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  1. P3D 4.4, Windows 10. Also lost the indicator lights on the Autopilot and APU controls in the VC. DB
  2. I have the same issue. The aircraft is properly configured and the APU starts, but just not hearing any sounds (internal or external). If I press the stop button, I hear the spool-down sounds. Another note on the sounds. It would be nice to add some Air Conditioning and avionics fan sounds in the cockpit. That would help alot with immersion. Wind noise in the cockpit would also be awesome as well. With rear mounted engines, the wind noise is usually most prominent in climb, cruise and descent. DB
  3. DaviiB

    P3Dv4 aircraft recommendations

    How about the F1 King Air B200? Commonly used in Charter, Corporate and Medevac roles worldwide. DB
  4. DaviiB

    how do you REALISTICALLY fly in/out of major airports?

    You'd be surprised how regularly private jets (and props) fly into major airports. Just have a look at the GA ramps on Google Maps. Pretty much every major airport in North America has at least one FBO dedicated to private jet operations. Some see more traffic than others.....but even LHR across the pond has an FBO (Signature Flight Support).
  5. Maybe try pressing 'D' and see if that solves it. It was an error by Carenado on some of their other aircraft defining the Heading indicator / HSI as the wrong type. Cheers
  6. DaviiB

    Alpha Hole Shot at St Maarten (TNCM)

    Can't seem to find the video your're referencing with the female captain....but the only one I can find on Youtube for the SXM-ANU route is this one: Is this the one you were referring to with the language? DB
  7. DaviiB

    Alpha Hole Shot at St Maarten (TNCM)

    No worries. Also, it's a Caribbean accent, not Dutch!
  8. DaviiB

    Alpha Hole Shot at St Maarten (TNCM)

    Are you sure you weren't hearing an instruction to taxi ALPHA and HOLD SHORT of rw10? (or a readback of that instruction if you heard it from a pilot?). After receiving that instruction, the aircraft would begin to taxi and the crew would perform their taxi and pre-takeoff checks. Taxi times are also pretty short at SXM, so there would be incentive to get them done fairly quickly. DB
  9. DaviiB

    New CYYZ for P3dv4?

    Just wanted to add. One of these topics is mine. Solved the issue with a careful re-install. Working perfectly now. Cheers, DB
  10. For every leg: Departure & Arrival ICAO On, Up, Down & In Times Fuel Uplift Fuel @ takeoff Fuel Burn Pilot Flying Type of Approach flown (visual, VOR, GPS, ILS etc) Edit: We operate everything from Navajo's to heavy executive jets. Hope this helps. DB
  11. DaviiB

    Is it too early for Falcon Fever ?

    Correct. The Falcon Tri-Jets (F50, 900, 7x, 8x) all have one reverser on the mid-engine only. Couldn't tell you why, but it seems they don't really need the other two. Those aircraft already have better runway performance than any other jet in their class. DB
  12. DaviiB

    Is it too early for Falcon Fever ?

    Ryan, that is most definitely a 7x. Three engines also give you better runway performance on takeoff (not sure why....something about better second segment climb performance after an engine failure). If you're clever when you design the airframe, you get some fun fuel burn advantages as well. The 7x practically sips fuel at altitude compared to it's twin-engined counterparts. Increased maintenance costs though.... DB
  13. I wouldn't really call the Flysimware LJ35 a deep system simulation (In a world where PMDG and Majestic exist). What I will say is this: - The systems that are modeled function as they should (what a refreshing concept!) - Support from the developer is good - Bug fixes come in a timely fashion - Sounds (inside and out) are quite good. - GTN750 integration is seamless. (I think they're working on implementing the Milviz Wx Radar as well) - It flies like a bat out of hell.....Climbs like a homesick angel into the (very high) flightlevels, cruises at a good clip and decent fuel burn figures....and it will punish you if you don't keep the power/speed up on approach........very Learjet-like. - Brake release to 10,000ft in under 3 minutes is routine at light weights. Good luck adhering to any of the SIDS in KTEB that require a level-off and hard turn at 1,500ft. Be prepared to haul back on the power once you're airborne... - Don't forget to turn the nosewheel steering back on after landing or you'll blow right by your exit with the rudder hard-over and a silly look on your face. - Not the best texturing, but that's long-forgiven in my books. At least I never have to worry about framerates. Hope that helps. DB
  14. DaviiB

    Falcon 50 W.I.P.

    This is great news! Funny they already have previews on their Facebook page. I think they've already made the decision to not include an FMS (because some of the sim-avionics guys never got back to them)...but will have Garmin unit integration. DB
  15. DaviiB

    Wilco Falcon 7x

    I agree with you on the Citation X, but this aircraft is in a completely different league (from a capability standpoint). To clarify.....technically it doesn't use the default GPS.....kindof difficult to explain, but it uses FSX format flightplans (which can be pre-built in FS Build, PFPX etc...or the default FSX Flightplanner). Navigraph SIDS/STARS can be loaded afterward. The flightplan can be modified after the fact.....I will test to see where those waypoints come from (Navigraph or FSX default).... DB