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  1. Agree..I just flew into KIAH earlier this afternoon landing 26L and taxied in same area all the way around to the E terminal and it looked great....
  2. I just did a quick drone cam around it and it looks very nice. Great price too!. Although I would hate to be a guest in one of those hotel rooms😁 Take a look at the preview pics and you will see what I mean. I think the parallax thing is neat but sometimes it just doesn't look right. That was the only thing that immediately stuck out to me and looked a bit odd.
  3. I have been a big fan of the FBW Neo and is has been my go-to for many months. I did not even know about the HW A330 until a week ago when someone posted a different thread about it Glad I installed it! I think it is great and the VNAV addition is very nice. Worked very well for me last night descending into KATL. FBW also has the best airliner sounds in the sim IMO and HW did nice job implementing the Trents..
  4. It is under Settings-Sim Options and is at the bottom under 'Throttle Detents'.
  5. I have to imagine this will be another product where they are creating weather 'bubbles' similar to the REX product so you will not see WX in the distance like you do with default live WX. It seems these WX products are quite a step backwards from what we already have in live WX.
  6. Do you have the FBW installer? It lets you easily change between versions. If not, you can get it on their site: https://flybywiresim.com/
  7. This is the best one I have watched. He uses the FCOM from the actual aircraft. Some other decent ones out there by the more well-known YT'ers but some of them still struggled a bit and were not sure on some things.
  8. Wasn't aware of this one! Great news...a much needed east coast airport. I have their KAUS and it is very well done...
  9. It is a bug when using the Pulse/Recog lights. The light cone is bleeding through the cockpit model and I believe only Asobo can fix it...
  10. I believe that is an option when you install. Could uninstall/reinstall and uncheck that option. Not sure if you can simply run the installer again or not but you could try...
  11. I have this issue at KDTW and was told by ini that it was a sim issue with how it handles certain glass textures.
  12. What aircraft are you flying? Most of them have a way to request the jetway either in EFB (FBW & Fenix) or in the FMS options (PMDG).
  13. I have not noticed that but they did just release an update to 1.1.0. I am not sure if you have that version installed or not. I would also maybe uninstall/reinstall the airport as that could solve the problem as well. Do you have any other sceneries installed for the area?
  14. Go into your FSDT GSX configurator and make sure 'Extra Ground Clutter' is unchecked...
  15. That was actually the first thing I noticed when I started on runway 31R. The runway just ahead of the aircraft was blurry and I noticed it after I had gone to drone camera and then returning to VC...
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