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  1. scoob

    Feelthere ERJ 145 FMC Issue

    I suggest you read the manual pages 30 & 31 as the ERJ's abilities concerning VNAV are clearly stated ...
  2. scoob

    Avsim website extremely slow

    didn't read that this was going on anywhere else on the forum or on the front page ... makes sense and the forums i administer do the same thing during transition. thanks for the clarification!
  3. i know ya'all an in a transition with new software (never easy). how do you search forum posts? what button to click? i've tried all and only get the following server response (after a LLLLLOOOOONNNNNGGGG wait) - no topics are listed when the search is completed.
  4. scoob

    Avsim website extremely slow

    interesting ... wasn't this slow before the update/upgrade :-(
  5. the ERJ performance models are very 'spot on'. real pilots were involved in the design and the model is used for training of real pilots. make sure the plane isn't being overloaded. use the ERJ configuration tool to confirm the plan is loading correctly.
  6. scoob

    G1000 Navigraph.

    the FT plane uses the default FS 'flight compter'. all FT did was put some pretty graphics around the default. if you are having difficulty accessing AIRAC data it means FS has a problem with the default gauges and/or database.
  7. scoob

    FT - Embraer E-Jets v.2?

    all downloads from BMT are the latest version.
  8. scoob

    FS9 and Windows 10

    would be nice of you to explain your solution ... others may have the problem and need assistance.
  9. scoob

    FT - Embraer E-Jets v.2?

    contact BMTmicro to re-activate your download links - 1-800-414-4268 (USA & Canada) International call 1-910-792-9100 have your order email and credit card information. BMT will confirm your purchase history. once you re-download your product you can burn it to a DVD! on the DVD include the installer and a notepad (aka, txt) document that includes the product key. use of the Ejets in P3D is not supported by feelThere. some get the planes to work, others don't. no such thing as a 'P3D version'.
  10. would be nice if you shared your solution ... others may have the same issue.
  11. scoob

    Tower 3D from FEELTHERE released

    yes 'real traffic' is in the works, in addition there will be add-on airports (KJFK will be the first airport add-on).
  12. correct .. the 737 PIC (released 10 years ago this March) and A320 vol 1 (released Feb. 2007) were developed by feelThere FOR Wilco. Wilco then took ownership of the code and then, on their own, Wilco created the EVO products. feelThere didn't even know about the EVO developments until their release.
  13. EVO Super Guppy and the A320 Evolution are NOT feelThere products & had nothing to do with their development.
  14. any news on fixing the forum's search function? really annoying not being able to search.