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  1. They announced the release of the sim back in June. 4/5 months into the pandemic, they should of known by then if working remotley was causeing quality control issues and not announced the release if that was the case. Also, if theres any sector that can cope working remotley, it IT related. I've already stopped my Xbox sub and uninstalled the sim and will look at it again in about 12months time see if things have improved.
  2. Urgh, i literally fresh installed v5 HF2 + loads of addons yesterday after decideing MSFS isnt ready yet.
  3. Yea, its deffo on the back burner for me. So far I've only played it useing the Xbox game pass which i have now cancelled, so at the end of the month i will lose access to it. Until the bugs are fixed, and there's alot higher quality 3rd party aircraft i wont be back, which im guessing might be about 12months.
  4. Well, I thought I'd give this a try. And sitting on the runway at KORD with the LOD only set at 5 my system was useing all 32gb of RAM. Guess I'll try turning it down a notch
  5. Do you have Nvidia Geforce Experiance installed? That can auto change your game settings. You need to into it's options and turn off automatic game settings if you do.
  6. There are whispers of a 20gb version of the 3080 in the pipe line
  7. The aiport looks fine, not too different from previous versions and the FPS was about 30-35 which is about normal for big airports and built-up areas for me. I did notice the below though, looks like a thumbnail has been added to the autopilot map... Not seen that before.
  8. Think I'm at the point where I'm going to stop using the ATC. Getting tired of being swapped back and forth between the same frequencies, told to descend into mountains, and being left at 8000ft while on approach.
  9. Strange, I've heard lots of people complain about the load time. But mine seems to load in about 1 minute, I'll time it next the next time i boot it up. Edit... 1minute 52 from the when the Xbox screen first comes on to the menu.
  10. I currently have 16gb and I've just this second finished a flight to JFK(default version, not the prem deluxe version) in the A320. Bare in mind we're all useing default aircraft etc, according to my on screen display i was useing 15.5gb and was getting 25fps which could have been limited by hitting my RAM limit. So i wouldnt say more than 16gb is useless, especially going when more addons get released. Luckly i already ordered another 16gb which should arrive tomorrow.
  11. The GPU is designed to hit 90 under load. And 70 on the CPU is fine.
  12. do you have FXAA anti-aliasing on?
  13. I already subscibe to Xbox live PC game thingy, so I'm going to test it out of there first. And if i think it's worth I'll buy the Premium Deluxe version on steam
  14. This vid was made only yesterday regarding your issue
  15. Did you make sure you setup the sharing options for p3d addons like this? This is what i had problems with, need to make sure its on full control.
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