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  1. Same here, 2 flights with total about 3 hour flight time and some testing / "spotting" at Chicago Ohare with over 100 live flights and not a single simconnect error in P3D V5 HF2 / PSXT 18.7!
  2. If it helps you with the Simconnect error, I figured out, that if i am using FSLabs A320, I get the error noticably more frequent then with the NGXu for example. It happens especially during flight preperation when the MCDU is busy loading route, winds and is doing the communication with GSX. It is usually not right when i click something but a couple moments or minutes after the action is done. Maybe an automatic "relaunch" function after the error occurs could save us at least the the closing and restarting of the application?
  3. Just in case somebody wants to use it as well: SKYWEST CRJ2 UAL N221PS,N223JS,N246PS,N417SW,N423SW,N435SW,N464SW,N465SW,N466SW,N468CA,N471CA,N472CA,N479CA,N492SW,N593ML,N652BR,N679SA,N693BR,N701BR,N85*AS,N86*AS,N870AS,N871AS,N876AS,N877AS,N880AS,N881AS,N901EV,N902EV,N903EV,N903SW,N904EV,N905EV,N905SW,N906EV,N908SW,N908EV,N909SW,N909EV,N910SW,N912SW,N913SW,N914SW,N915SW,N916SW,N917SW,N919SW,N920SW,N921SW,N922SW,N923SW,N924SW,N925SW,N926SW,N928SW.N930SW.N931SW,N932EV,N932SW,N933EV,N934SW,N937EV,N938SW,N939SW,N941SW,N943SW,N945SW,N946SW,N947SW,N951SW,N952SW,N954SW,N955SW,N956SW,N957SW,N958SW,N959SW,N96*SW,N97*SW,N98*SW DAL N418SW,N426SW,N427SW,N429W,N430SW,N431SW,N432SW,N433SW,N437SW,N438SW,N439SW,N44*SW,N45*SW,N460SW,N461SW,N463SW,N494CA,N496CA,N498CA,N506CA,N629BR,N702BR,N779CA,N809CA,N873AS,N875AS,N878AS,N882AS,N885AS,N886AS,N889AS,N900EV,N906SW,N907SW,N910EV,N912EV,N913EV,N914EV,N915EV,N916EV,N917EV,N919EV,N920EV,N921EV,N922EV,N923EV,N924EV,N925EV,N926EV,N928EV.N930EV.N931EV,N935SW,N936EV,N936SW,N944SW,N953SW CRJ7 DAL N603SK,N607SK,N608SK,N609SK,N61*SK,N625CA,N631SK,N632SK,N633SK,N641CA AAL N70*SK,N71*SK,N71*EV,N72*SK,N72*EV,N73*EV,N73*SK,N740SK,N741EV,N742SK,N744EV,N744SK,N745SK,N746SK,N748EV,N748SK,N75*EV,N75*SK,N76*EV,N76*SK,N761ND,N77*SK UAL N743SK,N779SK,N78*SK,N79*SK CRJ9 DAL (ALL) E175 UAL N10*SY,N11*SY,N12*SY,N13*SY,N14*SY,N15*SY,N16*SY,N20*SY,N21*SY,N61*UX,N62*UX,N60*UX,N61*UX ASA N17*SY,N18*SY,N19*SY,N40*SY DAL N24*SY,N25*SY,N26*SY,N27*SY,N28*SY,N29*SY,N30*SY,N60*CZ,N61*CZ Republic Airways E170 UAL N357FC,N63*RW,N64*RW,N65*RW,N85*RW,N861RW,N862RW,N863RW,N864RW,N865RW,N979RP DAL N80*MD,N81*MD,N82*MD,N860RW,N867RW,N868RW,N869RW,N87*RW,N88*RW E175 UAL N72*YX,N73*YX,N74*YX,N75*YX DAL N20*JQ,N21*JQ,N219YX,N22*YQ,N23*YQ,N24*YQ AAL N10*HQ,N11*HQ,N12*HQ,N13*HQ,N40*HQ,N41*YX,N42*YX,N43*YX,N44*YX Works perfectly for all live aircraft, now the only problem is, that in the parked_updates it still saves as SKW, so the parked aircraft are a variaty from all available liveries... Doesnt really matter at airports with one big terminal but it looks strange at bigger hubs with airline terminals... Maybe PSXseecon can somehow try to match with other parked_updates entries (for example if "UAL A320" is set there, take "FLAi_RAI_E75L_SKW-SkyWest UAL"? Or maybe give us a field in the airport.xml to manually add a certain airline to try to match?
  4. Ok thanks for your answer, sometimes the manual gives you all the answers! Now it is just a mater of getting all the registrations together... 🤪
  5. Hi, I have a strange and a little bit funny problem with ADSB Live, when I watch the live traffic taxi around or come in to land it seems like they are either really really drunk or kids on to much coca cola as they swerve around like crazy, on short final they make huge S-turns and the touchdown goes from the grass on the right side all the way to the left side of the runway... The only way to avoid this problem was to install version 2020.5.19.6, there everything works as to be expected. I even tried your latest release 2020.8.12.11, no improvement there either... Any chance I can fix this issue as apperantly no one else has this problem with the current version? Thanks!
  6. Hi Nico, first of all thank you very much for really awesome product and support! I have one question about the livery matchmaking, especially in the USA there are a lot of airlines like Skywest (SKW) operating for different main carriers (UAL, DAL, ASA) but flying with their own SKW flightnumber. So the liverymatching is basically a hit-or-miss (And to be honest, most the times its wrong...). Is it possible to like add several ATC-IDs to the AI_liveries.xml or maybe there is a chance to create a new xml where we can enter all different registrations (and possibly share with the community because it seems like quite some work to get them all together 😄) to match with a certain entry in the AI_liveries.xml? Thank you and best regards, keep up the good work! Daniel
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