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  1. Doesn't seem to affect anything. I kept playing with my settings at airports with and with out interiors and I didn't notice any change. It seems to me that the LOD settings take a bigger bite out of performance, and that is outside. Lee
  2. Okay, I just landed with the FBW A320N at Brussels (Aerosoft) from Bristol (Pilot's). Everything worked very well with SU9. I was expecting worse from everything I read here recently. I did move my LOD settings back to 100 and that seemed to cure any FPS or smoothness issues, for me at least. However, after i parked at the gate, I took the drone to look inside the terminal and was amazed to discover moving walkways inside the terminal. Wow, that flipped me out! Lee
  3. It happens often, but I have switched to always using offline voices for ATC and it happens less often. The downside is you have to put up with Minnie Mouse, Miss Piggy, Rocky Bullwinkle and Wolfman Jack doing the voices! But it is more reliable than the Azure ATC. Lee
  4. Yes, I see them all the time, and yes, they disappear as you get closer. They have been there for quite awhile, but no fix seems to be forthcoming. Lee
  5. That's why I keep REX WF on standby! Lee
  6. These look pretty good, have you all considered it? Airport Static Aircraft Bundle – LVFR (latinvfr.com) Lee
  7. Odd, my clear sky setting does not have any clouds at all, It is truly completely clear. Do you have something extraneous in your community folder possibly? Lee
  8. I agree with Gibraltar, one of the best of the default ones. Lee
  9. From their forum. AIG Server Status (alpha-india.net) Lee
  10. Yes, I have it. Maybe they are readying the servers for tomorrows' big update. Lee
  11. You have to make sure auto rudder is disengaged in assistance when using the FBW A320n. The other thing is to go into the EFB settings and disconnect the tiller. I do that so I can just taxi with my joystick. It's not quite the ground steering system the FSLabs A320 had in P3D, so I want to wait until it is truly updated for ground steering to work properly in MSFS. It'll come; those FBW devs are amazing! Lee
  12. I turn V-Sync on and limit FPS to 60 because when I don't I get some screen tearing. I do have a G-Sync monitor and G-Sync is on. It all works quite well for me. Lee
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