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  1. 17.6 gave an "expired" error, forcing me (and others I guess), to upgrade to 18... Now only to find that 18 doesn't support P3Dv4?
  2. If a weather program is used, then the weather program can be time shifted as well to match the weather... METARs will always be current unfortunately. Either way, timeshifting is still on the todo list, as is the configuration menu. Can (and more than likely will) add settings to enable/disable various aspects of the program. The only real difference is that I don't necessarily take the QNH at the closest Airport (METAR), but I take the actual pressure reading at the user's aircraft.
  3. ADS-B Live Traffic version 2020.06.16 Build 9 has been released. As always, it is available at https://psxt.flightsimtechnologies.com/ADSBSetup.zip Change log: 2020.06.16.9 (2020-06-16) Settings now saved in INI file %APDATA%\Flight Sim Technologies\ADSB. IP or Hostname as parameter is still accepted as command line parameters on console application. Connects to Simulator via FSUIPC for accurate pressure readings only if FSUIPC/WideFS connection is available (this is optional but gives better accuracy). You'll notice the pressure change between the METAR received and actual QNH setting User Aircraft is detected via FSUIPC as well so that the correct aircraft icon for the user aircraft can be used on the maps. Redone automatic updater to automatically update application to the latest versions - previous release had problems with automatic updates. WinForm application launched with basic interface (expect more changes in the coming days). Settings screen, Radar screen, and time shifting still to be done. Installer package integrated into solution Installer package now enables TLS1.2 by default on Windows 7 machines Exception clean-ups and better error handling What started more than a year ago as a few lines of code just thrown together to see whether I can personally use an alternative to RealTraffic, has now turned into a fully fledged application, consisting of more than 17,000 lines of code! I have a few things still to implement, but I am confident that we will have a mature and stable application within the next few months that will stand the test of time going forward. Thanks for all the users, and continued support! It is appreciated. More than 1.4 million HTTPS requests has been served by our servers, providing data to users over the last 30 days!
  4. I need to look at this in a bit more detail, especially in terms of how to implement this in a "console" application, but I can confirm we will be able to do time shifting for a period of 7 days as well. I am toying with the idea to change the basic data feeder to a Windows Service (always running in the background, the overhead is minimal), and then perhaps doing a WinForm for settings (settings has already been migrated to ini files in current beta builds), time shifting, and perhaps a little radar screen. it's all possible, just need to -do- it 🙂 -- Chris.
  5. New version published. If you have previously downloaded the ZIP file with the executable, please delete and download the proper installer (URL is the same, alternatively use https://psxt.flightsimtechnologies.com/ADSBSetup.zip). Installation is a few clicks and you are done. Change Log for version 2020.05.19.6 (Build 6, Released 2020/05/19) Increased ADS-B Position Receiver timeout (ADS-B incorrectly timed out the connection to PSXT when no data was received for more than 2 seconds) Simplified initial connection to PSXT not to cause confusement to users (now clearly states when it is unable or waiting on PSXT to connect) Implemented automatic software updates on launch (you'll always run the most up-to-date version automatically) Created base installer package -- Chris
  6. Didn't know that! 😃 Let's see if we can take the competition on!
  7. Hi Michael, Can definitely change some stuff to handle the initial connection to PSXT better - will work on it today / tomorrow. There's a few other things that I want to add / change as well. I'll more than likely do another release in the next couple of days. In terms of time shifted traffic, it really isn't very easy to do. It's virtually impossible to take a snapshot of some 6000 aircraft in the air, 24x7 with like 1 second intervals. I think this is partially why Real Traffic also dropped it. Thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad to hear it is working well!
  8. Just a quick update. I've made a new version available, 2020-05-18-01. Brief changelog: - Parameter now supports both IP address or DNS name of the computer where ADS-B Live must connect to, ie. "ADSB.exe mycomputer" /or/ "ADSB.exe" - Improved exception handling, errors are automatically reported. If there are any unhandled exception errors, please post them so that they can be addressed. - Some cosmetic changes to the console window's GUI I see quite a few people did download the data provider since my initial post. I would obviously, love to hear feedback, suggestions, and/or complaints 🙂 -- Chris.
  9. Hi Gents, I am very pleased to announce the immediate release of ADS-B Live Traffic. This is a free of charge data provider for PSXT. ADS-B Live will always be available at http://psxt.flightsimtechnologies.com/ADSB-Live-Latest.zip The data feeder requires Microsoft .NET 4.8 or later to operate, and naturally a working Internet Connection in order to obtain data. No connection or interaction with the Flight Simulator itself, is made. For ADS-B running on the same windows computer as PSXT, simply start the application and the data feeder will connect automatically. Should you want to run ADS-B from a different computer than PSXT, simply pass the IP address of there it needs to connect to, as a parameter, i.e. "ADSB.exe" Please refer to the Readme.txt file in the archive for a bit more information as well as how to get hold of me in the event of any problems. Happy flying everyone! -- Chris
  10. Hi Nico, Latest 17.6 is fine here - I have no issues to report... PS: Trying to e-mail you something and a bit of news, but the mail server's rejecting the attachment 😛
  11. Well it took a few hours, but with 17.5... This is new now for me: QNH=1011 20:58:11 Flight Simulator was interrupted ... 20:58:11 Flight Simulator resumed QNH=1012 20:58:41 Flight Simulator was interrupted ... 20:58:42 Flight Simulator resumed 20:59:12 Flight Simulator was interrupted ... 20:59:12 Flight Simulator resumed 20:59:42 Flight Simulator was interrupted ... checkIO Error 21:00:22 SimConnect problem: no EVENT_1sec, no heartbeat It does definitely seem to be related to when it looses / reconnect to the sim though. Hope you can track it down, and if you want me to test anything for you, feel free to ask.
  12. Can you not just give details in the logs as to WHAT exception occurred? Then at least we know what to look for. In my experience -every- heartbeat missed error I got, presented itself with those lines in the logs... Why would it all of a sudden get exceptions on 17.5, but not get the same exceptions on 17.0?
  13. Unfortunately, I do - as far as I can remember. It is significantly less, but they are still there. Will go back up to 17.5, test and confirm for you.
  14. (Don't pay attention to the timestamps, I'm cutting & pasting from multiple log files) 10:27:18 Flight Simulator was interrupted ... 10:27:19 Flight Simulator resumed From the logs. I think it's related to that. In 7.0, the connection is interrupted, and then it reconnects. This happens due to Sim 'pauses', scenery loads, spawning at different locations, etc... Normal in sim things that we can't really do anything about. Even stutters sometimes. In newer versions, I see this: 10:27:18 Flight Simulator was interrupted ... 10:27:19 Flight Simulator resumed Error 14:21:19 SimConnect problem: no EVENT_1sec, no heartbeat UPS=31 Exiting: USER CLOSED SIM Your app seems to think that the SIM has been closed, when in fact it isn't. It then never attempts to re-connect, and the only way to fix this is to restart PSXT. I can clearly see the different behavior in the logs. I unfortunately, don't know what in the code is causing it however. If I have to guess, your "Exiting: USER CLOSED SIM" should really just be a re-open / re-connect SIM CONNECT. PS: 24+ hours for me on 7.0 now (actual sim running for 24+), not one heartbeat missed. 5 or 6 hours at VHHH, VHHH to KSDF (14.5 hours), and the rest of it at KSDF in the ground.
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