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  1. I'm not a sliders all the way to the extreme right kind of guy. I always try to find a balance. I decided to go for the 28 inch 4K monitor with a 1ms response time and 60hz. I am currently awaiting the new build and I'll post my results here.
  2. I agree with you, and I already do that, but all this new delicious scenery that keeps coming out keeps adding up, that coupled with all the ORBX stuff...whew, the drive gets packed fast! I'll just have to start dropping a few things and making some hard choices I guess.
  3. The amount of scenery I have in V4.1 is getting very, very large. Have any of you had success, hopefully with no loss of performance, installing some scenery to an external SSD?
  4. Thanks everyone for a lot of really good thoughts. The ability to step away from high anti-aliasing and still have a sharp picture is very appealing. Perhaps in that regard, the 3840X2160 would be ideal. Lee
  5. I'm about to pull the trigger on an i7 8700 with an 11gb 1080ti mostly for P3D V4. Will a 27 or 28 inch 4K monitor at 3840X2160 kill my frame rates? Should I back down to a 2560X1440? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, as reading various reviews around the net is confusing me a bit. Lee
  6. Roberto thanks for doing those. Odd, I tried to install the Panagra with the PMDG manager, but instead of Panagra it shows the PMDG base livery. There must be a glitch in the ptp file. Lee
  7. Absolutely excellent paints Matt, but the FR P-40 is not for P3D 4.1, is that correct?
  8. This thing is a monster! It flies like a mack truck. I mean all this in a good way. It is probably very realistic. Unload some of that fuel, it helps!
  9. I have it in 4.1, it works well and looks good. I am finding that most sceneries I've owned before in earlier versions work better in 4.1 Maybe it's just that the platform is better. Also, many developers are updating the sceneries to take advantage of the newer P3D version.
  10. In P3D V4, I've uninstalled my previous versions of Barcelona by Justsim and Latin VFR, in anticipation of adding the new Aerosoft Mega Barcelona. In checking the default Barcelona, the airport is clean except for some left over extraneous gates. For the life of me I cannot find what file is causing those random gates to appear. I've checked the SODE directory and removed any traces of LEBL there and all other likely places like the world-scenery directory and the P3 V4 addons directory.There might be a leftover AFCAD somewhere, but I can't find it. It probably has an odd name. Also, I do not use MyTraffic. I would be very appreciative if anyone has a suggestion?
  11. My A2A planes also work just fine.
  12. Very strange, I installed client and content and all my planes work perfectly, including PMDG, Carenado and the like. I do not use EZDOK nor assign any rudders and pedals to FSUIPC.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion, it didn't work unfortunately. Scouring the P3D cfg file I found this entry which is new to V4, I wonder if it has any effect. [GRAPHICS] SCREEN_CAPTURE_MAX_JOBS=10
  14. All of a sudden my V key for screen captures in V4 stopped working. Even though I have tried re-assigning it in the controls menu, and it shows it's there, it won't capture any pix. Does anyone have a possible suggestions?
  15. Have you ever tried the native HotKeySelect views?