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  1. My friend, I have no earthly idea what you are talking about, and I mean that. Moreover, you still have not identified the product you were talking about, not to mention that the result you claimed (not able to perform Shared Cockpit) in your initial post was incorrect, as I pointed out and you acknowledged in a purely off-handed fashion as if it was not important when in reality it was the premise of your initial post - which again was incorrect. After reading your initial post, I questioned to myself what the actual purpose was of your post, wondering if your real intent was to be passive-aggressive and tell me what I recommended was impossible, which we now know you were not correct. Regardless, I no longer question the intent of your post, you seem to have confirmed my suspicions, your someone who apparently likes to create strife out of thin air. I have been in the flight sim community since the early 1980s, I have worked with countless developers and have performed technical support to thousands of hardware and software users at no cost over the course of many decades, and I don't think it's even a slight stretch to say that I have a very well earned reputation for honesty and helping others. You sir, decide to a whim to insult me and accuse me of being deceptive. I have no desire to ever communicate with you again, and will simply block you, as you deserve.
  2. I haven't worked for Aerosoft for a few years, however as I understand things, the only A330 that was not completed was the MSFS version, which I don't believe was ever released. That said, I personally did the Connected Flight Deck (which is what Aerosoft called Shared Cockit) for the P3Dv4 and v5 versions of the A318, A319, A320, A321 and the A330 and it worked fantastic. So, I don't really know what you're referring to, the released products or the unreleased products. Again, if the latter, it's not a released product, so... That out of the way, if you're using MSFS, then there is the free Your Controls which works with a variety of aircraft including Airbuses. So, you're absolutely able to enjoy flying Shared Cockpit. Forgive any unintentional "Nana-nana-nana". Dave
  3. I don't know why VATSIM chose to make this change, but with the latest Vpilot update all we can do is pre-file. I hate it man, and I don't know a single pilot who favors this. But that's where you are my friend. Best wishes.
  4. Having been in the Flight Sim Community since the early 80's, I've done a great many things and enjoyed countless hours in flight simulation. I've run several groups, and I've introduced and taught a great many flight simmers how to fly various airliners and fly online. In hopes of enriching someone else's flight sim experience, I'd like to share three bits of advice. If you're reading this specifically for the Cross the Pond advice, please skip down to the bottom of this post. Flying Online First and foremost, if you're not flying on VATSIM or IVAO, then for the love of Pete you simply must invest the time to do so. Recently, someone posted a video about why they would never fly except online, and I have to tell you that he barely scratched the surface for why many of us feel the same way. Flying online (VATSIM is my preferred network) will get you closer to actual aviation than anything else, in fact nothing comes close. Beyond opening all sorts of doors, each flight offers nuances that can lead to memorable experiences. Add flying with a small group of friends (each in their own aircraft) while talking together online while also chatting on a private voice server (we stop taking with ATC is talking) is also terrific, but flying with a friend in Shared Cockpit... man, that's where I've experienced some incredible and seriously memorable events in my flight sim experience. This leads me to my second piece of advice. Shared Cockpit For quite some time I was pretty much the only person promoting Shared Cockpit in the flight sim community, and several aircraft developers would very likely not have implemented this amazing experience for us if it had not been for my promoting it with them (damned near harassing them... lol). Today we have more people than ever interested in Shared Cockpit, but there are so many people who have yet to think about it or give it a try. The number one reason I've seen why some tries Shared Cockpit and doesn't get addicted to it is simply because they flew with the wrong age or type of person, and I get that. I have about 5000 hours of shared cockpit time, and I was lucky enough to seek out people and eventually create a small cadre of like minded, fun loving people to fly with. So yeah, with some exceptions age is a deal breaker. Now, I fly airliners, so that's where I'm going to focus on. Having said that, there is nothing stopping people from enjoying shared cockpit flying general aviation. Just like when I fly with the Navy, the active "working" times of performing a airliner flight are per-departure, taxi to the active, departure and climb, the descent, arrival, landing and taxi back to the gate. That leaves a lot of time from 18,000 ft and cruise to the latter stages of descent, and that time is spent chatting about everything under the sun, sharing humor, laughing at things we hear from other online pilots and controllers, and basically having a terrific time. It's never, not EVER boring, where flying by yourself certainly can be. Moreover, the team work during the more active times of the flight is equally if not more enjoyable. One other amazing benefit to Shared Cockpit is collapsing time frames when it comes to learning how to fly online or how to fly airliners. What would take you consider time to learn on your own, jumping into the flight deck with someone who's experienced and willing to share what they know (I think that's most flight simmers) will help you learn so much faster and the experience will be fun and without frustration. It's important to remember that the guy you'll be flying with is fully capable of flying and handling everything by themselves, no there will never be any expectations for you doing anything you're no comfortable with. Each flight you'll enjoy learning bucket loads of things in a relaxed and fun atmosphere... I know, because I've personally done this with at least 60 people over the years. A Different Way to Fly the VATSIM Cross the Pond (CTP) This event takes place twice each year, a Europe to United States (Westbound) event and then an Eastbound event about six months later. Thousands of pilots fly this event, filling the skies with airliners during which is typically at least an 8, 10, or 12 hour flying experience. Weeks prior to the event pilots vote on which 5 airports will be selected as departure points, and the same for arrival airports. Of course flying this event in Shared Cockpit is loaded with benefits, including allowing you and your copilot to make runs errands, do some chores, whatever, while still doing the flight. Flying for these long flights really isn't my cup of tea, as I'm more interested in the busy times of flying rather than hanging out at cruise for 8 to 12 hours or longer. So many years ago I got my group together, and we began flying in between event departure airports while most pilots are departing for their long trip. After all, the goal is to experience what it's like to fly in and out of busy airports, right? Well, you'll rarely find busier airports than the CTP event, and we're flying in between departure points so it's flying out of a loaded airport and flying into one as well. After the flight, we all leave the computer to go and take care of whatever, and about 8 hours later we repeat the experience at the arrival airports. Guys, this is an amazing way to fly this event, it truly is. Do this in Shared Cockpit and you'll just be amazed, you really, truly will. Thanks for listening, I hope that I've given you some ideas about expanding your flight sim experiences. One can always come up with reasons why not to try something new, but you only need one good one to act on, and I hope you can find that reason in what I wrote above. As always, I wish you the very, very best. Dave
  5. Do you mean it's not applied to VR? Or that the application doesn't work well in VR? I'm asking, because the latest version does in fact work in VR, though some people have issues with it. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/nvidia-frame-generation-pc-setting-also-applied-to-vr-cause-lower-performance/582731
  6. Hey Martin, Small point of order (lol)... you shared it, what do YOU think of it? 😉
  7. Thanks for pointing that out, I am too. Good on him, need more of them! I've already sent a friend request to him. There is so much terrific information in the manuals, and they're even searchable!
  8. I didn't specifically ask about IVAO, but I'm sure they'll do it for both networks.
  9. Just a little update on what I wrote yesterday. I just heard back from Navigraph. Seems the threat of having kittens licking toes worked... and they are in the process of adding live (VATSIM) traffic to their map. That will absolutely make the product practically indispensable for VATSIM controllers and pilots. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me at all to see a whole new controller client pop into existence based on that alone! Shoot, I could even see real-world applications - which would not be the first time that something done in Flight Sim was adopted real world.
  10. Welcome! Keep your head down and watch out for ricochets! LOL!
  11. That is the second time in a week I've seen a post like this, same problem. The other was in regards to using the Lorby Axis and Ohs, but was not caused by that program. If you have connected your controllers via a USB HUB, you should ensure it's a independently powered USB HUB, otherwise you should connect the controllers directly to the computer. If you can connect using USB 2.0 instead of 3.0+, please try that. USB 3.0 and later are not TRULY backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and some older controllers don't like USB 3.0. It's possible to get the same type of symptoms in both instances above, buttons may work (because it's a purely digital response for buttons). Finally, ensure that power saving is turned off for all USB, you can do this via the Windows Control Panel or just do a search for turning off USB Power Saving. I'm sorry, but I don't have much to add beyond the above. Best wishes my friend.
  12. Those a great shots. I took shots in the Leonardo Maddog and even tried creating some video, but unfortunately they call come out in (of course) 2D so it will never do a good job of showing off what we really see and experience. All I can say is that i knew what to expect... and the Quest 3 STILL blew my hair back... and I'm bald! (not really, but you get the point). I'm working on a special project for VR in shared cockpit, and THAT I believe will be the next great thing!
  13. I'd like to say something else regarding this topic, which I should have included in my post above (wife's foot was tapping, so I was rushed for time when posting)... I've known the Navigraph guys for quite some time, and that bunch are amazingly devoted to flight sim and Navigraph customers like few developers are (and I know many developers personally). I could get the subscription for free, but I chose to pay for it - it's THAT darned good, and I'm happy to support Navigraph. Put other way, if we didn't support such developers, we would not have the incredible products like Navigraph Charts (which includes a terrific moving map over the route and all types of charts when are added or moved from the map via a single click. The cost for both Charts and the NavData is almost like getting the NavData updates for free. There is one feature that Navigraph has never implemented, whereas every other moving map related product has. They've not included VATSIM and IVAO traffic overlay on their map, and when I find the guy on their team which has (quite obviously) convinced Magnus not to implement this, I'm going to have my team abduct him, tie him to a chair in some deep, dark, musty basement, hold his eye lips open with Corn Flakes, and force him to watch Gilligan's Island and Hogan Hero's re-runs while we have kittens play with his bare feet! The nerve of that guy! The swine! You here me man? We're coming for you, whoever you are! LMAO! Anyhow... please think about what I said regarding supporting these types of developers. You not only get an incredible product, but you help ensure the future of the hobby - no exaggeration my friends. I've been around since the very beginning and I've seen great developers leave and I also remember the flight sim doldrums when I had every reason to believe (a few times) to think the hobby would stagnate and die out. Best wishes to you all! Dave
  14. Nobody has mentioned that you can always continue to use the older NavData. You will always get the message that the NavData is out of date, but you can still use it. Unless you fly on VATSIM or IVAO, you don't HAVE to have updated NavData.
  15. I think Bob nailed it (per usual).
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