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  1. Found 1 Air Samoa repaint in the "Legacy" section at http://ausfs.tk/repaints/ Compatible with PMDG 737NGX (737-800) released 5th February 2018
  2. The way I use the PMDG MD11 is: To keep FSX (Yes I have P3D too) Steves DX10 fixer and it's addon Cloud Shadows can give you all those cute cockpit shadows and cloud shadows etc. Run FSX for PMDG MD11 & JS4100, Leo's MD80, Realair Legacy etc, and P3D for other things which have been released on that platform. Keep your settings low on the FSX, to keep those OOM's away.
  3. What if we want to re-enact Historical Restored museum airshow flights of the current era, where operational flying aircraft, require GPS derived ADS-B out, and mode S transponders to be allowed to fly, and where the Government has decommissioned nearly every VOR, and NDB in the country over 12 months ago (Australia/HARS)? http://sandbox.hars.org.au/2009/12/hars-dc4-home-and-on-display/ Constellation cockpit with GNS430 on board.
  4. One of my favorite things about the Atlantic airspace, is how well documented it is. Here's a great video that is a good starting point to understanding it (Real world) Many years ago, I remember going to a "Very early morning" event where an HF radio receiver was set up by an enthusiast, and we listened to Brisbane and Nandi FSS on HF from a location in the far west of Sydney with a massive antenna. There were moments prior to sunrise where we were also picking up aircraft transmitting to Oakland (San Fransisco Radio HF). This is possible due to ducting, and the way HF works. (It's also the reason that HF carries so much interference in the audio). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atmospheric_duct
  5. The Majestic Dash-8 uses spoiler axis as steering tiller, because there is no spoiler axis control on the Dash-8 (Only an 'arm' switch which can be either on, or not on). If you pull the spoiler handle on the majestic when in the air, nothing happens. If you pull the spoiler handle on the PMDG 777, the spoilers are meant to open. You can also pull the spoiler handle 2/5ths of the way open and the spoilers will open 2/5ths. Not a thing that the Dash-8 has. Doing it the same way Majestic does, would remove the 777's spoilers (other than being armed for landing)
  6. I purchased the MD-11 for FS9, and then again for FSX as separate products (When I purchased the FS9 version I was only using FS9 and not FSX) I'd buy a P3D version over again, even if the only difference was the EULA and an installer that pointed to the right sim. Bug fixes and upgrades not required. (There was only 1 bug I remember in the MD11 as far as I can remember? - the VC could do with a texture touch up, but even without it the MD11 is still one of my favourite 5) Of course I don't actually use P3D yet... so that's pretty academic for me at this stage.
  7. FSX. no SE, no P3D. Just plain ol' FSX Leonardo Software "Maddog" MD80 PMDG Jetstream JS1400 It's old and you really need to use it in 2d cockpit, but: Level D Simulations 767-300 FSX/FSX-SE/P3D Majestic Software Dash-8 Q400 "MJC8" DH8D And for a simulator that doesn't run on FSX, FSX-SE, P3D, Xplane or anything else: http://aerowinx.com Aerowinx PSX 747-400 precision simulator This is the software that runs the full-sized full motion simulator used by WorldFlight. (Click the image in my sig for more info) (It is linked via computer networks so that the Aerowinx avionics power an FSX/P3D external view)
  8. New here? They'll tell us when they are sure. They'll tell us in PMDG time 2 things happened in 2014. So we'll probably get 2 things in 2015 Patience.
  9. Is that why the only product that can do a realistic radar (and not a best guess based on cloud positions) is the PMDG 777 and ONLY when using Active Sky Next. The Default FSX weather's depiction of rain is of a 10nm "cylinder shaped" rain area centred on the player aircraft, which has only 7 or 8 states "No rain, Patchy light, widespread light, Light under CB only, Heavy under CB only, Heavy under CB and light everywhere else, or Heavy everywhere in a sector." Obviously Snow, Sleet, Rain and Freezing rain are also options (with their own graphic representations too!) All of the default weather selections can be set via the FSX weather dialogue box, or via it's live weather updates weather system. It is ONLY through the addition of addons that this can be significantly changed. So far, ASN is the only weather program that is capable of exactly matching a specific location and shape of rain to the experience of where rain is experienced. Other systems break rain down into areas, which are roughly the same grid that the default FSX live weather updates are set to. ASN actually uses a similar grid, but has it's own "weather plot" and it will force the rain to start and stop depending on where the players aircraft is. Instead of "Grid 74102 = patchy heavy rain", ASN will decide When there should be rain, depending on where it has decided there should be rain, regardless of where you are in a grid, much like how it will adjust visibility settings down when you are passing through cloud. Flying just above a cloud? visibility will be 10, 30, 50 miles... but as soon as you descend into the cloud, the visibility ramps down to just a quarter mile or so. It will then pop in and out as you enter and leave clouds. The actual visibility setting is being tweaked several times a second to make the cloud 'appear' volumetric, even though FSX is only capable of displaying 2d cloud sprites that rotate to face you, ActiveSky Next is continuously adjusting visibility, so that when you are in cloud, you are in cloud for a long time, instead of jumping between 2 states of "in cloud" and "not in cloud" depending on your proximity to one of the cloud sprites. Using ActiveSky Next, PMDG is now simulating "Radar returns from Rain" instead of a best guess based on cloud positions and the % of rain in the FSX weather grids. This is why people keep reporting there's no radar returns when they are flying over cloud in the 777-300ER & 777-200LR SP1/b. Because the PMDG 777 Radar doesn't show you where clouds are (Just like the real one). It shows you where RAIN is. (and hail/sleet/snow etc). People keep flying through Clear Air Turbulence (thanks ActiveSky, now looking at sigwx charts is really useful!) and complaining that the weather radar in WX+T mode doesn't show where the turbulence is. ... which is correct behaviour of a weather radar. It can't detect clear air turbulence, because it needs water in the air to see turbulence. (It sees the droplets moving in certain ways) While I love the Majestic Software Dash-8, Their weather radar does NOT show where rain is. (It VERY OFTEN shows lots of rain where nothing but cloud exists, and it SOMETIMES shows no rain where there IS rain.) It does however do terrain masking, which the PMDG 777-300ER radar does NOT YET do. This information is freely available in the documentation of all of the products mentioned (with the exception of FSX default). So instead of saying that "Aerosoft might maybe be able to do this one day" we can say "ActiveSky Next DOES do this NOW"
  10. PMDG got off to a bad start if they never intended to do a 777 http://www.avsim.com/pages/0901/pmdg_fly_777/pmdg_fly_777.html It was their first product. Also they said they wouldn't do an "Unrealistic" Radar due to limitations with weather in FSX. Now they have that, so... we have a Radar that isn't unrealistic.
  11. hopskip

    Slow Takeoffs

    What flap setting? The 777-300ER, being heavier than the 777-200LR, often needs more flap in my experience. I used to fly some shorter hops (YSSY - YMML, 1.5hr type distance) in the 777-200LR and deploy flap 5 for a VR of around 135 - 145 knots. To get the same kind of VR on the same distance with the -300ER I'm usually needing to deploy flap 15, because flap 5 gives VR of 155+kts. Havn't flown anything longer than KLAX - EGLL in the -300ER yet, but I was seriously considering flap 20 already by then.
  12. The freighter isn't just related to the B77L The actual ICAO code of the freighter is B77L The freighter is a B77L without seats in it.
  13. 1: I'm not sure where the myth IVAO has more europeans online. VATSIM has demonstrably more numbers in England, Germany, Scandinavia, The Czech Republic, Austria etc. IVAO might be able to lay claim to France, Italy, Spain and Romania, possibly even Russia... but it certainly isn't a simple "Europe = IVAO" divide. I'm not sure merging will double the traffic, or merge both into one network. Some remain on IVAO exactly because of VATSIM's more stringent rules. So the options would be: 1: Loosing those people (And more problematic: Those people loosing access to an online community with less rules regarding being ATC). 2: Relaxing VATSIM's rules to accomodate them (meaning that VATSIM ATC quality potentially drops). IVAO and SATCO split for a reason. The underlying actual reasons for the split have not disappeared, and would still be there at merge. Do you let the rule breakers or perpetual n00bs bring their IVAO habits into VATSIM? or do they just have to stop using Flight Simulators and ATC programs online? If you did that, they would probably break off and make their own network. They might even go ahead and call it IVAO. Step 1: Merge VATSIM and IVAO Step 2: Get annoyed at the low quality of IVAO controllers and pilots Step 3: Ban the rule breakers Step 4: Rule breakers get together and make their own online network because they have been banned from VATSIM Step 5: Now there are 2 online networks again.
  14. I suggest try both, and see which one you like best. I eventually chose Vatsim because I liked it's culture and events better, but I'm in Australia, and the very active VATPAC division in VATSIM is the main reason I chose vatsim... basically Australia is far more active on VATSIM than IVAO. Also, Worldflight is hosted on VATSIM, and I have attended 3 different worldflight simulator events, so most of the people I know from those events are Vatsimmers rather than IVAO people. All in all though, depending on where you like to fly, what you want to get out of the experience etc will determine which one you favour, so the best advice is: Try both, and then decide which one you like better... or, use both on occasion.
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