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  1. Dave, Flying P3dV4.4, Version R6 of P2A , Airac 1812 rev3. Could you please check this route created by "Auto Plan"? Does it look right to you? This doubling back to SLI KSAN_--> KSNA SID: Cward2 tranistion SLI Arrival : Kayoh7; Kayoh--> Jogit--> back to SLI Approach:SLI-->Sager-->ILS20R Best regards Hari
  2. Dave, Greetings!1 I think P2A is really a great addon. Kudos to you and the dev team!! I am not reporting a bug and know that your plate is full of revisions and enhancements etc. Is adding a flight path vertical profile to the moving maps ( something similar to Little NAVMAPS) in the short term " enhancement" queue? This would visually complement the ATC change in altitudes commands considerably . Just a thought Best regards Hari
  3. Bob, Thank you that did it . Now when i select the newly added waypoint, It highlights it in blue with the "edit "or "delete" next to iit. Best regards hari
  4. Hello fellow simmers, I am having a senior moment 🙂 I cannot seem to be able to find the EDIT tab in P3dV4.3 Flight planner . I wanted to add a waypoint to a saved/loaded flight plan. What am I missing? Best Regards Hari
  5. Alex, Thank you for the quick reply. I made sure that I have full permission( Read/Right/Edit) to this folder( C:\Program File\Lockheed Martin\Prepare3Dv4\ F1TGTN\FPL ) as Administrator before I sent you my email. BUT NO SUCCESS IN WRITING THE LiTTLE NavMAP EXPORTED FILE TO THIS LoCATION. BUT I Exported the file KVPS-KECP.gfp and saved file under C:\ProgramData\ Garmin\GTN\GTN Trainer Data\GTN\FPL This is not the same directory as the one i mentioned above . BUT the GTN 750 is able to see this directory and allow for import into GTN750 In Tools--> Options--> Flight Plan, I selected 'Export Airports and Navaids as User defined ... for Garmin GTN to avoid locked waypoints". Is this OK? When I open the .gfp file in notepad, ONLY the Depr and Dest airport show up.a " FPN/RI:F:KVPS:F:KECP". I see no waypoitns or approaches. Question? DOES Little NavMap export SID, STARS, APPROACHES in .gfp format? Best Regards hari
  6. Hello Fellow Simmers, Greetings!! I fly the Phenom 300 (with Bert Pieke's GTN 750 Mod ) in P3DV4.3 . Yesterday, I downloaded and installed Little NavMap version 2.03 and created an IFR flight from KVPS to KECP ( with RNAV approach to RWY 16, transition OTTOE) and tried --> Export flight plan to other formats -->Export Flight plan as Garmin GTN GFP. Littte NavMap correctly opens up the default...... \ Lockheed Martin \ Prepar3DV4 \ F1TGTN \ FPL folder and APPEARS TO save file named KVPS-KECP.gfp in it HOWEVER, When I try to open this file in NOTEPAD , It gives me the message " Cannot find C:\Programs Files\ Lockheed Martin \ Prepar3DV4 \ F1TGTN \ FPL\KVPS-KECP.gfp do you wish to create new file ? Any thoughts on how to correctly EXPORT .GFP file to GTN 750 in P3DV4.3? Has anyone successfully EXPORTED a .GFP file to GTN 750 in P3DV4.3? A little help please. Thansk Best Regards Hari
  7. Thanks Dave best hari
  8. Dave, Greetings!! I hope that you had a pleasant 4th holiday. I need your help in pointing in the correct way to do this. Flight Plan : KMKC ( Wheeler downtown) to KCOS( Colo springs) SID -> Select Runway -> Rwy01; Select Departure -> WLDCTS; Enroute Transition -> SLN. -LOAD Whats with intercept 274 to TYTUS in the flight plan? How do i do this SID correctly ? Best Regards Hari
  9. Dave, Greetings!! When you get a chance, will you look into this please? This could be my error, so forgive me I am Using : Prepar3D v4 Pilot2Atc2018 v. _R2 Navigraph Airac cycle 1806 Flight plan : (Wheeler Downtown) KMKC ->KCOS( Colo springs) No matter which runway and SID at KMKC i choose, the enroute transition dropdown does not give any choice. It is either blank or reverts to 'select trans". It is stuck on the recommended SID On a happier note, the Arrival choices and Approach choices work just fine Thank you Best Regards Hari
  10. Much Thanks Mike!! Now if only i could get GSX to work correctly in Prepare3Dv4.
  11. Just Tested it . works fine. Much Thanks Dave!!
  12. Dave( admin) I am not reporting a bug. ). Just a request for clarification and help. I am migrating from FSX steam to Prepare3D V4 How do i get P2A re-connected to aircraft location in Prepare3dV4. . I would also like to retain the sounds (atc voices.) Do I need another purchase?. i am not planning on running FSX Best Regards hari
  13. Hi Dave(admin,) I have been very happy with P2aAx64 in the FSX- Steam environment.( Ignoring for now, the few known glitches associated with missing Taxi instructions, etc) . I am not reporting a bug. here :) .But I am migrating to P3DV4. I have installed FSUIPC v5 in Prepare3DV4. How do I disconnect P2A from FSX and reconnect to P3DV4. I would like to retain the voices I have in my sound folder. Any help , as usual , is gratefully appreciated. Best regards hari
  14. Hari

    Navigraph 1801 update

    JeB1952 and himmelhorse Thank You !! Thank You!! i rechecked my path in the FMS data manager . It was pointing to the directory where i had my earlier version of P2A . I corrected the path and P2A works just fine!!. The title bar of P2A now shows " Pilot2ATC 2018 v 2.4.04 x64 AIRAC cycle 1801" the Thank you all for your prompt responses.. Best regards Hari
  15. Dave,, I love p2A and use it all the time.!! This might be a bit premature but forgive me for asking. Any idea of when we might expect a P2A for the navigraph 1801 update? My current v2.4.04 x 64 ( airac 1705) does not show any SIDS after inputting the DEP and DEST airports after I updated P2A and FSX steam aircraft to navigraph 1801 release two days ago.. The dreaded hour glass keeps going. Best Regards Hari