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  1. FSdreamteam is working on PHNL but it's been a while since there has been any update.
  2. There is this https://secure.simmarket.com/final-approach-simulations-mkjs-montego-bay-sangster-intl-msfs.phtml but it doesn't really look all that great in my opinion
  3. That is a bummer... I am not in the beta but can you report it here https://forums.flightsimulator.com/c/sim-update-10-beta/weather-and-live-weather-bug-report/341 so they know they didn't fix anything like it states in the notes regarding clouds?
  4. I emailed ini a few months ago asking if they would be bringing the A300 to MSFS after the A310 and they said that is the plan, which I would assume would include the freighter. Not sure if the partnership with Microsoft changed anything though
  5. At least from what I have seen it involves editing xml files vs simply adding the codes in ADE. ADE doesn't import certain parts of the scenery from what I understand such as projected meshes ect..what ends up happening is that when compiling the package you lose certain data and then the airport has for instance all concrete where there should be grass or when I tried to edit flytampa KLAS all the building were missing. I just hope at some point we are able to edit parking they way we used to or some new tool comes along that allows it. I actually enjoyed editing parking **if anyone knows or can provide a step by step on how to edit parking for payware airports it would be appreciated. I've tried to follow any guides I could find but still have no luck in getting it to work
  6. couldn't agree more. I find it utterly ridiculous that even a lot of the top payware developers seem to not care about the parking. All the info you need if readily available online with a little research. I find it especially annoying see as editing parking in msfs is not nearly as easy as p3d. In fact, I gave up on using AI traffic altogether and just use the latinvfr static bundle. At least the static planes are parked in the correct spots for the most part
  7. Had this yesterday coming into LGA I touched down and plane flipped over. I thought maybe the runway hadn't loaded correctly causing me to hit a bump but when I reloaded the flight at the gate my plane flipped over again and I noticed the massive waves wind sound and trees blowing. Tested it again this morning at it seemed normal
  8. Just some I can think of off the top of my head Runway26 Sim: Grand Cayman Latinvfr: San Juan Tropicalsim: Aruba Airworthy Designs: St Martin Wingsim: Kinston Jamaica Final Approach Sim: Providenciales
  9. I've seen this at any airport that uses default jetways.
  10. They just reviled a roadmap this week and stated all 3 of these are currently being worked on with as well as another unannounced US airport. They stated there is no specific order for when each one will be released
  11. terminal building appear to be default as well. I'll wait for Latinvfr
  12. It'd be cool if we could specify the exact number of bags and/or pieces of freight being loaded
  13. Fixed sun light glowing above horizon at midnight I honestly never thought I would see this as fixed. I really hated flying at night because of this
  14. Thank you. I have not seen this before. I will give that a try
  15. Are you able to share how to accomplish this? Every time I've tried to edit parking in ADE (both default and 3rd party airports) I end up with issues. Example: When I edit parking for the default world update USA KDFW all the grass between runways and taxiways turned to concrete. When I edited parking for Flytampa KLAS the ground textures disappeared and only the underlying satellite image could be seen. For both all I did was edit some parking and when I compiled selected yes when asked if wanted to build package to community folder
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