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  1. Please, can anyone share the gauge files of version 2.0? It's the only way to get it working for me. I purchased the Cirrus after Carenado released version 2.1. So there is no way for me to get back to version 2.0. My idea is to replace all gauge files with the gauges of version 2.0 to get it working.
  2. Thanks for your reply. But I've never used the Navigraph Extension Pack. So the problem is still not solved for me. I returned the Phenom back to Carenado, because they won't fix it til they plan any future release. Some users here report the same problem with the phenom 300.
  3. You're right Scott, their mill process for aircraft design really sucks. They produce massive bugs, which could be verified in a few of minutes of testing. Bugs gonna happen in software development, that's ok. But these kind of bugs relate to "no testing" and/or "we don't care". If you submit a ticket, they don't seem to care anything. I'm impressed how a company in such a small market can afford that bad customer support. Anyway, I tried to fix it by myself without success. Is anyone using version 2.0 and could send me the gauge files? I don't use SVS, so replacing the gauges by the files of version 2.0 should fix it for me. I asked Carenado for the installer of version 2.0, but they won't let go back to their previous version.
  4. It's annoying! Carenado said they will fix it in a future release. That seems to be their default answer to any ticket. So it could take months or years to get fixed. They also won't let me downgrade to version 2.0. I don't need SVS, so version 2.0 would be a solution for me, but they don't give older releases to customers. So, the only way is trying to fix it by myself. Does anyone have an idea how do fix it? Maybe I have fix something in the XML files inside the G1000.CAB file or merge something with a file from another carenado g1000 plane. But I'm not that deep into software development. I'm tired of submitting tickets to carenado. With my last purchase i had trouble with the phenom 100 version 2.1. Loading the aircraft crashed fsx. The whole product is not working. Several AVSIM users reported the same problem and submittet tickets. Carenado said they will fix it in a future release. Still no fix.
  5. No response from Carenado on my ticket until now. I hope it will be fixed soon. This bug is really annoying!
  6. Same Problem here. I'll submit a ticket too, but I don't think they'll fix it.
  7. At the moment there is no solution from Carenado. I returned the Phenom and got another aircraft for exchange.
  8. I made another support request and asked for an older working release until they fix it.
  9. Carenado told me, that they will fix it in a future version. Whenever this future version will be released.
  10. Same problem here. Since Version 2.1 FSX crashes when loading the Phenom. I found out, that the crash seems to be caused by the file "Gauge_CLOCK_DIG.xml" inside the "GAUGEEMB500.CAB" file. The plane loads successfully in FSX by replacing the file by an older version. However, the G1000 is not working with the older version of the XML, but the planes loads without crashing FSX. I sent a support request to Carenado and they told me that they are going to check that. That's all I know at the moment.