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  1. Holy word not allowed lol Maybe ask a nigerian prince for funding kick rocks doofus.
  2. I dont care what you nerds say. I'm going on record saying the Duke Turbine is the most fun aircraft in the sim. You really have to keep an eye on everything you do or it might kill you. But if you do? It's so much fun and an absolute joy to land. Man I love it. Airliners are stupid now.
  3. That's my issue. I dont see where that light or annunicator is?
  4. I had the same issue. Just leave it running with the circle Checking for Updates message. It clicks on. I struggled with it for a while today, rebooted and whatnot.. From what Ive seen this is a regular occurrence when a big update is imminent It took about 10 minutes of watching that screen and it just popped on. Hasnt happened again since.
  5. Can someone help me find where the indicator is that shows when the Flight Director is on? I cant see it... sorry for being a bum pilot.
  6. Cant seem to find a fix that will let me set my HOTAS throttle all the way down without it going into the reversers in the sim. That would be fine if I had a detent, but I don't. Is there something silly I'm missing?
  7. 2 questions Does anyone have a good pdf checklist for the Turbine? I really don't like using the in sim version. And is there an option to make the throttle got back to idle and not go down to reverse? Like in airliners where I have to press a button to make it go to reverses? Thanks!
  8. After a week with MSFS Active Sky, I'll say it again. I'm not a meteorologist, but the weather matches METAR and looks better. I'm seeing rainbows, lightning, and thunder. Super cool I'm not a licensed pilot but the turbulence and wind effects *feel* better. What do I know? Not much. But it *seems* more convincing and I like it better! (Edit: I never had a problem, especially recently, with MSFS showing me what the METAR looks like. I think live weather in MSFS is really good. I just think this is about 25 dollars better to my untrained eye!)
  9. I just want the Duke, man... Bring on the update!
  10. Seriously folks, I'm not sure what some folks are looking at. The combo of believable turbulence and the looks of the clouds makes this a pretty nice purchase for me. Im seeing cirrus clouds and variety I just dont see with MSFS live. And I think MSFS live is pretty durn good, this just looks better to me. Whether it's more totally realistic is a debate Im sure, but it looks pleasing and I like it.
  11. I feel like AS is performing really well. Now.. there's a caveat when I say that. It nails the METARS ive expected, (which MSFS has been doing pretty well on it's own in my experience lately) But it just *looks* better. Does that mean it's more realistic? I don't know. I know it's more pleasing... and I see thunder and lighting. I saw cirrus clouds, thunder and lightning, and a rainbow where I would expect them... is that correct and realistic? I dont know... but it's cool and I like it.
  12. Yeah, the lightning and thunder in Chewie's stream looked really good. It just looked good in general. Is that enough for me? Maybe?
  13. This is a pilot error, my friend. Also, this is supposed to be a relaxing hobby full of learning new stuff and self fulfillment. Relax.
  14. Maybe they've been making a Dash 8 behind the scenes and we'll all cry with happiness?
  15. I'm starting to wonder if I should crank up the failure rates when I fly my PMDG You know, this is a simulator after all (sorry if this joke is hackneyed at this point)
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