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  1. Sure, it placed an icon on my desktop...no need to run Steam.
  2. Decided to give this a try. I run my monitor at 60hhz and always run 30 fps locked with 1/2 refresh in the sim. LSFG app seems to really smooth out the panning in initial tests! The issue I am having is that the hotkey does not work unless the LS APP window is in focus. If I try to Alt-Enter out of the sim, which I do often during flights, it does not work. It stays sort of fullscreen with a big black border on the right of my screen. The only way to get out is Task Manager and quit LS app. Not ideal.. Would like to find a way for the hotkey to work while in the sim.
  3. Interesting, I have not tried the SB calculator as of yet but I do find the Fenix EFB gives me Flex temps that are a bit too high most of the time. I always reduce it by another 5+ degrees....
  4. You have to use the pressurized air temp knobs below the right-hand yoke. Once you see the temp not holding you can slowly start pulling them out to add additional warm air. Not sure on #2...have not had that happen as of yet...
  5. No, the airports that I was using do not have a static options. I will keep an eye open on the next few flights. It was unusual as it was the first time I had noticed that happen.
  6. Hi - I just noticed on my last 2 flights that I am seeing quite a number of aircraft parked on top of each other at the gates and cargo areas at several airports (KIND, KMSP, KORD). I am not using any other traffic programs or static aircraft. The airports also do not have static aircraft placed. Is there any PSXT setting that would cause this?? Thanks!
  7. Very much this! It's really odd how we cannot do something so simple like request a runway. I indicated the runways in SimBrief but I guess it ignores that and strictly relies on wind so you end up with an obscure or too short of a runway that most closely aligns to the wind direction. I have only done 3 flights with BATC and was given incorrect runways on each flight that would not be used IRL I was also getting Visual approaches with IFR conditions at the airport. It seems these ATC programs are not at all ready for prime-time ( I have SI as well which also has many issues).
  8. By 'fixing' weather, hopefully we are not implying we all want to go back to Metar bubbles and not seeing different weather around/ahead of you as you fly which is what ActiveSKy is doing. HiFI is just using the default MSFS WX scenarios/cloud types to "create" the weather bubbles. The issue is that default Live WX in the sim is not using all available cloud types which is why we mostly see cumulus. I do hope 2024 improves the overall Live WX as that is my 'most wanted' feature for the new sim.
  9. Do a flight in each and pick which one you prefer! I have flown all 3 and I would keep the FBW over the others. FBW has by far the beast soundset. The sounds are not great with the Ini version....some really odd audio mixing and levels going on with it.
  10. I agree, I almost feel like this was done purposely to step on FB. Plenty of other airports that could have been done and that we don't have 2 or 3 versions of (or in progress) already......
  11. I have been using SayIntentions for a few weeks and wondering if I should try BATC!😐 I think they both may need a few more months to mature. SI is great and I do enjoy it for a large part of the flights (IFR only with A320 and Duke) but it just gets really messed up starting at TOD (if you are lucky enough to get descent clearance) and approach on nearly every flight. I really do like the voices and concept though and I think it has a lot of potential. I personally don't think either one is ready quite yet....
  12. For me personally, it's a no-brainer to wait for the Flightbeam version at this point which should be in the next month or two. Looks like a 'revenge release' after BM Amsim teased MSP last year and then FB immediately released their version when it had been expected to take much longer. Tough business!
  13. What do you have your in-game turbulence setting on? I find it is all very overdone and keep it on 'Low'.....
  14. SubLogic ATP could do back in 1990....😄. Always got the descent to 10,000 at the proper time and spot-on vectors to the ILS approach.
  15. It sounded to me like you will have the option to use other user's custom taxiway updates once that app is released. You could have a profile for FSDT KORD, Navigraph version, etc and you will be able to choose which profiles you want. At least that's how I interpreted it...
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