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  1. Steven Silva

    Your account has been locked.

    Goodnight. I had a problem trying to buy the Boeing 777 saying that the card was incorrect and if I was placing a wrong digit, due to that PMDG blocked my account and I do not know what to do or who to talk to try to solve that please someone to help me unlock my account and beforehand a thousand thanks
  2. Steven Silva

    [22SEP18] PMDG 747-8 Queen of the Skies II Released

    Run Perfect thx Robert and PMDG Team
  3. Steven Silva

    Operation Center...

    in coming soon
  4. ROBERT I love the design of the PMDG website
  5. Steven Silva

    Exciting times?

    it's not being pessimistic but ... the update for the 744 does not arrive yet, there are no announcements from Robert, the beta tests are not yet closed ... for me it may be a news of dates maybe of releases and things like that but the - 8 still does not come, let's not make false illusions
  6. Steven Silva

    B747-8 Beta PIREP

    I have a request. centurion cargo 747-8i please please please
  7. Steven Silva

    I want a PMDG 787 Dreamliner

    NAH. I want a Boeing 767 200, 200F, 300- 300F
  8. Steven Silva

    Patiently Waiting...

    two 1080Ti in a pc??
  9. Steven Silva

    How long before the 747-8 is released?

    the release is going to be next year along with global operations and the rainmaker
  10. Steven Silva

    The Swire Group at work- HONG KONG TRADER pushing now!

    for me the -8 will arrive next year along with rainmaker and global opreations
  11. Steven Silva

    PMDG 747 -8 Stream Now

  12. Steven Silva

    747-8 Stream. Now

    Could this mean PMDG Boeing 747-8 Pre-Release Beta!!!