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  1. Good Afternoon I have re-installed the Feelthere/Wilco Regional Jet E-170/190 package. (E jets) I had a Navigraph subscription until April 2021, and update the the Feelthere installation with the latest cycle 0421. When I now go to the FMS and want to enter a flight plan and the ICAo code of the one airport has changed IE: FAJS is now FAOR, the FMS gives a message saying "Data not available" Where or which folder can be verified to check about the correct airport information. I am capable of adding way-points in the same FMS and even create SID's & STAR's! Can one just create this airport as a way-point? Am I missing something? Regards Richard E
  2. Hi Jorge

    How can I obtain a copy of the "updated" GTN-750 for the EMB-300?

    My email is "richardschmidt27@gmail.com"

    Have a nice day!


    Richard FAPE


  3. Good Morning Yesterday I purchased 2 x FS2Crew products of which one is the T7. I would just like to clarify something please? When using the V/Control I assume that one (Me = PF) use the headset with a microphone and then give FS2C voice commands and then FS2C will IE "set" the landing gear down. With button control I lost the plot, and last night after 4 hours & 3 YT videos I know nothing more today than what I knew 2 days ago. Can someone please help with this BC function. BTW I have read the manual and in my opinion everything i see is just about voice control. Hope to be able to get a flight in tonight 🙂 Regards and have a nice day! Ricardo Sc
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