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  1. i see this too I also occasionally get live traffic hovering 30 ft above their parking spots...see it mostly at flightbeam KDEN and LVFR KFLL. No issues with the Qnh either
  2. couldn't agree more..For me accurate sounds plays such a huge amount in the immersion and the main reason this plane sits in the hangar. Sounds have been a huge disappointment for me so far
  3. I don't use the default KMDW but I know they recently resurfaced runway 31R/13L and it is now taxiway H. Not sure if that is included in this update
  4. On their official forum people have been asking for an update. I simply responded "...a few days..." and it gets "flagged" and hidden. Their forums are pathetic
  5. another thing I noticed it the animation of the gear retracting in external view was extremally slow. I was passing 3,000ft before the doors fully closed. Granted I don't normally fly in external view but with a new plane I like the check everything out
  6. Thanks. I did move the ambience and environment full tilt right and also cranked my speakers a bit louder so that helped.
  7. ahh you are correct just need to zoom way in. From the default external view they can't be seen. Anyway it was addressed by someone on their forum who stated any issues will be fixed
  8. Is it supposed to be that quiet? Meaning hardly any wind sound. Maybe it's modeled like wearing a noise canceling headset? Also the strobes and beacon lights are missing. You can see them reflecting off the ground but the actual lights are missing
  9. I had this happen a while back. I fixed it by deleting the model behaviors folder and then running the update. I should create a new model behaviors folder
  10. By the way..did you know that if you have the old xml files from the old version of psxt that they still work if you put them in the archive folder? I know KIAH has a real QF of 6. I put my old file in the archive that has a real QF of 40 and it works so much more real parked aircraft
  11. I really hope something is being worked on. I just paid for the annual pro sub in October and it's been really disappointing to see the coverage get worse
  12. Finally had a chance to do a flight. Again the live counter kept going down to zero and back up again. When an approach to KBWI I had aircraft in view that would then disappear (not because I was too close). Here is the log You can see for example at 17:44 it shows live aircraft 0. At 17:50 it says 15. I parked at 17:52 and a couple minutes later it was 0 again. I do not see this behavior with PSXT only PSXT.exe
  13. I am talking about the number to the left of the (out of n) counter or live aircraft in sim. I checked the logs but could not find anything. I can try again on next flight and see if I can notice anything or post it here once I have a chance. thanks,
  14. whenever I use the PSXT.exe app the live counter in the upper right constantly changes. For example, it will initially show several live aircraft but after a few minutes will slowly drop to zero. This will repeat over and over so I never really see any live aircraft because it keeps going back to zero When I use PSXT along with the RT app this does not happen. The downside is now I can't use the recorder I would assume this is an issue with me since I have not seen anyone else reporting this. Any ideas on what I can do or check for? thanks
  15. I posted similar issue here last night: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/639825-sys-error-401-guid-no-longer-valid/
  16. Using the latest version of PSXT.exe and twice so far during flight get the following and PSXT closes: sys error 401: GUID no longer valid. Log attached
  17. no they were not there on arrival even though the ui said there were 24 static. I also had ILO checked. I was also using the PSXTraffic.exe with the learn destination recorder to see if it made any difference
  18. landed at KSJC according to my logs there should have been 7 live parked and 24 static. All 7 live were there but none of the static were parked. Restarted PSXT and the static aircraft appeared
  19. Been getting this too..not on every flight but more often than not. Will reach out to Balthasar
  20. I am at KHOU right now which never had that great of quality but it is now much worse. My observation set 4 hours back. Aircraft land then stop and disappear. Sometime later they may reappear and taxi to a gate. Every departing aircraft just suddenly appeared near the runway would taxi onto the runway, freeze, and then disappear.
  21. From the release notes on 3.92 "If not enough options have been found it searches one half hour back in time, and so on, up till 47 half hours back in time (1 day). It may cross the boundary with the previous day of the week. It no longer searches over all days of the week." Is it possible to have a way to still have this search the whole week? I don't like to use the park soft or learn soft option as I don't like having the wrong airlines parked at the wrong gates. I used to see plenty of parked static AI in the correct spots but ever since the new option of only checking 1 day back I hardly get any unless I use the park soft option, which of course shows several airlines at the wrong gates. I would rather it search over the whole week to fill up spots with real options thanks,
  22. Switched over to my home computer and did a quick test and it does appear that live traffic is working with v10. I am even getting a few ac taxiing to and from runways at KSTL which was arguably worse than KDTW on v9
  23. Ok. I haven't had a chance to try yet...still at work haha but will a bit later tonight. I am in US Central time zone I work from m home so it will be a quick commute
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