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  1. Hi Mark Thanks for answering, and if it is to install in an external hard disk since the one I have is an SSD and I do not know why it was damaged. what brand would you recommend me
  2. Hi everybody, i have a doubt. It turns out that the internal hard drive where I had the P3D and all the accessories stopped being recognized by the PC. but months ago that same disk was completely erased by itself, so I consider that hard disk for dead. then I could install P3D on the external hard drive with all the addos etc. I hope someone helps me with this question and thanks in advance.
  3. Bryan So everything works perfectly with the latest version of FSLABS?
  4. It gives me CTD too, it is better to wait for the FS2CREW team to perform an update since they are geniuses for this to work correctly
  5. hello to all and all I have a problem with the GSX in P3D V5 with the latest hotfix. It turns out and it happens that this error or bug happens to me in 5 out of 10 flights that I do I am an airport of origin ZZZZ I select the pushback when it ends with the brakes on the tug is disconnected because I have deactivated the confirmation of engine start because it was also me generating blockage that I will mention below. When I arrive at my destination airport and start taxiing to a door, I select CTRL + F12 to select my position but it appears stuck in the menu in PUSHBACK of the airport of origin and I can do nothing to unlock and close my P3D since this does not It lets me do anything with GSX and the only way to solve this is by closing the P3D and reopening it and the truth is this error or bug is very frustrating. this happens to me with FSLABS and a few times with PMDGs. I appreciate your help Steven Silva
  6. The solution was that in REALISM in the INSTRUMENTS and LiGHTS section in the P3D menu it was to select Display Indicated Airspeed I don't know because it didn't work with Display True Airspeed
  7. Thkx for the answer Byork In the run for takeoff FS2CREW says 100 knots but in the PFD it still does not reach 100 knots, in V1 Vr calls first FS2CREW says it and then the call appears after 5 seconds from the aircraft. Before, everything worked perfect but now with the FSLABS update everything changed for me, someone had this error in the past but it was because of the FRAMES PER SECOND because that person did not have a low performance, but in my case everything flows correctly and I don't know because it gives that desynchronization
  8. I had to uninstall FS2CREW and all my A320s since the alerts were out of sync and everything, I reinstalled but nothing was solved There is something that I have wrongly configured because as I said I have uninstalled and reinstalled and nothing works to be able to synchronize the calls and controls Thanks in advance
  9. Today I installed the latest version of the FSLABS a320 and after that I reinstalled the fs2crew but when opening the control panel I pressed the "SEC" and "PS" buttons but it does not open absolutely anything. It is a bug due to the new update of the A320 or something really happens. I hope someone can help me and thank you in advance
  10. if it's the only solution I see that fixes this annoying error
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