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  1. Flic1

    Ultimate Traffic Live Liveries

    Not really because if a certain model is using an old livery, that means no livery for that model exists in UTL. I know the 757's had the old UAL liveries and I replaced that 757 model among many other models with updated ones. But yes, that was a long and tedious process....
  2. Flic1

    Twin Turboprop (Not Carenado)

    I enjoy flying the Milviz C310r and feel it is probably the best modeled twin GA available at the moment. The new DA62 from Vertx may be worth it as well and should be out in the near future.
  3. Flic1

    Night time settings

    It will come down to the use of shaders (I use PTA tool), HDR settings and your monitor settings. There are a couple settings in PTA that are useful for brightening and changing the saturation the ground lights. You can also adjust VC darkness as well within PTA as well.
  4. Flic1

    Using Navigraph Charts Desktop with P3Dv4

    It works great as a moving map, I use it all the time. I use my PC for simming and run Navigraph Charts on my Surface tablet.
  5. This usually boils down to a combination of monitor settings, shaders and HDR. Do you have the PTA shader tool installed? There is a setting in that where you can adjust the night textures to your liking. If you don't have PTA, you can mess with your HDR settings. High saturation settings will make the lights very orange.
  6. Flic1

    What do you guys think of Air Hauler 2?

    No word on when the official version will be released but the developer is very active on the forum and it appears updates/fixes have been pushed out every month or so. I have had to ask a few questions and they are quick to respond. I have not noticed any issues or bugs so far. The only downside is again a lack of a manual which will be included in the official release.
  7. Flic1

    What do you guys think of Air Hauler 2?

    I bought it about 3 weeks ago. I have been flying tubeliners for years but this had gotten me back into GA flying. I started a small company using 4 A2A Comanches and just added the Milviz C-310r along with 4 AI pilots. This really is a neat program, in fact it was this thread that got me interested in it! Really enjoying it and have been surprised how beautiful P3D is at lower altitudes😄 I've been doing cargo runs into small fields I never would have flown into. There is no manual but the forums have a lot of information and it is pretty intuitive to figure out. I 'd recommend it for sure!
  8. Flic1

    C-310 update...changelog

    I did not see anything on the Milviz forums in regards to the update. Thanks Rob for the changelog!
  9. HI guys - I got a notification of an update for the C-310 from Simmarket today for an update to version 3.180904 but I have not found anything showing what has been updated. I was just curious if there was a changelog......thanks!
  10. Flic1

    LatinVFR Baltimore Terrain/ Ground Issue

    OK...good to know. Thanks for your efforts and look forward to the fix!
  11. Flic1

    LatinVFR Baltimore Terrain/ Ground Issue

    Hi Ricardo - Are you saying that if 2m or greater mesh is used we should not have these issues? I am having similar problems where I hit an invisible crater and my airplane goes up in a cloud of dust and sparks. I see it mostly around the GA apron and taxiways. I use 2m mesh setting in P3D but this still occurs and I have no other addon mesh. Thanks!
  12. I agree, I was also getting good results with this same setup. Which Nvidia driver are you using as I started getting DXGI Device Hung errors a few months ago? Disabling Nvidia Inspector solved the problem but I never bothered to roll back drivers. I am running Unlimited frames with Vsync on for now but do get the long frame/stutters occasionally. I will not use the in-game FPS limiter as it causes too much of a performance hit and panning suffers. This is even flying the A2A Comanche where I average 60fps+. If I lock at at 30 in P3S it is a much less satisfying experience but using NI FPS limit worked great..
  13. Flic1

    Water textures

    I think there would be a market for completely overhauled water textures including water 'landclass'. I have not been able to fix the water in P3D as it just looks way too blue everywhere. You see more grey/brown/dark blue water colors in the real world (depending on time of day) and not the cartoon blue that you get in P3D. I am also using REX TD as it's probably the best available.
  14. Flic1

    Orbx KSAN v2 update released.

    Agree with this. I tried V2 but just uninstalled it and going back to my LVFR version. I don't know why they don't give an option in the control panel to disable the photo-real area like many others do. It looks ok during the day, albeit a bit blurry, but you lose all of your FTXG lights at night except for the roads. I know you can go in and try to manually switch off all the photo textures but they should make this easier. The airport itself looks good but I don't like the "interior modelling". I didn't know KSAN had so many Victoria Secrets!! It's just the same few stores repeated over and over. I also do not care much for the city textures at night. The buildings are just way too bright and remind me of how Drzewiecki (sp?) does his night textures.
  15. Flic1

    Orbx Scenery Question

    I had to remove ORBX KSAN as well a while back and went back to the LatinVFR version. Maybe wait until the new version of ORBX KSAN comes out which should be very close. To be fair, I am not sure if the CTD problem is strictly related to KSAN. I have gotten this CTD several times in that area without having it installed but I do have ORBX FTXG/Vector/OpenLC. I think there is something else going on in that area but it did seem to happen more often with ORBX KSAN installed.