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  1. I found smoother and better performing than the previous version and it looks great! Lee
  2. Do make sure you use the Simbrief downloader to bring your f/plan into MSFS in the iniBuilds format before you do anything else. Lee
  3. You don't have to go outside the cockpit. After you cancel the Master alarm quickly pan down to the pedestal to the row of yellow ecam lit cancel lights and cancel the one on the left, it'll stop. Lee
  4. Some painters get their paint to appear first in your aircraft list and override every other paint for that aircraft. I still prefer having the default model be at the top of the list. How do you change that, does anyone know? Lee
  5. I don't think drone views are customizable, maybe in the SDK, which I never use. What I like is that Flow Pro shows what each plane has available. You can get more camera views at Flightsim.to Lee
  6. Parallel 42 Flow Pro is ideal for that. I have the INS button assigned to the drone view and I can go into FLOW, and it gives me a list of drone views available with each aircraft. I select the one I want for the flight and just simply use the INS button to easily access that view. Lee
  7. I would recommend you don't apply the app yet. Get to know how MSFS works and how the settings work in the sim first. Then you can experiment. Lee
  8. This is a really good way to start: [HOW-TO] Graphics Settings and Performance Guide (SU12 Update) (7/26/2023) - Community Content Hangar / Community Guides - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums Lee
  9. Does anyone know if either Asobo-iniBuilds or Aerosoft updated their Cologne EDDK sceneries to conform with the new, current runway designations? I can't find any information anywhere on the forums about an update to the airport. Lee
  10. Try lowering OLOD and TLOD to 100. It may be trying to read too much in that direction. Lee
  11. You purchase the new one through Orbx Central, it's free but it is processed that way. You then uninstall the old version and install the new one. Lee
  12. Does anyone know if there are newly updated simbrief profiles for the current revised Fenix models. Lee
  13. Do you use GSX? If you do you need to exclude them in the GSX configuration menu. Lee
  14. You can try it without AI, another big source of stutters. Lee
  15. I don't use Auto Fps. I don't really like it, I prefer to set a stable environment. Lee
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