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  1. Hi Jeffrey , Thanks for your reply ,you have made some very interesting observations ,Unfortunatly I have had to re-install my operating system and am working my way to getting everything back up and running so I cant test your theories at the moment .My work around was just based on a bit of trial and error with a proccess of elimination,so far after using my method I never had any hangs or Crashes so it lead me to believe the issue relates to waypoints in the FP .but hey I could be completely wrong ...haha Im no puter programmer but like you I love VASFMC and only fly my IFDG A320 .Please let me know how you get on given VAS is no longer being produced or supported its up to us to maybe figure it out ... Cheers andrew W
  2. No Worries , it use to bug me setting up my flight with VASFMC and then bang it would crash at the fuel Calc Stage , please do let me know how close you get it down before Vasfmc Crashes congrads on your 500th post !
  3. Hi Luis , Sorry for the late reply I have been away , as to your question Im unsure as to how close is to close but Im picking anything under 5NM will probably be the cause of the problem ... I have a question for you .... so has this fixed the problem for you ? I would love to know if anyone else has found this fix to help ? cheers Andrew W
  4. Hi Guys , ok an update to this problem and I think I have found a work around ... ok I believe the reason VASFMC crashes when calculating the fuel load is now due to the plan data .... I have found that if your flight plan has a nav/waypoint very close to your departure/arrival airport it cant calculate the fuel needed as its too close ...example ... my flight is from say Auckland New Zealand to Wellington New zealand so the flight plan looks like this from Vroute.... NZAA|-37.0080560000|174.7916670000|0||ADEP||cfl=320;fnr=ANZ516;croute=NZAANZWN306;adep=NZAA;ades=NZWN AA|-37.0046390000|174.8136390000|0|DCT||..................Problem line #1 LIMES|-37.5716670000|174.6386950000|0|H384|| KARRL|-37.9766670000|174.5122220000|0|H384|| NP|-39.0072500000|174.1839440000|0|H384|| AKAVI|-39.9996670000|174.2638030000|0|H384|| SWUTH|-40.7697220000|174.3275000000|0|H384|| TR|-41.1858440000|174.3623780000|0|H384|| BAXOV|-41.2411830000|174.5276830000|0|H235|| WN|-41.3372220000|174.8169720000|0|H235||............ Problem line #2 NZWN|-41.3272220000|174.8052780000|0||ADES| The problem begins with the two lines I have highlighted ..... the waypoints seem to be too close to calculate the fuel required Thus causing VASFMC to Crash so a simple fix is to delete these two lines from the FP then re-save the FP import it into VASFMC . I have been doing this for a while now and it seems to work fine the fuel load etc is calculated and VASFMC runs fine pretty much 100% of the time .... I hope this helps anyone who uses VASFMC .... it was only by chance I stumbled across this fix but it seems to work I was able to narrow the problem down to the FP causing the problem because it was only sometimes VASFMC would crash so the only variable was the FP . Enjoy Cheers Andrew W
  5. well back again with an update .... I have just installed an update to FSUIPC { went from 3.7 to 3.99 Registered } and hello my fuel problem is back I need to run a few more flights to see if It will freeze again but so far two out of two flight have frozen and both have crashed the sim ....hmmmmmm
  6. Hi Captain , interesting theory about the flight plan ... one I will look into ... I have the IFDG A318 and A320 my problems seem to occur using the A320 so I opened up both the A318 and A320 AC Config files just to see if anything jumped out at me that was different in terms of basic systems ... the only thing I came up with was that the A318 had the following entry ....[General]atc_type=Airbusatc_model=A318editable=1The A320 had following ....[General]atc_type=Airbusatc_model=A320editable=0so as you can see the difference is the "Editable" so I change my A320 to the same as the A318 entry ... fired up FS and the A320 and went flying with no problems at all with the fuel input data ...... now am unsure if the change has made any difference as further testing will be needed .I would be interested to see what AC people fly with VASFMC and see if they have the same problem ?CheersAndrew
  7. Hi Captain , Thanks very much for your reply , interesting theories on the bug ... its a great feature and want to stick with it I know my Fp's are pretty good so im not picking a waypoint problem as I use up to date Nav Data from Navgraph I will try your idea about taking a long time as I narrowed the problem down to a aircraft { at this stage my IFDG A320 } at first I was thinking of corrupt config file in Vasfmc on the base data about the A320 but not sure yet it is a great shame that VASFMC has closed down its a wonderful Addon for an airbus given the complexity of FBW . Thanks again for your reply I was beginning to think I was the only one with the problem ...hahaha not much floating around on the net about it .CheersAndrew
  8. Hi Guys , I have just installed the latest version of VASFMC { 2.1 } Gauge Version into FS9 but have found when calculating the fuel it seems to freeze , I have done a google Search for this bug buts its not well documented .... the sad part being that the VASFMC Web Site has closed ... Can anyone Shead any light on this ? is it only related to the Gauge Version ?? or does the same bug appear in the stand alone one as well ? I was really looking forward to getting to know this little FMC .Very Sad to see the support forums etc are off line .CheersAndrew W { Very-short }
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