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  1. you're welcome ! Indeed they don't talk so much about the career mode yet, but it is on their roadmap. (my estimation would be Q2/Q3 2020 for a realease) also under development their is two carreer/economy products coming : https://www.onair.company/ https://fscharter.net/
  2. I'm not sure but something like http://www.simbitworld.ro/ could suits you. Or Projectfly career mode but it's not available yet... Everything is based around your commercial pilot career. It will take you from the first steps of a junior first officer employed at a local small company, to a senior captain at a world-renowned airline. In the beginning you will be offered a job and you will generate your schedule. As you progress and complete the flights, you will earn virtual money and experience (XP) based on flight time and number of routes completed. After a while, you will advance in pilot rankings, receive offers from other airlines and most importantly, you will have fun doing this
  3. I think they're busy developing ''the skypark''
  4. ok.... then I read your very next message where you throw multiple interrogations about the program you're supposed to fully understand and I saw exactly the "confusion" I was talking about.
  5. REX is so confusing, nobody is able to clearly explain what their programs really do. even REX themselfs doesn't fully understand what the thing is doing to the sim.
  6. iFly are very good planes, so sad they used their talent to go on the same field as PMDG, they should have made a 757, a MD11, the possibilities were huge, but they had to choose 737NG and 747....
  7. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/435743685?t=01m34s
  8. you can also find already made custom afcad in the library
  9. you will find some on instagram stories
  10. anythought on the product ? looks to be a air hauler / pokemon GO to me
  11. it could be fun if it generate scenarios where our ability to make the right decision is challenged. Like someone called sick should I divert ? if not and the guy dies, passengers will be shoked and call me an un-human captain, a monster. If I divert and the guy feel better after a certain time, passenger will be angry "this captain diverted but the guy wasnt even sick". If you enter turbulences and you forget to turn seat belt sign, you end up with injured passenger.. so on...
  12. sorry, did'nt knew that, are thos adjusment on the fly without restarting the sim ? are those adjustments based on actual in-sim weather ? thought this was a new revolutionnary feature and you're saying it's available since 2 years....?
  13. in an other hand, it nice to be able to compare those 3 products cause they're all three adressing the same need in different ways
  14. PSXseecon and Lorby appears to be really nice, innovatives and advanced features but they appear to be far from being user friendly and plugnplay (multiples apps needed, LLTX, PPG, AILG, PSXT, and the datastream must be purchased elswhere etc...) this is so confusing. There is clearly room for an "Live" AI app that can reach the users that don't want to go throught a IT degree before using it. AILT is clearly trying to fill it.
  15. if you're using AITL you should deactivate MT6 traffic. and let traffic sliders to 100% since the traffic is generated only you're at and based on the actual schedule.
  16. In my understanding this is what lorby's AI do thanks to the "traffic injection" way of doing things but AITL just generate an AI traffic schedule at the airports you depart and arrive. Not really "LIVE" but close to the actual schedule of the airport you're flyin in/out at the right time (cause the generated schedule is based on online tracking system like FR24). With AITL, enroute traffic will only be the ones departing/arriving in those two airports, so skyes will be quite empty. AITL seems to be a really simple plug n play solution for those who wants airports with AI traffic but don't bother about enroute traffic.
  17. so the base idea is the same as the "AI Live traffic" app, the main difference being you're querying flight data based on own aircraft position and they're querying data based on dep/arr of the user next flight. don't know what are advantages/inconvenient of either method. (plus weather/route + direct injection instead of bgl compiling)
  18. what EF is still offering in addition is a "Current weather -> automatic shader adjusments" thing. but it seem to be a big blackbox that even the developper don't understand how it works.
  19. So it gather Arr/dep data, match it with an AI model/livery and inject on the fly the AI flightplan in the sim ? without going through bgl fp files way ? did'nt knew that was technically possible
  20. sorry, wasn't aware of this new feature. I'm not sure to understand what it involves, we need to feed it with flightplans or the data gathering is automatic ? is thare a forum post /webpage explaning this feature in details ?
  21. I love the idea of Lorby, having a direct image of the real live traffic in the sim, the problem is that there is no ground traffic (cause the AI diseapear as soon as the real plane turn transponder off) and that's a immersion killer in my opinion, empty airport are so sad
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