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  1. I had a similar issue for a week and once I logged out and logged back in it fixed it. I had also cleared my browser cache as well (using Chrome).
  2. I just got one and while it is very nice quality and seems very well designed I am a bit disappointed with how stiff the pitch axis is (coming from a Saitek Cessna Yoke). They claim they based this on the feel of a C-172 but with over 2000 hours in a 172 I can say the only time I have ever felt this type of pressure is during a steep turn without using trim. I also was unable to utilize the clamps as my desk is about 1mm too thick. The 3M suction works well but I tend to need to move it quite a bit so that might be a bit more of a pain.
  3. This is sort of on topic (I hope) but I noticed when I joined the Insider program over the summer it generated a "Gamertag" such as Player#########. I registered for their new forum and that is what my name is showing as and I don't see a way to change it to a regular username. Maybe once the forums are officially up that can be done....I wonder?
  4. I haven't flown since early August and I was flying at least twice a week before that. I was already a bit fatigued with P3D before the MSFS announcement but I think that finally put me over the edge. I also started using some other sims such as Euro/American Truck Sim and a couple other games. I have never really gamed at all other than Flight simming for the past 30 years. I have found these things to be quite enjoyable and it doesn't keep me tied to the PC for hours. I even bought A Plague Tale which was developed by Asobo. I did attempt to open P3D a couple times after I got my new monitor to test but to be honest it has a very dull look to it now in my eyes after playing these other sims/games along with seeing all of the MSFS clips...not to mention the lousy overall performance with complex addon aircraft. I'll be happy to tie myself to the PC again once MSFS is released.....
  5. So MS was supposed to design their campaign in a way to "reward" third party developers and make them happy??? How else would they have gone about this?? Things happen every day in the business world where companies get caught off guard by some new product or tech, why should this be any different?? Oddly enough, the very few developers I have seen that are repeatedly stating this are new P3D developers that have released maybe one or zero products and then claiming they have kept flight simming alive all these years!!🙄
  6. If you fly at night at all I would get the DD version. The FSDT airports, as good as they usually are, have that horrible 'moire' effect on runways/taxiways and I can no longer fly at any of the airports at night. You can up the SSAA but then your performance will be destroyed with the dynamic lights. If you also interested in KMDW I would think DD might be your best option.
  7. I would not be surprised if PMDG visited Asobo and actually had one or more of their aircraft flying in MSFS so I may be inclined to believe them (all speculation of course!). For an airport, how do they know this will simply port directly into MSFS?? The scenery engine is completely different and I can see many issues with trying to port an airport made for P3D directly into MSFS. There will be sloping runways so how will the developer handle that? Will it blend into the default scenery provided with MSFS?? Is the airport going to stand out like a sore thumb and not match the surrounding scenery? We don't even know if there will be seasons and this airport has seasons...how will that work?? The MSFS night lighting as all brand new as well so how is that all going to easily port and blend in? Well, maybe they visited Asobo as well and were able to port it and saw that it was easy and worked great.. That might be the case (I doubt it) but I think many devs will be jumping aboard the bandwagon of promising their products in MSFS to get current sales without knowing for sure how well that is going to work or if the product is even needed. Maybe Edmonton will look fantastic in MSFS and you won't need an addon. Once they all have access to the SDK it might be more believable....
  8. I would still question how much need there will be for scenery and what people will be willing to pay for it. Look at the default KSFO and KLAX in MSFS. You have to wonder if there is a need for a payware version of either one of these...and even if someone wanted slightly more detail are they going to pay $30-$40 for it. It has certainly been worth it in P3D since all default airports are absolutely abysmal. It's a question of will the default airports be "good enough" to justify not throwing money out the window just to have the interior of a terminal visible or have a more accurate shade of beige on a building...?? If their AI engine is smart enough to build the terminals/buildings/hangars in the correct locations with a believable texture that might very well be good enough for me. I guess we will see soon enough....
  9. We may now need to make sure we have some airsick bags nearby when flying around the TCU's and mountains!!🤢 Another great video by Asobo as I am yet again left dumbfounded by what I'm seeing.....
  10. I did not get the impression it had much to do with MSFS at all. There were only about 2 questions about MSFS. It sounded to me like they were focused more on questions about flight planning software and how likely we would would be to pay a subscription for things like that and other addons such weather, aircraft, scenery, etc.
  11. Bryan - Thanks for your realistic view of things. It is nice to hear the thoughts/insights from the established long-time developers. It is also welcome to see this without an 'off the rails' rant about not having an SDK yet and the pleading to everyone to never again utter the phrase "I may not buy much for P3d until the release of MSFS". I look forward to your products in the upcoming sim...and my guess is we will not have to wait "years" for them after MSFS has been released...😄
  12. I know it is limited to 60hz when using some HDMI cables at the max resolution. Shouldn't be with DP but maybe it could be the adapter bandwith that is limiting it. Maybe try 1080 resolution just to see if it works with that resolution..?? I personally just keep mine set at 60hz.
  13. They actually say they will switch to aircraft if the scenery thing doesn't work out. Their announcement just seemed odd although I don't blame them at all for shifting focus to MSFS. Their quote; "If scenery development seems like a bad idea we will start a transition to high quality aircraft development"
  14. So they are moving production to MSFS but then go on to say it appears there will be no room for 3rd party scenery. If that is the case they will just switch to making high quality aircraft...?? Sounds easy enough...
  15. I just got the Samsung CRG9 a week ago.....it's awesome and really is the perfect size and curve for flightsim, driving sims, etc. I can highly recommend!
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