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  1. Simbol This is what is being generated in the aircraft.cfg. Visibly you can see two sets of strobes and beacons on the plane, and one set is not in the right position (ie off-set). I am using the NWF models and have checked that I have the right model in the right folder (ie my NWF model is not aliased to the WF model). Have tried resetting and copying the original aircraft.cfg into the folder but still creates the duplicate for all FAIB 747's. [LIGHTS] //Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landing light.0=3, -203.3, 0, 10.35, fx_fsreborn_navwhi2908 light.1=1, -18.7, 0, 19, fx_fsreborn_beacon2908 light.2=1, -67.5, 0, -7.66, fx_fsreborn_beacon2908 light.3=3, -124.73, -96.63, 6.16, fx_fsreborn_navred2908 light.4=3, -124.73, 96.63, 6.16, fx_fsreborn_navgre2908 light.5=2, 0, 0, 0, fx_fsreborn_stbg2908 light.6=3, -119.95, 0, 10.35, fx_fsreborn_navwhi2908 light.7=1, 64.8, 0, 19.05, fx_fsreborn_beacon2908 light.8=1, 16, 0, -7.75, fx_fsreborn_beacon2908 light.9=3, -46.6, -103.2, 6.65, fx_fsreborn_navred2908 light.10=3, -46.6, 103.2, 6.65, fx_fsreborn_navgre2908 Regards Rob
  2. Thanks Simbol - thought that might be the case. Will Dynamic FFTF by FSPS interfere with the particle "clock" as I use that to dynamically managed FFTF to improve FPS. Could switch to the FPS target mode as opposed to the AGL mode and see what happens I suppose. Thanks for fast and knowledgeable support as usual! Regards Rob
  3. Simbol I notice that the A320 strobes are double in the preview, and generally are double on all my A320 family when the strobes come on as they line up and hold. However, the ones landing have a variety of strobe timings, and as soon as you change the simulation rate, it screws up all the double strobes. What does AIRLP use to drive the strobe timing? Can anything be done about this? Best regards Rob
  4. Simbol What is the best way of dealing with (mainly P3D v4 conversions) of models like the AIG B757's (currently on v3.1). which now have all the lights in the .mdl file including beacons, navs and strobes. A lot of strobes going off once AIRLP has processed this along with the aircraft.cfg lights entries. I have tried removing the non landing/taxi lights from the model, but wont recompile properly. What does AIRLP do with custom lights (have their own separate as opposed to fallback effect file)? Would I be better taking all the entries out of the aircraft.cfg lights section? Regards Rob
  5. Simbol AS per my previous note, I love the way the lights scale with distance. I now have various groups set up in expert mode with different configs tested in preview mode and the config set to 4K for my screen. However, changing the size of the strobe effects in expert mode (including the dynamic light size) does not appear to have any discernible effect on the size of the strobe lights either in the sim or in the preview module. Any ideas why or things I should try. Also, I have been going through all my ai aircraft, modifying the aircraft.cfg and/or model.cfg to make them P3DDv4 SDK compliant to get landing lights showing properly, and have been successful with various aircraft in achieving this. There are a couple which I am still failing on. Can I send you the .cfg files on these by email? Best regards Rob
  6. Simbol Using the original model makes them work. None of the P3Dv4 model variants seem to work, even the ones with the splash as opposed to the dynamic lighting. Rev3 use a different texture set, so a bit of converting back to do! Regards Rob
  7. http://www.ravenfslabs.com/embraer-ejets Link to rev3 models above. Aircraft.cfg in email I just sent. Regards Rob
  8. Simbol I have had a look through the aircraft.cfg's for the Raven Embraer aircraft, and can't see any obvious SDK non-compliance having been through the SDK. I am using Jan Martin's replacement FDE's for these aircraft, and all of the other ones of his that I use on other AI aircraft seem compliant with light displaying as intended in AIRLP. Are you happy to take a look at the .cfg if I ping it over? Regards Rob
  9. SImbol Having used the preview on all my FAIB Airbus now post the CenterFuelTank correction, they all show landing lights as anticipated. However, only the A320CFM and A320IAE show the twin strobes on the wing and single one on the tail. All other variants show single strobe in both the preview and the sim. Any further ideas? Do you want me to attach the aircraft.CFG foe on of the variants that does work as intended and one that does not? Regards Rob
  10. Sure - lets close this topic and I'll open a new one on Raven - think their Rev3 models were P3dv4 compiled. Regards Rob
  11. Many thanks Simbol - spot on. the Center1 line needs to be active and then AIRLP deliver the correct strobe config and landing lights. I have looked through the aircraft configuration SDK for P3dV4.4. How do you know which lines have to be in for a .cfg file to be compliant for AIRLP? The RavenAI Embraers have the same problem as I had with FAIB except that they do have the Center1 line in the [fuel] section active. Best regards Rob
  12. Simbol These are the key parts of my FAIB A321 CFM: [General] atc_type=AIRBUS atc_model=A321 editable=1 performance= Category=airplane [LIGHTS] //Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landing light.0 = 1, 5.998, 0.00, -5.835, fx_FAIB_A321_beacon light.1 = 1, 3.718, 0.00, 8.5, fx_FAIB_A321_beacon light.2 = 2, -77.801, 0.00, 4.645, fx_FAIB_A321_strobe light.3 = 3, -77.801, 0.00, 4.645, fx_FAIB_A321_navwhi light.4 = 2, -14.023, -55.505, 2.871, fx_FAIB_A321_strobe light.5 = 2, -14.023, 55.505, 2.871, fx_FAIB_A321_strobe light.6 = 3, -13.5, -55.151, 2.852, fx_FAIB_A321_navred light.7 = 3, -13.5, 55.151, 2.852, fx_FAIB_A321_navgre light.8=5, 0.09, -7.01, -3.778, fx_shockwave_landing_light_narrow // shockwave landing light light.9=5, 0.09, 7.01, -3.778, fx_shockwave_landing_light_narrow // shockwave landing light light.10=5, 50.5, -0.71, -5.463, fx_shockwave_landing_light_a321_nose // shockwave landing light light.11=6, 50.5, 0.706, -5.463, fx_shockwave_landing_light_a321_nose // shockwave taxi light light.12=5, 47.5, 0, -16.463, fx_shockwave_landing_light_light I can't get the landing lights to show from distance on any of the FAIB Airbuses and some have double strobes and some single. All of the A321 variants have single strobes only. Regards Rob
  13. Simbol I have all my AI planes in a separate directory in the main Simobjects folder. AIRLP seems to scan them all fine, as I can see the amendments made to the aircraft.cfg However, I cannot seem to get the Airbus double flashing strobes to work on the FAIB Airbuses? Get single ones. The ATC_TYPE is set correctly in all the .cfgs and I have converted back to the _NWF models. the old DJC airbus models do deliver double strobes. I also seem to get double strobes on my HTAI cessnas! The landing lights are even more hit and miss. In preview mode, I can't get any nose gear landing lights showing on the "Aircraft on final" even when applying the 200% increase to the texture size. On the FAIB Boeings, the landing lights don't work on thee 737-200, they do work on all the other 737's, but they don't work on any of the 767's. The light attachment for the main landing gear entry, including the fx file used is identical as between the 737-200 and 737-300 FAIB models having inspected them in MCX, so can't quite figure. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot further? How are the landing lights and strobes driven from the aircraft.cfg entries? The Navs and Beacons are obvious in the [LIGHTS] section. Best regards Rob Schofield
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