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  1. jason99vmi

    Duxfod Scenery

    Yeah their scenery was fine in v3. I don't know if i checked it in v4. I know ACG's Wattisham 1993 works in v4. The Duxford Airshow scenery is pretty cool complete with WWII AI. The AI do work in v4.
  2. jason99vmi

    Orbx causing long pauses in v4.4

    Known issue with Orbx CA regions. Try turning off AI. Also go into Orbx Config for SoCal and NorCal and uncheck things you can live without like windmills, marine masts, towers, etc. All that drags performance down. you have a pretty robust PC so i'm surprised but performance is a moving target.
  3. Uh oh usually LM only puts out updates when Pete is on vacation. He's here. Something must be amiss. lol.
  4. When we say full reinstall, are we talking about uninstalling addons and completely wiping drive (format SSD)? Or we talking just uninstalling 4.3 Client, Content and Scenery then installing 4.4 Client, Content and Scenery. I just did a full wipe of the drive a month or so ago and it was a nightmare getting back to stable flights with every addon working. And yes all my scenery addons are installed outside the sim including all my AI etc.
  5. Right you could. But i don't think the traffic file would find it since you changed its name. But maybe it does since i don't know how UTL works. I would have to go into AIFP and make sure the traffic file is fixed to match the aircraft with its flightplan.
  6. Yeah its not dreaded. I custom built my AI and military AI, happens all the time. Just jot down the name of the offending file. Find the folder and aircraft.cfg and delete. Most likely the FLAI had UPS models and repaints already. So its just a duplicate.
  7. jason99vmi

    Freeware AI installer app from AIG

    And there is a caveat to that. If you use AI Controller 1.4B the AI taxi perfectly but you only get the SIDS and STARS for the airports the app give you.. AI Controller 2.0 you get SIDS and STARS for every airport (granted you have PMDG folder with all the airports) but it has some very weird glitches with taxiing. I went back to 1.4B since I considered the taxiing to be more important. For now.
  8. jason99vmi

    Freeware AI installer app from AIG

    Same here. Figures after we built our AI traffic from scratch that this would happen. Oh well at least this might get more people to help with the custom AI aircraft.
  9. jason99vmi

    AI Malcontent's ERJs?

    RAVEN AI Roadmap CRJ-200v1 - 2018E-jet Series v1.5 - 2018-early 2019CRJ Series v1.5 - early 2019ERJ Series - Late 2018-2019A330-900 - 2019 some time
  10. jason99vmi

    AI Controller 2.0 (Gate-to-Gate Control) Open Beta Prepar3D

    Above post is the status. Old versions still work. New version hopefully on its way with Simbol's AI development.
  11. jason99vmi

    P3Dv4 - AI ERJ’s ?

    Yeah it would be nice if there was a statute of limitations on the release of freeware. If you abandon your project, after 3 years or so, someone is then allowed to "enhance/fix/build on" said project. Raven AI are working on a CRJ200 so that will be taken care of but the ERJs I don't know. By the time someone gets a model out, those aircraft will be phased out anyway so probably not worth the time or effort. Same could probably be said for DC-10.
  12. jason99vmi

    WOAI traffic in P3D v4

    They've all been done. You just have to do it yourself. Its not a one click install. For that you have to pay $$ for UTL live or some other payware. Built my own custom AI using AIG flightplans, updated FSX and v4 models found on AIG and FAIB etc, installed them all using AIFP. MAIW installs itself via the Matrix tool. Only aircraft i'm missing is the ERJ 135/145 and CRJ 200 which if you know what you are doing with ModelConverterX you can fix yourself for v4. Unfortunately AIG can't do it since they don't have permission from AI Malcontent. Takes time but all free. Models are better than UTL. Nice lighting using Simbols AI Lights Reborn. updated flightplans and repaints.
  13. jason99vmi

    The Cost of flying in P3D - relative worth

    As noted above its very much what you make of it. Devs have to produce something that is viable for someone just wanting a cheap flight simulator. You know basic textures plenty of free aircraft for messing around. But they leave it open for others to build upon that. DCS is very much the same. Caucus map and several aircraft are all free. plenty for some people. But if you want highly detailed aircraft or map then that comes with a price tag. Your paying for devs time and effort. And in the case of PMDG and some other devs you are paying for licenses with the aircraft manufacturer, support, etc. And while people cry about paying for support, this forum is full of evidence that there is literally thousands of pc rig configurations they have to contend with. Not to mention playing nice with other addons or software.
  14. jason99vmi

    Henrik Nielsen AI ships

    Also if the addon.xml method doesn't work, you can always just junction link them. i have been doing this for years. I did this for AI Aircraft as well, although recently moved those to xml method. Such a great package. I think Henrik said you can see almost all the boats on 10%. Never really noticed an FPS hit. Certainly not quite like road traffic. AI Carriers and Javier's Ike/Nimitz package works in P3D also if you want a carrier tooling around outside ports like Norfolk, Pearl, SD, etc.
  15. jason99vmi

    AI Controller 2.0 (Gate-to-Gate Control) Open Beta Prepar3D

    Yeah for P3D v4 I went back to version 1.4B. Version 2.0 had some real issues with taxiways and what i call "zoomers" across the runways. But it followed SIDS and STARS very well. Version 1.4B AI follow the taxiways perfectly but then you only get the SIDS and STARS for the areas provided and not every airport. So I know version 1.4B works in v4. And i'm sure v2.0 works but like i said with issues. Simbol is working on a program to manage AI but may be a while for release.