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  1. Hi folks, Is there any freeware camera add on similar to DBS Walk and Follow? My old PC broke down, haven't used W&F in years. I want to install it on my new computer but after looking at the registration code, it looked like one of those specific to my old PC only. Any help greatly appreciated Thanks
  2. Found it Yay! Was looking at it again and it looked like the top part of the menu window was missing. I found it by switching to 1080p. Reason for this... My plasma is 1080p but I run XP in 720p due to my lower end pc. The top part of the menu is cut off in Joystick and Equipments when XP is set to 720. Just a quick question... Can all XP10 add ons be installed into the Steam version? Thanks again, guys.
  3. Yes, I got it just a few weeks ago during the 60% off sale on Steam, and I believe Steam auto updates.
  4. Yes, I read that manual, but in my Joystick and Equipments section, there is NO KEYS TAB or any other along the top. Only the two I mentioned in my OP.
  5. Hi guys, I can't seem to figure out how to assign my buttons. I have the Steam version. I went to the Joystick and Equipments section but I don't see the tabs along the top. I only have the option of joystick calibration and another for using this position as center. I really need to get my buttons set up and I'm hoping there is a way to speed up panning with the hat switch. Any help greatly appreciated Maurice
  6. I posted a bunch of screens and and a vid of the original back in the summer. If you scroll down page 1, you will find the vid. http://www.avsim.com/topic/466347-another-great-global-texture-replacement-for-fs9/ I see that one of the new feature is an "Anti-Mosaic Effect". I guess it minimizes the square patterns for cities. The video and pics they posted on simmarket are from version 1.
  7. Thanks for the link. Since this new sim is based off the FSX engine, do you guys think it will support full multi-core usage? In the link it said that the sim will take advantage of modern gpu and cpu's but not much else regarding specs.
  8. I'm an FSX'er, but I used to run my set up similar to yours. SSD for OS, another SSD for FSX and an External for add ons. I've recently changed to a single SSD (os, fsx, add ons) and there's no difference in performance.
  9. Excellent. Atmospheric shots. I like them .
  10. Been out of flight simming for the past 7 months and just got back into it. My SSD with the OS died and decided to take a break from flight sim. I just got FSX installed and will do FS9 soon. About AFS World and Mosaic, I have the original and absolutely love it. There is a version 2 available now with a good discount for those who already own the original. Anybody get the chance to compare the original to version 2?
  11. What is up with Flight1? I thought I would also mention that their boxed add ons can also be a major PITA. I own the disc version of UT2 and Audio Environment. Audio Environment usually takes almost 10 mins until the dvd drive is able to read the disc. You can hear it constantly speeding up/slowing down after inserting the disc. It's as if the dvd drive is having a hard time being able to read the disc. I know I'm not the only one with this issue. I remember reading online where someone else had the same problem and gave up. I did message the person and told him to let the disc sit in the drive for a while. Hope he got it working. UT2, I never really had issues with until recently. I spent an entire day coming back and forth trying to get the dvd drive to read it. I must have tried at least a dozen times with no luck. Finally, the next day, I thought I'd give it a try again, and it finally worked. My dvd drive is fine. There is nothing wrong with it. This only happens with 2 of my Flight1 discs. I tried a bunch of other disc add ons with no issue. I still plan to install my disc version of UT and GEX. I never had any problems with those in the past.. I hope it stays like that.
  12. Did you install UT2 in the main FSX folder?
  13. I'm wondering the same thing. I'm sure Steve is still working on it and will eventually find a fix. The fixer has had quite a few updates.
  14. Disable HD shadow in the fixer and just use the regular shadow option. I don't have the concorde yet but I get the moving shadow on my planes like the one you described if I enable HD shadow.
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