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  1. Can you try creating a simconnect.cfg file in your Documents folder containing the following 3 lines [SimConnect] Protocol=IPv4 Address= Ignore the SDK documentation about this file which is slightly wrong for acceleration and FSX_SE. Do not add a "Port=" line as it suggests. That should switch any simconnect users to use IP rather than a named pipe. Let me know if that reduces or eliminates the problem (or makes absolutely no difference)! The location in API.dll where your system is crashing is in an callback function that appears to be exclusively used by SimConnect. I have a theory that the crash occurs if a simconnect user closes the session whilst FSX is trying to send it a message. I know this because I had crashes at the same location and did some investigation on it. I think that the buffering that TCP/IP uses may make the problem less likely than with named pipes. Note: if this does help then ideally we should try and find which simconnect user disconnects during startup and try to switch it to IPv4 rather than switching everyone. I also don’t know if fsx supports IPv4 for DLLs loaded via dll.xml., it may ignore the setting for these as they part of the same process.
  2. Are you using a weather engine, if so which one?
  3. You might do better posting on the aerosoft forums or the main avsim fsx forum rather than a backwater support forum. https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/105600-mega-airport-heathrow-fsx-has-run-out-of-graphics-memory/ if you want to fly with the combination of 1) complex detailed aircraft model 2) very detailed airport then you need to make some compromises with the fsx sliders, dialling down ai traffic and ground traffic to a few percent and setting lod range to default perhaps. When you find something that works then try moving them up a little at a time. if you don’t want to make those compromises then you need to look at a 64 bit simulator such as msfs 2020 or P3D. in choosing Heathrow X you have probably chosen the absolute worst case of the latter. London is a large city surrounded by many airports and thus some care is needed. Try reading some of the reviews for Heathrow X on sim market, you are not alone in having this issue and there is no great solution https://secure.simmarket.com/aerosoft-mega-airport-london-heathrow-xtended-fsxp3dv2-(download).phtml
  4. I can’t help but think that you are posting in the wrong forum.
  5. The two legacy shadow warnings mean that you have chosen to enable shadows for legacy aircraft built with the flight simulator 2000 sdk. If you haven’t downloaded any such old aircraft models then you don’t need these settings and they may cause minor issues shadowing the aircraft that you do have. Ground shadows is a buggy feature in fsx that people didn’t use and most developers didn’t test against and that therefore may cause major graphical issues with add on sceneries eg black triangles on runways. I would disable all 3 settings. texture max load limits the maximum size of texture that get loaded into the GPU. For expensive pay ware aircraft that often means that you aren’t setting the best quality graphics as they typically ship with 2048x2048 textures or bigger. I would increase it based on the recommendations for the aircraft provided you sort out why you have vas issues.
  6. You have posted this in my support forum but your issue is about the memory usage of aerosoft airbus and various sceneries and not about the fixer. The goal of the fixer is to allow fsx users to run fsx in dx10 preview with improved shadows. FSX is a 32 bit program as is thus limited to around 2GB or 4GB memory depending on a setting in fsx.cfg HIGHMEMFIX. The fixer installation tests for the HIGHMEMFIX setting and will warn you if it isn’t set. You can check using the diagnostics button in the fixer controller which will check again. If the setting is set then there is nothing further you can do to increase memory. It has been suggested ( though not by me) that running fsx in dx10 preview ( with or without the fixer) saves a few 100K of memory and that therefore this can help if you are very close to the limit. Using a 64 bit version of windows can free up more memory of the 4GB for use by fsx, with a 32 bit windows fsx gets more like 3GB. From 2010 onwards developers were pushing the envelope of memory usage in addons. Unfortunately there is no magic fix for this, you have to be careful in which addons you run together and be careful to keep LOD radius in fsx to a lowish value. If you Google “fsx oom memory” without quotes you can find some helpful page on this subject - the Avsim FSX setup guide seems to have disappeared.
  7. Thanks! Note that there is a support forum right here on avsim. https://www.avsim.com/forums/forum/644-the-official-dx10-scenery-fixer-support-forum/
  8. The OP seems to have disappeared. if anyone else is interested in testing this fix then let me know.
  9. If you can send me a PM with your email address I have a beta with a possible fix for you.
  10. Ok, I am able to look at it now. The problem is that the fixer uses the alpha channel of the reflection render target for cloud shadows. I think that some buildings (typically skyscrapers) that appear as reflections with water 2.0 max are writing alpha values into the reflection RT. These are therefore treated as cloud shadows by the fixer. The solution is to conditionally distinguish between the general shader being used to display these in the main RT and the reflection RT and to avoid the write to the alpha channel, whilst still applying any alpha blending that is required to draw the buildings correctly. A complication is that the general shader can in some circumstances be used to draw clouds so care is needed to avoid breaking that.
  11. Sorry I had misunderstand. I am in hospital, so cannot really look until they discharge me. I think it’s a known bug (by me) which never really mattered as the fps hit of max water slider meant no one ever used it. my recollection is that it cannot be solved in the shader, and it was a lot of effort, but I will look. if you untick the water shader in the fixer menus it will achieve your workaround .
  12. The fixer and cloud shadows are not compatible with any 3rd party programs that edit shaders. You can turn off water shaders in the fixer to work with 3rd party water shaders but you obviously won’t then see cloud shadows.
  13. Not sure that I have a great answer for this. Paul Johnson’s guide from 2014 which covers dx10 preview and multiple monitors is here but many of the tools referenced are defunct. https://www.nzfsim.org/fsx-p3d-tweaks/dx10-fixer-for-fsx/ One takeaway is perhaps to start by turning off vsync, as his notes seem to suggest that was the underlying issue. note also that fsx doesn’t support two graphics cards in dx10.
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