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  1. Mike is correct. I'd just like to add that when using SGSS or DSR, the rendering happens in a buffer larger than your screen size, and when resizing this buffer to your monitors resolution you get the AA. So it's not the same as running a higher monitor resolution without any resizing taking place. But as Mike said, a higher PPI helps, as you can lower your AA settings.
  2. Plane landed safely. Phew!
  3. Just about to land. Watch live here: link removed to video as it no longer exists.
  4. You can continue to follow this developing story here:
  5. flight disappeared from flightradar24. haven't heard why or what's going on.
  6. burning off fuel right now. hope all goes well
  7. Aircraft, Guldstream IV, had dual puncture on takeoff, now circling. Rapper Post Malone passenger on board.
  8. neumanix

    RTX 2080Ti

    This new RTX generation feature a completely new rendering technique, realtime Raytracing. Any game or application will have to implement this new tech in code, so nothing we have today will take advantage of it. Of course, these cards will render graphics the old way too, and I guess we can expect about the same performance boost from generation to generation as we've seen in the past. The on-stage presentation yesterday focused entirely on the new raytracing tech, and a few demos of upcoming games that supports it were shown. It was very impressive and for sure the way of the future. We will just have to wait and hope that developers jump on board ASAP.
  9. I've overclocked my 970 but still use an old i5 2500k CPU, so no gain in P3D. In other games I see a good performance boost though. Even went as far as flashing a modified bios. Not for the faint of heart 🙂
  10. neumanix

    FS9 problems with latest Windows 10 update

    It should be possible to let the GPU pass through the underlying OS so it has a "direct connection" to the virtual machine. At least that's what I learned from watching a Linus tech tips video where they split a monster PC into two so to speak, running 2 virtual machines plus a server or something, and they saw hardly any difference in performance compared to a native system. Oh wait... I think the thing was that the virtual machine(s) need their own dedicated GPU, so you should set your normal OS to use the onboard graphics in your CPU and set the virtual machine to use your dedicated graphics card. Have you tried that? I might give it a shot just for fun, despite my mere 4-core CPU.
  11. neumanix

    FS9 problems with latest Windows 10 update

    I believe the best way to keep enjoying old software in the future is Virtualization. With the current and future multicore CPU's you can run older operating systems and applications in a virtual machine at very close to native speed. I haven't tried it out yet because I'm still using an old 2500k 4-core CPU, but when I upgrade I will start looking into it more.
  12. I think the Terrain SDK for FS9 has Imagetool included. Just google "fs9 sdk" and you should find a working link.
  13. neumanix

    Countering the Shimmering

    There IS another way to reduce the shimmering, and that is to add mipmaps to textures that don't have them as default. It works wonders with cockpit textures as well (panels, gauges), as you can see in this video I made a while back: You must watch it full screen to really see the effect. The quality of the textures will be slightly degraded because they will be re-copmpressed, but that's well worth it in my oppinion. Just remember to make backups of your textures before you start experimenting. As you see you can have an almost shimmer free experience without any SGAA at all. You'll need dxtbmp (freeware) or Imagetool (comes with the SDK) to modify the textures. And yes, a higher resolution monitor will help as well. I recently went from 1080p to 1440p and I would never go back.
  14. I recently got a 27" 1440p gsync monitor that my old GTX970 runs just fine in most games. With the higher resolution you can use less antialiasing and performance is more or less preserved. No need to upgrade your 980.
  15. neumanix

    FSDT O'Hare Previews

    Timeframes are not that important. Frametimes however...