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  1. please i recommend that someone creates repaint SATENA, EASYFLY and the Ex ADA Colombian Airlines thanks
  2. it is luxury but it does not have to modify the payload and fuel, the HOTEL mode is not simulated, and it does not have the External Power
  3. go PMDG Give us the B767 pleae!!!
  4. ah ok.... thank you very much for your help mates I will try the guide that you exposed me @Noell
  5. yes I have both as weather engines haha but Rex is good and the Active Sky also do not know what to do
  6. Hi all I have Active sky for P3D and Rex sky force but I am using both at the same time if it can or gives wrong data and if in the case can not be used at the same time which would recommend me to use as a meteorological engine thanks to all and thanks for helping
  7. is that it is not and there is no problem is more on the part of pmdg talking about the simulator that when you turn you also move the RUDDER and in real life it is not like that Just turn on the ground (Taxi) the example of QW 787 in the cabin you see that only the joystick moves and the pedals do not move which move the RUDDER but in PMDG the JOYSTICK and the RUDDER pedals move something that does not happen with QW787 in a few words each of them is independent nose wheel steering and the RUDDER
  8. good day for all I realized maybe too late that the nose wheel steering function is shared with the movement of the rudder this happened because I never leave the cabin but flying the QW especially the movement on land change the camera to external view and as I said it was in the maneuver of the taxi and I saw that the nose wheel steering moves alone and the RUDDER is still PMDG maybe it will modify the physics on the ground of its aircraft .... and please resuscitate the B777 please I ask you thank you so much
  9. that someday have some updates of the 777🙄😥 and the construction of the B767 🙏🙌
  10. Goodnight. I had a problem trying to buy the Boeing 777 saying that the card was incorrect and if I was placing a wrong digit, due to that PMDG blocked my account and I do not know what to do or who to talk to try to solve that please someone to help me unlock my account and beforehand a thousand thanks
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