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  1. What shade does is allow you to edit the scene lighting. There are two components the ambient lighting and the lighting for things facing the sun.i think shade describes these differently in terms of terrain contrast but that is what they do. its possible i suppose that you have set the ambient lighting so low that any glass with a reflection texture obscures the low level of lighting that exists.
  2. There is a hotfix for the qw787 re dx10 vc textures - do you have that? It’s a year old so I would imagine so. I would suggest that you start with a flight at a airport at night in the default Cessna and look out the windows and then try the qw 787 and see if the issues relates to the particular aircraft or is something deeper. Also try the diagnostics button in the DX10 controller - perhaps you have the 8 bit fix enabled - that can reverse transparency - its only recommended in that version for testing a portover aircraft.
  3. Can you provide some more information please. Firstly do you have the payware fixer? Then is the issue the same in DX9? Is it the same with the fixer libraries uninstalled so the fixer is not involved? Does it occur with the default Cessna or is it specific to an aircraft? Do you have the latest fixer installed?
  4. Does anyone use it in DX10?
  5. SteveFx

    KSTS from ORBX

    Excellent - so the solution for anyone finding this thread is to locate Max's thread on the FTX support forum and download the missing "Homer" bmp or wait for the update. the thread is here btw
  6. SteveFx

    KSTS from ORBX

    To sum this up. Max reported the issue to Orbx and they will release an update next month. @wulf thanks for your help yet again - I have told Max to try your workaround whilst waiting for the update.
  7. SteveFx

    KSTS from ORBX

    Guys, this is a DX10 Scenery Fixer support forum thread about a specific problem at KSTS in FSX DX10 preview mode not KRDD in P3D - the fixer doesn't run in P3D.
  8. SteveFx

    KSTS from ORBX

    For some reason the approach light effect that max has for KSTS refers to a light texture bitmap from PAHO. Max can you check if that texture is in fact included with KSTS but in the wrong place that Wulfbindewald suggested
  9. SteveFx

    KSTS from ORBX

    Go into the debug dialog from top menu in controller. Try changing the alpha test setting high which is about 4 rows down to full and see if that helps.
  10. SteveFx

    KSTS from ORBX

    Try turning on missing texture alert in fsx.cfg to see if that is the cause. You can do that via the fsx.cfg editor from the dx10 controller top menu or search through the fixer manual for better instructions
  11. Yes I wish that I could distinguish between a camera inside the VC and a camera on the wing and apply different logic but I cannot.
  12. The manual explains that selecting HD shadows will necessarily cause issues with cameras closer than the spot camera such as wing cameras. There is no fix for this you have to choose how much you prefer sharp shadows over wing and undercarriage cameras.
  13. SteveFx

    Help with Texture (?) fix.

    If you add the line ShowMissingTextureAlert=1 to the Scenery section of your fsx.cfg then fsx will show a popup window with the name of every missing texture. remove the line to turn this off.
  14. SteveFx

    Little Black Squares

    Since I remember you as a purchaser of the DX10 Fixer which fixes the Orbx lighting black squares in DX10 preview the problem must be either that you are running in DX10 and that the fixer isn't installed properly or you have a missing texture which DX9 hides by silently discarding the affected objects whilst DX10 highlights the issue by showing it as black so you can actually address the root problem. Check it out and post at the fixer support forum here if you still have an issue. For missing textures turn on missing texture alert in the fsx.cfg - see the fixer manual for how to do this.
  15. There is a new 3.5 version available from the Fastspring website. The release contains an improvement for handling reflections in legacy "portover" aircraft. This can help for example with aircraft which had largely opaque windows in DX10. There is a option in the Legacy Dialog to enable this new feature Aircraft that I know benefit from this are Rick Piper's Chipmunk - the dirty marks incorrectly shown on glass in the VC view are removed Rick Piper's Foxbat - overly strong reflections which obscure view out of VC windows are now faint as in DX9. Flight Replicas Me109 - glass is no longer near opaque Milton Shupe's Dash 7 - Propeller boss is now black as intended and not chrome. JustFlight/CLS A330 & 340 - windows no longer opaque Calclassic Connie collection - windows no longer opaque As with any legacy "fix" there is always a possibility that this could negatively impact other aircraft and sceneries - for instance the first attempt at this fix blanked out the displays in the Real Air Lancair Legacy (note that this has been addressed). I have tried to send this update to the Flight Sim Store but so far I have had no reply - I am aware that other vendors have reported communication issues of late. Its worth noting that if you have purchased/or purchase the Cloud Shadows Addon then the latest version (1.10) will patch your fixer to version 3.5 granting access to the new feature.