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  1. Until 5th of July we can buy the newewst production of FlyTampa - Boston Rebooted for P3D v4 for EUR 23.40 (including EU tax). FlyTampa Boston Rebooted for P3D v4
  2. Logitech G Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals on British Amazon are, TODAY ONLY, for £88.99 (normal price circulating around of £130). https://www.amazon.co.uk/Logitech-Saitek-Flight-Rudder-Pedals/dp/B01MQ0N57Q
  3. 1. To the end of may you can buy them with a huge discount. 2. After Tuesday with release of P3D v4 I belive we will have a chance to fly over ORBX regions inside PMDG :D
  4. $70 for iFly all models of 737 versus $90 for PMDG 800/900 only. I know that PMDG is top shelf, but I'm not a super-hardcore-simmer. I belive that differences are not dramatic? It's hard to find any review of iFly for P3D v3.
  5. Next couple weeks PILOT'S will release a new version of their global mesh - FS Global Ultimate - Next Generation. It will be fully compatibile with P3D and include bathymetry mesh. This product will be available only on DVD from middle of December. - regular price is 80 euro - with code BFRIDAY2016 you will earn 10 euro discount (this code is valid until end of November) - if you are registered owner of older products (like FS Global Ultimate - any part, FS Global 2010, even FS Global 2005) you will earn extra 25 euro discount Total possible discount at the moment is 35 euro! http://www.pilots.shop/Cms/Ui/Pages/Products/MainPage.aspx?id=0f9d3315-673a-4a4f-80a8-00a38b9d2c71
  6. Montreal -25% until 27th November http://secure.simmarket.com/flytampa-flymontreal.phtml Sydney -25% until 27th November http://secure.simmarket.com/flytampa-sydney.phtml Grenadines -45% if you are an owner of Tampa v2 or Buffalo This promo is available from some time. If you want to buy it for reduced price FIRST you need to buy SEPARATELY Tampa v2 or Buffalo! http://secure.simmarket.com/flytampa-grenadines.phtml
  7. Is there any sense in buying T2G Munich if I'm an owner of Aerosoft's one?
  8. AIRACs from Navigraph will be avaiable for P3D v3 from next cycle, thats mean from 15th October (info from Navigraph forum). P.S. In details they wrote: "We hope to add P3D V3 support in the next AIRAC cycle."
  9. Every owner of ORBX Vector after EACH installation of any scenery need to use FTX Vector Configurator. This is obligatory, not an option. After lauch this program open Airport Elevation Corrections, push Run Auto Configuration button and wait a moment (or a few moments... :] ). When it stops pusch Apply button, then Exit. It fix all floating problems.
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