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  1. FlyTampa....we need...Tampa!! CYUL was excellent in P3D as well, it was the last airport I bought in P3D so did not get to enjoy it much.
  2. I made a mistake with an airport recently by another no-name developer. Sim Market is full of them and all overpriced. Many look good in the photos but then after purchasing you realize what a mess they are. I am always willing to give new developers a chance but the pricing is a major turn off and many seem to be rushed and very low-quality...
  3. If you have a nice yoke (Thrustmaster Boeing, etc), the 737 is a blast fly. If you only use a joystick then the 320 might be a better purchase. Both are great and I go back and forth between them both. I had the MD80 in P3D and it took a lot of study to learn. If I did not fly it for a while I would forgot how to fly it. As the MD-80's are disappearing IRL, I did not bother getting it for MSFS but it was a very complete and impressive simulation in P3D...
  4. I generally have gotten quick responses from them but none of the responses have been of use nor helpful. My 2.5-year old Honeycomb yoke is now bound for the trash bin as I am not going to attempt to disassemble it and solder circuit boards to fix a serious design flaw. Between the pitch being WAY to stiff and the yoke never fitting properly on my desk (2" thick desk...default clamps too small and XL clamps way too big and non-returnable!) this thing has just been a huge disappointment. I just ordered the TM Boeing yoke which I will hopefully have better luck with... I have the HC Bravo Throttle Quad and that has been great...by far the best throttle quadrant I have used and have not had any issue with it.
  5. Both are very good. I have been impressed with VerticalSim airports as I have never used X-Plane and was not familiar with them. I now have all of their MSFS airports. That said, depends on what kind of flying you want to do. KCLT is a big American Airlines hub so if you do a lot of A320 or 737 flights it might be the better choice. Definitely a more complex airport as well. KMYR is nice as well but I will likely fly in/out of it much less than KCLT..
  6. I was in this area (KSRQ) today IRL and it was chock full of storms and cumulus clouds....so not at all an issue in this case. If only the Live weather could more accurately depict storms and the higher CB's....
  7. I think when MS/Asobo decide to do an area of photogrammetry it needs to be color adjusted to match surrounding terrain if they cannot get the satellite shot from the proper time of year. Since MSFS is basically summer textures all year-round it seems silly to create a photogrammetry area that consists of what appears to be a satellite photo from winter. I do sometimes notice these abrupt changes around PG areas (just saw it near Chicago the other day)....but that shot looks horrific...
  8. Not if you are outside of the 2-year warranty...as I am.
  9. You are correct...mine was having similar issues and I replaced with a longer cable and still continued to have problems. I now cannot use any of the bottoms on the yoke. I love their throttle quadrant but this yoke has been a huge disappointment for me....
  10. I have had zero interest in trying the Google map thing....but why are the trees grey with the Google version?? Seems a bit silly if you lose the AI color adjustments you get with the default Bing tiles...
  11. I have done many hours in AirHauler using the WT CJ4. Great price also (free) and one of the best aircraft in the sim! I can also highly recommend the Kodiak..but will be similar to the Caravan.
  12. You can add whatever effects you want for each aircraft.
  13. Take the video 'tutorials' for what they are worth because you never know if the guy is even following the correct procedures. On one of the more popular tutorials posted above he wasn't even following the proper TO and climb out profile. Unless the person doing the tutorial knows what they are doing (most do not) than they are not worth much. I think a short PDF summary of basic tips and tricks would be a minimum. There are guys on Discord thinking the HJet has Autothrottle while also trying to figure out why the external lights don't work. Recommending a 4 hour Twitch stream probably not the best approach. Glad to see Marwan working on the PDF though...I just think maybe that should have been done on release...if anything for his own sake! Great plane though....
  14. I agree. I think documentation should have been completed before release. It would have saved the developer many sleepless days on Discord as nobody understands the airplane or the G3000. It's a great aircraft but the G3000 is still a bit of a mess (not developers fault, but Asobo's) so it makes it a bit hard to fly without workarounds. Too bad that we are 2 years into MSFS and we still have these avionics issues and flightplan/approach/arrival problems that send you off course needing constant intervention. Hopefully WT can have a properly functioning G3000 sooner than later...
  15. That's great news, I have all of the VerticalSim airports they have released for MSFS. They do a great job on the airports but this is my first time using them as I never flew X-Plane. Hope they can bring their KBWI over as well.
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