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  1. Hi folks, Is there any freeware camera add on similar to DBS Walk and Follow? My old PC broke down, haven't used W&F in years. I want to install it on my new computer but after looking at the registration code, it looked like one of those specific to my old PC only. Any help greatly appreciated Thanks
  2. Found it Yay! Was looking at it again and it looked like the top part of the menu window was missing. I found it by switching to 1080p. Reason for this... My plasma is 1080p but I run XP in 720p due to my lower end pc. The top part of the menu is cut off in Joystick and Equipments when XP is set to 720. Just a quick question... Can all XP10 add ons be installed into the Steam version? Thanks again, guys.
  3. Yes, I got it just a few weeks ago during the 60% off sale on Steam, and I believe Steam auto updates.
  4. Yes, I read that manual, but in my Joystick and Equipments section, there is NO KEYS TAB or any other along the top. Only the two I mentioned in my OP.
  5. Hi guys, I can't seem to figure out how to assign my buttons. I have the Steam version. I went to the Joystick and Equipments section but I don't see the tabs along the top. I only have the option of joystick calibration and another for using this position as center. I really need to get my buttons set up and I'm hoping there is a way to speed up panning with the hat switch. Any help greatly appreciated Maurice
  6. Carl, If you're not doing anything fancy like Jon with the custom textures (lol on the drinking), I think you should be all good. Because you have UT/FS9 controlling the land class, and the textures are just being sent to their proper designation. Just think of it like using FEX and REX together. You can keep writing over the textures to change them. The only downside to not doing it Jon's way, is that you need to install your "base" textures first (GEP, AFS), then use the feature on BEV to write over certain textures from GEP (for example) like rural areas. This is because GEP and AFS automatically give you global textures while you can choose what texture sets to install with BEV. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. This is what I understand from reading the previous posts.
  7. Yup default clouds are actually quite good. Your pics look great. Got some of them to work. Photobucket is pretty slow right now. You should give your clouds a try at 128 DXT3. No joke. I have FEX for FSX which allow you to downgrade all the way down to 128, and at 128 the clouds have a super soft appearance very similar to REX soft clouds. I want to try this in FS9. I'm going to have my friend downsize some cloud sets. This works better on clouds that trade off detail for higher contrast. If the cloud sets are too detailed, you'll see pixelation as you fly through them. I picked the least "detailed" cloud set and no pixelation at all.
  8. I think you should be good because you have a better machine. I didn't fool around much with the settings within Exp X. I kept them pretty high or maxed out the entire time. Exp X does look better than UT, imo, mainly because the autogen buildings and trees are still there. It's very impressive when taxiing, coming in for landing, etc. I tried changing the colors of UT lights as well and I can't say I notice any difference lol. I'm actually happy with the colors of UT and the Zinertek textures. ETA... I tried to post a vid I made using exp x but the vid has been blocked due to the music track.
  9. Hi Appliance, Gwillmot just gave an excellent description of the program. I should have posted what I was flying when I used Experience X. If I remember correctly, coming into Aerosoft Frankfurt with the PMDG MD-11, I think my fps was fluctuating between 18 to the mid 20's. That's way too low, imho. Mid 20's I'm okay with when it comes to big hubs, but when it dips below mid 20's, I start to notice it and it affects my enjoyment of the sim. Exp X will definitely hit your fps more than UT, because unlike UT lights, with Exp X, the autogen buildings and trees remain. Now that I'm back to UT lighting, everything is super smooth again. I'm running Win7/Phenom II @ 4ghz/8g DDR3/GTX560/250g SSD. I will try Exp X again when I do a PC upgrade. I was running purely Exp X lights. I had the UT lights disabled. Of course, it's less of a problem when I'm flying GA or lite models.
  10. Looks great, Mitch! Awesome job. I had to open in a separate window because the white background of avsim overpower the darker pics. Maybe this is why some people had problems seeing them. You really have a good eye for sky colors. I noticed great looking skies on all your shots.
  11. That's great. I'm glad you like it. I've been enjoying my flights a lot more with AFS. I hope they continue to make global add ons for FS9. I want to try mesh next and thinking about getting my local aviation shop to order FS Global 2010 on disc for me. Do you get any issues with elevations at airports (peaks and dips where they shouldn't be)? I hear ya on the airport add ons. It's such a pain. At the moment I'm just running Zinertek airport and I'm very happy. Don't feel the need to install my airports yet, and I hope it stays that way LOL. Ha ha, so true. When I first got into FS9 (2012) I didn't feel as excited as I should have because I was coming from FSX and I thought FS9 dead and gone / obsolete. Now that I have so many add ons, I'm actually enjoying it so much more than before. 50% of my flying is in FS9.
  12. Cool. Let us know what you think. FS Global shouldn't affect AFS because it only adjusts the mesh. The only way to mix it with Ground Environment would be to add your chosen textures manually because GE will automatically install all textures. I know I mentioned this a few times already, please make a back up first because AFS will write over your current texture. But I think you should be able to write over AFS with GE if you don't like the result. You'd probably want to make a back up of your detail1.bmp also because AFS installs a high res version. I've never really been a fan of the high res detail1 textures. I agree. FS9 runs so well on every machine I've seen it on. The payout is definitely very rewarding. I still can't believe how good my FS9 looks every time I fire it up. I just hope more companies come back to this great simulator like Carenado did. I still don't know why nobody has made a global road traffic and boat add on. We see them around airports on payware add ons but never on a larger scale.
  13. Aah got it. I thought you found a new set. Your FS9 does look fantastic! I bought and just finished installing the AFS add ons and Zinertek night lighting for FSX. It's a lot different on FSX than FS9. The screens on simmarket only showed the FS9 version.
  14. Great to hear it works fine under Win 7. I will definitely buy it within the next few months. First I'm going to get the 3 AFS add ons all over again, but this time for FSX. I'm so happy with them. I did two flights last night on the 757. It looked fantastic. I had all the UT roads (except urban) activated. I try to get FS9 like performance in FSX with my outdated machine. At the moment, FS9 with AFS looks better and sharper because I have to run FSX ground textures at 5m resolution. So if I get the AFS for FSX, at 5m, it should look as clean and sharp as it does on my FS9. OK, you have to tell us more about your current texture set. You said you're putting BEV and GEP away. What are you using? How about some screens. I need to see this!
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