arrow III (non-turbo version). Edit: I tried this in the AFM Mooney M20R Ovation II with the same results. The mouse is able to interact with the 750 in normal 3D cockpit mode and the mouse wheel works for fine control of knobs, trim, mixture, etc. Going into VR mode with VR mouse cursor, the mouse wheel no longer works and I cannot interact with the 750 on the panel. What is interesting, however, is that if I disable the VR mouse cursor, it disappears, but I can click interact with the 750 in VR mode on the panel itself. I just cannot see any cursor or what I am actually clicking (and the mouse wheel still doesn't work).
  17. Hi, when I attempt to resize or work the 750 since the latest update the sim crashes to desktop. The 750 works when I use it as pop out but not when it's integrated to the dash, then it crashes. Anybody else having this problem ?
  18. Hello, for some reason I'm not getting any response from the ATC. Also during startup I get following error : Which is odd because as you can see I in fact do have English installed and set as default (I have my native language pack installed as well but that should not be a problem since it's not default, right? ) : But for some reason I do not get any response from the ATC at all. I'm using the text "SayIt" interface as I don't have mic setup, plus I don't really want to be talking to my computer, text interface is fine :-) Also the test in config does not work. The voice tests work fine, I even get ATIS response when I tune in ATIS on radio (P2ATC set to handle ATIS) but no response from any actual controllers : I'm flying IXEG 733 which uses a lot of custom systems so just to make sure it's not blocked by battery and so on I set P2ATC to ignore those : Any ideas pls ? PS: My flight plan seems fine. It's validated and filed. Also I'm using LKTB Gnd to try to get the clearance as there is no dedicated clearance frequency but that is not the issue - I tried them all, I get response from none. PS2: I also tried running the P2ATC as administrator and also in Win7 compatibility mode (just in case). No luck.
  19. Not sure this is the correct place to post this but... I installed the latest Ver. 3.4 of the working title g1000 today. I am unable to adjust the screen lighting. This is true of all the airplanes that use the G1000. Everything else seems fine. Any guidance on how to fix would be appreciated. I figured it out.. I have UWA lights installed, and they need to be above the WT G1000 mod. At least with the ver. I have.
  20. Hi Simbol, I'm pretty familiar with how effects (fx) files work and I can see the way this product has been constructed. In some ways it is impressive and has a lot of potential. But after spending three days trying to get this app running to satisfaction I'm at a loss. I followed every single instruction to the letter, and I'm running in your "expert" mode. The first issue I see is that after separating each AI designer-aircraft (FAIB, TSR, UTT etc) into groups then running preview mode to modify the effects, and after saving (exporting) each section then making sure when I "apply" effects the programme finds each group and confirms that it is indeed applying all the effects as I specified for each group, I then restart P3d V4 and I see nowhere near the effects I modified while in preview mode. I double checked this by being careful to note which AI aircraft belonged to which group. The first thing that does not translate is as follows. In preview mode I assign a LARGE effect size to the red/green nav lights, In "global" mode this does nothing whatever to the size of the lights, but it does when editing in GROUP mode. In group mode I slew in front of a known AI aircraft in the group and set the following: Navigation Lights Section ---------------------------------- Effect size: HIGH ( this does make the red and green nav lights larger, especially when slewing back some way. Dynamic Light Size. In effect this actually does not alter the size but it makes the red/green nav lights show in aircraft approaching from a distance. The higher this setting the further away the nav lights come into view.. With the slider midway the nav lights do not show at all until the aircraft on approach is quite close. So this control is not really size oriented but distance oriented, although I can see that size to an extent will translate to distance. I keep the Dynamic Light Intensity as low as possible without being disabled. That is because this slider creates the most garish, hideous, ridiculous, huge bright circle of apparently reflected light on the apron, taxi and runway surface. I acknowledge that this ludicrously over-done effect is also partly the fault of the default settings in the AI aircraft design, and is present by default without FS reborn. However with this slider kept to as low as possible without disabling it, in preview mode those huge red and green circles are at least kept to a realistic minimum. The texture colour intensity is kept high in order to keep the red/green nav lights as vibrant as possible. Please note, I realise in normal circumstances the colour intensity slider for example makes the ground "splash" of a given strobe very bright, but with the Dynamic Light size slider well to the left the colour intensity slider does not make things "bigger", as you describe in your pop up and red coloured note. It makes the colours more intense. In preview mode this shows up quite well. But after saving (exporting) this setting then applying it, then running P3d V4. The nav lights do NOT show as I adjusted them. In fact they appear as tiny, barely discernable pin points, not the large globes I set in preview. But there are still HUGE circles splashed lights on the surfaces, even though I most definitely turned them right down in preview. So, in other words, what I am setting appears fine in preview but does not show anything like the same after quitting the app and restarting P3d v4. Why is this so? Moving on to the Beacon lights ======================== With the beacon lights it is the opposite to the nav lights. This time I set quite modest adjustments so the beacon is smallish and the splashes of red light also restrained. After "applying" this tweak, in the sim the red splashes are in the order of three times the intensity. STROBES ========= There is a fundamental problem here. I don't think you have built enough leeway into the sliders. You allow an enormous PLUS range but not much negative range. Indeed the sliders do not allow me to tone down the strobes beyond a certain point, so they complete eclipse any other light when viewed from a distance. Even with the strobe sliders at minimum, I still see a very large orb of flashing light when the Ai are at a distance on approach. (I realise this is partly an issue with P3d lights/ distance). However in preview mode you CAN see the red and green nav lights when the aircraft is on approach. I cannot see ANY red/green nav lights after appying the settings then watching aircraft when reloading P3d. The strobes overwhelm the nav lights until the AI have landed and come close to my location, even with the strobe slider well to the left. LANDING AND TAXI LIGHT ====================== On all but the dimmest and smallest settings, from a distance the landing lights show (on approach) as a horse-shoe shaped bright ring around the lower cockpit area. This is clearly because (looking at the landing light image files), you've applied an over-bright vertical/elipse section of brighter light within the beam texture which I assume represents the source of the landing light. The effect of this is to over-dominate the actual beam, and create a way over-bright shape which over-lights the engine nacelles and produces at a distance a distinct and rather unrealistic "ring" of light around the low nose of the AI on approach.. When up close this is not so bad, but looking at an AI aircraft on approach from say 1 to 3 miles away, this horse-shoe shaped bright light completely overwhelms the overall lighting and looks most ungainly. Some observations and suggestions ============================ If somehow I have messed up I'm open to hints at what I can do to get a better experience with this app. Meantime, I hope you don't mind if I mention something that occured to me immediately on running your app. Why have you provided only a very small range of SETS of textures? I do understand that standard FSX/P3d textures come as a four point texture matrix accessed by UV params. But there was no need to restrict the user to a fixed set. I cannot mix one light within one set and combine it with another light in another set. For example the " cool" star shaped strobe works very well on my screen, but the accompanying red and green nav that goes with the "set" do not, because the "cool" nav lights appear without colour and look washed out. Rather than restrict the user to a very small set choice, it would have been infinitely more flexible to offer a range of variables by copying one set but with a different combinations, or providing individual nav/beacon/strobe textures which can be selected and mix and matched with other individual textures. That would multiply the range of options five fold without much more work from you. Why have you made huge numbers of separate effects files for essentially a group of virtually identical aircraft? (One Airbus A318/319/320/321 has almost identical types and brightness of lights as all the others within a given AI designer's fleet). Clearly you do not want or expect a user to meddle with your settings, but in any case, why not make ONE global fx file (or several global fx files for each slider setting) that apply to a range of similar aircraft? The way you have applied hundreds of individual fx files for each individual aircraft, even using the precise same model, means any tweaking requires hacking through endless numbers of identical fx files. I know you don't want users to tweak your fx files and I wouldn't attempt this except for the issue I have with lights not showing as they did in preview mode. I confirm however that before writing this I installed an untouched app and the results are still the same as described above. I can see you've put a lot of work into the shader fx files and I congratulate you for that. It must have been quite a challenge. However, I feel the implementation of your great idea lacks refinement in execution. It is not expensive, but it is payware and I feel you could do much more to give the user more flexibility and a better range of options. I couldn't see any mention of the dreaded "fuel" tank or "lights always on" in your notes. I'm wondering whether these entries in the aircraft cfgs are contributing to what I am seeing? Since a significant number of AI designers are using the fuel tank/lights always on params it would be helpful for an explanation of how to overcome these rather unfathomable parameters. I'm hoping there might be a rational explanation as to why the settings I'm making in preview mode are not translating to the sim. The slider settings most definitely work ok when running in preview with your pre-selected scenario in P3d V4. But when I "apply" all the settings they are not showing later when I quit your app and restart the sim. By the way I have tried starting with default then configuring all three options: Standard P3d, HD with a monitor of 1900-1200 and 4k. The result is exactly the same with each. I confirm I am not running any shader addon while running your app and have already reset the standard P3d V4 shaders, run the sim, then quit, before running the sim again after applying your textures and fx. Why would the effects show as chosen in preview but not later when reloading P3d? Thanks for listening and I apologise for the length of post. Better to get all the issues described in one go!
  21. Just purchased and installed the 430 and 530 v2, but I am having real problems trying to use them. Installation seemed to go well, but once I start FSX:SE and try to access the rxp entry in the Add-ons menu, the program appears to attempt to run, but freezes in a weird format and crashes FSX. I have tried to attach a photo with no success but can send it to you if this is the first you've heard of this problem. I am running Window 10 Pro, 64-bit, the latest version of FSX:SE, on an i7 960 with 12 Gb of ram and the GeForce GTX970 Graphics card. I was using the F1 GNS set of gauges with no problems. Happy to send any files that might be useful. I had your legacy gauges and loved them. Sure would like to get these working. Thank you, Justin Friedland
  22. I just thought I should confirm: Are there any issues or anything to be aware by having both P3D & XP11 RXP units on the same PC (Win10x64)?
  23. Hi All I just purchased the GNS 530W V2 and have installed it using the addons menu into the Carenado B1900D. When the aircraft loads, I get a message at the top of the GNS screen saying "RXP INVALID LICENSE CONTACT VENDOR". I CAN continue using the product for a limited time, but then the product screen resolution becomes pixelated with a red message in the centre of the screen saying "Reality XP Software EXPIRED or INVALID". The unit continues to work, but is obviously unusable in this state. I am able to provide my proof of purchase from the Flight 1 e-commerce system, but obviously won't post it on this forum! Can somebody advise on how to resolve this please? Thanks Adam PS... I have now also tried a full reinstall and receive the same message / issue.
  24. Hello to all Following the X-plane process 11.20 ouis 11.21 and return to 11.20, the GTN750 no longer activates on the dashboard of the Pilatus PC12 (same as the Dornier 228) Here is the catch and the .ini : https://drive.google.com/file/d/18xCmGcjs8pmgcKU95z8LnxfmYwZfSyhY/view?usp=sharing Thank you for your help.
  25. hi guys I like to buy GNS 530W for V35B Bonanza,but in P3dv3 is a 430 installed. does it overwrite this GNS 430 or is it not possible , and also i like to use it in the real air duke as well , it's a g500 in there thanks muller
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