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  1. I have to agree, and it's about to get a whole lot better! REX SKY FORCE Later this year REX will [likely] release Sky Force, which promises to revolutionize the environment in which we operate inside of FSX and P3D. If one isn't familiar with Sky Force, then head on over to the REX Website and check out the video - though I'll tell you now that the product has been improved even further since the videos were released. REX also performed an graphics and installer update to bring Texture Direct and Soft Clouds Enhanced for P3DV4 and are in the process of updating other products. LEONARDO MADDOG X (MD-80 PROFESSIONAL) Arguably one of the two best aircraft ever developed for desktop flight simulation, many of us had written off being able to fly the Maddog in P3DV4. Davide Marras of Leonardo Software relented, and got back to work on major graphics and coding revisions to this incredible aircraft, which is already in Beta Testing, For information will be released on the Leonardo website in a few weeks. You can see a recent Beta flight on the OVPA Twitch Stream. FSL LABS Bringing their highly celebrated Airbus A320 to P3DV4 soon, and rumor has it they will make the aircraft available for FSW as well. AEROSOFT AIRBUS Not to be left out, Aerosoft is working hard to bring out significantly updated A318/A319/A320/A321 to P3DV4, after which we'll see the highly anticipated A330. Beyond the significant upgrades and new technology employed, what makes these aircraft stand out is Connected Flight Deck (Shared Cockpit) for all the Aerosoft Airbus line and for the CRJ-700/900 as well. The aircraft are all "in house development". TFDi Design They had already brought us a tremendous tool being used by a very long list of Virtual Airlines, a Smart ACARS system called SMARTCARS, but this year they stepped up there game and released the B717-200 - and another shared cockpit aircraft to the hanger! I think it's noteworthy that the B717 is actually the last of the DC-9/MD-80 line of aircraft. It has a Boeing designation due to Boeing purchasing McDonnell Douglass before the aircraft was competed. The B717 had a slow start, but updates have made this an excellent aircraft. An upcoming update should wrap this one up. QUALITY WINGS A lot of people are waiting for the Quality Wings 787, and the system list published by the developer is very impressive as it lists the first ever true fully integrated Electronic Flight Bag - which is tied in with Navigraph data. There is a little speculation about the release data for FSX and P3D, the flames of which were fanned recently by a particular distributor who listed the QW787 for sale (it wasn't really). One thing is for sure, a LOT of people are excited about this aircraft! MAJESTIC Also one of the best aircraft ever developed for Flight Sim, the Majestic Dash 8 Q400 is being overhauled and optimized for P3DV4 as we speak! I personally know of 50 flight simmers who are waiting for this aircraft with baited breath! The Dash has a tremendous Shared Cockpit system and is a dream to fly with one, two or more pilots. SHARED COCKPIT The year 2017 will signal the significant way the way many of us fly airliners by allowing us to share the same airliner with others. Shared Cockpit was touched off my Leonardo Software back in 2004 with their Fly the Maddog MD-80, and today we have numerous aircraft that have this terrific capability (see the list here - but there are many more to come!). We've seen countless Shared Cockpit groups spring to life over the past year, and VIrtual Airlines are now also getting into the swing of things. I don't think it will be too much longer before we start seeing Shared Cockpit is a LOT of new aircraft. TOOLS & UTILITIES We've been truly blessed by a lot of terrific freeware developers over the years, and they didn't let several new simulators slow them down! Today we have many tools to help setting and flying our simulators much easier, and they are constantly being improved! There are just too many to list, but I'm hopeful that AVSIM will create something to help people find them all. General Aviation I'm not a general aviation flight simmer so maybe someone else can write that up.
  2. Well, I can tell you that the Leonardo team are geared up and in full production mode. I'm afraid I can't share anything more than that for the time being,. but... OVPA live streamed the Dash 8 Q400 years before it was released, and we did the same with the Aerosoft Airbus and CRJ-700/900, so I wouldn't be surprised to see us streaming the revised MD-80 for P3DV4 sometime in the coming weeks (always with permission, of course).
  3. You should love the upcoming Dash 8 Q400 and Leonardo Maddog MD-80 Series for P3DV4!!!
  4. Thanks for sharing this... very cool. When I first saw the post's title, I thought someone had done this in FSX/P3D with Hendrick's AI Shipping. Can't imagine doing that over 30 days, but it would be cool!
  5. Absolutely!
  6. Well.... I know that West Wind is a little different than most VAs, having been around a very long time. But from a pilot perspective, every other VA is really nothing more than a collection of pilots who use the ACARs as a means to track their flights and for some to generate hours spent in front of the computer in a mildly competitive way. I'm certain some don't want to think of it this way, but that's what it really is. But now I'm going to tell you why it works in flight sim, and why it works so very, very well! Please take what I'm about to say in CONTEXT. Where the Hobby is concerned, flight simmers are by their very nature solitary (it's just them and their computer). Am I guessing at this? Not one bit. 30+ years not just in flight sim, but in the flight sim community, having worked one-on-one with hundreds or flight simmers and communicated with far more via email, private message and in the forums. So if you create an organization where 1. Anyone can join (no qualifications) 2. No membership requirements (except maybe 1 flight per month, which can be waived) 3. Communication with others members is optional, and if one chooses to do so it will likely be via a highly impersonal manner - a web forum. This fits with the solitary nature of most flight simmers, and at the same time they can tell themselves and take pride in the fact that they "belong" to a flight sim organization - even add a VA Banner to their forum signature! I mean, they didn't do anything special to qualify a member, and they didn't do anything special within the group, they just log in to ACARs to track their flights and when or if the achieve a certain number of hours in front of the computer they earn a promotion. Some VAs even have examinations that you can take as you Googling the answers. I am not belittling Virtual Airlines or the people who belong to them. But lets be real about what the vast majority of VAs really are. Remember what I said above... this is what most flight simmers want out of a VA, so it's certainly not a bad thing, not at all! For me personally, the attraction to such a group never existed - though I was an active member with DeltaVA.org for several years because some of the guys I flew with begged me to. I admit that I'm pretty far outside the mean where flight simmers are concerned, as I much prefer belonging to an interpersonal group where true friendships and bonds are created, and we speak together as frequently as we do with our non-flight sim friends (Skype on personal phones allow for free audio/video calls around the world). It was precisely this type of atmosphere that resulted in numerous friends visiting me and my wife from Europe and all over the US, and it's not uncommon for members to get phone calls from other members as they are driving down the road! The first time I got a Video Call from Algiers as I was driving to have lunch was a trip! But today getting such calls from members of the group is fairly routine. It may have been flight sim that brought us together regardless of the country we live in, but it was the interpersonal nature of our group which allowed us to become good friends and our conversations are as much the same as they are with non-flight sim friends, except that we have that too! Something else... it's one thing to fly Shared Cockpit with another pilot, but it's an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE TO FLY WITH A GOOD FRIEND! Truly a recipe for a memorable flight!
  7. There have been some excellent ways of making a flight selection posted here. The group I fly with always fly on VATSIM, so ATC coverage plays a part in our flight selection, but does not dominate our decision for a few reasons. 1. Airport Scenery (Payware or High Quality Freeware) NOTE: This is less of a selection criteria for us since the release of REX World Wide Airports HD, which convert default airport textures to custom and customizable HD textures. We will simply download an updated AFCAD so the terminals, taxiways and runways are updated and that's it! 2. ATC Coverage. If there isn't ATC Coverage then we'll look to see if we're flying into a VATSIM HotSpot (an area that usually has coverage or where we know that controllers often monitor the airspace offline and will login to provide service when they see inbound aircraft). 3. Weather. As pilots we do everything we can to avoid bad weather, but as flight simmers we seek it out! Crazy, but we love it!!!! 4. Challenging Arrivals and Approaches, or just extremely unique landscapes and city buildings.
  8. I've seen this from time to time with the Aerosoft CRJ. I don't think it's related to the aircraft,but rather a P3D issue. Have you checked the Prepar3d forums?
  9. Yes sir, all to true! Thanks!
  10. ChasePlane was created / based on being not only IMMENSELY User Friendly, but highly intuative as well. I hated EZDOC's learning curve, but I jumped right into ChasePlane day one and didn't have a single issue with getting it to work. Literally Point and Click type settings for the cockpit, flight deck and outside. It even reads all your airports (default and third party) and you can click runways and taxiways to instantly go there as well. FSFX's customer support is first rate. ChasePlane is an award worthy product, and has my highest recommendation. CAVEAT: My wife doesn't put much stock in my recommendations! LOL
  11. Flightaware.com will likely help you find a 787 flight. Best wishes.
  12. I love this thread, I honestly do! It's got everything! Humor, conspiracy theories, intelligent questions and answers, and some really good people! I just can't wait to see what comes next! I'm serious! You know that anything that starts out with "Level-D" is going to be at least a little interesting. The Level-D was actually my second payware airliner, back in the day. My first was the Pilot In Command 737-300/400/500. I loved them both, and they were a terrific launching pad into the NGX when it was released. After recently helping with the launching the CRJ-700/900, I can tell you that it brought back loads of memories. How many people here were around for the years while the NGX was in development? Do you remember all the posts about release dates, strong and even forceful recommendations that bordered on demands that enough was enough and PMDG just needed release it to us in whatever state it was in? Then came all the bugs, one Hotfix after another, Service Pack 1 and the promise of Service Pack 2 and with it things that never materialized? Well, over the past 1.5 years I lived all that on the other side of the curtain with the CRJ team, and it was really something. If Darryl (and his other brother Darryl) ever get things moving, I'll purchase the 757 - even if it's horrible. Shoot, one should get some kind of bonus points for doing so, don't you think? Besides, a few dollars will be worth owning one of the longest running myths / development projects ever in flight sim. Best wishes to everyone.
  13. whoa.... hahahahahahahaha hehehehehehehehe giggle-fart-giggle-giggle ahhhhh.....hahahahahahahaha LOL
  14. FSX-MS

    There are actually a LOT of people still using FSX and the forecast is for this to continue for the foreseeable future. Due to the low entry cost of FSX:SE, it's a terrific entry level / market generator for flight sim. Quality Wings has had the 787 in development for quite a long time (I believe they even stopped and restarted developement some years ago), so I respect the fact that they chose to continue work on the FSX variant and push it to release. When developers change course in mid-stream, products just get terribly delayed. That said, I too look forward to the QW787 in P3DV4, and can't wait to help out with their Shared Cockpit - game changer for them!
  15. FSX-MS

    Even the term Study Level is subjective. As far as I'm concerned, Study Level means that everything works in the modelled aircraft, failures are modeled, the systems react under all conditions (including failures), and one can perform 90% of the FCOM or better. There are some real world sims that don't meet this criteria! What I prefer is the term "High Level" sim, which I use in a broader context, and is meant to define an aircraft where a sim pilot is able to perform all the normal and routine flight deck operations that would take place on a normal flight. Where airliners are concerned this this would include all the PMDG aircraft, Aerosoft Airbuses, Aerosoft CRJ, most all the Quality Wings line, Captain Sim, Leonardo, Majestic, TFDi Design B717, and a few others. Sure, it's a pretty broad category, but all real world aircraft types aren't created equally. ------------------------- BRAVO to everyone who mentioned that attacking our fellow users and our developers is just not right - whether anyone here intended to or not. It makes my day when I see someone care about those issues in our community. None of us should stand by passively on things like that. We should all be quick to apologize when necessary, just admit when we're wrong about something. People will think much more of us for doing so. Best wishes to everyone.