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  1. I don't see any in the folders. So far I've jumped around to a few of my favorite airports and all looks fine. Lee
  2. I think they inadvertently left out a couple of SODE objects in their package...waiting... Lee
  3. It comes up with certain Tropicalsim sceneries like Martinique for instance. Lee
  4. How do you bypass the Tropicalsim installer wanting to put in the old Autogen configuration manager? The old one was a cause of a lot of headaches in V4.5. I don't want it in V5, therefore I haven't installed any Tropicalsim sceneries yet. Lee
  5. IniBuilds already made an exclusion file for TFFF. I have yet to try it. Lee
  6. I have VHHH and AIG and I am getting Cathay just fine. Maybe try uninstalling the airline in the AIG manager, and doing a fresh install. Sometimes that can take care of problems, Lee
  7. I've had really good luck with this. The fact that it will be even better is amazing. I have not used ASCA yet as I am waiting to see what marvels REX comes up with in terms of clouds and so forth. Lee
  8. Have a look at this developer's work.. excellent product. https://www.fsimstudios.com/ Lee
  9. Looks great, no start up modes available anymore. Sometimes, if my time is limited, I prefer "ready for start" and not to have to go through the whole cold and dark thing. I wonder why they took those modes away? Lee
  10. You don't happen to have Accusim? Turn it off for non A2A planes, makes them bounce a lot. The other one is Chaseplane, if the motion effects are too pronounced you'll bounce all over the place. Just some thoughts maybe. Lee
  11. I was able to install Chaseplane into V5 successfully. Here's a thought, maybe, V5 has a few slightly different controller settings than V4. I would suggest going into your controller menu and resetting it to the defaults. Test everything, the A key control and the S key control should both work normally. After that you can then slowly start over with the re-assignments needed for Chaseplane.
  12. The Alabeo 170 works perfectly in my V5. Make sure you have the latest full installer and maybe re-install.
  13. Well apologies to LM, but I find P3D loads better without traffic and weather enabled. Something about setting itself up and trying to load all the traffic bgl files and the weather files all at the same time can hang it up. There are plenty of posts around about that. Better to add those in once P3D is up and loaded.
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