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  1. I just went from Win7 to Win10 (Fall Creators Update) and installed FS9 from scratch again. I also had no AA in full screen mode, but enabling AA inside FS9 and setting Inspector to enhance the application settings works. I set 4x Multisampling and 4x Sparse Grid Supersampling and it looks fine to me. I also set the anisotropic filtering the same old way, User Defined 16x.
  2. My guess is an aircraft texture that's in a format FS9 doesn't understand, so it crashes. Try moving the recently installed aircraft outside your aircraft folder and see if that helps.
  3. It's all binary, dude. 8 bits, where each bit represents an individual physical or logical CPU core. Set the corresponding bit (1) and you activate that core, 0 to turn it off. With 8 bits you can represent all decimal values between 0-255. CPUs with even more cores, like 16, thus need 16 bits for the affinity mask, which in decimal is 0-65535. I'm not going further than this because all this info is already available here in the forums. Search and you shall find. Don't know if any of this is the cause of your blurries though.
  4. DTG are just here to milk the cow. Time to realize that guys. There are better ways to spend your $.
  5. I'm looking to buy a new monitor soon and it will be one with gsync, so what I'm asking is: Anyone here using a gsync monitor successfully with FS9? If so, do you also use TrackIR and is the input lag improved with gsync vs vsync?
  6. Exactly what is it that isn't working? Do you get stutter and/or tearing even with gsync on? I use P3D mainly for GA flying and can stay locked at 60fps on my current 60Hz monitor, which is pretty good, especially when using TrackIR. I'm looking into gsync monitors for playing other games too besides sims, but was hoping that it would work in FS9/FSX/P3D plus reduce the input lag you get from vsync.
  7. With gsync you should NOT lock your frame rate at all, that's the whole point. It will sync every frame as long as the frame rate stays in the interval, 30-144Hz for example. If the frame rate goes above, then vsync should kick in. I'm considering getting a gsync monitor, but have yet to read something definitive about if gsync works as intended with P3D (and FSX & FS9). Gsync supports both full screen and windowed mode so I assume it would work, right?!
  8. FS2004

    The short and simple answer is, if you're assigning and calibrating your flight controllers in FSUIPC, then you have to disable joystick in FS9 options menu.
  9. is very popular, free, no need to even register. just upload and copy your links.
  10. Sadly none of the sims we use are programmed to fully embrace multi threading and thus don't scale with more cores/threads. Most of the processing still happens on one core and I guess a major overhaul of the code would be needed to change this, but I do hope it's possible and that it will happen. Remains to bee seen how the 8700k overclocks and what the IPC (instructions per clock) and single thread performance is like. Some leaked benchmarks hinted that the 7700k might be slightly faster in this aspect, as the 8700k with more cores will produce more heat, resulting in a lower overclock.
  11. Awesome scenery there Greg, every FS niner should go get it right away! If you don't have Ultimate Terrain USA and your hawaii area is otherwise unmodified, you will have some default buildings in the water. The instructions mention this as well. There is however a freeware fix to this too, just download and install the following: It's low resolution Hawaii coastlines. Fixes the floating houses and looks much better than default. @gaputz, I noticed two textures (PHJH-8-allpha.bmp and PHJH-9-al;pha.bmp), both 3MB and with those strange names. I guess these are not needed and are leftovers from the design process. Also there were a few .txt and .xml files in the scenery folder, I guess these aren't needed as well. Otherwise all was good and performance (fps) is great, thanks a lot!
  12. Did you try to open it metaphysically?
  13. I can highly recommend the free astronomy software "Stellarium". Everything in there is 100% accurate.
  14. The sun & moon positions are accurate in FS9 so they must be in FSX/P3D as well. No eclipse effect though, as in dimming of the light etc.
  15. fs9

    Maybe it's a Windows thing? I'm still on Win7 Pro x64. Anyhow, if SweetFX works and does the same thing, then it's all good.