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  1. Does anyone know how to get this working in v4 HF3? I thought it was working fine but I have tried every suggestion including trying the exclude for v5 from ini and sill get the bleed through Thanks,
  2. Haha I saw that too. Hope those AI issues get fixed
  3. Hi Shaun, I was not able to resolve it. I can email you when I get a change and send you my edited files if you can take a look? I am editing parking in ADE version 1.75 I think. (I'm not at my home pc right now to confirm the version) Not sure if that makes a difference though Thank you and congrats on KCRP. I'm sure I'll be picking that one up soon enough Dave
  4. Agreed 100%. In my opinion Flightbeam are the top as far as airport scenery is concerned
  5. Hello, I have run into an issue editing parking spots in ADE. Whenever I compile the bgl after making the changes the runway/taxiway lighting does not show up in sim. This has happened for both BHM and SAT. I am simply trying to add/change airline parking assignments and nothing else. If needed, I can sent or attach my edited files. Thank you, Dave
  6. I actually just purchased yesterday directly from fsdreamteam and was pleasantly surprised the price was $15 and change for tax
  7. This has been bothering me for a while. Why are there always big puffy cumulus clouds at such high altitudes in P3d? I am doing a fight and right now at FL330 and I am basically skimming the tops of these over Nebraska. It is highly unrealistic to have these types of clouds to high up. Was wondering if there was a way to stop this from happening? I am using latest version of Active Sky for P3d v.45HF2 and Rex Skyforce models.I am trying to post a pic of this but for some reason when I do the insert image from URL I paste it click insert into post and it does nothing. This is the url https://imgur.com/4x6mzGu Thank you, Dave
  8. I hope that there is just the general sound of being outside. As it stands, unless there are other AI around it's like being in the vacuum of space or something. Maybe airport developers can include this. Just stand outside at an airport or near one and record the sounds. Even adding that wind sound you hear in spotter videos when the wind blows across the mic would make it feel more alive when in spot view
  9. Thank you both. I will check the light section to confirm. As for the max, yes it is more of a irregular pattern so I will try disabling the lights section on that Thank you Dave
  10. Hi, I really love the product but I have having trouble getting a few AI to have the correct strobe sequence. I tried searching here and the AIG forum but couldn't come up with a definitive answer for these: AIG 757's double flash strobes UTT/FSP 787's strobes double flash as well as the nose wheel light AIG CRJ100/200 double flash strobes as well as nose wheel light AIA 737MAX double flash strobe Does anyone have a fix for this or perhaps I am doing something wrong? All of my AI were installed via AIG OCI installer Thanks, Dave
  11. I got the same impression. I thought maybe it didn't install correctly and was missing textures or something. There is just something about it that looks off
  12. Yes on the new NGXu engine buzz fades as you climb. That was one of the first things I checked after downloading
  13. I'm at work so only looked briefly but does anyone know or was it mentioned on how weather transition is handled? would hate to have this beautiful weather that in subject to sudden shifts Thanks!
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