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  1. Trevor, I appreciate you taking the time to explain things that should have been in the docs. Thank you very, very much. I will play around and see if it makes any difference in the sim. Can you guide me on how I go about setting Landing Field Elevation (LFE) and minimums? By The way, Super video on the APU start up sequence!!🙂. What, in the startup sequence. do alter if I want to use GPU instead of APU ? Best Regards Hari
  2. A little Help Please, I looked everywhere in the XL560 Carenado provided documentation , but ALAS no help. On the stock XL560,What to do the following acronyms in the Menu buttons at the bottom of the MFD stand for? “SNGP”? Select/Click SNGP -->” TO”? “ST EL”? “VANG”? Finally , Where do I find the FD ( FlightDirector) switch. ?, I see the AP switch at the bottom right of the CoPilot CDU BUT no FD switch. Best hari
  3. V1VrV2 Thank You very much for the video. This cleared up a a lot of confusion from my mind. re; start up procedures Very much appreciate your effort!! 🙂 If you don't mind my asking, How do you go about setting (what buttons/switches on the PFD?MFD?, MFDC?) the LFE ( landing field elev) and minimums shown on approach plates? Best regards hari
  4. Little help please, I have a 4- 4k monitor setup in a T ( 3 on top , one at the Bottom) powered by one Nvidia GTX 1080. I have followed Mark's ( AlmostAviation) instructions and setup the View Group for the top three monitors. With the default P3Dv5 settings , when all 4 Monitors are displaying views, my fps is at 19-20 at the Default KRND apt Question: In the P3DV5 sim , Will setting the [Job Scheduler] Affinity Mask = 4084 ( as I had in the PV4 environment be helpful? Best hari
  5. Hello anyone, How do I go about setting LFE and Minimums ? best hari
  6. Thank You! FDEdev, some additional questions if you please; 1) Where can I find out about the different Menu option in the MFD Some of the acronyms have me puzzled eg:TTG:? I figured out RTN stands for return, ha ha 2) Is the VNAV functional? 3) Is it possible to set Autobrakes? 4) MFDC , Where can I find out about the different Button and what they Do? It would be Extremely helpful to someone like me if a written Or video tutorial could be found on how to take this bird from "Cold and dark" to TO/Landing". Do you know where i can find one? Looking forward to you Best regards Hari
  7. A little help please, Is there a speed Cntl Button on the AP? Is there a way to set Cruise speed? Best regard hari
  8. Did you use the installer to reinstall the P100 in P3Dv5? Or did you copy the folder and gauges? Thanks hari
  9. Hello Mr. President :Reality -RXP Yesterday, I acquired the Carenado XL560 and installed it into the P3Dv5 sim after observing that it could accommodate the RealityXP GTN integration . I have 2 newbie questions: 1) Is RealityXP GTN 750 ready to be purchased and installed today( 04/28/20)?. Or Do I wait until you give the 'All Clear'? 2) Are the instructions simple enough for a newbie Flight simmer to place it correctly in the MFD. Best regards hari
  10. Hari


    Phenom 300 is a definite No Go . Engines wont Start. Have tried everything from complete reinstall of P3Dv5 to reinstall of Phenom 300, Navigrapgh with Patch and SVS . Just wondering if anyone tested the P100? Best Regards hari
  11. Hello simmers, Can anyone confirm after testing that the Phenom 100 with Navigraph Expansion Pack (Airac Cycle 2005) and SVS is "Good-To- FLY" in the P3Dv5 sim without any problems? The Phenom 300 engines won't start Thanks Best regards Hari
  12. Dirk, I am having an issue with Phenom 300 in P3Dv5. It was great in P3Dv4. I uninstalled it from P3Dv4, re-downloaded it from the Carenado site and installed it in P3Dv5. The plane loads in the sim but I cannot start the engines. I tried it with "Ctrl +E" and In the" Ready to Taxi mode". N2 spins up to 24.8 % and the winds back down to "Engine Off" Mode, I made sure all switches were in the correct position and that I had no CAS alerts. Does your bird start up? If you find a fix please let me know. I will do the same. Best Regards hari
  13. MaDDogz, I do see it in front of me in small text and I do look at it very frequently BUT I am also jugging the VS , Altitude Sel/Hold and Speed so frequently to be slow enough during descent and above ALT thresholds that by the time I finish tuning the knobs , I have passed the fix and then i am rushing to readjust speed, VS, ALT before the next Fix, So my personal preference was to seek a utility that would mitigate my frantic knob twirling by letting me know in advance how much distance i have left BEFORE next fix and the the next set of knob twirling. That just me I guess with my fat fingers 😂 thanks for asking Best regards hari
  14. Greetings!! Can anyone point me to a 3rd party utility that will Audibly call out the fixes "names" and "DME distance" shown on the Approach plates? I would find this extremely useful in LOC/DME approaches. eg ; KSAN Rwy 27 LOC approach Best Regards Hari
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