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  1. Are the sounds the same as the 700? Or different soundest?
  2. That is correct. Would you rather have your favorite food the way it’s prepared normally even though you hate it or sprinkle m and m’s and horseradish sauce on it (lmao) and enjoy it the way you like it?
  3. It’s a great aircraft and it’s very loud outside and some sounds are good. But engine start and shutdown etc are very quiet anyways what’s a good dead zone setting ?
  4. I want to fly the Fenix a320 but honestly the sounds are awful. It ruins it for me. So quiet! The rumble of the startup and the great sounds FBW have. So I have gone back to the FBW A320. But now I’m having this weird problem where the autopilot in cruise and climb will just randomly disconnect and can’t be turned back on. It’s super annoying. I believe it’s a joystick sensitivity setting problem or dead zone. Can someone who has a Logitech 3d extreme please share their joystick sensitivity settings that are proven to work? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!
  5. Yes I have " The Fenix engine sound when in the cabin (eg wing view) is crazily low though, agreed. The PMDG 737 is better is this regard Yes! I hate how quiet it is!
  6. Specifically for the Fenix a320 and pmdg 737. Anyone know of sound packs made? Both planes are just a little too quiet for me. I like when I start up the engines hearing everything rumble and loud it reminds me of my youth flying. I know that's not realistic and these planes are going for realistic so that's why they're not loud in the cockpit. If not maybe soon someone will make some like how fs9 and fsx had tons of sound addons you could download from avsim. Thanks!
  7. Sorry my browser didn’t load the other topic until I logged in
  8. Here we go https://www.flythemaddog.com/site/ https://secure.simmarket.com/leonardo-software-house-srl-fly-the-maddog-x-msfs.phtml
  9. Im not sure. Im not affiliated with them in anyway. My guess is yes though.
  10. https://feelthere.com/shop/coming-soon/dubai-airport-msfs/ I just got an email from them saying its out next week. Im looking forward to dubai. I own there lax scenery and its pretty good.
  11. Great. I just bought the redesign scenery. I think this is a bad move for flytampa or absolutely genius? Bad because people will have bought the reg cyyz and won’t want to buy another scenery hence they lose out or genius because people will buy regdesign and not like it and think oh thank god flytampa for saving the day and buy it in a heartbeat.
  12. I want to download the beta for su8, However I learned my lesson last time and I don’t want to reinstall the whole game after the beta is over and comes out for everyone I have installed the sim At the default location meeting I will have to reinstall. someone said I can just make a new folder called for example “msfsbeta” Copy my existing files there and install the beta there and then I’ll be good to go just delete it when I’m done and go back to the regular location when the beta is over. What files do I copy And paste To this new msfsbeta folder? Is this even possible? Thanks
  13. i have a question for you all. i removed myself from the beta on the xbox insider app. i then opened the sim in the xbox app and the update installed flawlessly and now im flying. everything worked great! my question is this: do i need to now rejoin the beta in the xbox insider app? or was that what the update i just installed did to my sim? thanks!
  14. https://www.simaddons.com/pages/simaddons_addons_msfs.htm
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