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  1. This was because Wulf had a build which was ever so slightly different to the RTM version that everyone else has (my fault!). No-one else should be concerned by this - if you downloaded 4.0 from fastspring or updated FSS via cloud shadows then all should be well.
  2. Cloud Shadows 2.0 is now available for download for existing customers and for purchase for new customers. This release provides a mechanism for customers who purchased the fixer from the Flight Sim Store to patch the fixer internals to version 4.0. The new version extends the surfaces that shadows appear on to include legacy scenery, vehicle and shipping traffic and more buildings in cities.
  3. Yes you are correct. If you zoom out in tower view then the camera clip planes seem to cut off the high level clouds much more than in dx9. I have never noticed that before and no one has ever mentioned it either. The tower view always cuts off scenery in the distance but as you say the dx10 engine also cuts off the high level clouds as well. You could try editing the camera.cfg and experiment changing the clipmode for the tower views to be e.g spot rather than tower.
  4. Thank you mike! May I wish you and your family a merry Christmas as well.
  5. With hindsight I should have mentioned that I have dropped these two items from version 4 as no longer necessary. If you continue to install you should find that everything works ok without them.
  6. What you are describing is what you see in fsx with the dx10 engine when some of the default fsx effect textures have been lost - usually some combination of fx_1.bmp, fx_2.bmp and fx_3.bmp. The cause of this is usually some addon which provides “improved” versions and then fails to restore the originals if it is uninstalled. The fsx dx9 engine doesn’t display these missing textures. I am a little surprised as you mentioned that you downloaded the fixer 4.0 last week and I changed the fixer to apply the same approach as dx9 to avoid the support calls that I get on this subject, so I can only guess that you haven’t installed it yet. The solution is to recover the missing textures which should be in the directory [ main fsx directory]\effects\texture. Possible ways that you can do this are to get them from a friend, install fsx onto another computer and copy the missing ones over, reinstall fsx. If you google fsx fx_1.fx missing you may be able to find replacements from various places.
  7. This is resolved there is a new build 1.12.2 available for download. Note if you have had an issue after installing 1.12.1 you must uninstall it then reinstall the fixer and then install 1.12.2
  8. I have resolved the issue for the two people who reported it. I building a new version of cloud shadows 1.12.2 which will address this and will upload it shortly.
  9. An update on this. So far two customers Ualani and one other have reported this issue updating the FSS version to v4.0 using Cloud Shadows. There is an issue in the patching process that I have yet to identify - it doesn't seem to be an issue with v4.0 itself. I have temporarily removed 1.12 whilst I (try to) identify the issue.
  10. Ok will speak tomorrow. Rather than installing 1.12 I will send you individual files to place in your fixer directory. At the moment I don't know whether the issue is 4.0 not working on some systems or an issue related to the patching process.
  11. yes the uninstall of the FSS installer doesn't work very well and (obviously) I cannot get it improved. After uninstalling it you need to delete the contents of c:\program files x86 \DX10SceneryFixer to start from a clean state. So try that - install the fixer again (sorry) Install 1.10.0 and confirm that it all works. Then I will ask you to send me various things via email. I will at some point get you to try the workaround to see whether that cause the same issue or not but wait for instructions.
  12. can you send me a PM with your email address?
  13. Any issues at all? - I am slightly concerned that I have one customer with problems running fsx post install.