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  1. Hi everyone Does anyone of you use the Cockpitphd MCP? How is itbin terms of use and quality? Kind Regards Patrick
  2. Hi I dont get that multicrew to work, cause I find no docs in English. Can anyone help out? Kind Regards Patrick
  3. Now it seems as the link is realy broken. Can anyone send me the scenery pls? Kind Regards Patrick patrickchaieb@bluewin.ch
  4. Hey Pat did you ever find a fix for Tehran airport scenery?

    1. PatC


      Yes I got some replacement files.. Do you need them too?

      Kind Regards


  5. Unfortunately I could not find any other ZSPD files (from Imaginesim]. So there are no remaings. Kind Regards Patrick
  6. I had Imaginesim installed before. I already searched for the ini file in the virtual folder but could not find one. Will check again tonight when I'm home. Kind Regards Patrick
  7. Hi there I yesterday purchased the ZSPD Scenery by WFSS for my P3Dv4.5. I found myself in an outstanding scenery but was very surprised, that only a few Jetways have SODE(?). Is that correct or did I something wrong? Kind Regards Patrick
  8. Hi David Yes exactely. Kind Regards Patrick
  9. Thanks, but this is just an Afcad.
  10. Hi Is there any Scenery for Lansing Airport KLAN? Searched for a long time but couldn't find any. There was recently also a Dyn.Light Profile at inibuild for this airport but no one could tell me what scenery this is. Kind Regards Patrick
  11. Hi I just bought OIIE Tehran from simmarket, but there seems to be a conflict (with Vector?]. I run the Auto Config tool but there is no file for OIIE. Any ideas? Kind Regards Patrick
  12. Hi I use T2G MMMX in P3D v4.5HF2. I know the scenery is not native for it but sometimes I have some autogen Problems on short final RWY 5L R. As you can see some autogen is missing. Sometimes it's fine, sometimes I first have to deactivate the scenery and reactivate it again and then it's fine. Any suggestions on this? Kind Regards Patrick
  13. Does it have the Terrain Display on the ND? Kind Regards Patrick
  14. Dear Dave Thank you for your answer. Which tool do you mean with „the following „ Microsoft tool? Anyway I install everything as admin and with Security disabled. Kind Regards Patrick
  15. As the A330 installs Microsoft Restributable and DirectX and this is now handled different then before (Note Visual C++ 2015, 2017 and 2019 all share the same redistributable files. For example, installing the Visual C++ 2019 redistributable will affect programs built with Visual C++ 2015 and 2017 also. However, installing the Visual C++ 2015 redistributable will not replace the newer versions of the files installed by the Visual C++ 2017 and 2019 redistributables. This is different from all previous Visual C++ versions, as they each had their own distinct runtime files, not shared with other versions), is there a risk for breaking older Aircrafts using 2015 or 2017 restributable? Kind Regards Patrick
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