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  1. I swear to god... everyone is losing their bleeding minds.
  2. No!!! Its just starting to get somewhat positive and optimistic around here!
  3. Next Level is legit. I have one of their rigs for Sim Racing. It's a really solid, high quality option for the money.
  4. That's fantastic! Ive been doing really well with my 1080ti and 7770k with 16 gigs. It's not an antique, but it's a couple generations back. It seems to be kicking word not allowed. I feel weird not to join the crowd and complain all the time. MSFS has really been running well for me since the get!
  5. I suppose I understand not wanting to install a mod as they can potentially conflict with something else. However, the guys at WT are so good at this. Any problems are quickly snuffed out. It makes this mod a no brainer.
  6. So the "whats broke" doomthread turned into a "This is Awesome" thread pretty quickly!
  7. love to see link, thanks! the bridges are trash, the houses and buildings are melted. piers jetties houses... upside down and melting.
  8. If some developer could create a lovely scenery of Portland Oregon and the surrounding area, I would pay you hard American currency for it. Portland is a fantastic town and a lot of fun to fly around. It looks pretty junky right now. It has a fantastic payware airport already, so we're almost there! Thank you for your consideration. Jughed Jones
  9. This has been a consequence of having using a livery that has a .panel file. theres a whole list of 'authorized' liveries on WTs discord.
  10. Yeah, its a real bummer FS Passengers went away. The dev stopped updating it and it doesnt work on anything but FSX and 3.0. kinda weird how nobody just completely aped the whole system and how it worked and updated it. It was so much fun. Maybe thats where this will go. It was the best "career mode" I've found for sims.
  11. Word. I want the filter because there isn't very many smuggling missions and it can take a while to cycle through everything to get to one you want. I like the app, but it does need a little more pizazz. I seem to remember in, I think it was FSCaptain? If you flew into a wartorn country like Afghanistan or something, there was a chance you weren't gonna land in one piece. You'd hear gunfire and your plane would get damaged. (obviously the damage wasn't externally modeled) I had a flight last night bringing in bootleg booze to Syria and that kinda stuff would add a hell of a lot of excitement. (edit: I'm pretty sure it was FS Passengers that had that awesome feature)
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