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  1. During my IFR flights I get many, many traffic alerts and i can see the AI traffic ( in RED) on the P2A map. However I see none of that traffic in the MSFS sim. Is there any SIM setting that I should turn ON to see the AI traffic displayed in P2A? best regards
  2. Thanks , I will try both. I am hoping that one of these will be recognized by P2A voice recognition. best hari
  3. A little help pleaSe What iS the Correct Phraeology for reporting a MISSED approach to Tower? Hari
  4. Dave, Thanks for the reply. If you are putting this request in the "To- Do " list, please consider adding change size( increase) of default aircraft as well . It would be more "visible" on the map than the AI craft around it . Best hari
  5. Hello Dave! Greetings!! I' M Loving P2A in MSFS 2020 You Might have answered this in a previous post, I couldn't find the response when i searched , sorry. Often, it is hard to locate the "yellow" default aircraft on the Map . is it possible to change the color to say " navy" or " dark Magenta? Best Regards hari
  6. Thank you Alex !! That Worked. I was able to change the Aircraft color from Yellow to Navy Best Regards hari
  7. Alex, Thank you for the quick reply. Sorry to be a nuisance but I think LilNavMaps is a wonderful, brilliant tool. .As I have never dealt with .svg files before, Another newbie question if you don't mind please sir, Which one is actually the one for the default sim aircraft? and can I open it with an XML editor? OR is there a tutorial on avsim /youtube that shows how to do this? Best regards hari
  8. Sometimes, It is hard for me to spot the little yellow default sim aircraft on the moving maps. especially over fall colored terrain. Is it possible for the user to select the color( like Navy blue as an example) for his aircraft? OR change the size to slightly bigger so that it stands out more? Are default aircraft color and size, user selectable in options? Best Regards Hari
  9. I mapped the “AutoThrottle ARM” in the Options/Control menu and bound it to button 6 on my Hotas Warthog Throttle controller Before take off, I the manually changed the “SPD” button on the AP panel from “FMS” to “MAN” , set the speed to 250 knots. After take off I clicked the newly created button 6 and VOILA!! the aircraft settled at exactly that speed. Best regards Hari
  10. Hello premium deluxe flyers, The Autothrottle functionality in the Citation Logitude is slightly obscured and is behind the throttle levers. One can see this when you hover slightly behind the Throttle levers and the Tooltip reads " Disengage Autohrottle" by default. However , the clickspot is ellusive and I tried several different places and Left click/right click near the throttles to "Disengage "and the "RE-engage " it. I wanted to manually adjust the "SPD" button on the AP console from "FMS to MAN" and set the speed at 250 knots and let the autothrottle take over. I have had NO LUCK doing this. Has anyone else been successful at it? Some guidance/pointers would be welcome and appreciated. Finally, is there a good way to bind this Autothrottle functionality "engage/ disengage" to a button Or switch on the Thrustmaster Warthog throttles Or the Saitek Joystick? Best regards and thanks Hari
  11. Trevor, I appreciate you taking the time to explain things that should have been in the docs. Thank you very, very much. I will play around and see if it makes any difference in the sim. Can you guide me on how I go about setting Landing Field Elevation (LFE) and minimums? By The way, Super video on the APU start up sequence!!🙂. What, in the startup sequence. do alter if I want to use GPU instead of APU ? Best Regards Hari
  12. A little Help Please, I looked everywhere in the XL560 Carenado provided documentation , but ALAS no help. On the stock XL560,What to do the following acronyms in the Menu buttons at the bottom of the MFD stand for? “SNGP”? Select/Click SNGP -->” TO”? “ST EL”? “VANG”? Finally , Where do I find the FD ( FlightDirector) switch. ?, I see the AP switch at the bottom right of the CoPilot CDU BUT no FD switch. Best hari
  13. V1VrV2 Thank You very much for the video. This cleared up a a lot of confusion from my mind. re; start up procedures Very much appreciate your effort!! 🙂 If you don't mind my asking, How do you go about setting (what buttons/switches on the PFD?MFD?, MFDC?) the LFE ( landing field elev) and minimums shown on approach plates? Best regards hari
  14. Little help please, I have a 4- 4k monitor setup in a T ( 3 on top , one at the Bottom) powered by one Nvidia GTX 1080. I have followed Mark's ( AlmostAviation) instructions and setup the View Group for the top three monitors. With the default P3Dv5 settings , when all 4 Monitors are displaying views, my fps is at 19-20 at the Default KRND apt Question: In the P3DV5 sim , Will setting the [Job Scheduler] Affinity Mask = 4084 ( as I had in the PV4 environment be helpful? Best hari
  15. Hello anyone, How do I go about setting LFE and Minimums ? best hari
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