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  1. jsbryner

    Blurries out of nowhere

    Hi Bert, I use Process Lasso, and have tried taking off CPU Affinity for the Prepar3d.exe process and then set it back to my selected affinity, but I get the same result either way. Jeffrey S. Bryner
  2. jsbryner

    Blurries out of nowhere

    I am having the same problem. The only change on my system was the GSX update (I did not install the new expansion pack). I have not experienced this problem prior to this. GeForce GTX 1080, Win 10 Pro, no new updates. Prepar3D V4.3.29.25520. I cleared the shader cache and will see if that helps. On Windows Control Panel, Programs and Features Applet, I noticed that the GSX update (version installed the MS C++ Redist (32 bit) libs ver12.0.30501, and not sure if that's part of the issue.
  3. Keven, Apologies...subsequent flight and no titles. Not sure what caused them to appear. Thank you for your immediate reply. If it pops up again, I'll post a screenshot. With Gratitude, Jeffrey S. Bryner
  4. First - Outstanding product, I still can't believe this is alpha/beta -- the stability and features are way beyond those attriibutes. A must have addon for all simmers. Thanks. So, with today's update I now have View titles on all windows, which, before this update I did not have. How do I remove them? Thanks and my apologies in advance if this is a repeat post (I perused the online Manual). Jeffrey S. Bryner
  5. jsbryner

    737 PIC Help

    Greetings, Although I am using this fickle bird in P3D (and continue to wait for QWSim's 737 classic), I had the same issue of "data" not displaying on the map (actually named the EHSI) display. Seems Feelthere (or whoever programmed the bird), defaulted the text rendering on the EHSI resulting in missing text content. So, the fix is to change settings in the [GDI+] section of the 737.ini file. This file can be found (usually) in %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\feelThere\b737 v2\ Use a text editor such as Notepad.exe and replace it with the section below. Make a backup copy of your original 737.ini file first. FYI: Comments are lines beginning with // Replace the existing [GDI+] section with the one below. Save the file and restart the sim and you should see content now --------------------- Begin copy at line below -------------------------------- [GDI+] // 0 - no lines antialiasing. // 1 - enable lines antialiasing. lineSmoothing=1 // 0 - Specifies that a character is drawn using the currently selected system font smoothing mode (also called a rendering hint). // 1 - Specifies that a character is drawn using its glyph bitmap and hinting to improve character appearance on stems and curvature. // 2 - Specifies that a character is drawn using its glyph bitmap and no hinting. This results in better performance at the expense of quality. // 3 - Specifies that a character is drawn using its antialiased glyph bitmap and hinting. This results in much better quality due to antialiasing at a higher performance cost. // 4 - Specifies that a character is drawn using its antialiased glyph bitmap and no hinting. Stem width differences may be noticeable because hinting is turned off. // 5 - Specifies that a character is drawn using its glyph ClearType bitmap and hinting. ClearType rendering is supported only on Windows XP and Windows .NET Server. textRenderingHint=4 // 0 - Indicates that pixel centers have integer coordinates. // 1 - Indicates that pixel centers have coordinates that are half way between integer values. pixelOffsetMode=1 // 0 - gamma is 1.0. As a result, no gamma adjustment is applied to the image data before or after blending the image with the background. // 1 - gamma is 2.2. This mode results in a more accurate blend at the expense of additional processing time. gammaCorrection=0 // 0 - disables color blending. Better fps but image becomes not so good. // 1 - good image quality but less fps. // If colorBlending is 0, disable also lineSmoothing and textRenderingHint can't be 4 and 5, otherwise you will see unwanted image artefacts colorBlending=1 // 0 - not unload GDI+ when plane unloaded. Fixes black screen problem but leaks about 2 megs of memory in every reload // 1 - unload GDI+ when plane unloaded. unload=1 --------------------- End copy at line above -------------------------------- I hope this resolves the problem for you. Support for this aircraft by Wilco or Feelthere has been poor at best. Kind Regards, Jeffrey S. Bryner
  6. Interesting comment regarding the Super Guppy ....the ft737c2.dll and ft737c2a.dll LegalCopyright section (viewed with CFF Explorer), the .air file, the title of each [fltsim.x] entry installed with the product in the aircraft.cfg, the credits section of the manual all indicate Feelthere. Published and distributed by Wilco, correct. That's what the product description on my BMT Micro invoice reads. In the end, my references above to the product used the terms PIC and Wilco. The reference to feelthere was in regards to their support, not this product. Now, if you can help with issues I am having with this aircraft not flying the programmed route (flying around programmed WPs) and deviating from the approach (EHSI and reality dont match(the EADI and what's "out the window")) I would be much obliged. Jeffrey S. Bryner
  7. Greetings, I have the same problem but with the EVO Super Guppy (B733/4/5) Deluxe in P3D V3.2. was excited to see it come out on the market, and I have owned the Wilco PIC 737 for FS2004 and had merged it with the 50N model and flew it till the wheels fell off. :wink: Even in FS2004, the PIC 737 could lose control when the bank angle of a turn exceeded somewhere in the neighborhood of 15-20 degrees. Times like that I'd disengage the AP, manually complete the turn and get the heading on course for the next WP, went direct to that WP, re-engaged the AP and off we went. As I mentioned, it was uncommon but it happened. Now, with the EVO Super Guppy (B733/4/5) in P3D, flying this aircraft's AP is quite unpredictable. I am at a loss and am close to putting this a/c in the hanger. I like to fly SWA's B733/4/5 flights, but that might have to give way to shelling out the $$$ to get the PMDG NGX and fly those instead. I hope to get an answer for my problem as well, but am not holding my breath. Wilco/Feelthere are not the best for support. Jeffrey S. Bryner
  8. Greetings Martin, I think the answer to your question is in a document posted by Wilco; but it's not good. Here's the link: https://freedownload.s3.amazonaws.com/W8_1.pdf I'm in more of a quandry. I just purchased the Super Guppy Evolution DELUXE from their (feelthere's actually) website/store, advertised to be compatible with P3D (though not in the table in that document), but I am getting the all too well-known, black screens on the EADI, EHSI and CDU as well as others that do not display. After looking at the documentation, the .air, .gau files and others that give away if this is just new lipstick on the same old bulldog, it seems to be the case. So, I'm stuck having paid for something that will not work in P3D. Jeffrey S. Bryner
  9. jsbryner

    VASFMC 2.1 Fuel Bug ?

    Greetings Andrew, I have been a fan of the vasFMC for some time. I also have experienced the dreaded FUEL PLANNING crash (or hang) in FS9 more than I care to think. Although your discovery may be correct (i.e.: a nearby waypoint in the FP) it may not be the only case it seems. As I've run into this issue, I have tried my share of options to work around it. One was to enter the FROM/TO AP, FLT NBR, CRZ/FL and COST INDEX in the first page of the INIT. Then, with trepidation, I proceed to the Page 2 of INIT, click the RSK beside the ZFW, then FUEL PLANNING page (without entering the FP), and I get the same hang/crash. To be clear, I have tried going through entering the entire FP complete with DEPARTURE AND ARRIVAL information and then to the FUEL PLANNING and also get the crash. So, if there's no FP (other than FROM/TO) it causes the same problem; sometimes. No WPs, NAVAIDS, SIDs or STARS and works sometimes but not others. I've also done it that way and it works. Any thoughts? I am at work, so when I get home this evening, I am going to try the theory you mention. Also very coincidental as I never have flown much in NZ, but I just tried a flight 3 days ago NZAA-NZQN with the first WP/NAVAID of AA. However, I was successful in entering the FP into vasFMC. 2 days later I tried NZAA to NZWN with a first WP of LIMES and no luck (had to switch to the ANZ B733). Go figure. Any additional input would be grand as I want to use this great addon with the PA Airbus but it's hard to abide the unpredictable behavior. Thanks for your legwork to narrow this down. Best, Jeffrey S. Bryner