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  1. kenz

    Freeware AI installer app from AIG

    only collaboratives freeware solutions have been able to kind of solve the AI problem : WOAI, AIG etc... we can dream of a sort of online database updated by the community and automatically shared via an app, I think what AIG is doing with their new one click installer app is going in this direction and that's really good news, impressive work. but AIG, like WOAI and others are "groups", the amount of work they can put into this is limited by the number, in the group, of enthusiasts that gather data, produce repaints etc.. my opinion is that the only solution that would achieve a plug-n-play long lasting, up-to-date and accurate AI would be an openly collaborative online database, kind of a wiki where anyone can fill his data with a verification/validation system like in wikis (i think wikidatabases already exist). Imagine an online wiki-database where the community keep up-to-date and accurate the schedules (remember this is not limited to a group, any individual from the community can put some work/time there, it will be validated in the same way wikipedia is, so the user is sure of the accuracy of the data), and a freeware app localy that download those schedules, model match them with the user repaints and compile the resultant bgls automatically. Especially now whith the avent of FLAI, no need to download tons of repaints that need to specificly match the schedules you have. Just download FLAI, download the schedules you want, model match them and tada...AI made easy 😄 just dreamin' aloud
  2. kenz

    Freeware AI installer app from AIG

    AIG AI Manager – One Click Installer RELEASE
  3. kenz

    AI traffic App ?
  4. it was the same for me, failed the ishiara test, the lanterne test etc... when I understood I coul'd never be a professionnal pilot I have made a mistake : I choose to make studies in a complete different sector. try not to make this mistake, pilot is not the only career in aviation, you could become dispatcher, loadmaster, mechanichs, engineer etc...and be in/arround planes daily
  5. kenz

    continuous beep warning tone

    PACKS are kind of air conditionning units they are regulating the air flow and temperature if you're a beginner I strongly advise you to reads manuals, maybe not starting with the FCOM but some tutorials etc...when you will be more advanced just read the FCOM and FCTM (it's the real world manuals, you will find real world procedures, system description, etc..)
  6. hi everyone, I would like to share a handsheet I'v done back in the days for the (soon legacy) Leonardo MD80 : the idea was to create something something visual so you can quickly find the area of the cockpit where the next action is. It is based on several FCOM, LSH documentations and several tutorials and real world cockpit videos founded on the web at the time. here is a link to a bunch of real world videos where you can see a lot of SAS SOP's :
  7. kenz

    Aviation movies sugestions The film tells the story prior to the accident LAPA Boeing 737 on 31 August 1999 after hitting an embankment in central Buenos Aires, killing 67 people. Directed and performed by a former pilot of the same company, this film reveals a complex web of complicity between the Air Force and the company to circumvent security controls in order to obtain greater economic benefit in operations.
  8. thanks for sharing ! i just tried it, indeed i find it little bit dark, i adjusted the aircraft lighting parameter. thanks for the work ! and by the way very nice website !
  9. hello, now that there is only one file to download and install, i think this package could be interesting for me, but is it compatible with 3.4, you're saying 3.2 in your post.
  10. ok, so the simplest way for a noob like me to enjoy those great pieces of work is to install PTA then apply with it ULTIMATE Realism Pack. I think the fact that the words Realism and Pack are used in the two different things is what confused me. anyway, my goal is to reinstall p3d and i will use latest version so RSP won't be an option. thanks for the answers guys ! have a good day, fly safe.
  11. Hello everybody,I'm sorry to aske this cause I feel like i will sound dumb, but what is the difference between RealismeShaderPack v1.1, PTA and Ultimate realisme pack v0.95 my understanding is that ultimate realism pack is just a set of preset+textures to be used with PTA but i don't understand clearly the difference between realism shader pack and PTA in terms of what it does into the sim, are they meant to be used in paralell or is that just two differents solutions to apply the same tweaks technics to p3d ?
  12. kenz

    Release MD-11 as Freeware?

    hell yeah they should do this