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  1. Was just going to post the same thing David. I have used REX textures going back to their very first product in flightsim back in late 90's(??). This is what they do best. I admit disappointment in their attempts with WX engines/shader programs but there was always another alternative for those things. Will pick this up when back from vacation next weekend!
  2. I want to like the JF Arrow so much since I did all my Commercial training in this exact model (I think it had the same paint job!) back in the 90's. I just cannot get past the bizarre jumpiness that it exhibits. I fly with live WX and it seems to be caused by how it reacts/responds to turbulence but I get it all the time. I have not seen this behavior in any other aircraft...
  3. The last update completely messed up all of my saved controller settings so you might have to redo them. I finally bought FSUIPC and set up my profiles there because this is becoming a recurring issue for me after updates..
  4. ATL area is even worse?? I have avoided it for a while now. I used to be able to fly into KATL in the CJ4 and it was super smooth...I wonder what changed...??
  5. Hi all - Is anyone else having problems with their saved controller settings getting messed up? For example, I usually set up profiles for each aircraft type for my Honeycomb yoke and throttle (multi-piston, complex single, jet, etc). I noticed after this update, all of my profiles are messed up and I have to redo all of them. For example, my single engine profile now is set with 2 throttles instead of 1. It has happened before but cannot recall if it was after an update or not. I also wonder if FSUIPC fixes this and offers saved settings for each aircraft. I was a long-time FSUIPC user in P3D and have not purchased for MSFS as of yet. If anyone has any ideas to remedy this...please share!!
  6. Interesting...so if I assigned a button on my Honeycomb throttle and just left that on all the time it stops this from happening in the FBW 320? I get the logbook popup as soon as I cutoff the fuel and spool-down starts in the FBW which is quite annoying.
  7. Excellent ..I really like this type of video. Only halfway through but already learned quite a few things I didn't know about the CRJ!
  8. Did you show a USR waypoint in the flightplan? The FBW still uses the default flight plan system so it gets messed up sometimes. I usually have to hit 'Direct' to the next waypoint to get it back on track.
  9. Why is #1 on the Wishlist the FBW 320?? Not quite sure what the wish is for....we have access to it now. What am I missing here??
  10. I wish they could just make a slider for the Bloom setting. I fly with it on but at night it makes all of the airport sequenced strobe lights way too big and blinding. With it off at night you cannot even see the sequenced strobes. During the day it does a good job, especially with the sun. I never liked the effect in P3D and kept it off or at a very low setting. MSFS did a better job implementing but being able to adjust the effect would be nice.
  11. I recently began flying the FBW 320 after spending a lot of time in the WT CJ4 and then some additional time in the CRJ after it was released. The FBW 320 does a much better job with the ILS. I have had no issues intercepting and tracking the GS. The CRJ is still not working well in regards to the ILS. It captures OK (sometimes) and then you'll lose the GS around 1000'. Happens to me pretty consistently and it is an acknowledged issue. That's usually where I disconnect the AP anyway so not a huge deal but between the 2, FBW Dev version is better when looking only at the ILS. No harm in trying the FBW....free is a pretty good price! The thing keeping me away from the CRJ at the moment is the bizarre throttle behavior....
  12. I am seeing this with the stable version of the FBW 320. I need to test with some other aircraft but I am getting severe FPS drops down to 1-3fps on about a 3-4 mile final to airports. Most recently KATL 26R but have had it on several at about the same spot on final and makes it nearly impossible to fly. The FPS then will come back after about 20-30 seconds of this. I don't use Multiplayer, rolling cache or AI/live traffic. I am just not sure if this was induced after the latest MSFS update or if it is specific to the FBW 320. Need to test some more but just wanted to add what I am experiencing...
  13. I just recently began using the FBW 320 again. I had not used i since the first versions of it last year. I currently have the latest 'stable' version (6.0?). I am guessing I would have to uninstall this stable version before trying the Dev version??
  14. Thanks for posting this thread. I have not tried the FBW 320 since the early versions last year. You convinced me to download and I have to say this thing is now pretty impressive! Now I need to do a few test flights and see if I still can recall my FSL 320 skills....
  15. This isn't an issue of whether you can make out an indivisual tree 10 miles away, it is about the fact you have a dark green tree line radius that is very visible and seeing it pop in as you fly. It is likely made more obvious with the overdone green tint on the satellite photo base. Many areas (at least in US) have a dark green (assuming summer) canopy of trees as far as you can see when flying IRL. I spent many hours in the mid-atlantic states when I did my intial flight training and many people I think would be surprised how dense the tree cover is everywhere. In any case, I'm not sure why Asobo couldn't just add a tree LOD slider. Seems like that would be the easiest solution and everyone can set it to whatever they think is best.
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