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  1. DaveCT2003

    v4.3 mouse problem, sim freeze

    Just wanted to chime in here... I've been having this problem since installing 4.3 (and I've uninstalled and reinstalled it). The list of things i've tried, including removing Windows updates, Drivers are all up to date, P3D Addons, etc. etc. etc. I perform P3D tech support and I'm a former computer engineer so you can imagine all the tests I've run and all the things I've tried. I have no idea if this is a native P3D or Windows issue. After months of effort, my system is running better than it ever has but I've only been able to temper the Mouse/Freeze issue. I'm going to try a different mouse tomorrow, and failing that I suppose the only thing left is a Windows 10 reinstall. Best wishes everyone!
  2. DaveCT2003

    MD80 virtual airlines?

    Delta Virtual. I'd say any real world airlines which flies the MD-80, for which there is a Virtual Airline, would have the MD-80 in it's stable.
  3. Well, I've tested all different graphics settings in P3D, and I found the very best setting for my system (and 7 other systems I've recently helped set up... each one different) VSync On, Unlimited FPS, and Triple Buffering selected. Recently I stared using NVIDIA Inspector to limit the FPS externally, but this was for a very specific reason (testing an upcoming changes to 4 different payware aircraft). Nothing matches the overall quality of these settings on my system. SYSTEM SPECS i7-4770k o/c to 4.5GHz, 16GB RAM GTX 1080, 11GB VRAM, pushing one 55-inch 4K monitor and three 22-inch monitors. Best wishes.
  4. DaveCT2003

    What is going on with flight simulators?

    I can understand some of the OP's comments from an initial entry perspective, and I've seen more than a handful of non-computer types get overwhelmed right out of the gate. In fact, I drew up a plan for a large flight sim company I'm affiliated with and floated the idea to them. It's a package for ENTRY LEVEL flight simmers only. Best wishes everyone!
  5. DaveCT2003

    Default View

    I'm on the team at Aerosoft my friend. I'll look into this, but I can't make any promises... we have so many other higher priorities. Best wishes.
  6. DaveCT2003

    BVAI Model Matching issue

    BVAI is not longer supported by Boston Virtual, it's been changed/updated to FLAI. If you haven't already, I would seek all support directly from the source (in the Boston Virtual and/or VATSIM forums). Best wishes my friend!
  7. DaveCT2003

    Prepar3d v4 Known Issues

    There is a default selection in your P3D Graphics settings which allows you to take things back to what should be stable, and then you can adjust your resolutions, etc. I also run with Unlimited Frame Rate, Triple Buffering and Nsync enabled and your hardware should run that extremely well. Payware aircraft can not be run with the simulator above x4 speed, and accelerating the sim beyond that you're going to experience a variety of problems especially in the Aerosoft Airbus which is directly tied to the frame rate. I agree that the issue is likely with FSUIPC. Personally, I haven't used it to save flights for a very long time due to inherent issues with that (which Pete said was fixed, but I still don't do it).
  8. DaveCT2003

    GSX Level 2 - Reviews?

    I think all the OVPA guys have it now and like it. I like it very much, new voice sets, additional capabilities and flexibility, increased animations... it's work it in my opinion. I've found some bugs and reported them... and that's going to be true of any complex software designed to work with other complex software. I believe you can grab the manual to read up on V2 on the FSDT website. Best wishes.
  9. DaveCT2003

    Prepar3d v4 Known Issues

    I haven't experienced any of this (same aircraft). What you are describing can be affected by which hardware you run and what your graphics settings are. 1. Can you please post your detailed system specs? 2. Can you please take a screen shot of your P3D Graphics and World Settings? 3. Which weather engine are you using, and were you flying near any turbulance or thunderstorms? 4. Have you applies any tweaks for P3D or graphics drivers? I'm betting this is hardware of settings.
  10. DaveCT2003

    MADRID Barajas LEMD Scenery

    Just had a close friend and very experienced flight simmer check, and it's working fine in P3DV4.3. Again, it's not made for P3DV4, but it's working. Best wishes.
  11. DaveCT2003

    MADRID Barajas LEMD Scenery

    I know that Aerosoft's Madrid worked in P3DV4.2. I haven't tested in 4.3 though. IMPORTANT NOTE: The software wasn't created for P3DV4, so it's not formally supported in P3DV4, I'm just saying that it worked by manually adding it using SceneryConfigurator or Lorbys Addon Organizer.
  12. Try deleting your Shaders folder (Google P3D Shaders if you're not familiar with this). Best wishes.
  13. I do it by going external, placing the view point above the aircraft and moving my hat switch down to look at the aircraft. Then I set that as a position so I can go there anytime I wish. Wonderful feature! I don't know if there is another way, but the above works perfect for me. Best wishes. I
  14. DaveCT2003

    Default View

    Keven, it still does this after disabling the view system. But as I said above, it's no big deal for me.
  15. DaveCT2003

    777X new boeing plane

    I was at Boeing the other day, and they let it slip out that the only reason they produce new aircraft and variants is to keep PMDG in new projects!