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  1. Dave, Greetings!! When you get a chance, will you look into this please? This could be my error, so forgive me I am Using : Prepar3D v4 Pilot2Atc2018 v. _R2 Navigraph Airac cycle 1806 Flight plan : (Wheeler Downtown) KMKC ->KCOS( Colo springs) No matter which runway and SID at KMKC i choose, the enroute transition dropdown does not give any choice. It is either blank or reverts to 'select trans". It is stuck on the recommended SID On a happier note, the Arrival choices and Approach choices work just fine Thank you Best Regards Hari
  2. Much Thanks Mike!! Now if only i could get GSX to work correctly in Prepare3Dv4.
  3. Just Tested it . works fine. Much Thanks Dave!!
  4. Dave( admin) I am not reporting a bug. ). Just a request for clarification and help. I am migrating from FSX steam to Prepare3D V4 How do i get P2A re-connected to aircraft location in Prepare3dV4. . I would also like to retain the sounds (atc voices.) Do I need another purchase?. i am not planning on running FSX Best Regards hari
  5. Hi Dave(admin,) I have been very happy with P2aAx64 in the FSX- Steam environment.( Ignoring for now, the few known glitches associated with missing Taxi instructions, etc) . I am not reporting a bug. here :) .But I am migrating to P3DV4. I have installed FSUIPC v5 in Prepare3DV4. How do I disconnect P2A from FSX and reconnect to P3DV4. I would like to retain the voices I have in my sound folder. Any help , as usual , is gratefully appreciated. Best regards hari
  6. Hari

    Navigraph 1801 update

    JeB1952 and himmelhorse Thank You !! Thank You!! i rechecked my path in the FMS data manager . It was pointing to the directory where i had my earlier version of P2A . I corrected the path and P2A works just fine!!. The title bar of P2A now shows " Pilot2ATC 2018 v 2.4.04 x64 AIRAC cycle 1801" the Thank you all for your prompt responses.. Best regards Hari
  7. Dave,, I love p2A and use it all the time.!! This might be a bit premature but forgive me for asking. Any idea of when we might expect a P2A for the navigraph 1801 update? My current v2.4.04 x 64 ( airac 1705) does not show any SIDS after inputting the DEP and DEST airports after I updated P2A and FSX steam aircraft to navigraph 1801 release two days ago.. The dreaded hour glass keeps going. Best Regards Hari
  8. Hello all FSX SE Beta 7.3 testers on My installation along with all the 7.XX voices went smoothly . I can see all the others under start menu->VoxATC FSX SE. like Advanced setting, ATC Type Aircraft Editor, Flight trainer, Flight Extra etc including some new ones like Net client, Net client Firewall. However, I am missing (not installed/cannot see)the SIDS/STARS setup and SIDS/STARS WIZARD under the start menu->VoxATC FSX SE. I have also downloaded and installed LevelD 767 Airac cycle 1707 . I can see the sid/stars in the 'procedure pronunciation editor' for any airport of my choosing. So I know that they are there. I simply cannot enter a SID or STAR of my choosing. Any thoughts ? Ideas? suggestions? Any help would be appreciated. Best Regards Hari
  9. Dave, mwilk, Thank you for the speedy response. Dave, If I choose Ultimate traffic 2, Is the some setting in FSUIPC (or the UT2 installer) that I must activate to ensure that Traffic data is outputted correctly AND Visible to P2A ? Best regards Hari
  10. Hello Dave( Admin) and fellow Pilot2ATC users, Greetings!! I am an FSX- Steam user and I fly business jets (F1 Mustang and Phenom 300). I have been using P2A for a couple of weeks now and I really like it, I am now looking for recommendations on AI Traffic. Which one listed below, works BEST with P2A ? 1) World of AI 2) Just Flight - Traffic 360 3) Ultimate Traffic 2 4) Other ( please recommend ) thank you in advance for your timely response and thoughtful reply Best Regards Hari