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  1. Flic1

    GTX 1080 to 1080ti upgrade

    I just upgraded to a GTX 1080ti FTW from a GTX 1070 and I am pleased with the outcome although I really was tossing around if I should do it or not. I think it was worth it as my testing so far shows some great improvement in the sim. I tend to upgrade my GPU every 2 years or so but this was a bit higher than I would normally pay for a new one. I don't think the upgrade from a 1080 would be worthwhile...I would probably wait on the newer cards as others have stated.
  2. Flic1

    Which is better? V4 or V3

    Why would you not go with the latest version?? V4 is perfectly stable for me and being 64 bit means no VAS worries. It is much better than V3 IMO....
  3. Hi Bryan - Once I power up the aircraft and hit "Start", the FO will not give his usual greeting and he does not complete any of the pre-flight events. 'Pre Start B' does show up though. I am using the latest Leonardo Open Beta though...would that be causing the issue perhaps? I rolled back to 1.3 and that appears to be working fine so far for me. Thanks.
  4. Hi - I had updated to the latest version 1.4 (and also 1.5 today but having same issues) and my FO will not start his preflight after hitting the 'Start' button. I get his greeting occasionally (using Voice control) but the menu jumps immediately to Pre Start (B). I believe it usually shows 'Pre-Flight Procedure' as the FO performed his duties. I am not able to use the arrows to move it back to Pre-Flight. I have attempted several uninstall/reinstalls but cannot remedy the problem. Prior version was working fine. Any advice before I fire my FO??😄 Thanks. Eric
  5. Flic1

    P3D V4.2 blurry non-focus picture

    Do you have FXAA turned On within the sim or in Nvidia Inspector?
  6. Flic1


    They have their own custom PTA presets that would install to your PTA folder. You can then apply the preset manually through the PTA interface. The textures within REX would not be changed, only your shaders are changing.
  7. Flic1


    Umberto - Thank you for your response. Just to clarify, the shimmering I experience at KCLT has to do with the interaction of the landing lights (using dynamic lights) with the grooves in the taxiways and the runways. It causes a jagged shimmering type of effect in those grooves at night. I am running 4xMSAA and 16x Aniso and it is very noticeable. I don't have the shimmering at all during the daytime. In any case, I don't want to derail the thread and will check in on your forum. Looking forward to the new KORD and glad to hear it will be P3Dv4 exclusive.
  8. Flic1


    I hope they are not using the same ground texturing they used on KCLT. Flying at night is awful there with all the shimmering in the 'cracks' of the taxiways/runways. I haven't been all that happy with the last couple FSDT releases (KCLT, KMEM). For some odd reason I cannot get rid of the stuttering which I do not have around any other addon airport from other developers. Oh well, hope there is some improvement with this one...
  9. Have you tried messing with the engine sound slider in P3D? I set mine at 23 and the other two at 100 and it sounds great. Doesn't seem like there should be a need to mix the sounds together.
  10. It sounds like the HDR luminance adaptation effect. I can't stand it myself but it can be turned off in PTA under 'HDR & Post-Processing'. It's the last checkbox...
  11. That shouldn't be the case, are you sure you installed it correctly? Verify the cfg file is in the sound folder as well. I don't care for how TSS does their installers as we still have to end up doing it all manually.
  12. Rob - I believe that ASP4 does in fact have this effect as I have also seen it before flying other aircraft but the cloud lighting is very dim compared to the A320. I like the effect with the FSL320 and I have to guess it all comes down to user settings with HDR, etc on how bright it is.
  13. Hi - I get the looping APU sound and start with MD loaded directly from the menu. It seems to happen at the end of a flight once parked. I do not notice it at the start of a flight.
  14. Nope...there is still the APU looping sound....
  15. So I picked these up and the external sounds are MUCH better. The VC engine sounds are way too loud even with the 'Pilot version'. I solved that be reducing my in-sim engine volume to about 20% and left the other 2 sliders at 100%. The winds sound picks up at around 180 kts so that will tend to drown the engine noise a little if you do keep them a little louder. I didn't even attempt the alternate version with louder engine sounds since the defaults were too loud to begin with. I am not a huge fan of TSS sounds in general (good external sounds but I never found their VC sounds very realistic) but I think this was worth it. The takeoff roll seems much better now with the bumps,rattling, vibration sounds, etc. I need to do a full flight as I only did a takeoff and circle around to a landing but I think these will work good for me.