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  1. Almost word for word how I would have answered this post.
  2. Personally, what I would like to see is Black Square tackle not an existing frame and skins, but create an entirely new aircraft both internally and externally. I love their efforts so far, but would like to see them challenge themselves to create a complete package.
  3. Thanks Virtual-Chris for starting this discussion. It has proven very educational and informative.
  4. Ditto about your comments on the SF260. That and all of the RealAir planes were in my "Go To" hanger.
  5. This will really test your memories. I always had a soft spot in my heart for the MAAM B-25. It was so noisy and immersive. Oh the good old days.
  6. Not sure what you mean by signing the SimBrief package?
  7. Wonderful advice and link. In the link is another link that references an excellent YouTube video. Since I have an extra 16000m sitting in my closet, I am going to modify and try lt. It does look pretty easy.
  8. I appreciate what both of you have said. Your answers seemed to be coming from two different angles. For the time being, I think Dominique's answer is most direct to my question. Yes I just tried to the Cabri, and I think as compared to some other helicopters, it is a good starting point for a newbie [and trust me, when it comes to helicopters is am a real neophyte] but I also appreciate the more purist answer from Bob. Long term I think this is the way to go. But for now, I am still in the short term. Thank both of you for wonderful answers and happy flying to both of you!
  9. Of all of these mentioned, which is the easiest to fly? Sorry, but I am not a purist and have so much dang trouble fly these little buggers, I am just plain looking for an easy one.
  10. Yesterday I bought the Caravan 208B Steam Gauge conversion. I downloaded it and my initial impression was a five star review. They did a beautiful job and made the plane much better. BUT, and this is a big “BUT” for me. They included only three rudimentary deliveries. Their procedure is so long, convoluted and confusing to get the original liveries to work in the Steam gauge version. I think this probably applies to the liveries on Flightsim.to as well? So BE WARNED before buying the STEAM GAUGE conversions. I am very disappointed that they didn’t put any warnings before buying. Please someone correct me if I am wrong about this. And I hope that I am.
  11. Based on your post, I bought the Black Square Caravan Steam Gauge addon and couldn't be happier.
  12. Somehow when I load a plane with the GTN 750 (Paid version), a small copy of the 750 shows up in left hand corner of my screen. I can’t seem to make this go away. Doesn’t matter which plane with the 750; they all seem to do this. Any ideas of how to fix this annoying problem?
  13. Hmmm? I was sort of expecting this answer. Appreciate your fast response.
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