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  1. Hi Nico Thanks for the latest updates. Marco.
  2. Hi Nico. No,i used real coordinates. China Southern Airlines fly to ZUBZ and i saw traffic around ZUBZ but no airport too on RealTraffic. With the latest update ZUBZ is gone. Need to make an entry again. Marco.
  3. Hi Nico Did work pretty well after i add your airport code entry. Thank you. I also have on addon_airports file a ZUBZ airport. Now on RealTraffic doesn't show up any airport at the location. Empty space. Is because of this i don't get any update or live aircraft at the airport ? Will the Learner update anything ? Thank you. Marco.
  4. Hi Nico ZUBZ Airport (Bazhong Enyang Airport) isn't recognize in the Learner . Can you do something about it ? Thank you. Marco.
  5. Ok Nico. Keep up with your execellent work. Thank you. Marco.
  6. Right but everytime i start PSXseeconTraffic those 2 files comes up on the folder after being deleted. Should i delete them everytime i start PSXseeconTraffic ? Marco.
  7. Hi Nico I have several txt files on regcodes folder. Can we still used them instead of a single file 'MyMultRegcodesFromAtcids' and 'MySpecialRegcodes' ? This way i have multiple reg . Marco.
  8. Hi A payware alternative is FSTramp. Amazing tool. Marco.
  9. File with all my registration. 'Reg' is the file name. Ignore the 'TXT' corrected. data\regcodes\Reg.txt: Marco
  10. Hi Nico Got you. I had the reg in both entries on reg.txt file. I have a 4 more of them, will check. "But where did you get that data\Reg.TXT file from? It is not shipped with PSXT_MSFS." It is but on PSXseeconTraffic (P3D) D:\PSXseeconTraffic\info\RegcodesOverruledByOffline.txt Marco
  11. Hi Nico After read the manual scetion 4.1.2 i still have doubts . "data\regcodes\Reg.TXT.txt: VH-XWN for AIA Fokker 100 Alliance Airlines gray nose, replaces AIA Fokker 100 Alliance Airlines" Can i ask you to explain me the example please ? Thank you Marco.
  12. Hi Nico Sorry the late reply Rimbun Air (Indonesia) - OEY - RI - can you please check now . and Animawings (Romania) - AWG - A2 Emtrasur Cargo (Venezuela) - ESU - NO IATA Ignore this 2 (Ceased) IBZ - International Business Air (Sweden) OLT - OLT Express (Germany)
  13. Hi zeedoktor Thanks for the explanation. I saw this week a few general avitaion not available for public track on air. Took me s few hours to catch them but yes , they are there. Nico Also spoke with Balthasar so now all good. Nice. 🙂 Marco,
  14. Hi Wat happen if a particular airplane is not available for public traking on FR24 , Flightaware or ADS-B Exchange ? Will the airplane come up on PSXseeconTraffic ? I use quite a lot GA traffic and many Corporation Airlines are like this. Charter GA Airlines are ok. No issues. I'm not sure if the airplane is still being tracked but without record on Fr24, Flightaware or ADS-B Exchange. My english intrepetation sometimes lead me to this doubts. Thanks. Marco.
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