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  1. jfrex

    Carenado DA62 GTN MOD

    Malcolm, Check your gmail address. Sent you an email last monday with the links for the mods and again re-sent it just now.
  2. jfrex

    Carenado DA62 GTN MOD

    You only need the GTN750 for this mod, however I believe Flight1 only offers the GTN Complete, which include both gauges. Check the F1 website.
  3. jfrex

    Carenado DA62 GTN MOD

    PDF instructions are included in the downloaded files. You have to purchase the GTN 750 from Flight1 and use their configuration tool to install the GTN750 to your aircraft. Once that is accomplished, then install the mod.
  4. If the engines spool up but there is no ignition, it is probably the Mixture Lean setting is enabled, maybe by the last aircraft used. Try the keystrokes for mixture rich (CTRL+SHFT+F4) while the engines are spooling, or use CTRL - E (start engines automatically). If those don't work, switch to another aircraft and once it started, switch back to the P300. Once the Phenom starts, shut it down, save the scenario, then reload it and it should work. Good luck, Jorge
  5. jfrex

    Carenado DA62 GTN MOD

    You are welcome to try it out. PM me and I'll send you the files. Jorge
  6. DA62 GTN Panel by Jorge Rexach, on Flickr The integration of the GTN750 into the DA62 MFD is now complete and ready for beta testing. The G1000 MFD gauge is replaced by a redesigned gauge that includes enhanced autopilot functions, including Alt Hold before selected altitude capture, saving the VS and/or FLC profile settings for resuming the climb/descent, AP auto disconnect based on airspeed, vertical navigation, altitude and extreme attitudes. The FLC algorithm has been revised to improve the accuracy of hold speed vs actual airspeed, both in climbs as well as descent, within two knots.A 2d autopilot gauge was incorporated, as flying into turbulence makes the virtual cockpit AP buttons difficult to use. Fuel system page now include separate gauges for main tanks and auxiliary tanks (visible when aux pumps are activated), as well as separate fuel tank quantity readouts. A fix for the auxiliary pump switches on the console has been properly coded to enable tank selection. Once the testing is finished and necessary approvals secured, the full package will be posted in the F1 site. If you are willing to help with the testing please PM me. DA62 GTN FLC Descent by Jorge Rexach, on Flickr DA62 GTN Panel 5 by Jorge Rexach, on Flickr DA62 GTN FLC Climb by Jorge Rexach, on Flickr
  7. jfrex

    Nice aircraft but 2 major bugs found

    The change from external to auxiliary tanks will make all 89 gals available although the PFD and MFD will only show 25 per side (26 - 1 unusable). This is because Carenado used the FUEL_SELECTOR_LEFT_MAIN and FUEL_SELECTOR_RIGHT_MAIN which set the fuel to be taken in the order left tip, left aux, then main fuel tanks. While they intended to isolate the main tanks from the auxiliary thru the use of external tanks, Carenado did not provide the means to open tank selectors to the external tanks. The transfer pump switches in the center console do not access the tank selectors for the external tanks. Making the change to the LeftAux and RightAux will empty the auxiliary tanks first and then the mains. The gas gauges will read full until the auxiliary tanks are empty, but all the fuel can be used. If you are not comfortable modifying the aircraft config files, you can program the yoke or throttle quadrant buttons to start each engine, as this sets the fuel selectors to ALL available tanks.
  8. jfrex

    RealAir Turbine Duke V2 in Prepar3d V4

    I have posted my solution for adding the GTN 750 and GTN 650 to the RealAir Turbine Duke V2 in P3D v4. It's available for download at the Flight1 File Library System: GTN 750/650 P3DV4 RealAir Turbine Duke V2 It works flawlessly with a clean installation of the T Duke into P3D V4, and does not require migration from P3D V3. As for the RealAir Legacy V2, you can set up the GTN 750 and 650 in P3D V4 with it Legacy Configurator if you follow these steps: Configure the GTN 750 (unit 1) and GTN 650 (unit 1) gauges for the Legacy with the F1GTNConfigP3D provided with the Flight1 GTN gauges. Copy the F1GTN.ini file in the Legacy aircraft folder (...\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\RealAir Legacy V2) to the Legacy configurator folder found in (...\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\RealAir\legacyv2p3d\AutoPlay\Files). In the Legacy configurator folder above, open the Config.ini with notepad and make the following changes the following lines in the [Radios] section: gps1.type=750 (default = 500) gps2.type=650 (default = nogps) Now you can use the Legacy V2 Configurator P3Dv3 to add the gauges and remove old radios if you wish. Regards, Jorge
  9. jfrex

    Flight 1 GTN 750 & GTN 650 released!

    Thanks Bert. Had the same problem with AVG, but your advice fix it for me.