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  1. Working well for me...less FPS fluctuations, so it seems steadier and smoother. I fly mostly the FBW A320nx. Lee
  2. I recommend using the Addons linker. It enables you to keep your addons separate from the community folder. You can then turn them on or off at will. If something is wrong, I can shut off addons until I find the offender. Much as I enjoy the vast array of freeware addons, there is a lot of inexperience there, so sometimes you get some strange things appearing in your scenery. On one occasion I had strange buildings appearing on the runway at Nassau. I started turning addons off one by one until I found it was caused by a particular airport addon 3500 miles away. Lee MSFS Addons Linker » Microsoft Flight Simulator
  3. In REX settings you can select gradual transition if you prefer. Lee
  4. Both default and REX require starting with clear weather, before activating their live weather. I check Flightradar or Meteoblue (where the default loads its weather from). The REX app will give you weather for each location. The default often loads something different than what meteoblue says, but REX tends to be right on. Lee
  5. I alternate and use both. They are both very good and I tend to use the default more in Europe and REX more in the Americas. As far as accuracy, I am not sure, but REX seems a little closer to the current weather here on the West Coast of the USA, but the default might be a bit closer in Europe...who knows... Both are finally offering rain and snow where appropriate and appearing in the METAR. I still can't stand the icing thing, especially when you get ice in the tropics, but that is an Asobo problem to fix. Lee
  6. There is an MSFS version. It's been available for a while. It works quietly in the background and you never notice it. I haven't totally tested it yet, but it sure rescued me a many times in P3D. You can set the autosave intervals to your liking. Lee
  7. Numpad is very useful for slewing. Lee
  8. You might enjoy this site: Bush League Legends Lee
  9. Two possible things, check the version. The TAPA installer should be version The other thing, if you can load into the default TAPA just fine, then you might have a faulty downloaded installer for TAPA. Maybe a fresh download of the latest version. Lee
  10. I have it and it works fine, no problems. I also just got their TFFF, very nice. You must have a conflict there, best to try the default TAPA with an empty community folder. If that's okay, try it with just this scenery added. Lee
  11. I have discovered you can taxi to any runway and ATC will still clear you for take off. I just go to the one I planned according to weather. Lee
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