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  1. Flic1

    Blacked out & Messy ground textures P3DV4.3

    If you are using ORBX OpenLC try uninstalling/reinstalling that.
  2. Flic1

    310R with Navstax NAV issue

    Fr. Bill - I just figured out what the issue was in my case. I had messed around in the Navstax Configurator before I had integrated it into the VC and in error selected NAV 1 in the options of each radio. I changed radio 2 to 'Nav 2' and it fixed the problem. Maybe check that out in case the same thing is happening. Eric
  3. Flic1

    310R with Navstax NAV issue

    Yeah, it does appear to be that way. I have not been approved yet on their forums so cannot even view anything on their support site. Please post back if you are able to figure it out! Thanks!
  4. Hi all - I just bought the Navstax radio stack and added it to the VC in the wonderful 310R. I am having an issue with the Nav radios in the sense that I cannot use Nav 1 and Nav 2 independently. In other words, changing the Nav 1 frequency also changes the Nav2 frequency. The COM radios work fine in this regard. I am unsure if this is a Navstax thing or how it integrates with the 310 as I know it is fully compatible in VC. I am unable to post on the Navstax forums at the moment so figured I would try here. Thanks!
  5. Flic1

    LatinVFR Baltimore Terrain/ Ground Issue

    As other have posted, it is designed this way with custom mesh. The airport is like this IRL....although some of the drop-offs are a bit exaggerated probably due to the mesh limitations in sim. Most airports are not flat like they appear in the sim all the time. I'm surprised you want to switch to a freeware version over this rendition as think they did a great job on it.
  6. Flic1

    REX Worldwide ARPTS HD TO BE released

    This is a good point as I remember the Zinertek (?) Airport textures had this as a side effect. It also put the terminal textures on city buildings which looked pretty strange since they were so out of scale.....and very blue! I recall bringing this up to REX in the early stages of this being developed on their forums to see if this would also be the case with WWA but I do not recall what they said about it. I have not actually checked this out yet with REX WWA V4 but I do not recall ever noticing this issue in V3.
  7. Flic1

    REX Worldwide ARPTS HD TO BE released

    Bob - This newest version is V4 compatible and the existing version works fine in V3. You should be able to install to either version of P3D I have not noticed any difference in the overall visual quality of the textures vs. the V3 version but I know they had to completely redo them for V4.
  8. Flic1

    REX Worldwide ARPTS HD TO BE released

    I've been using this as part of the Insider Program for the past couple weeks. I have found renewed interest flying into some default airports which I usually never do (at least not since the last version of this was out in V3). It's quite fascinating and a treat to see 50-60 fps on final approach!😄 The textures do look nice as well, especially at night. Great add-on for those that still like to use the default airports every once in a while.
  9. Flic1

    TFDI 717 Version 1.1 Released.

    This option is on the EFB...check under settings
  10. Flic1

    TFDI 717 Version 1.1 Released.

    The 717 was tough on frames initially but they made some significant performance updates and it is in line with the Leo MD-80 and 737 NGX now. I find it to be one of my smoothest A/C at the moment. I tested them together in an identical scenario and I got the following AVG FPS: 717 - 43 FSL A319 - 32 Leo MD-82 - 44 737 NGX - 43 I find the FSL Bus much harder on my system than the 717 but that is certainly expected.
  11. Flic1

    TFDI 717 Version 1.1 Released.

    I bought this day one but hangared it a few days later due to the numerous issues on release. I started flying it again after the last big Open-Beta update in May and this has been my favorite aircraft to fly lately! What a great flyer and the new model is one of the best I have seen. The details of the aluminum texturing is unlike anything I have seen so far on any other aircraft. I can highly recommend this one to anyone looking for a fantastic short-hauler....especially if you like to fly Delta routes! Nicely done TFDI!
  12. Flic1

    Horrible Lightning Flash

    No, it does not. I know what you mean, I was 60 miles away from a storm on a flight a couple days ago and getting the bright flashes in the VC even though it was around noon and bright/sunny as can be.. I have not found a way to remedy it. It looks great at night though....
  13. Hi Jim - My BSOD was due to an unstable overclock it appears. I removed the OC completely and the problem was solved. I did eventually step it back up to 4.4 (was originally at 4.6) and it has been there ever since without a crash. The only issue I have had lately is the DXGI_Device_Removed error but disabling Nvidia Inspector seems to have fixed that. Sorry to hear about the problems but I'm sure you'll get it figured out!
  14. I use a Saitek throttle but my climb detent is also about in the middle. It sounds like you have the ranges too close together for CL and Idle. These are my settings: Fwd Idle: -1.00/.97 CL: .02/.34 FLX MCT: .55/.81 TOGA: .97/1
  15. You have to set that all up in the aircraft using the MCDU. Page 3 of 'Options' and then 'Controls' and 'Thrust Levers'. You will have to set detent zones for each throttle gate position.