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  1. I would encourage people to vote on the "someone stop the freaking lightning" topic on the fs forums. This sadly may be the only way to get their attention. I also created a topic on improving lightning for the last Q&A and it hardly garnered any attention. Apparently most people are more concerned with being able to see a tree 40 miles a way than this I would settle for a option to just turn off all lightning at this point...
  2. I agree with others on the Carenado Seneca. This was my first Carenado purchase and I've heard plenty of things about their aircraft. I decided to go for it because it was the exact type of twin I was looking for in MSFS. I am very happy with the purchase and have been flying it exclusively over the past couple of weeks. There is a mod for the GNS530 that adds a whole bunch of features but I started getting CTD's about every other flight with the mod installed. I removed it and have not had one since. I am still quite happy though and am waiting for the GTN750
  3. I am using experimental version fd5dcb5 and it loads fine for me including a Spirit livery I downloaded from flightsim.to last week
  4. Anyone know why the strobes in the trailer are double flashing? I have never seen a CRJ with doubles flashing strobes. How is something like that overlooked?
  5. Can confirm issue with Azure...again. I use Teams for work and that is down too
  6. Exactly... this was the first time I wanted to ask a question. Related to the sdk for offline AI traffic (trying to get them to get in contact with AIG). I posted it and then saw the rules so now I know my question will be deleted/ignored
  7. I noticed same thing with FSDT Keywest. There are taxi lights all over the grass I know it's a 3rd airport but seems odd this update would seem to cause this
  8. is KMEM coming at some point? 🤞
  9. I can confirm. I normally have ok luck with live weather but this is ridiculous. Temps, wind, and pressure were close to reports but nothing but clear sky when the current weather is: KSUX 232234Z 31026G43KT 1 1/2SM R31/5500VP6000FT -SN OVC012 M10/M13 A2981 RMK AO2 PK WND 33052/2203 VIS 1V2 SNEMMB10 P0000 T11001128 $
  10. I reported this as a bug last week and they said it was logged in their bug tracker. I was flying over DFW around 830pm and sunset time was like 515pm and there was still an orange glow on the horizon to the west. Hopefully it get fixed someday
  11. I noticed no plans to open up the weather to 3rd parties. I hope they have big plans for this then. I for one would really hope to have a historical weather option at some point
  12. Thank you for this! Was wondering why suddenly my stick was randomly not working
  13. Having flown the C152 I can confirm that the dome light is all there is. At least on any of the ones I've ever flown. It is not quite as "pink" as the sim. It is much more of a red glow Dave
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