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  1. Midnight Music

    Lost Repaints

    I think the painter is Jan Kees Blom. He moved all his paints to right here in the AVSIM library. Lee
  2. Midnight Music

    4K & AA Help

    Might be a bit of a strain for a 4770k CPU to drive a 1080ti and 4K and so on. However, keep tweaking your sliders to get it to work. Maybe set the two autogen sliders for vegetation and buildings to normal. This will free up your CPU processor a little more. A lot of folks think wideview distorts a bit. Lee
  3. Midnight Music

    4K & AA Help

    I use the same settings in P3D V4.3 and it works fine. I'd stay away from NVI. Let's see your WORLD settings. Lee
  4. Midnight Music

    Quality S. American airports?

    Not in South America, but on your way there...absolutely top notch! https://secure.simmarket.com/fsimstudios-tocumen-international-airport-mpto-panama-city-fsx-p3d.phtml Lee
  5. Midnight Music

    Top end hardware - poor results

    Just some thoughts to try. From my own experience I think that 4xSSAA is overkill when combined with the resolution and display monitor settings you have. Try 4xMSAA or 8xMSAA combined with Anisotropic 16x. Also cut Autogen back to dense or normal. Combined with scenery complexity at Extremely Dense again it is overkill. Also bring buildings back to dense or normal. I keep my mesh resolution at no more than 5 and texture resolution at either 60cm or 30cm. With the high end graphic settings you don't need to push it here. Everything still looks great and FPS improves a lot. Your settings: Display -FXAA = Off AA = 4xSSAA Texture Filtering = Anisotropic 8x Texture Resolution = Ultra-4096x4096 Display Resolution = 3840x2160 x32 Auto-fill Main View = tick VSync = OFF Target Frame rate = unlimted Mipmap VC Panels = TickWorld Level of detail radius = Ultra Tessellation Factor = High Mesh Resolution = 19m Texture Resolution = 1m Senery complexity = Extremely Dense Autogen draw distance = Medium Water Detail = Medium Autogen vegetation density = Very dense Autogen building density = Extremly Dense Lee
  6. Midnight Music

    The best B-17 available?

    Will wait patiently for V4 version...it will be worth it!
  7. May I suggest a complete removal of P3D and a complete new install. There's some inherent problem in your basic installation. I would start over clean. I recommend the Poppet installation threads here and at LMs website. It takes patience, but I think you will wind up with a better installation overall.
  8. Midnight Music

    Improvements in V4.3

    For me the full install worked best, because there are fixes in all areas. However, you can just do the client. Doing the whole thing just completely refreshes everything and gives you the chance to get more selective adding back outside stuff. I always feel it renews the sim.
  9. Midnight Music

    Improvements in V4.3

    There are a lot of subtle but welcome improvements. For instance, I am pleased that the ATC grey out bug is gone. The severe ditch in the middle of Cyprus is fixed. I notice subtle improvement differences in aircraft loading. There are many others, chime in everyone.
  10. Midnight Music

    Keyboard Commands not working consistently

    Okay, taking your thought Pete, I went back and did a complete uninstall of FSUIPC and installed 5.131 from scratch. Seems okay at the moment, so maybe as you suggested, there were some older files left over from an earlier version.
  11. Midnight Music

    Green textures

    Also, check that your dynamic trees is not checked, that will cause odd tree colors in 4.2
  12. Midnight Music

    Keyboard Commands not working consistently

    Oops, the problem may have surfaced again in the new version. Keep version 124 handy just in case.
  13. Midnight Music

    Keyboard Commands not working consistently

    Just tried 5.131 works just fine!
  14. Midnight Music

    Keyboard Commands not working consistently

    Looks like it might be an issue with FSUIPC 133 version. Roll back to version 124 and it should work okay. Pete says on his forum he is fixing it and will have update soon.
  15. Midnight Music

    P3D4.2 Terrain

    It makes a difference if all the sliders are not pinned all the way to the far right. Some breathing room will allow for better loading of everything.