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    Dave has been a proud member of the flight simulation community for over 36 years and has or is working with a variety of flight sim developers including Leonardo, Majestic, Aerosoft, and many, many others where he provides Professional Project Management, Design Influence, Research, Team Management, Test and Evaluation and customer/technical support. In addition to his work with developers, Dave is a member of Aerosoft with a focus on commercial operations.

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  1. I remember when you guys got started, great job!
  2. Oh man, you are SOOOOOO right about that. Video camera time!
  3. Tell her Eve already did that, and didn't stop taking after that! LOL! Not sure where she plans to operate at/in and what she plans do to with it, it makes a big difference for boat selection. The best advice is to go to a reputable dealer and get their advice... which would be far better than mine as they should be far more up to date than I am. Best wishes to you both!
  4. An oldie, but a goodie! Having grown up on small boats in Florida, and being retired Navy, I spent an hour or better picking this video apart and trhe lessons are many. Always good to see this stuff get resurrected, particuarly before summer (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway) when a lot of people who know nothing about operating watercraft will take the waterways. Thanks for sharing!
  5. I understand your privavy concern. Several flight sim websites require your real name, and doing this solves several key problems, the two primary are: 1. Users behave a bit better in the forums when they no longer believe they are anonomous. This can take care of up to 70% of all forum moderaton and generally speaking is condusive to a nicer and more professional community/forum. 2. Software piracy is a big deal in our community, so several key developers insist on users priving their real name so their purchase can be checked prior to providing technical support or downloads. One thing you can do is create a graphic with your real name. Since it's a graphic, it won't be indexed by search engines, so someone won't find your posts if they search for your name. See my signature graphic below for an example. Finally, so long as someone is polite and respectful to everyone, I really don't see the need to hide thier name from others in the community, but you certainly have a right to feel how you feel. Best wishes!
  6. I've long been a huge fan of anything LatinVFR does, but after working with the owner Ricardo I was an even BIGGER Fan! Ricardo knows how to treat customers!
  7. I've never seen this aircrash (lol) before, so I had to check out the real world one. Looks fun, but I wonder what the trim and cross wind characterics were/are like... very interesting. Thanks so much for this! Dave
  8. In addition to the above comments, try running FSX in the Windows Mode instead of Full Screen.
  9. How about.... https://www.facebook.com/FlyHoneycomb/photos/a.486984095008661/1334840746889654/
  10. In another sim that was caused by running out of memory/contiguous memory, often seen in Long Hauls. Best wishes.
  11. Respectfully, one should always strive to take things in context, otherwise things become a free for all and nothing gets accomplished. If you would, please go back and read what I replied to the OP (which you responded to from a post that was not intended for the OP, but for Ricardo). I'm sure it was unintended, but you mixed those two things up. Best wishes.
  12. No offense taken. I'm aware how you feel, but you are refusing to listen to what I'm telling you or take my reccomendation to get more informed and learn more about our hobby. I'm trying to help you understand, and you just want to stick with your present knowledge instead of expanding it. As such, any furhter discussion is rather pointless. It's your call brother. By the way, don't use Wiki for definitions, goodness!
  13. Gaslighting is an over used term for which may users do not understand the true meaning. So when someone comes in to a conversation who DOES know what it means, the wrong impression can be given., though admittedly that would be extreme in this case. I'm just saying. I've proudly represented Aerosoft online and in person at events for the past 15 years, and I have also represented Leonardo, Majestic, FSReborn, and several other developers during that time frame. Aerosoft being one of the largest developers/distributors in flight sim, they will from time to time be people who find fault or have a complaint, it comes with the territory. But even with this, I would like to share something with you, something I've shared a few times and which has always helped people to understand things better. First and foremost, I am a devoted member of the flight simulation community. I was there at the start, meeting at libraries and online via Compuserve, AOL and BBSs, and the only time I've not been active in the community was when my military service prevente it (or a short time post divorce). I believe that many people would tell you that I've long been viewed as being honest, ethical, and that I've done and given quite a lot for the benefit of my fellow flight simmers. I am a dyed in the wool techncial program manager and quality assurance engineer who has worked multi-million and multi-billion dollar weapons systems. Back in 2008 and after about a year of some significant marketing in the community, I purchased the PMDG NGX at initial release. Within 30 minutes I was irrate. The product was riddle with bugs, including major ones, it did not meet with the documentation that was released with the product or the marketing materials we had all seen, and, well, I was word not allowed. How I wondered, does a product get released in this state, and believe me I had the professional background and a great many years of experience to know! Well, I did more than wonder. I wrote to PMDG and also posted my assessment and questions, I knew I was right, and I basically hammered PMDG and by association anyone who worked the project with them. Two years later I worked by first project in the flight sim community, and within 6 months I thought back on my letter/post to PMDG and I was humbled and personally and professionally embarrased by what I had wrote. Guys, my wife will tell you that I HATE being wrong, and I put forth a lot of effort to avoid being wrong so when it happens I hammer myself worse than anyone else could. In this case, I was not only wrong, but I had put my professional knowledge on the line, and I failed. Now with 15 years behind the curtain I can tell you that flight sim development is always a push-me, pull-me type struggle as the coders contend with some mighty challenges. Attempt to develop for a new sim, which I've seen many times over by the way, and the struggle is almost unqualifiable. No flight sim developer in on the planet has the funding of what we see in other parts of the gaming world, you only have to watch video of E3 compared to flight sim Expos, or note that Microsoft announced MSFS at E3 and didn't even show at the Flight Sim Expo going on the same day to understand this. Aerosoft is a terrific company with many terrific people working there. In fact, they have more full time employees worked for the community than any other flight sim company - by far! They also have a formal policy to produce quality products which are affordable for as many people as possible. Now I don't know about you, but I cringe when I see what some flight sim products have been selling for over the past few years, and believe me I know when those prices are necessary and when they are not. Aerosoft made a pledge to community, and they've stuck to it. Moreover, Aerosoft donates, without advertising it, to the flight simulaiton community and has for each year that I've been with them. You simply can't say that about other developers. Anyway, no developer is perfect, but when it comes to Aerosoft there is a reason why this honest, ethical member of the community supports them, because they do good for the community I love. On the developer side this is a business, and with Microsoft and Asobo their are documents that we all signed which prevent us from saying as much as we would like. It was the same with Laminar or Lockheed Martins. So when there is a question or problem, we can't always provide all of what we know, we just can't. I can see why this might cause a few people to think we are being less than honest, but it's just not the case. Anyway, for those who can't help being critical (which I'm not faulting), my best recommendation is to earn your way onto Beta Team of a major project (complex aircraft), devote yourself to working it for 20+hours a week, and I can promise you'll look at our community and development a whole lot different than you do now. Happened to me. As always, I leave you with my thanks for taking the time to read and consider what I shared with you, and with my very best wishes to enjoy this wonderful community. I promise, there are a lot of terrific things heading your way brothers and sisters.
  14. You certainly make a excellent point, and I'm not here to argue that. Just offering a plausible explanation. This type of thing has occured with every new sim that's been out since FS2000, and historically it gets corrected one way or the other. As we all know, MSFS was released with much work left to do both coding and most especially documentation wise, so devs are playing catch up. Anyway, just saying it's pretty early in developmental wise, but you get no argument from me on this. Best wishes my friend!
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