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  1. I recently got a 27" 1440p gsync monitor that my old GTX970 runs just fine in most games. With the higher resolution you can use less antialiasing and performance is more or less preserved. No need to upgrade your 980.
  2. FSDT O'Hare Previews

    Timeframes are not that important. Frametimes however...
  3. Antialias in Full Screen Mode - FIXED!

    Whaddaya know... this really works!!! Thank you thank you thank you! I turned AA off within FS9 again and set up the nVidia Inspector profile like I used to in Win7. Override the application setting, 16xS AA + 8x Supersampling and it looks stunning! 4 x Multisampling + 4 x SGSS also works as before, but I find that 16xS + 8 x Supersampling gives the best result on my GTX970. Who knows what other hidden treasures are yet undiscovered.
  4. Site Update Tonight

    Maybe you can improve the recent topics so that you get a hint of what forum section each topic is posted in when hovering with the mouse over the links. I've suggested this before and without this function the whole recent topics area is pretty much pointless.
  5. Anti Aliasing - Constant Shimmering

    You have antialiasing mode set to "Enhance the application setting" but you haven't set how to enhance it. You have that set to "Application-controlled / Off". Set both to "Application controlled" so P3D controls all the AA. Then try a lower SSAA setting in P3D as suggested above.
  6. Reshaded FS9

    There is no specific reshade for FS9. You choose which application (game) you want to reshade when running the installer. After switching to Windows 10 I can't get it to work in FS9 anymore though :(
  7. Windows 10 --Ugggg

    I also recently switched to Win10 and was worried that there would be issues, but so far I haven't had any. Only difference is antialiasing need to set differently from what I was used to in Win7 and nVidia Inspector. Now I have to activate antialiasing within FS9, and use "Enhance the Application Setting" in Inspector. I use 16xS + 8x Supersampling (GTX970). Looks great and FPS are at least as good as on Win7. Can't get re-shade working though, which is a pity, because that looked really nice.
  8. FS9- humming sound?

    No, you still have control over this. I use nvidia Inspector for my game profiles, and if I set my FS9 profile to force vsync OFF and I set unlimited frames in FS9, then it pumps out as many frames as it can. If you have a nvidia card I can recommend setting your vsync to "fast sync". It eliminates tearing and allows fps above your monitors refresh rate. This is as close to gsync you can get without a gsync monitor.
  9. Bad Graphics with 7700K & GTX1080

    Nothing wrong with the graphics. These recommendations about locking fps to 20 have to stop. Utter nonsense, and from a moderator at that.
  10. FS9 no AA in fullscreen

    I just went from Win7 to Win10 (Fall Creators Update) and installed FS9 from scratch again. I also had no AA in full screen mode, but enabling AA inside FS9 and setting Inspector to enhance the application settings works. I set 4x Multisampling and 4x Sparse Grid Supersampling and it looks fine to me. I also set the anisotropic filtering the same old way, User Defined 16x.
  11. FS9 frozen on splash screen

    My guess is an aircraft texture that's in a format FS9 doesn't understand, so it crashes. Try moving the recently installed aircraft outside your aircraft folder and see if that helps.
  12. Blurries and more BLURRRRRIES

    It's all binary, dude. 8 bits, where each bit represents an individual physical or logical CPU core. Set the corresponding bit (1) and you activate that core, 0 to turn it off. With 8 bits you can represent all decimal values between 0-255. CPUs with even more cores, like 16, thus need 16 bits for the affinity mask, which in decimal is 0-65535. I'm not going further than this because all this info is already available here in the forums. Search and you shall find. Don't know if any of this is the cause of your blurries though.
  13. DTG are just here to milk the cow. Time to realize that guys. There are better ways to spend your $.
  14. FS9 and GSYNC

    I'm looking to buy a new monitor soon and it will be one with gsync, so what I'm asking is: Anyone here using a gsync monitor successfully with FS9? If so, do you also use TrackIR and is the input lag improved with gsync vs vsync?
  15. Exactly what is it that isn't working? Do you get stutter and/or tearing even with gsync on? I use P3D mainly for GA flying and can stay locked at 60fps on my current 60Hz monitor, which is pretty good, especially when using TrackIR. I'm looking into gsync monitors for playing other games too besides sims, but was hoping that it would work in FS9/FSX/P3D plus reduce the input lag you get from vsync.