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  1. FaxCap

    FS GenesisTerrain Mesh in P3D v.4

    Agree 100%. CK
  2. Has anyone ever posted a list of Add-Ons and their memory demands? Ken
  3. Bill, I see PCs with no optical drives a lot now. Windows comes on a USB drive now. :-) I hope you don't plan on having P3D v4 on that SSD along with Win10. It's going to be plenty fast enough.....tons of 7200 rpm storage. Great video card. If this is your new development PC I doubt you want to overclock more than 4.2ghz. Considering the quality of the other parts I would imagine the power supply is at least 550 watt, hopefully more like 600-650 watt. CK
  4. THANK you for the update....really appreciated. FaxCap
  5. Hahaha.....but after saying that (both yours and mine) airlines around the world love them. Go to any far off corner of the world and you see one of the Dash-8 versions. All in all an amazing aircraft. CK
  6. There is a reason many real-world Dash-8 pilots call them Smash-8s. :smile: CK
  7. Question, is the VAS issue something that nVidia could solve with specific code in their drivers? Or is this simply a graphic engine problem outside of the video drivers? FaxCap
  8. Thank you for the update!!! Love this aircraft. FaxCap
  9. FaxCap

    Rob - Thanks for the Guide

    I will join the chorus.....Thank You VERY much, Rob!!! Ken
  10. FaxCap

    X-Plane-User new to P3D!

    P3D and FSX both seemed to benefit greatly from clock speeds over 4.0ghz. I find mild overclocks from 4.1ghz to 4.30ghz help P3D and don't cause problems with other software I run. K
  11. I have always hated the way Microsoft did business. Their "You will buy it and you WILL like it" attitude. As for WindoZe 10 use O&O's free telemetry blocker. Or in Win7 use freeware SpyBot Anti-Beacon. Let's face it, Windows 10 is just glorified spyware. CK
  12. FaxCap

    Help With A Good Scenery Design Program

    This is free....works great. http://www.scruffyduck.org/airport-design-editor/4584106799 If you mean build your own scenery objects....that's a whole different ballgame with a steep learning curve. But it's been GMax for most people although I understand Blender objects can be converted now. CK
  13. FaxCap

    Impossible to get new C-47

    As I understand it all those V2 paint jobs work on the V3.....there are a LOT of them!! K
  14. FaxCap

    Estonia migration tool still works?

    How long have the EMT forums been down? I also see the Developer version can't be accessed from the download page.....how long has it been like this? CK
  15. FaxCap

    P3d Regrets

    No regrets at all. As a matter of fact I have FSX on a WD Raptor drive....I am thinking of formatting the drive as I can't remember the last time I ran FSX. CK