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    Dave has been a proud member of the flight simulation community for over 36 years and has or is working with a variety of flight sim developers including Leonardo, Majestic, Aerosoft, and many, many others where he provides Professional Project Management, Design Influence, Research, Team Management, Test and Evaluation and customer/technical support. In addition to his work with developers, Dave is a member of Aerosoft with a focus on commercial operations.

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  1. LOL, all in fun my friend! Some of my best friends were Air Force, and that's where I put my son about 18 years ago.
  2. Are you sure about that? I've not been active on the Leonardo Beta Team for a while due to other projects, but I'm pretty familair with the MD-82/83/88 and I don't think that's correct. As far as I remember, so long as the MD-82 has an Autobrake, you should be able to arm the spoliers both on the ground (Takeoff) and during final approach with speed less than 160knots, gear down, etc.
  3. I would love nothing more than to clobber my friend Umberto (wink, grin! Will miss seeing you in June brother), but I'm steadily with him on this so I'll have to find something different to clobber him with! LOL!
  4. Always takes a little longer for you Air Force guys... 😉 Navy here.
  5. Hey Ben, Have you ever considered flying online? There are INCREDIBLE, free AI Traffic available for VATSIM and IVAO Users (POSCON coming soon) with many thousands of aircraft/liveries, and the install process is a snap. If you've never flown online but are interested,you use P3Dv4/5, then we're flying the Aerosoft Airbuses, Leonardo MaddogX MD-80, Majestic Dash 8 Q400 Pro and the TFDi B717 in shared cockpit all the time and taking people up to help them learn how to fly online. This method is not only some of the most fun you'll have in flight sim, it also compresses the learning time frame by a factor of at least 10. PM me if you are interested.
  6. Does anyone remember that before circa 2001 the MS code name for the Xbox was DirectXbox? Dwell on that one for a few minutes and the light comes on bright!
  7. Like this video? That guy is darned lucky I wasn't in the seat in front of him. I'd have whooped his butt (really, really good) and happily gone to jail for it.
  8. Ha! I know you jest, but that not only happened to me, it happened to me on a 2 x 2 CRJ and the poor lady sat next to me. I'm not overweight, but I have fairly broad shoulders and I had to sit partically on the wall because she was half-way in my seat. I want to emphasize that I'm very understanding and I certainly didn't blame her on single bit. But I did ask to me moved however I was told it was a full flight (and it was), and being on the way to my brother's funeral I elected to keep things as they were. Mistake. The lady knew I'd gotten up and spoke to the flight attendent, and when i returned (being very polite if not overly nice to her) she burst into tears like you wouldn't believe. OMG, the entire flight then surmized that I must have said something insulting to her, and the glares I received even made me uncomfortable... and I'm retired military so usually I'm fine with that sort of attempts at intimidation, but not this time. What an ordeal that was.
  9. Not to over use the word in this thread, but PERSONALLY... I can't wait for a Passenger Simulator. In fact, that's IT!. I'm tired of waiting, and I've allocated resources towards developing one myself. Now, mind you, you won't be able to visit the flight deck - and why would you? I mean, it's a "passenger" simulator after all, not a pilot or (another over used term) Flight Simulator. Not to worry though, we're planning to model plenty of features so you won't mind not being able to visit the flight deck. Just some of the features are: 1. Start at the cabin door or in your seat, 2. Have to located space for your own carry somewhere in the cabin, 3. Simulation stops and shifts to a pursuit in GTA (sold separately) if you remove your your seat belt or get up from your seat when the Seat Belt Sign is illuminated. 4. Your choice in cabin crews... Stewards/Stewardess or Flight Attendants. 5. Working window shades 6. Ability to watch movies on very small screens. 7. Order select items from the menu, which will appear so long as you have your seat tray down. 8. Of course, animated seat trays. 9. A working map in the display directly in front of you Hoping that Bryan at FS2Crew will step in and provide passengers with attitudes, putting their hair over the heat, and putting their stinky feet everywhere they shouldn't be. People who enjoy flying long hauls will love this one. It used to be that people wanted realism based flight decks, handling characteristics, NavData, moving maps, EFBs, shared cockpit, animated ground crew and vehicles. Guess we filled up all the good wishes, so the cabin is all we have left. This is (of course) meant as tongue-n-cheek, though I will say that after 40 years in this hobby I will never understand the "I wanna see a cabin thing", and I never will.
  10. I don't use this product, but since you used the term Wrapper, does that mean that it's sold via F1? If so, that's who you'll need to contact about the license. Best wishes.
  11. Oh, I think I could come up with a few worse things... LOL! But I agree, it's a terrible pain in the rear!
  12. It's under Human Interface Devices. It takes some work to figure out which device is which so I recommend going through and disabling Power Saving for all the devices listed there. I did that straight away when I added the Xbox Controller for CP, and I've never had an issue. Just some history: I was the original person who published this power saving issue many years ago. It's a Windows issue, so nothing for LM to fix per se, however I wish to God they would either remove the "ah-ha! New controller, let's give it the control binds we think it should have" feature, or make it selectable. I mentioned this to Adam when he was the LM P3D PM (I just slipped back into acronym mode.... LOL), I'll write to Chris soon and ask him to do it. Hope this is helpful!
  13. I use an Xbox controller for CP as well, and since removing the Xbox controller binds in P3D after the first time plugging that controller is it has never happened since. Of course I have the power saving disabled for the Xbox controller, which is critical in preventing this behavior.
  14. Gary, P3D Downloads: Don't log in to the downloads page with your email address. Instead, log in with the License ID and License Activation Password. P3D Forum: Log in with your email and password. That our of the way, please see the following which is from LM: "Why can I no longer activate after I have reinstalled Prepar3D, updated software, updated hardware, or installed Prepar3D on a new machine? I am getting error 5013 when trying to install. What do I need to do? Depending on the license you have, it is likely that you have reached the limited number of activations for your specific license. While the licensing software does recognize that the installs are being done on the same computer, if enough of the computer’s information changes (operating system, external hardware, graphics cards, etc.), it will flag your setup as a different computer. If you need an additional activation, because of a hardware change or you are moving the license to a new computer, please e-mail licensing@prepar3d.com with your License ID and a very brief explanation of the reason you need your license reactivated. Your request will be fulfilled within two business days." I hope this clears things up for you. Best wishes.
  15. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/7240e723-9889-4565-82ef-987a28708090/gif
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