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  1. Litmoose

    Orbx xml method

    I dont know about using xml method for Orbx. But with regards to saving HD space, you can create a symbolic link(look on youtube how it works) which basically creates a "mirror" folder in your P3d directory, but all the files are kept where ever you want them. I do this and it works well.
  2. Litmoose

    CaptainSim 757-300 Released

    ...But the base pack has now gone up to $99(although its in sale at its orginal price of $75 at the moment). Unbelivable, over $200 for the whole lot now once the "sale" is over.
  3. Projectfly is kinda of does what everyone is seeking here? And its free
  4. Litmoose

    Taxi2Gate EDDM: Default Airport overlapping

    I had this problem only a few days ago, found the fix here...
  5. Litmoose

    Am I Suffering In Silence? Or is it me....

    Yea, I run afew other things like WIDEFS, Projectfly and EFB too on 2nd pc, Cant say I've noticed any issue with the weather though, I'll look more closely at it
  6. Litmoose

    Am I Suffering In Silence? Or is it me....

    Hi Ray 8700k @ 5Ghz, 16Gb RAM, 1080ti and P3D runs off a M.2 drive. With regards to the addons its just the usual, Orbx/GSX/FSUIPC/TomShade/countless airports/FSLabs/PMDG etc, and ActiveSky, Rex SF running on 2nd pc. In this case I think it was just one of those things as luckily FSUIPC auto saved the flight and I was able to complete it next day.
  7. Litmoose

    Am I Suffering In Silence? Or is it me....

    I'm in the same boat too, to the point where I've barley flew in the last few months, even considered knocking it on the head completely. Its just got to the point where I'm questioning is it really worth the time, effort and money. It just feels like every flight has become a chore. Making sure everything up to date which has become a massive task now with the amount of addons we all have, then turning 2nd PC on and making sure everything is turned on and working correctly. Then decide where to fly and create a plan for it. Then finally, start the sim up and start a flight, by this point its taken about 30mins. Then you get airborne after about an hour, then like what happened in my first flight in about a month it crash's to desktop with no warning 10minutes after take off. At that point I just rolled my eyes and shut everything down.
  8. Litmoose

    P3D v4.4 Addons gone

    Reboot your PC. Sometimes this happens to me if the previous session to close properly
  9. Litmoose

    CaptainSim 757 Freighter released, maybe?

    The $80 price tag on the just the base aircraft has always kept away. But now its on track to cost over $200 for all the "add-ons" for what is just a middle of the park aircraft I'll definitely never be buying. Ridiculous
  10. Litmoose

    Does Ryanair really land hard as people say?

    Do you mean inexperienced? Undertrained is quite a statement, I cant imagine any airline let alone one the size of Ryanair taking pilots that don't meat the requirements.
  11. Litmoose

    white blocks at lakes P3Dv4

    Try going in Vector settings, on the 2nd tab I think it is and untick frozen lakes
  12. Litmoose

    Windows 10 October update. Ver. 1809

    Now that you mention it, I noticed that on a flight last night, I let it go in the hope that it would fix it self by the next time I fly. Will deffo keep an eye out for it again now
  13. fixing stuff like this would be a good start
  14. Litmoose

    Sudden network issue between two Win10 machines

    This what seems to be working for me... This will most likely remedy your issue as it did for me. If not I wish you all the best. 1) Open "Control Panel" 2) Open "Network and Internet" 3( Open "Network and Sharing Center" 4) Open "Advanced sharing settings" In your current network "profile" look for "Turn On Automatic Setup Of Network Connected Devices" and REMOVE the check from it. 5) Save the change and disable the network adapter and re-enable it. Look for the change in File Manager.