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  1. Oleksiy (owner and programmer for Majestic) will be speaking about and showing the Dash 8 Q400 Pro and Training versions next Saturday on the 2017 Flight Sim Web Conference (see AVSIM front page news). You will be able to ask him (and the other guest developers) questions via text or voice should you wish. That said, the Q400 is arguably one of the two best simulators ever produced for desktop flight simulation (the other is the Leonardo Maddog). Difficult to place one over the over as they are two entirely different types of aircraft and different types of flying. Not saying other devs don't have excellent models, they certainly do, but Majestic and Leonardo just took things a few more steps. The Majestic Dash 8 is the only aircraft in flight sim that uses an external flight dynamics engine, allowing her to fly more closely to an actual aircraft that what we experience with other models. Each level of the Majestic Dash 8 increases with systems immersion. The Professional version is by far the most completely modeled Dash 8 I've ever seen, except of course the Training version of the Dash (which as a coincidence I'm getting ready to take up in Shared Cockpit in a few minutes... you can watch that stream at https://gaming.youtube.com/c/OnlineVirtualPilotsAssociation in about 10 minutes from my posting this (1925 UTC/GMT). The comparison between the three versions on the Majestic Website is accurate.
  2. There is a free one as well... FSTimeSync. I believe it's available here in the library, but if not Google will find it right away. This was just in response / addition to FS Real Time, I don't know if it will resolve the OPs issues. Best wishes.
  3. I only know 4 people who write flight sim code full time, so I'm not surprised that UTL's dev is part time. But he's set/setting a new standard for part time work and it's enormously dissatisfying - and it's extremely rare for me to criticize any developer (especially given that I'm often on the back end). On top of that, it dosn't take some to write code to create more aircraft/liveries, and they should be bale to pump out a few aircraft each week. As I said, the program is working well for me and doesn't have a large overhead which I'm very happy about. But snails are out pacing the development on this product and the distributor might want to wake up to that fact sooner rather than later - at least before the My Traffic guys get busy and swoop in.
  4. I'm not seeing any performance hit at all, but I'll agree with others that the limited aircraft/liveries is discouraging and they've had forever to update it. If the author isn't available, then it's time to bring someone else in - at least to create liveries. There are a lot of people flying MD-80's on VATSIM and we're about to see a lot more people doing so when the Leonardo Maddog is released, but no aircraft or livery for this aircraft in UTL. Terrible!
  5. There is a fix for this that works for some people. Search for "Menu" in the AVSIM CTD Guide - Jim describes the problem and possible fix (that works for a lot of people) in the AVSIM CTD Guide. The CTD Guide is located on the right side of most every AVSIM page. Best wishes.
  6. Hey Alan, that's not good news. Didn't Lockheed Martin say they had tested the update?
  7. Does anyone know the number of the update in question? I'm seeing quite a few updates in the list.
  8. Ah, I was thinking it was the one that's been available for quite some time. I'm looking forward to checking it out!
  9. LOL, thanks brother Ron! I have to say that I've long had and love that livery, and didn't realize you were the one who painted it! Thanks, great work Ron!
  10. Tony, Can you provide a link to the scenery that has a script? I've not seen one for the Dash and would love to see it. Many thanks.
  11. Simbol, One thing I wanted to add in case it makes a difference for your work. I've seen a lot of flight simmers turn on their landing lights as they move to enter the runway during night ops, but this isn't correct (at least for FAA, I can't speak about CAA or ICAO). The proper procedure is to wait until the aircraft is lined up on the runway. Primarily the reasoning behind this is to avoid ruining the night vision of other pilots as your aircraft is usually somewhat perpendicular to the runway and when execute something around a 90 degree turn to line up - which allows for a lot of other pilots to enjoy/evaluate the brightness of your lights (lol). The same applies to switching them off after landing (try to do it while you're still pointed down the runway) though I don't believe this was in the AIM. My initial training was as an Naval Flight Officer on the big (for the Navy) P-3C, then later GA. When I started back into flight sim in 2004 and again in 2008 I had many active pilots fly with me who turned their lights on well before they entered the runway and of course we debated the above until I was able to provide the AIM reference. I should note the references for turning landing lights on for crossing runways, which if my memory is correct this advised, not mandated and is more situational than anything (where are you crossing, would other pilots be affected by you turning on the lights, do you have the special lights for that purpose, etc.). I hope this is helpful. Please look for a PM from me on another matter. Best wishes to all. Thanks!
  12. Sorry, just curious what you mean by this?
  13. Ah hah! Nice trick. There is also some excellent software that will block the download, but I can tell you from experience to make sure you have Cortana activated and working (because I believe they shut her down as well) before you go for an update, otherwise your system will be messed up after the update. Happened to me last Fall, just before I was to host the annual flight sim web conference. Took me sitting at the computer for 55 hours straight to get Windows installed, updated and MOST of the software installed, finished 30 minutes until the web conference was to start. I'm not in a hurry to repeat that! By the way for anyone who cares, this year's Flight Sim Web Conference is November 25th at 5pm UTC/GMT. For into on the Online Virtual Pilots Association Facebook Page.
  14. Something else about this. There is absolutely no way that someone could operate three controls at the same time (Yoke, Power and Rudder Trim) without having their hands on the yoke and feet on the rudder pedals. One person doing two of them and the PNF adjusting rudder trim isn't going to work either as no matter how seasoned two people are working together there is nobody who can adjust rudder trim to compensate for any power reduction after take off or wind changes unless they can feel their effects on the aircraft which requires hands and feet on the pedals. However adjusting rudder trim with the autopilot engaged can be done. I'm not familiar with all airline SOPs (though I'd love to see them if anyone has them), but generally speaking setting rudder trim for take off goes against all my training, even for turboprops that don't use counter rotating props. Using Rudder input rather than rudder trim to adjust for torque is how I was always taught, and there are more reasons for that other than limiting rudder authority in the opposite direction. Winds are never, ever constant and because they change constantly during take off and initial climb it's best to have your rudder trim zeroed. It's something I don't use until I'm on a straight course.