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  1. One simple question: Has this been released, or if not, any idea when?
  2. Can this be done. If memory serves me correct, I could do this in the old FSX days. Or maybe this is just wishful hoping on my part?
  3. I will look forward to a few more YouTube videos being published on this one, and hope to buy depending of how reviews of the released product go.
  4. This is a most interesting thread. When not sure where to fly, since I live near Portland, Oregon, I fly either: KPDX (Portland) to Astoria (KAST). Beautiful VA flight down to Columbia River. KPDX (Portland to The Dalles (KDLS). A somewhat shorter VA flight up the Columbia River. WHY: These flights are fairly short and very scenic and an area that I am very familiar. MSFS does a very good job of creating reality. Happy Flying to All … and to All, a good night.
  5. In my opinion, if we were prone to regret over imperfections, few of us would buy any planes. They all seem to have imperfections, be it large or small.
  6. Would you mind giving several airports to start with since I am not familiar with that area.
  7. Thank you Bert for the suggestions. Long live Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington ... and the beautiful Pacific Northwest!
  8. I am so thankful this was posted. I live in Vancouver, Washington and certainly will be downloading this one.
  9. Is there a way to map a key on my keyboard to set the heading bug in the direction I am currently flying? I have tried "SET HEADING BUG" and "SELECT HEADING BUG". Maybe my memory is failing me, but I thought I could do this in the old days of FSX.
  10. You can probably guess by my AVSIM name that I do a lot of flying around the PNW. I have lived in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington my who life and fly about 85% my time in Oregon, Washington and lower British Columbia. I have always loved Vancouver, BC and Victoria. Thanks for the heads up on the SamScene scenery. I will surely pick it up; also the free Nanimo one too. I really appreciate the heads up. Happy flying!
  11. Only 4 days to go. Have my charge card all dusted off.
  12. I think this looks like a lot of fun. And I have been forgetting that this hobby is supposed to be about fun.
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