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  1. Only one aircraft was visible in the SIM (correct), and the aircraft was positioned at the first (not second) position update received. If what you are saying was true, the aircraft should have been at the last, or second position (manual injected position by me), which was not the case. It also doesn't explain why as soon as I went out of range of the aircraft, PSXT stopped with position updates (after it has been running stable without issues - literally for hours). This is exactly my point though. Only one of the two planes makes it to the sim (yes, I agree). Once PSXT removes that first aircraft however, the "second one" is *updated*, and the SimObject obviously doesn't exist because it was removed. I will write something up that we can all test to confirm my theory as well. Will post it here as soon as it's done.
  2. @kiek - I believe I can reproduce the issue on demand. I need to do a few more tests, but I've just deliberately crashed PSXT (no position update received). It's not a problem in the data feeder, it's not a problem in PSXT, it's a general, very rare, issue that DOES happen and occur in real life as far as MODE-S transponder codes go. Hint: Whilst they are SUPPOSED to be unique, there IS a chance, that a duplicate can occur. - that should already point you towards where I am heading with this. I suspect you are relying on the MODE-S codes to be unique, and I suspect the errors occur when the data feed injects two (or more) aircraft with the same MODE-S. The AI Object is removed (seems to be generated based on the MODE-S code), but PSXT still tries to update it after it has been removed from the sim (the update occurs from the other aircraft, not the object deleted, but I think SimConnect removes -all- objects with the same ID). FYI: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aviation_transponder_interrogation_modes Mode-S Transponders and how they can be reprogrammed, FYI: https://www.pprune.org/atc-issues/550950-duplicate-icao-24-bit-aircraft-addresses-ssr.html an interesting forum read about duplicate Mode-S codes in real life at Heathrow. In a nutshell, inject two duplicate aircraft (MODE-S codes), remove one (i.e. PSXT executes the DeleteObject), then go to another airport which puts you out of range and PSXT will (fail) in attempting to execute the second DeleteObject because it doesn't exist in the sim anymore. Follow AAY1791* in test.txt (what I inject into PSXT), and watch what happens in PSXT after AAY1791 is removed at KSDF, and after I move to KJFK. She's dead in the water. Data feed no longer receiving position updates from PSXT (connects, but receives no data). Logs at https://filebin.net/tcnw9wic5ldzv0ex - your latest 64bit build with trace logs. This will explain why this is so rare, and it IS this rare in real life as well - but even in real life, it does cause absolute havoc from what I am reading / understanding. PS: Should be fixable in PSXT, or in the data feeder fairly easily, if I am right about this. PSS: Please don't shoot me down again when I'm asking for information re data feeds - there's a very valid reason for my questions, you may just not know them. 20+ years in IT my friend, you know as well as I do that rare problems, often has nothing to do with what / where you are looking at for the problem.
  3. sure, of course. Page 10 and no one still knows what the issue is... One moment everything is 100% fine for 24+ hours in sim, the next moment random errors from PSXT within 10 minutes.
  4. Hi Nico, Looking at very specific examples now. PSXT reports: You have previously indicated that this was a fault with the data provider. Right. Can you please indicate what is at fault with the data provider for this aircraft? Trying to understand, WHAT, and WHY these errors are occurring. If the data provided by the data feed is correct (which it seemingly is as far as I can see), why is PSXT complaining about it? I am not sure what "no ON_GROUND msg received" means (it's not documented anywhere), and the "airborne not detected" doesn't make sense either as per the PSXT specs, the airborne flag is set, to a value of 1 as per your data spec. May I even further state, that your own protocol documentation, states that "Header and airborne are not relevant," So I am seriously failing to understand where the "airborne not detected, no ON_GROUND msg received" is coming from, seeing that it is apparently a data provider fault?
  5. Yeah - that is actually true. I've noticed that too. Let's not -always- blame PSXT 🙂
  6. Can show you some contrails that will make "Z"oro look like he's doing the twister 🙂 It has improved since you changed the timers though.
  7. Yes - same issue with the accidental debug code that was left behind. the new version I've just released fixes that. There's also some other improvements and changes, as always 😉
  8. Version 2020.08.12.11 has been published. Your application should ask you whether you want to upgrade when you start it again, if not the latest version as always is available at https://psxt.flightsimtechnologies.com/ADSBSetup.zip
  9. I found the issue with this - this was debug code accidentally left in a release version. I am fixing it now and will be releasing a new version shortly.
  10. Strange... Console program shows that it is connected to PSXT and running normally. The error window you posted, directly states the crash is related to the WinForm, and not console. There has been one or two changes made - I will try to push a new version out tonight still (within the next few hours). It may be one of the bugs that I've fixed that you could be hitting.
  11. Just FYI Nico, I also recently re-installed my entire PC on a fresh brand new M.2 mPCI drive. So I too, am on a fairly fresh sim installation, and also -only- have this problem with PSXT. Have you by any chance tried reaching out to say, the authors of vPilot / Squakbox / etc? They also move a lot of AI around real time through SimConnect, and they don't have these issues? Same PC, same Flight Sim, same addons... In fact, I can think of quite a few addons that moves AI around in the sim real time, without any issues.
  12. Please reinstall the latest version, and make sure that the application has permissions to write to the %APPDATA%\Flight Sim Technologies folder. The application stores it's configuration files there, and up to 200MB of map tile cache. According to that error, it has insufficient permissions to create the necessary folders.
  13. Don't run both the console, as well as the winform. PSXT only allows for one data provider to connect to it.
  14. PSXT now crashes (closes) so frequently, I can't even manage to run it for more than 10 minutes 😞
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