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  1. A day or two before the Aerosoft Airbus A318/319 release thus setting them back a few weeks. lol.
  2. jason99vmi

    P3d v4.3

    Yeah P3D v4 is pretty hard to OOM or CTD. Even if you push the sliders to extreme it is hard to crash. Are CTDs still possible yes because of 3rd party addons but that is with any version of P3D when you throw stuff in. 3.4 was really stable for me but when the last few months running 3.4 and v4, 3.4 was OOMing on every approach. So i finally deleted all of 3.4. DCS now occupies its space 🙂
  3. jason99vmi

    P3d v4.3

    I highly doubt they have 10x the freeware. P3D has most of the FSX freeware that was created over years and years. Cattaneo's military aircraft, AI packages, military AI, mesh, airports, photoscenery. While I like XP11, like Ray said it would take too much money to get to the amount of addons i have for P3D that transfered from FSX. Payware that covers almost every major airport around the globe. Orbx regions and airports. XP11 also is missing a lot of aircraft we have in P3D. F-18s, F-14s, actually most military payware. Not to mention the ton of commercial aircraft its still missing. It will start to catch up and many are happy to switch. If i was starting from scratch i'd probably pick XP11 but there are those of us who have a lot invested from the past.
  4. jason99vmi

    No AI traffic in P3Dv4.1

    Might wanna try a few things. Using AIFP (if you know what that program is) to scan and check if you have any FS9 traffic files in your sim. There is another program by Lorby in his downloads called ThumbnailexporterX. This program as well can scan your simobjects folder or other folders to find FS9 files. Just tick the model and model type boxes. Anything with a "=MDL8" is an FS9 file.
  5. jason99vmi

    No AI traffic in P3Dv4.1

    Most common cause is an old FS9 traffic file creeping into the sim. This will cause this. Hence AnkH questions. Usually changes made since last use is the cause. Did you add anything scenery, AI ships, copy/paste files, etc? Also if your simobjects.cfg does not recognize the folder you have your AI in or the path is not correct.
  6. jason99vmi

    23 May - P3D V4's Birthday

    Agreed. Does seem like XP11 is starting to come on strong. I think the Orbx True Earth updates are a great step. A much better user interface would be nice. Maybe to appease DTG they buy their UI code.
  7. jason99vmi

    Small(er) GA AI in P3Dv4

    NA Airport pack (FTX enhanced airports)...yes. AI models, traffic flightplans for NA...no. They haven't done it for v4 yet. i really hope they do. Their GA models for the AU/NZ pack are a nice set.
  8. jason99vmi

    Small(er) GA AI in P3Dv4

    Not for P3D v4 though. Only the AI AU/NZ works in v4 last I saw.
  9. jason99vmi

    Small(er) GA AI in P3Dv4

    AIG has a plethora of models and flightplans for GA including an extensive Bizjet section. I'm sure you can add AI separate of whatever software you bought. Probably best to keep your GA AI models and flightplans in a separate location then the payware. Then just point the sim to the folders. Or add via .xml method. Orbx FTX AU AI package you are referring to is for Australia only but the GA models and aircraft are very nice and can be used separately after downloading. In fact HTAI payware Cessna package is included in this FTX package so its a nice to have. http://www.alpha-india.net/forums/ https://aibizjetproject.weebly.com/
  10. jason99vmi

    Gen'l AI Aircraft & Airport Gates Question

    Well yes default airports will cause this. Might want to look into downloading Robert Catherall's scenery files he has converted from Ray Smith's great FSX airports. Those are mainly just the large airports. Tons of other FSX airports will work in P3D but you may need to fix the taxiways in ADEX. You can also fix this via ADEX. This way you can assign gates for larger sizes and even adjust the gate size by wingspan. But i think if there is no suitable gate parking for large aircraft then they default to like Cargo etc. I could be wrong, but i know smaller aircraft default to other non gate parking spots automatically.
  11. Yeah there were bad thunderstorms yesterday in DC around 6pm or so. But looks like you made it out before hand. Recently flew into DFW near a thunderstorm with REX Skyforce and ASv4 it looked as real as it can get with big thunderheads and curtain of rain isolated.
  12. jason99vmi

    yes, another AI traffic thread....

    Yeah mostly fly in US so doesn't work as well for us I guess. But all that aside what PSXseeconTraffic doesn't do is provide models and repaints which is what I think the OP was looking for.
  13. jason99vmi

    yes, another AI traffic thread....

    While i've always kept my eyes open for programs that could provide a robust and up to date AI traffic set up, i've yet to see anything worth while or money. Yes building from scratch takes some time but its well worth it and completely rewarding. You can also customize it however you want. Don't fly in Asia much then don't download and insert many of the regional Asian airlines. Love military aircraft at near by AFBs or ANGs, then MAIW has you covered. AIG, FAIB and many others have made it as simple as they can, but yes its up to you to do the work. Its not a one click process. Hell even MAIW who were clinging to FS9 up until about a few months ago have now converted most of their aircraft to P3D v4. And are creating a program where it installs the military aircraft you want with one click. Just saying if you are unhappy there are alternatives but depends how much you want to put into it. PSXseeconTraffic is a fun program and I like it but like Dave said I didn't have any aircraft at gates so kind of ruined the immersion. AIG updates the seasonal flightplans constantly so you can have up to date flightplans using AIFP with minimal work.
  14. jason99vmi

    Unusual ATC/AI behaviour

    The AI will use basic calm conditions when determining a runway when you first load in. So if you have a weather engine that injects the weather right after loading, and the wind direction says you should use the opposite runway it unfortunately doesn't correct the AI runway in operation since they were already given the instructions for runway in use. I think you can after loading in and letting your weather engine inject the weather to pull the sim time to the left or right 15 min. Then AI should correct based on real weather conditions. But i may be wrong. Default ATC also does not know special airport instructions i.e. said runway at airport is only used for departures. AI will land on this runway. Don't know if Pro ATC or RC know these as well.
  15. jason99vmi

    2 payment methods?

    always the problem with gift cards they are nice but online purchases prove to be a hassle. Just use your own card and use the gift card for something else you buy like food etc. its still a wash and will save you the headache.