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  1. New version (1.4) is out, available here. Changelog is here.
  2. No, not at the moment. What did you have in mind?
  3. Ok, glad that fixed it, I'll look into the localization issue.
  4. You are unzipping everything before trying to run the executable, right? Distance probably isn't possible, it would be a ton of work to go through and add coordinates to all the airports to make the distance calculations with. Next version will let the user to enter any duration, without using the radio buttons. I'm cautious about adding information to the table, because it's already a bit cluttered and difficult to use with a ton of flights displayed. I'll look into it, but if I add the manual duration entry like above you'll be able to find the shortest flights that way.
  5. Primarily various FS9 AI traffic files, actually, which are in turn often based on OAG or other such data. They've had a heavy round of clean-up and filtering and error checking as well to make sure historically correct airports are used and all the destinations are valid, etc. Also, as stated in the first post, I'm in the final stages of putting together some code that will take in a bunch of flights and aircraft types and registrations and auto-assign them, so I can use manually-compiled data from timetables, especially for the older/historical schedules.
  6. For anyone that's having trouble, an alternate download link is here.
  7. Because I don't want to have my email address and full name on a publicly available download.
  8. I don't want to include my email address and full name in a publicly available download, so no. But I can upload it to a different file hosting site if that would help people get it. The site it's at now should work, at least it was trouble-free for me when I was signing up, but if enough people have issues I'll gladly make it somewhere else that doesn't require registration.
  9. That's a good idea, I'll add it in the next version
  10. You mean based on the current system time?
  11. Not my site. Just a convenient upload place. No need to be rude.
  12. Sorry about making a new post if that's a problem- I wasn't able to modify the first post of the old release thread to update it with the new info. This is a utility that can assign give you information about real-world flights to do with your aircraft. There are ~2.3 million flights of the database, and a single click can give you a realistic route, airline, flight number, departure and arrival times, aircraft registration, and more for almost any airliner you can think of. There are historical schedules in the database as well, so now you can get realistic flights and routes to do with your classic aircraft that aren't used as much in the real world any more. A huge range of real-world flights from multiple areas of aviation are included. 707 flights for Pan-Am in the 60's, flying Tristars in and out of Kai Tak in the 80's for Cathay Pacific, all the way up to modern A320/737/777 flights. Download link is here. Changelog: This release is DB-focused, with some new airlines and the usual error and bug fixes in the data. I'm also in the final stages of writing a script that will allow me to add data from more sources, so more complete, accurate, and varied historical schedules are in the pipeline. I'm also looking into allowing users to sort the table by the different column headers, but that's WIP until I figure out a fast, elegant way to take care of it. DB additions: Air Caraibes Su08, Wi09, Su12 Air Iceland Wi10, Su13, Wi14s AnadoluJet Wi09 and Su13 under Turkish Airlines THY Blue Air Su08, Wi11, Su14 Bluebird Cargo Su08 BoraJet Su10 and Su13 Ellinair Su14 Freebird Airlines Su08 and Su12 Hermes Airlines Su13 Mistral Air Su09, Su12, Su14 MNG Airlines Su08, Su09, Su13 OLT Su08, Su10, Su12 Polet Airlines Su08, Su12 Red Wings Su08, Wi12 SkyWork Airlines Wi10, Wi12, Wi14 Small Planet Airlines Su12 and Su14 Travel Service Su10, Wi12, Su14 Turkish Airlines Su13 Turkish Airlines Cargo Su10, Su13 VLM Su08, Wi14 Volotea Su12, Su14 Windrose Airlines Su08, Su13 WOW Air Su12, Su14 XL Airways France Su10, Wi12, Wi14 XL Airways Germany Su10 Yamal Airlines Wi07, Su12, Su13
  13. Version 1.1 is out here. Is it possible to edit the first post so I can update it with the new info and a changelog? It looks like the edit button is removed after a certain amount of time has expired. Should I just start a new topic?
  14. It doesn't work like that. It doesn't matter where mesh scenery is in the library, FS will display the highest-resolution data it can find for a given area.
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