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  1. Fantastic. I was wondering: Could someone perhaps create auto-generated sceneries with cranes and container storage areas for all harbours worldwide? @mamu82 perhaps, or PuffinFlight? Together with GAIST it would be a maritime dream come true. 😇
  2. With almost every European WU (England, France/Benelux, Nordics) came a set of autogen churches. That was a very nice feature. Where are the autogen churches in WU VI? Haven't seen any. Have you?
  3. Oh, I see. Too bad. Why is it so difficult for Asobo to fix that problem, I wonder...
  4. No more mirrored textures for the 747. Is that a fix?
  5. To me, Top immersion killers in the sense of "feeling to really be there" are effects, or rather the lack of these, like, dirt touchdown smoke wake contrails exaust smoke smoke on buildings in winter volcanos auroral lights I think we had all of these in FSX (!). An while we're on it: Why not add shimmering heat (on runways and other hot surfaces) forrest fires sand storms All of these would really help to immerse much more. So I really hope, (particle) effects will be introduced soon. DX12 maybe? Oh, and talking of sandstorms: I don't meen these strange orange overcast sunset/sunrise situations! That's also an immersion killer, especially in this time of year when overcast conditions are frequent and the sun is always low.
  6. From what we've seen so far, MSFS looks fantastic almost everywhere in the world. However what most reviewers complain (or even laugh) about are missing landmarks. And I have to admit, Washington without the Capitol, Paris without Notre Dame and so forth looks kind of strange. Not to mention cities that have no handmade landmark at all. Especially in Europe important buildings (like castles, cathedrals, television towers or lighthouses) certainly define the whole landscape around them and are vital orientation points for VFR flying. Not only those in cities, but especially those in the middle of nowhere (Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu, Pont du Gard...) So what do you think we'll see after release: Microsoft/Asobo handing out more landmarks (for free)? Or third party developers jumping in (ORBX already started with London) or will there be a community delivering handmade landmark buildings? I think packs would be cool, like "European Landmarks" or something. There used to be a product called German Landmarks about 15 years ago which was pretty good value for little price.
  7. Coming back to the original topic of this threat: I am still confued. Wasn't there to be a save-the-date-announcement only ? I mean, logically speaking, if you announce - or send out - a safe-the-date you give people a clear, fixed date in the future, weeks or month away, which they should save in their calendar. Isn't that the meaning of a save-the-date-announcement? Like: "Folks, I'm going to get married on 6 September 2021. Save the date, You'll get an official invitation later!" So to me it was pretty obvious, that some time at the end of April (no exact date was announced for that in the DR, by the way) they would announce a date months away that we ought to "save" in our calendar. What else should that be other than the release date?
  8. I was wondering: if the scenery, away from highly detailed cities, is satellite images with autogen buildings and trees placed on it, what will we see when we get close to landmarks like castles, fortresses, power plants and the like which are far off these highly accurate areas? Anyone heard or seen something on that issue? What do you think Neuschwanstein, the Taj Mahal or the Castel de Monte will look lilke in FS2020?
  9. Dear Microsoft Team, thanks for reading this far! 😉 Everything I've seen so far looks really promising. Still, I'd love to see: seasons. I've spent hours flying over snowy fields in the sunset and over the Indian Summer Trees in Conneticut. Would love to see that again, even if scenery is 3D moddeled. sound environment. Don't underestimate the impact on reallity when lovely bird chirps are suddenly interrupted by the raw sound of engines starting up. Or the roaring of a 747 taking off right next to you. Not to mention thounderclouds in the vicinity. All in real 5.1 of course! weather effects. Can you make the air shimmering over the blistering surface of the runway while taking off in Dubai? Or the freezing cold of Alaska? The morning dew on the fuselage at 5 o'clock in the morning? Anyway. Keep up the good work!
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