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  1. The reason will probably be the same. Ie that the vc panel is a solid 3D object with transparency to create cutouts, hence the panel won’t show shadows.
  2. Lefteris and I worked together to ensure compatibility. Check you have recent versions of the fixer and spotlights. If you still have issues then raise support calls with me and with fsl. To raise a support call for the fixer make a post in the support forum which is hosted on avsim and pm me your order number ( usually starts STE)
  3. If you go into preferences and tick emergency override of path it solves it too.
  4. Go into preferences and select allow emergency change of path which will resolve things - you will then be able to enter the fsx path. The fixer has a state file which records the state of the fsx system ( path, whether libraries are installed, whether effects have been changed either) To avoid issues if someone uninstalls the fixer and reinstalls it without first uninstalling the libraries this file persists over a fixer uninstall/install. However in the scenario where fsx and the fixer are both uninstalled without first uninstalling the fixer libraries this file can instead leave the fixer somewhat confused. I cannot reconcile these two scenarios hence I added the emergency change of path option to provide a manual fix. The correct procedure to remove the fixer is always to uninstall the libraries before uninstalling the fixer which avoids any of this but I completely understand the sequence of events and how this can be less than obvious.
  5. I have replied by email. As it says your dx10 scenery fixer is out of date and you need to download the latest version from fastspring or the flight sim store.
  6. The options are lights only, all but particles or all. I suggest using one of the first two. If you then have any issues convert the problem effect as a special,effect ( see manual)
  7. The fixer itself doesn’t have anything at all to do with VAS. However it does allows you to run dx10 preview without the various artifacts that otherwise occur. It also allows you to have VC shadows and run bloom at minimal cost, Most people report an improvement of a few hundred MB from using dx10preview compared with dx9 which can make the difference between completing a flight and getting an OOM. As this has nothing to do with the fixer I don’t make any claims on the subject. VAS also has no connection with stutters it’s a black and white thing you either have free memory or you don’t and fsx crashes. I wouldn’t personally try messing with bufferpools , swap timeout, max batching jobs, small part radius etc they either do nothing or just cause issues. I would suggest you remove all those tweaks. the two common mistakes with the fixer are converting all effects which may cause issues with particle effects and or using 32 bit water textures.
  8. I was hoping that someone might have replied by now as I don’t have this aircraft. My guess would be that you don’t see shadows on the panel but do see on the window frames and on the floor looking forward. My guess would then be that in the model the panel has been created as a flat shape with alpha cutouts for dials and mfds determined by the texture and not as a 3D shape. Fsx won’t show shadows on transparent surfaces as it would make the windows look bad. if I am correct then there is nothing that you can do, it’s a feature of the aircraft.
  9. They say on their website that its DX10 preview compatible so I would suggest asking them in the first instance ! I am happy to take a look if they can let me have a copy otherwise I am just guessing.
  10. Any update I- s this resolved yet? I cannot create an installer for Flight Sim Store customers as they do their own licensing.
  11. Alain - can you send me a personal message with your order details please - don't post it on the forum - where did you buy it? what email did you use what is the order reference.I can send you a new beta that addresses it but I need to understand if you have the fastspring version or not.
  12. It’s the name of a future addon
  13. There is a new version of cloud shadows with a couple of fixes.
  14. I haven't heard anything - I am sure that I can help if you provide me what I need to look at.
  15. Can you send an email to the support email yahoo address ( from the front of the manual) with full name order reference ( not the license) and attach the dx10.ini files ( there are 2). From c:\program data and <your user>\appdata\local\dx10sceneryfixer also press the diagnostics button in the controller , take a screenshot of what it says and attach that as well.