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    Dave has been a proud member of the flight simulation community for over 36 years and has or is working with a variety of flight sim developers including Leonardo, Majestic, Aerosoft, and many, many others where he provides Professional Project Management, Design Influence, Research, Team Management, Test and Evaluation and customer/technical support. In addition to his work with developers, Dave is a member of Aerosoft with a focus on commercial operations.

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  1. send your answer to my email dh.55haynes@gmail.com

  2. hi dave i am dave cannot delete chaseplane from p3d5.3 tried everything when i load the plane in p3d it comes up repaired corrup file to use chaseplane which i don't want, i have deleted  camera's fig file and standard xml file still know good, where is the corrupt file in p3d do you know dave.

    1. DaveCT2003


      Sorry, I don't know.  I've been away from flight sim for about 4 years due to health issues.


  3. Is this due to the radio frquencies (and thus the radios themselves) changing from 8.33KHz change from 25KHz? See: https://aviation.stackexchange.com/questions/73992/what-is-the-purpose-of-using-8-33-khz-instead-of-25-khz-frequency-spacing
  4. Yeah, Elaine was (is) a class act all the way.
  5. I've seen (heard) a few ladies on VATSIM in my time, even controllers. But sadly they seem short lived. Love to see more of them! Stand by for a whimiscal, though non policitally correct statement: I've heard plently of young males whose voice made it clear they're coconuts hadn't developed husks yet... (aka "it's not quite news years eve in New York City"), even mistakenly (or not) referred to one or two of them as "Ma'am" on the radio. Come on, even Father Bill has to get a giggle outta that!
  6. Have you looked at the Maddog? Can't beat it! You just can't. Best wishes.
  7. Yeah, I've been using one since they were first released. The way the OP stated things, I was wondering if the function had changed. Seems like it's the same, it's just the manner in which he described it. Thanks! Best wishes.
  8. So, just a question here. The TrackIR Pause function used to pause the TrackIR from operating rather than "freeze the image", which should mean freezing the display. Is this something new (TrackIR freezing the image) or am I misunderstanding the OP? Best wishes to everyone!
  9. Unless something has changed, it should make no difference, though I finally uninstalled it myself. Best wishes.
  10. What the best or most realistic weather settings are is so subjective that someone is always going to challenge what anyone says. With that in mind, cyyzrwy24 is correct in my opinion. This same question has long been asked, so as someone who did a fair amount of flying (and in different areas of the world), I went to work along with a private pilot friend mine and we came up with not only what we believed were the best addons (we worked with and tried them ALL), but the best settings for the addons we decided on. The guys at REX have always done a great job of marketing and hoping for the best, but the simple fact is that ActiveSky is the finest weather engine I've ever used, and ActiveSkyCloudArt is simply a must have. If you want to push textures even further, then add the Toga products! So, ActiveSky P3D. ActiveSky Cloud Art, and Toga's EnvTex and EnvShade is in my opinion, the way to go. I would provide the files with the settings I use for the AS and Toga products, however short of some work I did earlier this year for the US Navy, I haven't booted up P3D this year due to health reasons and I have no updated my AS or Toga products so the files wouldn't be very useful to you guys. While I have and run both P3Dv4 and v5, I do not use EA or Volumetric clouds in P3Dv5 (not yet anyway). I sincerely hope this makes a differernce for those looking to achieve terrific and realistic weather in P3Dv4/v5. Best wishes and a very Happy upcoming New Year! Disclosure: I believe it's fair to say that I have a long history of providing fair and unbiased opinions regarding anything flight simulatuion related. As a matter of full disclosure, I worked with the REX Team for several years and Reed Stough was a very good aquitence of mine. Damian Clark at HiFi is a very good aquintence of mine with whom I have worked closely with in the past. I am not directly affliated with either company.
  11. I serve as an advisor to POSCON, and I track the progress carefully. POSCON is funded by one person, the owner, who is a seasoned pilot with a major US carrier. His income took a hit during the first year of COVID and so it follows that development also took a hit. We spoke for an hour yesterday, and the network is planning a series of terrific events in January to get the word out about the network. He tells me there are plenty of controllers, but being a new network, they don't log in when there aren't pilots. It's a chicken or the egg thing, although I have some ideas how to kick things off. POSCON offers numerous things which other networks are not able to do with their software, so my money is on POSCON long term, but the community itself will have to play a role in it's success. Best wishes my friend!
  12. Having been a part of the community for a very, very long time and having worked one-on-one with countless new flight simmers, founded and managing private high-end flight sim groups, assisted with VAs, and working on the commerical side of things, I can tell you this is all much to do about nothing. New sims come in and eventually the majority of the community switch to them. And with the course set, the commerical and freeware developers follow. Now I still use P3Dv4/v5 (and I bet few people have the number of addons for those platforms that I do), and while I know and like the P3D platform I also have MSFS and with some high-end addons like the Aerosoft CRJ and those coming shortly (for instance PMDG and the aircraft NOBODY disputes as one of the two finest aircraft EVER developed for flight sim... the Leonardo Maddog MD-82 which I will soon be testing for MSFS), my move to MSFS is all but assurded. One thing I am waiting for is a good MSFS weather engine and frankly I'm lost when it comes to understanding what's really been going on with that. Anyway, it's just what it is. To everyone in the community, to all my many friends, and especially those new to flight sim.... My best and most sincere wishes for a blessed holiday season to you and your families.
  13. Yeah, I'm hoping to get it for testing before Christmas! Of course we're sworn to secrecy until just prior to release, but as I always do I'll seek permission to post about it as soon as possible.
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