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  1. I've seen some videos and it leaves me speechless just a few things. in the videos that have been published I have noticed the beacon lights (red) only illuminate the bottom bulb, strobe lights and the strobe-type navigation lights turn them fixed, I hope they add small planes and private jets, B757, B727 (cargo version ) B734, B735 among other models that I have not seen, the rest is excellent. sorry for being demanding but I want the addon to be the best possible for everything
  2. 1) Well, I mean that it can be compatible with AIG models for ONLINE mode 2) no comment 😢😭
  3. 1) I hope it is compatible with AIG, 2) I also hope that the planes and airlines correspond to those of FR24, that they arrive at their respective doors, that the planes do not change textures, that they do not disappear after a while or when they land, hopefully they also take off without problems and that all this works in third-party airports or the MSFS defaults and that it respects the user's plane (for example, if I am at an airport x and a gate Y and suddenly a plane arrives or appears over mine) there are many things that are requested but I want something almost perfect and for that I will pay
  4. Thanks for the answer. I have the latest version of the WU and I assumed that I had the latest version. It brought by default these updates installed by default in a single package and when I bought the MSFS it came out, that was when the WU IX version came out (9)
  5. I ask a direct and concise question. I decided to look at the content manager and I have world update I,II,III,IV,V, VI so I have to download each of them now knowing that I have the latest version of the World Update thanks for the help
  6. Hi everyone, I hope all is well. I have a somewhat ridiculous or silly question but it has been eating away at my head for a few days (when the PMDG 737 videos came out) I have seen that some stremers have something very particular about airplanes. I don't know if it's a mod, add or it's just there inside MSFS and I haven't activated it yet. and it is when the plane slows down, the landing gears go up and down like very smooth jumps, I have also seen when they go through unevenness the plane moves and does not remain rigid but rather reacts to that event that happens in real life. I have seen this in a streamer called Chewwy94 on twitch especially with the PMDG 737 I hope someone can help me with this please Note: how do I update the live weather downloads every certain time and not the time that the MSFS uses itself
  7. Hi everyone. On Friday I acquired the MSFS and I don't deny that I've been getting very hooked on it. it turns out that the error (this curse) has occurred since FS9, FSX and P3D that some planes enter the runway but never take off, never receive ATC clearance for take off and after a while they disappear and some traffic lands on the plane that is on the runway and they do not abort the landing and the truth is that I love seeing takeoffs and landings in my airports I have this problem with the AI traffic online and offline. someone has been able to solve this error and it happens to me in almost all airports. can someone help me to solve this error NOTE: some planes disappear in gate to runway or runway to gate taxi action but not all in AI Traffic ONLINE and OFFLINE mode
  8. Hi Mark Thanks for answering, and if it is to install in an external hard disk since the one I have is an SSD and I do not know why it was damaged. what brand would you recommend me
  9. Hi everybody, i have a doubt. It turns out that the internal hard drive where I had the P3D and all the accessories stopped being recognized by the PC. but months ago that same disk was completely erased by itself, so I consider that hard disk for dead. then I could install P3D on the external hard drive with all the addos etc. I hope someone helps me with this question and thanks in advance.
  10. Bryan So everything works perfectly with the latest version of FSLABS?
  11. It gives me CTD too, it is better to wait for the FS2CREW team to perform an update since they are geniuses for this to work correctly
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