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  1. Flic1

    P3Dv4.4 night time flying

    The problem of course in the sim is that we do not get any ambient light in the VC. It would never really be that pitch black as you would have light from terminal while on the ground. When the displays are on, that also gives off ambient light. It's kind of a balancing game in the sim and shader adjustments can help if you own PTA. You can use a quick 'time preview' in order to get some lights on first if it is too dark.
  2. Flic1

    FSUIPC AI limiter in 4.4

    Thanks for the quick chime-in Pete! OK, I will investigate further once I am done this flight. It should be easy to test it at a densely populated airport. If it is in fact working it seems AI traffic is causing me a MUCH greater penalty than it has in prior versions.
  3. Hi all - I just noticed something unusual as I am testing out a flight on a fresh clean install of 4.4. I have always utilized the AI limiter in prior versions which worked great. I generally keep it around 100 aircraft and I use AIFP flight plans. I have never had any performance issues with those settings. I am getting really poor performance on this current flight using the TFDI 717 which seemed really odd. Pretty clear WX over sparse area and seeing 20 fps or less when I am used to 40-50+. For kicks, I disabled AI traffic within P3D menu and boom...back up to 60+ FPS and smooth as can be. I messed around with the traffic limiter in FSUIPC and even setting a limit of 10 aircraft I dropped back to crummy performance with FPS in the teens. Anyone else seeing this?? I am using all of the same AI aircraft and plans from 4.3. It almost seems like I am having max AI generated and AI limiter is being ignored. It's an odd one for sure...maybe Pete can chime in?😃
  4. Flic1

    Update Shader Issue?

    I don't own Envshade but I had the same issue with PTA. Even though they made theses 4.4 'compatible' it appears the shaders have been changed by LM so prior settings are not going to look the same. I fixed the bright white areas by disabling the terrain lighting section of PTA. I think both programs will need some further tweaks to get them to look and work correctly in 4.4.
  5. I was using it as an external FPS limiter instead of the internal which hit my frames too much. It 'seemed' to work well at the time as it did keep my frames at 30 but to be honest after not using it for a while I really can't tell any difference. I think I saw a post from Rob A. that said the external limiting really doesn't help P3D and I tend to agree now after not using it. I also never saw much need for any of the other NVI settings.
  6. I was getting this error quite a bit several months ago after an Nvidia driver update (can't recall which one). I stopped using Nvidia Inspector and that fixed it for me. Not sure if you have a P3D profile set up in NI or not.
  7. Flic1

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    Go into your P3D .cfg and under the 'Graphics' section edit the following line: OPAQUE_SHADOW_TEXTURE_SIZE=2048 Change the 2048 to 4096 to get nice clean shadows in the VC. It was the first thing I noticed when I updated to 4.4 since I had forgotten to change it.....
  8. Well, I was hoping all the new updates would fix this issue but unfortunately I am still having the same problem. The FO just stops responding and performing tasks at various points. With the new Maddog installed and latest FS2C update it happened at the 'Before Start check'. The FO would not perform his Before Start tasks even though he verbally responded. The correct mode was showing and I skipped to the next mode and then again he does not perform anything. Sometimes he will give me verbal responses and sometimes not but it seems like when this problem starts he will never again do any FO tasks. I may have to go back to 1.3 again and see if that works as it seemed to work much better than the latest versions.
  9. Flic1

    Rex Skyforce 3D

    Environment Force will be integrated with SkyForce and they will work together. It will not be a replacement of SF as it will enhance it and in fact you may need it from what I can gather so no need to wait for Environment Force.
  10. Hi - First off, great package for the 717! I did an approach last night with a low overcast and rain and ...wow...the landing light effects on the clouds is quite spectacular. I have never had that speed sensation before and it mimics real world very closely! It was really cool to extend the gear and then also see the taxi light beam come alive. That being siad, I did notice on my last flight that that effects were not responding to the switch movements. For example, I was getting ready for departure and my taxi light switch was controlling the ground floodlight effects. I also notice that the left landing light was not producing a beam while the right one was. Turning the switches off and back on had no effect so I ended up closing the immersion manager. The 717 lights were working normally, it was just the immersion effects were not. What might cause this and is there a way to restart the immersion manager while in the sim? I could not find a way to do that. Thanks! Eric
  11. Flic1

    Rex Skyforce 3D

    Yup...I would not hesitate to get it especially if it is on sale. As others have said, SF3D along with ActiveSky is the combo to have at the moment (I have used ASCA extensively in the past). REX also have some cool things coming up for SF3D in the probably not too distant future...
  12. Flic1

    SXAD KHOU is out

    Hey Ed - I updated my prior response as it does appear I have SODE jetways showing now. I could swear they were static when I first tested out the airport. I checked the SODE folder and it does have an entry for the SXAD KHOU. There is also a Static Jetway BGL in the KHOU scenery folder so not sure what is going on😄 Performance is perfectly fine in my 2 flights in/out with the TFDI 717.
  13. Flic1

    SXAD KHOU is out

    I think I was incorrect, it appears that it does have SODE unless it is GSX v2 adding them in?? My download did not come with a manual so it is not clear but I do now have SODE jetways appearing.
  14. Flic1

    Uninstall sky force

    Can you not uninstall it through "Programs and Features' Windows option? Have you made sure that you installed the cloud model structures through SF menu? Have you tried different cloud settings? It seems odd that you would still have default clouds unless it is set up with incorrect installation path. Do the other options work such as skies, sun, etc?
  15. Flic1

    Freeware AI installer app from AIG

    I just went back to AIFP from UTLive this past weekend. I actually somewhat enjoy messing with AI and even created/uploaded several airline schedules way back in 2002! UTLIve is still pretty good and would recommend it for a plug and play solution but I have always enjoyed having more control over it. I may change my mind again in a year...we'll see....😄