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  1. This vid was made only yesterday regarding your issue
  2. Did you make sure you setup the sharing options for p3d addons like this? This is what i had problems with, need to make sure its on full control.
  3. What settings are you useing to acheive that? I did a quick flight out of Heathrow yesterday to test the 747 release, with most sliders 80/90% to the max + ORBX England and was only hitting about 8gb of 11gb(1080ti)
  4. Would be great, I've used to programme for about a year but im sure I'm only useing about 10% of what it can actually do.
  5. Anyone having a problem running it from a networked PC? cant get it to connect to the sim
  6. Also worth mentioning its $99 just for the base package. If its anything like the 757, once they release all the different engine varients it's total optional cost is close to $200.
  7. Quite some improvement if the below is anything to go by
  8. This looks like It'll do the job perfect. Thanks
  9. Hi All Does anyone know a website/app/something that has real life routes before the CV19 outbreak. I usually use flightaware to find and choose a route, but for obvous reasons the choices are now very limited. Thanks in advance
  10. My question is a bit off topic, but I stopped using EF a while back, but cant quite help think it's still effecting the brightness of my sim(everything is very light and the clouds always seem very white). I heard horror stories of it still changing things when it wasn't being used and even after a full reinstall of P3D. Is there a process I can follow to conclude that it isn't still having an effect on my P3D before I uninstall it?
  11. Have you set up the insertion points settings page correctly?
  12. Makes wonder what role many of todays 3rd party addon creators are going to have when MS20 is released, from what I can see many are being made almost obsolete or they'll have to vastly change their business model atleast. The likes of Orbx and the many scenery creators are going to have a hard time selling to us when the base product in the game is already of very good quality. Hell, they could even put highly experienced teams on creating aircraft and sell them as DLC that could even rival the best current 3rd party creators.
  13. Try a flight out a Geneva, thats gots mountains all around. But the Netherlands is a very flay country for sure, and not sure about Charlotte but it doesnt look like anything broken.
  14. I'd say mine can take up to about 5 minutes to load with Oxbx, 50+scenries and about 20 aircraft installed. +various other addons
  15. That website is actually very good by the looks of it. I normally use flightaware, select an airport I have scenery for then scroll through all the departure's/arrivals until a find another airport I have scenery for and the right type of aircraft. This will make it much easier.
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