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  1. FFS Asobo & Microsoft, focus on the essentials = performance and stability
  2. FYI, a screenshot can't show what the image on YOUR monitor looks like. It's just a grab from the graphic cards frame buffer, not a photograph of the monitor output. Screenshots will look slightly different on every single monitor. Should be common knowledge.
  3. Ok, not as easily solved as I thought. You say dev mode shows a frame time of 13.5ms but still an fps of 40. That doesn't even compute. A frame time of 13.5ms should give you roughly 75 fps. Very interesting to see what the solution ends up being.
  4. This is an easy one, very obvious when I read his monitor is at 120Hz. SierraDelta already posted the solution.
  5. Dude, shadows aren't loaded. They are calculated and generated in real time. ?!?
  6. neumanix

    Rebel Moon

    Not so sure about that.
  7. Doesn't help much. You can tweak some parameters to adjust things somewhat. It all boils down to the horrible native AI code from MS/Asobo. All FSLTL does is inject the aircraft, then the default AI traffic handling takes over. BeyondATC promises to fix all this as far as I've understood, and from the videos I've seen it looks very promising.
  8. Nice! I've done the same AND some. I've tweaked my Win 10 so I have 38 processes on boot and everything running perfectly fine. I do manual virus scans using Malwarebytes, Adwcleaner and MS Safety Scanner. Haven't got hit with anything yet. The less word not allowed you have running in the background, the better.
  9. Just watched a couple of videos on AFMF, and it's looking promising although not ready for release yet. It doesn't support Vulcan so I suppose dx9 support is also a no-go at the moment. Interesting things are happening in the GPU market for sure.
  10. FG frames are real frames, just created differently, and if you get double fps and no apparent drawbacks I see that as a no brainer. I'm still on a 1070ti but will upgrade soon to something more suitable for my 5800X3D. AMDs driver based FG sounds VERY interesting. You say it works with both dx11 and dx12, does it even work with old dx9 titles? Had my sights on a top level Nvidia card but not so sure anymore.
  11. Just spent a couple of hours in JP Logistics C152, flying along the west coast of Finland and it was absolutly awesome. The sim looks amazing with the new atmospherics. No problems what so ever. Got myself into some sketchy icing conditions as well, which made it even more exciting and enjoyable.
  12. Whatever they did, worked for me. Got full speed (~90Mbit) and the whole thing just took a few minutes. Thanks Asobo and MS !!!
  13. OK, their mitigations seems to have worked. Downloading steadily now.
  14. It's acting so weird though. I hit UPDATE, it starts at a good 90Mbits/s, downloads a few percent, then stops, goes back to zero and starts all over again. Rinse, repeat, ad infinitum...
  15. Going nowhere here, stuck at soundbanks-0.1.54. Keeps trying over and over...
  16. Yes, it seems to be hard coded and I think the limit is 100fps as that is the maximum value you can lock to (inside FS9) before going unlimited. If you still want unlimited frames, another solution is to get rid of the wind sound, either by disabling environment sounds or by swapping each aircraft's wind .wav sounds for silent ones. You can use the "silence.wav" that's included in FS9's sound folder. But easiest is just to limit your frames to 100 or below.
  17. This is false. Listen to MrFuzzy guys, he knows what he's talking about. What I've read, to cap your frames when using frame generation, only vsync will work. Any other method will not. So if you use frame generation and want to lock your frames to a lower value to save energy, then take a look at what other refresh rates your monitor can handle. My 144Hz monitor can also be set to 120, 100, 85, 60 and 24Hz. So for example, set your screen refresh rate to 60Hz, use vsync + gsync and in the sim, set vsync on (monitors refresh rate) and reflex on, to cap just below 60Hz in this example.
  18. There are trustworthy tools to do the unbloating yourself instead of using an already tampered with installation. Use either NTlite or MSMG toolkit. Of course you want to have your OS running as effieicent as possible without any unneccessay bloat, especially for demanding applications like MSFS. Anyone who thinks otherwise have a thing or two to learn. Oh, and as mentioned, an LTSC version is also a nice option.
  19. I'm not able to download. Seems to require an MS account EDIT: Managed to get a few of them now.
  20. Just plug into the Matrix and download some heli skills... or go watch a youtube video.
  21. Yes, as long as you have Vsync turned off. If on, it will lock to 15fps or 30fps intermittently when fps is fluctuating above/below 30.
  22. Well, if the gsync interval starts at 30, then at 27fps it won't be able to sync that frame and you'll get tearing. No more nor less stuttering. That frame will take 1000/27 = ~37ms. If you had Vsync active it will lock at 15fps, that's the next "half way down", and the frame would take ~66ms = feels more laggy. That's how Vsync does it if a frame takes longer than what you've set Vsync lock to. For example if you lock to 60fps and achieve only 55fps, then Vsync drops to 30fps. Vsync locked at 30fps and achieving 27fps would sync at 15fps.
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