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  1. Midnight Music

    Keyboard Commands not working consistently

    Okay, taking your thought Pete, I went back and did a complete uninstall of FSUIPC and installed 5.131 from scratch. Seems okay at the moment, so maybe as you suggested, there were some older files left over from an earlier version.
  2. Midnight Music

    Green textures

    Also, check that your dynamic trees is not checked, that will cause odd tree colors in 4.2
  3. Midnight Music

    Keyboard Commands not working consistently

    Oops, the problem may have surfaced again in the new version. Keep version 124 handy just in case.
  4. Midnight Music

    Keyboard Commands not working consistently

    Just tried 5.131 works just fine!
  5. Midnight Music

    Keyboard Commands not working consistently

    Looks like it might be an issue with FSUIPC 133 version. Roll back to version 124 and it should work okay. Pete says on his forum he is fixing it and will have update soon.
  6. Midnight Music

    P3D4.2 Terrain

    It makes a difference if all the sliders are not pinned all the way to the far right. Some breathing room will allow for better loading of everything.
  7. Midnight Music

    P3D4.2 Terrain

    You have a strong system, but I would advise Level of Detail down one or two notches. This is the largest FPS "eater". You could leave all else as is, maybe try Autogen vegetation at dense and Building at Dense or normal. These slight differences might smooth things a bit Lee
  8. Midnight Music

    Ray Smith's scenery for P3D

    Robert Catherall has done a number of conversions of Ray Smith AFCADs for P3d V4 already, just search his name in the library.
  9. Midnight Music

    Can't edit aircraft config files inside P3D folder

    I do have UAC off. I've devised a simple work around method. I drag the aircraft cfg to the desktop, edit it, save it and put it back in the original folder. Works fine that way.
  10. Midnight Music

    Can't edit aircraft config files inside P3D folder

    I do have full administrative rights, but it seems to make no difference, specifically in P3D. Elsewhere, not a problem. The idea of installing P3D V4.2 in a separate folder is intriguing, but so many addons rely on the default LM installation to work properly. I'll keep experimenting.
  11. I'm new to Windows 10 and just a got new rig with W10 Pro on it. I installed P3D V4.2 as administrator and PMDG as administrator, however when I try to edit the PMDG aircraft configuration file inside the P3D folder, it says I am not allowed and must contact the administrator. (I am the administrator). Now if I drag the file to the desktop I can edit it there, save it and put it back into the P3D folder. What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  12. I'm not a sliders all the way to the extreme right kind of guy. I always try to find a balance. I decided to go for the 28 inch 4K monitor with a 1ms response time and 60hz. I am currently awaiting the new build and I'll post my results here.
  13. Midnight Music

    OK to install scenery on an external SSD?

    I agree with you, and I already do that, but all this new delicious scenery that keeps coming out keeps adding up, that coupled with all the ORBX stuff...whew, the drive gets packed fast! I'll just have to start dropping a few things and making some hard choices I guess.
  14. The amount of scenery I have in V4.1 is getting very, very large. Have any of you had success, hopefully with no loss of performance, installing some scenery to an external SSD?
  15. Thanks everyone for a lot of really good thoughts. The ability to step away from high anti-aliasing and still have a sharp picture is very appealing. Perhaps in that regard, the 3840X2160 would be ideal. Lee