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Found 25 results

  1. LOL, ok I turned OFF the whole AI traffic (MSFS SU5) due CTD (however it doesnt solve the problem).... but what I noticed, even with all AI OFF (like on screen) the ATC still talk and tracking of different planes .... so this ATC is a fake??? No any other planes (I think) and ATC talking to someone? Really strange. For example in FSX or P3Dv5 if you turn AI OFF (to zero), ATC can contact only to you and no different speeches ....
  2. It is clear the developers spent all their time on scenery and not enough time on air traffic control. I used MFS X for a long time and that ATC module was horrific, but the ATC module for MFS 2000 is even worse! I fly everything IFR on flight plans developed by professional flight planning/airline dispatching software. I have to transfer them into MFS 2000, which takes a while, and then I can go off and fly the route. The whole package is really nice and I like it better than MFS X, but when it comes to ATC I have to say I am totally disappointed. The ATC module uses words and phrases no pilot or controller would ever say. It totally restricts what the pilot can do when interacting with ATC, and if you don't at least acknowledge what the controller says to do it WILL NOT let you go beyond that point or do anything else. Case in point, when flying a Cessna 172, I asked for a different approach from the controller from that which he assigned. MFS issued a completely new clearance and said "Climb and maintain FL180." Obviously, a C172 can't do that and there is no way to tell the controller "unable," which is what I would do in real life. So, in the simulator you must ack the climb but don't climb (to tick the "the aircraft responded" bit within the ATC module,) and request a lower altitude. It stacks that request behind the climb request by saying, "Climb and maintain FL 180, expect 8000 (or whatever you ask for)" -- and from that point on unless you actually climb to FL180 (which is impossible) it does nothing but bark at you to "expedite your climb to FL180." It's an impossible situation -- yet one that is easily resolved in real life. It has caused me to cancel IFR to shut off the barking. And it doesn't help to re-establish contact and ask for a new clearance. It just shoots up up to FL180 all over again, so nothing gained. Another funny one is when flying in northern Texas. It calls the centre "F T Worth Centre" -- spelling out the letters F and T -- instead of saying "Fort Worth Centre." NO controller or pilot would ever do that. It says "tree" instead of "three." I know the ICAO standard says to say "tree," but NO ONE does that. Same for "fife" as opposed to "five." When changing frequency, the controller always says, "...continue as planned, altimeter XX.XX." NO CONTROLLER does that. You check on a new frequency and give your altitude, and the controller just acknowledges you and MAYBE gives the altimeter setting. I have also read, on this forum and others, people saying ATC does weird things to them. I can believe all those stories. The ATC module is totally broken. It is inflexible, directs impossible situations, isn't forgiving to correct errors, and says things no pilot or controller would ever say. I don't know if there is a third-party fix for this, but I would really hope Microsoft assigns some talent to this and corrects the problem. Some of us really do want to use this software for IFR flying as close to the real world as possible, and this ATC module leaves us totally lacking in almost every respect.
  3. Sometimes (I think it's primarily - if not always) at add-on airports, the only response I can make to instructions when taxiing after landing is "Say Again". In other words, I can't acknowledge the instructions given to me. ATC will keep asking me if I heard the last transmission until it cancels the ATC services. I haven't seen anyone else complain about this particular glitch. Could it be down to some poorly written code in the ATC related to those airports? Is it an easy fix somewhere in the config (if it's in the Community folder) for instance?
  4. Today I stumbled on this excellent mod buried in the many messages over at the official forums https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/european-atc-phraseology-mod-released/316084 After applying the mod using the built-in ATC is a lot more enjoyable. Asobo have their work cut out with this! They just need to include it in one of the next patches to satisfy many of us Tagging @ryanbatcund to get his opinion
  5. Hello MCE-Team, I'm new to MCE and like the tool very much. I'm running MCE in FSX:SE and it works like charm. But I have one question regarding the ATC window: In the default FSX ATC window the previous ATC messages (and the ATC messages of other AI aircrafts) are shown. MCE seems to modify the ATC window as I can't see this messages anymore. Is there an option to switch on the message history again? Thanks for your help, Michael
  6. Hi Dan, I added the ATC-Chatter from X-ATC but still missing some German ATC. So I want to add files from Pro-ATC. I found another topic in which you explain how to add it - but I still don't understand: My Pro-ATC gives me different folders for each country: DE, CH, ES, FR, NL, UK, USA - in there are the aiport-codes or one global folder. So if I use the airport-setting I guess Pilot2ATC won't play chatter at an aiport that is not listed in my folder, right? So do I have to choose the country setting? Thank you! Tim
  7. In case anyone gets the same or similar problems FSX Trying to fly out of LPMA with VOX there seemed to be a problem - ATC became "stuck" looped and "failed". No FATAL ERROR though but no continuing ATC. Examining the BGL with Airport design editor revealed that "TOWER" and "GROUND" had the same frequency. 118.350. Using ADE I was able to delete the "GROUND" from "LPMA_AFX_OP02.BGL " in FSX\AEROSOFT\MADEIRAXEVOLUTION\SCENERY. All fine now. Oh yes, run scenery indexer again after the change. Anyone want the file if they dont want to mess with ADE just e -mail - //mod edit - email address removed// Cheers John
  8. I may have discovered a bug. In P3d V4 when you create and load a flight plan into the sim and you are using PMDG 737-800, Lets say you setup the cockpit to a certain config, Then save this as a scenario. After you go back and reload this scenario at another date, it breaks the ATC and the atc stops working. Addons do not seem to be effecting this. The atc bug happens as a result of pmdg and saving a scenario with a flight plan in it. THen reloading it, you will see that atc stops working. Has anyone else seen this?. My work around is to make sure all scenarios with PMDG are not saved with a flight plan in them. It breaks ATC everytime on my system. ANy insight would be helpful. THanks
  9. Hi, I try to use all three together Pilot2ATC+World Traffic 3+ XPlane11 but I cant find the final Solution for it. Is their someone who can help me how the three work together. Thanks Wolfgang
  10. Hi all. It's been a while but I'm back flying. I started FSX-SE as usual, contacted ground and tower and took off but the ATC will not "hand-off" from tower to approach. I have never experienced this before. I rebuilt the cfg file with no effect. Can anyone shed some light on this please? Thanks in advance, Glenn
  11. Hello, Did some looking around and I can't find any way of requesting a new forum category for users. I'd like to ask for a forum relating to ATC simulators and perhaps even a specific product for support type questions. What is the best way to pursue this? Thanks, Mike
  12. The controller when giving me the hand-off frequency seems to "round off" the frequency to the first decimal... e.g CYYZ Appr is 124.475, but the controller said 124.4 (and the Co-pilot entered that number). I had to search for CYYZ Approach myself in the P2A app and select, and then it worked. Is there a setting somewhere to have it go to 2 or 3 decimal places? That seems to be the cause of my other problem whereby P2A would seem to get confused on what airport I was landing it and give me an approach to a non-existent runway. I think what happened is the rounding error tuned me in to some other Tower/Approach and the app uses that to figure out what airport you are at.
  13. I am currently setting up my Saitek/ Logitech pro flight yoke for operations with the Pilotedge software. I have selected my E-Button (the red button on the upper left side of the yoke, in front of the hat switch) for ATC communication. For the aviators on this forum currently using this setup -- I was wondering about a couple of things. First of all, once the button is pressed, will I be required to push the button once when I speak, and push it again after I am finished talking. Or will I be able to hold the button down during the entire length of my pilot communication and release it when I'm finished speaking--like in a real cockpit? I was trying to sort this out because I don't want to encounter any unintended breaks/gaps in my communications with ATC. Thank you for your kind assistance.
  14. Hello, I use Editvoicepack XL as a supplement for ATC on my system. I've notice a number of issues. I can see the callsign (i.e. JetBlue, Airtran) of my selected aircraft reflected in the appropriate box in the aircraft review section, before I load it for flight. However, the automated callback from my aircraft omits the callsign and only states the flight number in the system, when my flight is running. Any suggestions as to why this is hapening will be appeciated.
  15. Hi Dave, I just re-initialized my PC running P2A V2.4.0.5. The PC also has Prosim (cockpit) installed. All other flight sim apps including P3DV4 are on another PC. I am using voice commands and find that the ATC Chatter will talk over the top of me when I am transmitting on either comm or even listening to ATIS. This never used to happen and I believe it started with the 64bit version. Has anyone else reported this? Best regards Rob
  16. I've been doing my research on various ATC add-ons and I was curious how many of you actually fly with ATC. I've been having a lot of fun just learning the ins and outs of PFPX, uploading flight plans into my new jets, loading flight plans directly into the FMS, etc. Then I noticed in Froogle's latest "fully loaded" he wasn't using an ATC (I think his old standby was/is RC). The thought occurred to me that I might not even need an ATC add-on but wanted to get some feedback on if you feel that it significantly enhances the overall sim experience. Thanks for your thoughts!
  17. Hey there! Another quick question I had was for flying G.A. at lower levels. With the default ATC, is there anyway / tricks to request deviation for storms? I once flew through a thunderstorm....never again I know there isn't an option in the menu I have seen, but I didn't know if there were any tricks to going off course or otherwise.
  18. Everyone should upgrade, performing a full un-install re-install of the new version and not use the patch Thank you
  19. Hi All Been away from flight sims for a couple of years but have recently installed P3DV4. Downloaded a couple of ATC add ons but have gone back to using Radar Contact and wondered how many people still used it on a regular basis. Regards Alan
  20. Hello everyone! I downloaded the new Istanbul Airport from Avsim Library but the airport doesn't have any traffic not even a controller, it's like an abandoned airport. How can I edit this airport to make it alive? (and how can I close the old airport LTBA - Ataturk) The link of the airport
  21. Hi Dave, When flying my last couple flights, the weather at the arrival airport has change, specifically the wind direction. If I click on the P2A WX button it correctly provides the new wind direction and speed. However, ATC still takes me into the original approach runway based on the weather it used when filing the flight plan. Is it possible to manually get P2A to change the approach runway to match wind direction, or is there something that I have not set, which would make it automatically do this. If this is in your manual, then I have missed it as I did try and look for this type of setting before asking yourself. Kind Regards, Ted.
  22. Hello, Pro-ATC/X has released a new update (v1.8.7.9) I would like some comments on the new update, how is the product working now? Do the update break something within the product like the previous version? I am really curious about this product but the price range is high so would like some feedback before purchasing it. Normally if there are errors and developers are active to fix it I will support them but it took Pro-ATC way too long for just an update and it seems like couple updates within a year, for me seems too few. Thank you, Hoang Le
  23. Has anyone come across the problem of the ATC window not opening? I have a hotkey bound and made sure that it wasn't a duplicate. When I go to the bar across the top all options are available except for ATC which is off and grayed out. Maybe something to do with a voice pack? Although I can usually assign the copilot to do ATC and it works fine. Unfortunately this means that I'm not able to get any ground services since it is integrated with the ATC menu. Any help appreciated!
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