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  1. As someone who has taken several aircraft from FSX to P3DV4.... I have to tell you guys that it's not a simple Port, in no way, shape of forum. If it WAS a simple port then I could give you instructions to do it yourself... but it's FAR from it. In fact, it's a LOT different, and a LOT of things have have to be done over and done differently. The one thing that does reduce the time is that the model is already done. Anyway, coming from a perspective that this is a Simple Port just sets you up for not understanding the amount of work involved, and I just wanted to put that out there. I don't follow the JS41 project. Best wishes.
  2. DaveCT2003

    P3D 4.4 Released - Good Enough?

    Someone Xplaner always seems to pop in and tell us that we're all dummies... I just wanted to be first at SOMETHING! LOL!
  3. DaveCT2003

    P3D 4.4 Released - Good Enough?

    Xplane 11... the best ever! 😉
  4. DaveCT2003

    MD-11 Gone Forever?

    Ah! Understand. PMDG has made it clear a few times that they will not be able to upgrade the MD-11 for P3D, so I'd say little to no hope for a PMDG MD-11. GIven their past statements, I doubt you could even get someone at PMDG to even respond to an inquiry. Best wishes!
  5. DaveCT2003

    P3D v4.4 Problems !!

    Since you already have a thread open on this, I would simply refer to that thread. Opening numerous threads about the same subject is frowned upon. If the solutions I provided to you in the other thread don't work, then you're very likely looking at a complete uninstall and reinstall of P3D and associated addons, which would be faster than looking at every single little item that might cause this (with P3D and various addons).
  6. DaveCT2003

    Dash 8 Q400 Engine

    Jim, Drop over to the Smart Cockpit website, Dash 8 Q400 section and grab the Power_Plant.pdf file. It has both a good narrative as well as several diagrams. Sorry, I didn't think about this earlier. I've been away from the Majestic Dash 8 project for a couple of years. Best wishes.
  7. DaveCT2003

    PMDG MD11 P3D V4

    I understand. That's why I said they have a good start on the MD-11 (and they actually do). Since I work on the development side of things, I can see where their MD-11 is and what needs to be done to improve it - and I hope they will and I think they will. Moreover, they're the only ones to date who have begun work on an MD-11 for P3Dv4. Put another way... I've seen the start of a LOT of initial products (that the public doesn't see), and they always start like this. In fact, the only product I haven't seen that fit this mold was the Dash 8, back a full 6 years before public release, and look at her today! I'd have referred to their existing RC as an Alpha, but when one doesn't have a large amount of funding this is just how such products start out. Given I'm a huge MD and MD-11 fan, I am happy to support their efforts, but their MD-11 does have a ways to go before it's prime time. I'm going to see what we can do to help them out. My very best wishes to you.
  8. DaveCT2003

    What is Plan GS?

    Ground Speed = True Airspeed +/- the Wind Speed Component. You can use the E6B Calculator HERE, or For the Wind Speed Component, you can use the calculator HERE, just substitute wind heading for Runway Heading. Additional Information at: https://www.ivao.aero/training/documentation/books/PP_ADC_Headwind_croswind_calc.pdf There are a lot of Aviation Calculaors availble online and I think there is a small but great application here in the AVSIM Library. If you search in the future, use Calculator as part of your search phrase (Wind Speed Calculator, Descent Calculator, etc.). Best wishes!
  9. Hahahahahahaha. I questioned that too, but since i don't have any of the iFly products I didn't say anything. I hear their products are pretty good, but up to Leonardo's? I don't know about that.
  10. Well, you'll have to explain to me how you think the Dash 8 Q400 is unfinished. You also forgot the Leonardo MaddogX. Best wishes.
  11. DaveCT2003

    PMDG MD11 P3D V4

    Well, I hope the finish fixing and updating the B717 before they think of yet another product. Don't get me started on this! 🙂
  12. DaveCT2003

    PMDG MD11 P3D V4

    I recently took a look at SkySimulations MD-11 doe P3Sv4, they have a good start on the project!
  13. DaveCT2003

    any way to set a default view on startup?

    I've never tried this, but I believe you can do this by moving to that position and then saving the flight. It should reload when you load that saved flight.
  14. DaveCT2003

    FSUIPC/SIMCONNECT for networking

    Also... FSUIPC reads from SimConnect. LM has been moving away from the SDK and has provided a PDK that doesn't use SimConnect at all. Developers simply have to learn and use the PDK, and in the future this should offer the advantage of increased performance because we won't have all that internal network traffic running in the sim. But that day is pretty far off.