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  1. Good Afternoon I have re-installed the Feelthere/Wilco Regional Jet E-170/190 package. (E jets) I had a Navigraph subscription until April 2021, and update the the Feelthere installation with the latest cycle 0421. When I now go to the FMS and want to enter a flight plan and the ICAo code of the one airport has changed IE: FAJS is now FAOR, the FMS gives a message saying "Data not available" Where or which folder can be verified to check about the correct airport information. I am capable of adding way-points in the same FMS and even create SID's & STAR's! Can one just create this airport as a way-point? Am I missing something? Regards Richard E
  2. Hi Jorge

    How can I obtain a copy of the "updated" GTN-750 for the EMB-300?

    My email is "richardschmidt27@gmail.com"

    Have a nice day!


    Richard FAPE


  3. Good Morning Yesterday I purchased 2 x FS2Crew products of which one is the T7. I would just like to clarify something please? When using the V/Control I assume that one (Me = PF) use the headset with a microphone and then give FS2C voice commands and then FS2C will IE "set" the landing gear down. With button control I lost the plot, and last night after 4 hours & 3 YT videos I know nothing more today than what I knew 2 days ago. Can someone please help with this BC function. BTW I have read the manual and in my opinion everything i see is just about voice control. Hope to be able to get a flight in tonight 🙂 Regards and have a nice day! Ricardo Sc
  4. Hello FODThank you !! :)I did a couple of cross checks with other airports in South Africa, and came to the conclusion that it can only be RWY lenght in meters.Thank you once again, and have a great weekRGDSRichard
  5. FAPE 26 -33.983539 25.619950 238 01980 109.50 238Good Afternoon,Could someone please help with the explanation of the above info?Column 6 = "01980" What is the meaning of this value?All the other I am familiar with, and can figure them out except the "01980"Thank you & have a nice weekend.RichardSouth Africa
  6. HelloI need some input PLEASE?After some time I decided over the w/end to have a look at my PSS A319 - A312 aircraft range.I was surprised to find that the A320 in 2-D panel mode has a black screen, but to the sides or forward view (num-2 view) no problems and see all the detail as loaded within FS.I am running FS2004, WIN XP-servpak2, 1-GIG ram, Nvidia Geforce 8600 GTS.If I select the A319 or A321 no problems in the same panel mode.Other than that I have no problems in running FS2004 even online.Any solutions and/or suggestions.Thank youRicardo
  7. Hi DanThank you for the prompt reply.Would the Navdata Dictionary in the PMDG knowledge base, be in "The PMDG Support Forum" ?Richard
  8. Good EveningCan someone please give a breakdown of the information mentioned below?RGDSRichard from South AfricaZS-RES"PORT ELIZABETH FAPE08 06496084-33.993000 25.601667111.1008400225""PORT ELIZABETH FAPE10 03865107-33.989075 25.605647000.0010700226""PORT ELIZABETH FAPE17 05502172-33.983833 25.616278000.0017200192""PORT ELIZABETH FAPE26 06496264-33.983556 25.619861109.5026400185""PORT ELIZABETH FAPE28 03865287-33.987353 25.618342000.0028700226""PORT ELIZABETH FAPE35 05502352-33.996333 25.626486000.0035200185"
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