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  1. joschy66

    What We Want

    Dear Microsoft Team, thanks for reading this far! 😉 Everything I've seen so far looks really promising. Still, I'd love to see: seasons. I've spent hours flying over snowy fields in the sunset and over the Indian Summer Trees in Conneticut. Would love to see that again, even if scenery is 3D moddeled. sound environment. Don't underestimate the impact on reallity when lovely bird chirps are suddenly interrupted by the raw sound of engines starting up. Or the roaring of a 747 taking off right next to you. Not to mention thounderclouds in the vicinity. All in real 5.1 of course! weather effects. Can you make the air shimmering over the blistering surface of the runway while taking off in Dubai? Or the freezing cold of Alaska? The morning dew on the fuselage at 5 o'clock in the morning? Anyway. Keep up the good work!