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  1. Was this plane really that popular? 140k + views
  2. In the description of this video it outlines some issues. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWu0peOVOj4
  3. UK firm setting up in Austria , Easyjet is a mature company why didn't they do this before Brexit? It's nothing more than a 'shell - company' style move due to Brexit
  4. http://news.sky.com/story/easyjet-posts-record-summer-passenger-numbers-but-sees-turbulence-ahead-11069052 Yet some posters will say this has nothing to do with Brexit. The value of the pound is down 25% No wonder Easyjet have registered their second office in a country that uses the Euro currency. The British POUND is DEAD because of Brexiter's whom were more concerned about law abiding immigrants than improving their career.
  5. It takes less than 10 mins to browse the QW FB page , there's still another 15+ hours in the day, if he was 'able' to sort out his home and business trust me he wouldn't be browsing the QW page:)
  6. First impressions has been thin thus far. Although on that same token virtually no one is complaining about bugs e.t.c so it might be a solid day 1 release. And from using owning it on FSX i would say there's 1 or 2 issues but nothing ground breaking - it's like QW have been promoted to a new league and Aerosoft have been left behind. ( so the pressure is on aerosoft to release a very good a330 )
  7. Stop talking about P3DV4 and talk about the plane. I'm pretty sure it hasn't be released for P3D and nor is this the P3D forum section.
  8. I'm not a Remainer or a Brexiteer - i'm just sitting back and watching this issue. Unfortunately i think the EU has more power points than us and when we have such a weak prime minister anything the EU says goes and with millions of people who want to block brexit i can't see them allowing 2-3 million EU citizens being deported without a fight. I'm not sure the local's in the EU will stop our Brits from being deported back to the UK. So i'm still confident that the population will rise dramatically and quickly once the transitional period is over.
  9. Above Aerosoft quality. However i expect Aerosoft to raise the bar with their new airbuses, with the 787 they're a little bugs such as when intercepting the loc and 1 or 2 sound blunders nevertheless, this aircraft has potential to make the large amount of tunnel vision PMDG happy fans try another aircraft. I'm not sure if more features are planned for P3D V4 lot's of people were complaining about the potential for OOMS but this plane neatly has a VAS reader in the cockpit and thus far VAS consumption is very low. ( 1 hour flight and 5 hour flight )
  10. And this is why certain people shouldn't be allowed to vote. If we keep buying people's goods we will be broke , we have to sell as well and the EU are great partners to sell to. You said this island can't hold anymore people , if it can't handle 150,000 extra a year how is it going to handle 3 MILLION IN A WEEK?
  11. Well the millions of Britons abroad in the EU will all be illegal so in just a week the population would rise by 3 million - not quite what you wanted - eh? Do you know what the single market is? - Nope didn't think so.
  12. Poor to release it on a Monday. Nevertheless more people will get this by the end of the week, there's some twitch streams already up - judge for yourself e.t.c
  13. Aerosoft one but you'll have to wait.
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