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  1. Thanks for that info, I thought it must be something like this 🙂. That explains why sometimes there are many missing, especially if they only fly in super remote areas. I (and hopefully others as well) will report back when I find some more fixes! Im totally aware of this and it surely helps to populate the parked updates, unfortunatly most addon AFCADs are quite simple or just to old to give accurate data for PSXT... Searching the whole airport file makes it a lot more complicated instead of just checking the LOG after a flight. But this is just a problem for "fresh" airportfiles, usually they fill up pretty fast with real positions so the soft entries do not play a big role. I have realized that I am one of the few that try to optimize PSXT to a different level then most other users 😄 For now I will stick to 30.2 until your VERY interesting feature will be released. I know of some people that use PSXT next to VATSIM to mainly populate the airports with parked aircraft for the immersion, but I am not aware on how extensive they use(d) the logs. On the other hand my "transition" to AIG is basically complete so not much finetuning is required anymore, I should be able to live without the parking logs soon. Keep up the good work!
  2. Hey, I was just wondering why some live aircraft where not matched with the correct installed textures (WGN 744 in my case) and I found out, that in the dbase file there seems to be some false info about cargo aircraft. In the case of WGN (its a solely cargo operator) its for the regs N258SN, N415JN, N452SN, N513SN, N543JN, N545JN, N581JN, N781SN, N799JN. With the "MissedLiveries" I found some more errors, Amerijet is also a cargo only operator and the following regs are incorrectly marked: N319CM, N349CM, N378CX, N396CM, N432AX, N656GT, N657GT, N743AX, G-NIKO (which is acutally operated by ZAP but flying for AJT at the moment). VTM is also a cargo operator and all aircraft are marked as cargo=false. On a sidenote, what was the reason you removed the airport file changes and parking logs? It always helped me to identify incorrect matches and keep track of the airport files (soft entries where they dont belong, when airlines changed terminals etc)... Best regards! EDIT: Found some more: N797AX, N916BR, N811TJ (completly missing). And worngly saved as cargo but is pax instead: N263SG, N322SG, N480MC, N640GT, N641GT (completly missing), N645GT, N649GT (and wrong airl=CMB instead of GTI), N662GT (CMB again), N625AS, N626AS EDIT2: And some more: AAH, AIP, MGE, TSU, IFL, KII, MTN, JUS, WIG (and seems to be missing all C208s), all seem to be cargo only, some had pax configs but are not flying them anymore according planespotters.net 🙂
  3. And some more GOV (to be-) fixes from the OCI: 201AS 73AS MIL USA USM VMR1 VR57 VR59 VR61 Slowely the PSXT errorlist gets shorter... 🙂
  4. I just figured out that planespotters.net lists all aircraft of DHL and Amazon including all operated by aircraft, DHL has many own aircraft or operator that exclusivly fly for DHL but for Amazon it is quite easy as they dont have any own aircraft (for now). https://www.planespotters.net/airline/DHL https://www.planespotters.net/airline/Amazon-Prime-Air AIG already uses AMZ as a fakecode for Amazon, this code has been used last in 1998 so it should be safe to use 😄 Are those lists of good use for you?
  5. Yep you did, and with the recent changes to PSXT I needed to change my way of editing so I wanted to start fresh with the whole AIG package with way more airlines and special liveries, it was just so much easier to edit one sorted file instead of over 350 files with the need to scroll and search a lot more... Thats what I was afraid of, this will make AIG updates fairly complicated, as there are too many AIG planes without any reg at all, including special liveries. But it seems like this is the only way to get them working correctly with PSXT. Im glad i still got some space on my SSD left 😄 Unfortunatly AIG decidided to stick to their own offline AI options, only opening up a little bit for VATSIM matchmaking. I always hoped for a simple one-click downloader of all liveries without all the flightplans and those many small flightplan updates, like the FLAI pack, but this will probably never happen. Thanks! Will share those to when I get there! They all operate with their original airline codes, so no differentiation to the 'operated for' flights The problem is not the live matching, I can control those with the regs easily as those fleets are fairly small. The problem is the static aircraft created, for example on several airports an original Atlas Air parks at different stands / ramps then the Atlas Air - operated for DHL flights. Other airports maybe served only with their original colors and they never see the 'operated for' colors. Thanks and happy new year!
  6. Hey, I recently started switching from FLAI to AIGs OCI since my modified liveries.xml is now obsolete 😄 But I discovered, that if I update the ATC_ID entries of the AIG OCI aircraft, the second I install another livery with the same model, the AIG Manager will check an rearange the aircraft.cfg, deleting my manual entries... There are plenty of aircraft with the same aircraft type and airline, for example for old color vs new color, several special liveries (Emirates Expo stickers), alliance liveres, different engines etc. Maybe I am overthinking this and there is already an easy solution (other then the SPECIALS parameter) to this but maybe it could be possible to create a file (similar to the old liveries.xml) with only those aircraft with more then one entry for same airline + type? My SPECIALS parameter is also filling up very quickly, making it a super long line... The idea in my head is for PSXT to create a file like this: So the users can edit this file to something like this, where PSXT sorts it after unedited and edited, the edited part should never get automatically changed, for example when OCI releases an update I realise that there wont be many users using this, so maybe it could be optional to activate with a hidden parameter? With the OCI there are plenty of PVT and GOV fixes already, but I still have some on my list, mostly its USAF and USN, which should be fixed to GOV. And my last suggestion for this year (😄), maybe you could add some "opf" info for DHL and Amazon to the regionals as well? There are plenty of airlines that fly on behalf of DHL and Amazon with different colors then there housecolors. Thank you as always for your support!!
  7. Thanks for the reply, that seems only like a basic solution to me... Is there any way to match one handler to one airline at one airport and a different handler to the same airline on a different airport? For example look at Frontiers Jobs page here to get an idea of how many different entries and options would be needed for one airline only... Then again there are major airports that have only one ground handling provider for all airlines but this one is missing from GSX so every given option is not real (Ok I admit this is complaning on a high level because there are thousands of ground handlers world wide...!) BTW I noticed a small bug on the afcad scan, I only ran into it once with a scenery, this one came with an add-on.xml where all paths came like this: <AddOn.Component> <Category>Scenery</Category> <Path>.\XXX</Path> P3D and some programs like EFBs where able to find the AFCAD in this path starting with ".\" but GSX was unable and selected the stock AFCAD, had to change the add-on.xml manually to get GSX started.
  8. It is always awful to be unable to revert to a funtioning version of any software, however it seems like GSX is working properly now. Unfortunatly this update brings back the problem with FSDTs understanding of Groundhandling, why is it so hard to just have a correct database with the handling rules (Airline X + Airport Y = Handler Z). Yes, I can edit this manually in the rules_handling.cfg, but it will get lost again with the next couatly update session... And manually editing every single position on one airport only takes just too much time and is limited to one "default" handler per stand... Imagine having two airlines with different handling companies share a position! And yes, this database would be a lot of work, but why not let the community do the job for them, this seems to work out quite good with FSLabs Runways database. But then again I am speaking about a software that has yet to find the reverse gear on the pushback tug after how many years? But great to have the choice between so many ground handling companies that never ever provided any ground handling at all and missing the ones that are actually at the airport. Just the two cents of someone who has to deal with ground handlers on a daily base...
  9. I dont use stock airports in the sim anyway and removed all psxt stock airport files but thanks for the hint! Awesome and quick reaction... as always!! Thanks!
  10. Thats the FSSimStudios Cancun with an AFCAD file from the AIG Forums. Because I like to reorganize my Addons differently then most installers, PPG almost never picks up the correct developer 😃 Im quite sure it was this one here.
  11. Hi Nico, For a couple days I noticed on two different airports some trouble with the learning functions of the learner and PSXT running with the SIM as well, AFCAD entries are completely ignored and almost all soft entries are saved on one gate See my parked updates for MMUN - Cancun (which has poor ADSB coverage but tons of traffic)I had running for a couple hours during the last 2 days: Just tried the new KMCO from T2G, basically the same happens here too with the soft entries but they get saved to 3 different gates... Maybe you can help?
  12. Yep, matching works now! Thanks so much 🙂 Unfortunately the wingflex / gear problem remains, but this is not the biggest issue! Best regards!
  13. It might need some more finetuning: See here and here 😄 The aircraft itself was perfectly leveled the way it should be but because in the flying state the main gear hangs down, the model makes contact with the ground with the lowest point which is the hanging gear at this stage and just keeps going like this. EDIT: I just thought about it and if I recall it right, I only saw this problem with aircraft that have the gear hanging down before touchdown where in the sim the gear only made contact on the lowest point while hanging while taxiing in. Great news!
  14. Thanks, you are awesome 😄 See my screenshot here, its not the flaps (I believe they are controlled by speed?) but actually the gear. Maybe its because the hanging gear is actually touching the ground? Im not into modelling but maybe someone here reads this and knows a solution on how you can command the airplane to get to the ground all the way? The problem started, when I added the special liveries (which match perfectly btw). Lets keep Southwest as an example, I have OC split scimitar winglets, NC winglets, NC split scimitar winglets, all without reg code (because there are over 400 and no database on which has what type / color). Every SWA 737 got matched randomly with either choice and it always worked. Since I added the 13 special liveries, all with "special" in the name and the proper regcode, the "regular" 737 sometimes does not find the correct match: (I have 2 BBJs and 1 completely white 737 as airline="ZZZ", its either one of them) But if I restart PSXT it will usually find the correct match: While in the same session of PSXT, on other live flights it will find the match with all my regular SWA 737 options: And thats excactly my problem, I get a generic one eventhough I have a correct livery installed and it even gets matched on other (live and static) aircraft. I can confirm this with my Frontier fleet, I have 97 different liveries all with a single reg code and they always match perfectly. A couple new Aircraft have not been painted for AI yet and they match randomly with any suitable Frontier livery which looks really nice. But with Frontier I have no option withouth any reg code at all because all airplanes are totally different and there is not "the one" livery they should match with. I checked with the AI Lights Reborn preview tool, where I can select the Aircraft and it gets spawned into the sim to adjust the lights and they all show up withouth any error so it should be ok, but maybe only PSXT finds the "bad apple" in my AI... Thanks for your help!
  15. Hey Nico, I recently noticed that on some occasions I get a "missmatch" with a livery that is installed but I have several livery options for the same ACFT type and Airline. For example since I installed all the 13 Southwest special liveries for the 737-700, so incl. the standard ones I have 17 entires for SWA 737, 13 with a regcode, 4 without, I sometimes get the info, that the (regular) livery cannot be created and I get a white one in the sim. I saw it a couple of times with aircraft types where I have more then one option, either its because of a special livery with a regcode or because of different winglet / new vs old colors etc, it seems like the more liveries are installed, the more often I get a missmatch / "can not be created". Just a quick selection from my missedliveries, seems more of a 737 problem, but I got the most liveries for them: AAL 738, ASA 738,739, SWA 737, UAL 739. I double checked and all livieres in the PSXT liveries.xml work in the sim. Also I noticed, that on some airliners they get stuck in the "airborne" state after landing, means the still got the wingflex and the gear is hanging down while they taxi in. I tried with a fresh avgheights.txt but it did not solve the issue... Personally I would say it happens mostly to heavies, I havent it noticed too much on smaller aircraft. And last but not least, in the types.xml there are SW3 and SW4 missing, would be great if you can add them there 🙂 Maybe you can have a look into this, thanks as always! Daniel
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