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  1. Midnight Music

    Eset nod32 causes a big increase in P3d v4.3/4.4 load times?

    I use Eset and it's fine. It does let you exclude the P3d folder and a few others. The difference in loading times is when you have to load all the ORBX stuff. Try shutting that down and you'll see what I mean. Don't get me wrong, I love their stuff and own tons of it, but it does take forever to load.
  2. Midnight Music

    [Relsolved] FAIB models don't light up

    Yes, finally.
  3. Midnight Music

    [Relsolved] FAIB models don't light up

    The instructions are built in to the A320 cfg. They are not there in the 737-800 but, maybe a newer version is coming.
  4. Midnight Music

    [Relsolved] FAIB models don't light up

    Okay, based on your thought about the cfg, I figured it out, I had to uncomment certain lines in the FAIB A320 aircraft cfg for lights to appear always on. Now it's working.
  5. Midnight Music

    [Relsolved] FAIB models don't light up

    Thanks Simbol, these are the latest A320 and 737-800 models from FAIB, just recently downloaded. I will go check the aircraft cfg files to make sure the correct info is there. I have them installed outside P3D via the XML method. They do appear.
  6. I must be doing something wrong. I installed the latest package in P3D V4.4 as per contained instructions. My UTLive models all light up great, but my FAIB models are staying dark. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  7. Midnight Music

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    That's an ORBX problem, read Poppet's links above, she explains what to do. It fixed it beautifully for me.
  8. Midnight Music

    Orbx causing long pauses in v4.4

    I run Santa Barbara with just FTX Global and NA LC, no So Cal region. It looks just fine and lessens the pauses.
  9. Midnight Music

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    Heads up everyone, if you upgrade the scenery you have re-install FTX Global, trees and ObjectFlow or you get some weird patches, because basic ORBX scenery stuff gets replaced by the new scenery install.
  10. Midnight Music

    FTX Vector Configurator could not find VABB (Mumbai)

    I have noticed lately that Vector only disables files it finds installed in the traditional way. It doesn't seem to find the newer XML installed sceneries. I usually disable the vector files for those airports manually. Go into the ORBX Vector directory and look in the Vector AEC folder and the Vector APT folder and disable the appropriate files which will be listed by the airport code name. Lee
  11. Works fine for me in P3D V4, nothing is missing.
  12. Midnight Music

    OrbX KSBA Santa Barbara and NA Southern California

    Yes, specifically SoCal region. I mean it looks good, but it's a dog when it comes to performance.
  13. Just got it, it's terrific. It blends in nicely with ORBX South America LC. Lee
  14. Midnight Music

    OrbX KSBA Santa Barbara and NA Southern California

    I have KSBA from ORBX and it works just fine without SoCal region. I find that just having FTX Global and NA Land class is all you need. I found the SoCal region very problematic and full of pauses and it tends to hog memory. My So Cal area works so much better without it. I have all the other ORBX So Cal sceneries and they all work fine without the region as well. Lee
  15. Midnight Music

    FSDG Cape Town Released

    Well actually I've updated all my flight plans via AIG, quite a lot of AI goes there now as airlines are currently using the new airport. Lee