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  1. Four years ago, I bought version 11,3. I have since then built a new computer and wonder if I have to pay another $60 to buy a key to the current version. I would assume maybe so, but am not sure.
  2. Much appreciated Tuskin. I am always in a learning process and thank you for your input.
  3. I have been frustrated so many times when big updates from Asobo don’t work for whatever reason. In addition to making a copy of the Community folder and then deleting contents from that folder, I turn off my virus checker and firewall. Then after installing the update, I just have to remember immediately restart my computer, and then turn the virus checker and firewall back on. So far, this has worked every time. Feel free to correct me if this isn’t a safe procedure, but at least has worked today and in the past. Cheers!
  4. Like you, I live in the PDX area. I am 73 and have built my 5th computer several months ago. Ouch on the price of video cards. A great hobby to have during the time of covid. Then again, a great hobby to have anytime.
  5. Coincidentally, I have been thinking of posting something to the effect: "IS MICROSOFT SETTING US UP FOR THE BIG FALL?" I am wondering if they are setting the hook with all of this wonderful eye candy, especially for GA VFR flyers? I am expecting that someday, they will expect a monthly fee for all of the services, world updates and cloud storage and streaming. What they have created is nothing short of breathtaking. I for one would consider a future monthly fee ... but would have to wait and see.
  6. As I have said several times in other posts, when MSFS is good, it is very very very good ... but when it is bad, it is a total frustration. Thank goodness, that we can enjoy the good side and endure the frustration when it is a total stinker.
  7. You Sir are an eternal optimist. I am too. Life is too short not to be.
  8. That was it Ixoye ... thanks so much for the help. Darn those bugs. When it is bad, this sim can be so so bad. But when it is good, it is a sight to behold. Good Day and Happy Flying.
  9. Is it just me, or is the MSFS Live Weather option not working. I start flight with clear skies, then click on Live Weather and the drop down changes back to clear skies. Is this something I am doing wrong. I have always done it this way ... and it just stopped working about 3 or 4 days ago.
  10. Thanks for the video. Nice to see the video. What a helpful group of flyers on this forum.
  11. Thank both of you for your responses. This is very important to me since this plane is rather on the expensive side. xender. Yes you are right, but personally, I don't prefer to see it most of the time, because (and this is just personal) to me it is a distraction from that magnificent older aircraft. I will hide it most of the time, but when needed, I can open it.
  12. I am thinking about buying the Arrow III, but find the tablet that shows up on the screenshots just too out of place for a plane of this era. Is there a way to toggle whether it is visible?
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