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  1. Can you show some more pictures, the one you posted is (mostly) only darkness... Greets (also from LOWG) 🙂 Markus
  2. Yeah Ray looks like that, so no worries, after my sign up to the Flightbeam Store (done in seconds) all was working fine and i could activate the scenery, Looking forward for my first flight 🙂 Greets, Markus
  3. Actually got it activated and working: Installed the scenery i got from Simmarket, made an account at Flightbeam, after that clicked on LFBO and activated via Simmarket Serial, Thanks for helping me out, Markus
  4. Thank you Ray, i payed €20,40 here in Europe on Simmarket, thats a fair price and i have most sceneries in Simmarket - for me much more easy. Have to doublecheck the FAQs and gonna make a testflight today, Thanks, Markus
  5. Bought the scenery via simmarket...after installation there is always a popup in the configurator to login to flightbeam account...but i don´t have such an account. So actually there was no code to enter, the scenery seems to work (although i cannot change settings in the configurator). Anyone bought the scenery on simmarket as well? Greets, Markus
  6. Actually i changed my setup in the last days quite often - from Volumetric Clouds OFF to ON and back again 🙂 Right now i am quite happy with following setup: P3Dv5 Settings: EA to ON VOL CLOUDS to ON (Medium) HIFI Settings: Prevent ASP3D EA volumetric cloud control to FALSE (=DEFAULT) ENABLE Detailed EA CLOUDS to FALSE (=DEFAULT) Maximum Cloud Layers set to 9 Greets, Markus
  7. Rob two questions - what about following settings in ASP3D (True or False): Prevent ASP3D EA Volumetric Cloud Control in P3Dv5 Disable default haze layer Greets, Markus
  8. Just for information: FSDG Rhodes is on sale right now on simmarket, Greets, Markus
  9. Fixed the issue yesterday evening for me: So if you have the LGRPv2 JustSim Version for P3Dv4.4+, install it and save the following SODE files (show hidden files in order to get to the path below): LGRP (FOLDER) PATH: C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjects LGRP (XML File) JustSim_LGRP_Windsock (XML File) PATH: C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml Deinstall the Scenery again. After that install LGRPv2 Justsim Version for P3Dv5. COPY PASTE the files from above / overwrite if asked. No more RED CROSS and the lighting on the runway is back (the aerodrome itself is quite dark, but that was also in Version 4.4+). Greets, Markus
  10. Sky textures yes, clouds ONLY if you use Volumetric Clouds...so the combination of EA ON and Volumetric Clouds OFF is the version you can still see REX Clouds or ASCA Clouds... Greets, Markus
  11. Thank you for the link - installed it yesterday, works without issues. Only thing (which is already mentioned) is the missing part that you can´t see which settings you have already selected ... for my part i saved my profile and reload it every time i want to change things (sky, clouds, etc.). So i am back to former times :- ) EA OFF - looks fantastic IMHO. And if you got tired of e.g. sky textures, load REX, change textures and fly. Not to forget the RANDOM bar for fast changes of all textures or try the different user settings. So i am happy with REX5 in P3Dv5.2HF1. Greets, Markus
  12. Hi Bernd, i also set the max visibility in ASP3D to 200 and set the haze to very low in ENVSHADE... i think i have to do some more flights to double check. Thanks again, Markus
  13. Bernd I already made a few flights with - in general - the settings and programs you mentioned. One last question...in your pictures there is almost no haze, that really looks good. I made a flight from LOWW to EHAM this morning and there was haze all around almost the whole flight. Are there any special things i could have set up to get rid of that (enormous) haze? Greets, Markus
  14. Looks fantastic ... what settings do you use for not having haze all around (especially in the first picture)? Greets, Markus
  15. Thank you again for your quick reply Bernd, very helpful! Greets, Markus
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