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  1. Found 1 Air Samoa repaint in the "Legacy" section at http://ausfs.tk/repaints/ Compatible with PMDG 737NGX (737-800) released 5th February 2018
  2. The way I use the PMDG MD11 is: To keep FSX (Yes I have P3D too) Steves DX10 fixer and it's addon Cloud Shadows can give you all those cute cockpit shadows and cloud shadows etc. Run FSX for PMDG MD11 & JS4100, Leo's MD80, Realair Legacy etc, and P3D for other things which have been released on that platform. Keep your settings low on the FSX, to keep those OOM's away.
  3. What if we want to re-enact Historical Restored museum airshow flights of the current era, where operational flying aircraft, require GPS derived ADS-B out, and mode S transponders to be allowed to fly, and where the Government has decommissioned nearly every VOR, and NDB in the country over 12 months ago (Australia/HARS)? http://sandbox.hars.org.au/2009/12/hars-dc4-home-and-on-display/ Constellation cockpit with GNS430 on board.
  4. One of my favorite things about the Atlantic airspace, is how well documented it is. Here's a great video that is a good starting point to understanding it (Real world) Many years ago, I remember going to a "Very early morning" event where an HF radio receiver was set up by an enthusiast, and we listened to Brisbane and Nandi FSS on HF from a location in the far west of Sydney with a massive antenna. There were moments prior to sunrise where we were also picking up aircraft transmitting to Oakland (San Fransisco Radio HF). This is possible due to ducting, and the way HF works. (It's also the reason that HF carries so much interference in the audio). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atmospheric_duct
  5. The Majestic Dash-8 uses spoiler axis as steering tiller, because there is no spoiler axis control on the Dash-8 (Only an 'arm' switch which can be either on, or not on). If you pull the spoiler handle on the majestic when in the air, nothing happens. If you pull the spoiler handle on the PMDG 777, the spoilers are meant to open. You can also pull the spoiler handle 2/5ths of the way open and the spoilers will open 2/5ths. Not a thing that the Dash-8 has. Doing it the same way Majestic does, would remove the 777's spoilers (other than being armed for landing)
  6. GOL do occasionally land 737-800's on a 1300m long runway though. That'd be a flap 40 job.
  7. http://www.bom.gov.au/aviation/charts/wind-temperature/ for the parts of the world I normaly fly in.
  8. Start it in the hangar cold and dark with the steps extended. Start her up and taxi to the gate and shut it down. Happy EngineerSim 2006 (Tow truck and brake rider not included) or slew it to the right spot at the gate
  9. Nice little cross check. ie: 1: Prepare for your departure, get ATIS and clearances and stuff. Check the wind with topcat etc for V speed calculations "Hey look, runway 19, wind 180 at 10 knots" 2: Tower tells you the actual winds just before takeoff "ABC123 wind 180 at 15 knots, Runway 19 cleared for takeoff" "Hmm that didn't match, but it's still fine. Let's takeoff." or "ABC123 wind 280 at 30 knots gusting 45, Runway 19 cleared for takeoff" "hmm that REALLY didn't match at all! 280 - 190 = 90. That's all crosswind. aww this sux. or "ABC123 wind 340 at 30 knots gusting 45, Runway 19 cleared for takeoff" "hmm that REALLY didn't match at all! 340 - 190 = 250. 240>90. A bunch of that is tailwind. a 30 to 40 knot tailwind is out of limits. We might need to say no to runway 19! Why didn't they give use 01? what's going on? I want no part in this crash waiting for a place to happen! Let's say no, and run our numbers again or double-check if they want to change their runway."
  10. PMDG JS41 PMDG MD11 PMDG B744 Leonardo MD80 Feelthere E135 / Feelthere E145 Wilco E170 / Wilco E190 Qualitywings RJ1H Already in the FSX hangar and running fine A2A P28A A2A C182 A2A PA24 Realair LEG2 Realair BE60 Razbam SW4 Majestic DH8D PMDG B737NG PMDG B777 Aerosoft A320 Already in the FSX-SE / P3D hanger and operating well Majestic DH8C iTG B717 FSlabs A320 Aerosoft A330 Qualitywings B787 PMDG B744v2 Awaiting release. Xplane has a fair way to go. Especially in the "Fully functioning FMS/autoflight" department. I'd list aircraft that fit that bill as: IXEG B733 Specifically I'd put the Rotatesim MD80 in a "Still has plenty of room for improvement" category still well short of the 2008 Leonardo Maddog MD80. And from "Best to worst", IXEG B733 Rotatesim MD80 Everything else Xplane has to offer. It's good Xplane finally has 1 plane in the "Good enough to list here" category. all my opinion of course! (disclaimer: PMDG B744x, Level-D B763 and Aerosoft A320 are in my "Almost aren't good enough to list here" category, along with the RotateSim MD80) The Wilco/Feelthere products have missing details, but I find the experience of flying them close to on par with Aerosoft's A320, so if Aerosoft gets a mention, so should they. RealityXP GNS430/GNS540 and Flight1 GTN650 push the GA products well into the "very interesting indeed" category.
  11. Born in Sydney, Live in Melbourne. Still visit Sydney pretty regularly.
  12. I purchased the MD-11 for FS9, and then again for FSX as separate products (When I purchased the FS9 version I was only using FS9 and not FSX) I'd buy a P3D version over again, even if the only difference was the EULA and an installer that pointed to the right sim. Bug fixes and upgrades not required. (There was only 1 bug I remember in the MD11 as far as I can remember? - the VC could do with a texture touch up, but even without it the MD11 is still one of my favourite 5) Of course I don't actually use P3D yet... so that's pretty academic for me at this stage.
  13. hopskip


    Isn't computer programing a marvellous thing I'm guessing some combination of airport altitude, runway heading, latitude/longitude or something is at fault?
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