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    It used to be around Christmas but then last couple years it was late and they did it in early Jan. Maybe it got pushed back again. If they wanna kill Level D and QW they could offer the new 757 at $10 too. No chance though. lol.

    Yeah its called the Captainsim sale annually when everything is $10. Thats how i repurchased for P3D when i switched from FSX.

    I think its far down their list of aircraft to work on. BUT Milviz is working on a brand new C-130J. Probably can check it out on their forums.
  4. Change Winter to Summer and ta-da! It magically turns green. Selecting simulator time will send it back to the current time and season. For example if you fly in Australia right now its summer and Orbx textures will be Summer textures. Unfortunately neither the default sim nor Orbx can predict on a daily basis if the ground is covered in snow or not.
  5. Yeah you'll have to wait then. I could provide you the model folders you seek via Google Drive. But whenever you get P3D v4 installed and then get the v4 selection in FTX Central it takes about 30 sec to download so not a process. All the Orbx folders have FTX in front of them so easy to distinguish. Then its just copying the FSX model from say FTX BAE 146 folder to your other AI folder that needs the FSX model. All done.
  6. I think Orbx had this package for both v3 and v4 but yes the one i'm talking about is under the P3D v4 part of Orbx under Oceana tab.
  7. Yeah if taxiways are missing just use ADE to Reset the flags and save.
  8. Yes. If they worked in v3 they will work in v4. Its just the FS9 Models need to be FSX or P3D. Which is what I was talking about.
  9. It is a free download under the Oceana tab. All their model folders will start with FTX. yeah trust me i'm disappointed as well since I had a ton of C-17s, C-5s, etc tooling around. I know the items John Young at MAIW are FSX models like the F-16s, A-10s, and a full set of blackhawks. HTAI aircraft work as well like their C-130s. Its getting there. Faster than i thought actually.
  10. Almost every commercial airline model is covered. Like i said in my previous post every commercial model works in P3D v4 except the ERJ 135, 145 and CRJ 200 which is already being done by RAVEN AI. So you will have full traffic. The only FS9 models I have remaining are all Military models and even they are being worked at the moment by MAIW. And if you are savvy enough like myself and AIG guys you can download the Orbx FTX AI AU package. This package has every GA model usable in P3D v4 so its just copy and paste. I think most of us at AIG are just waiting for a good GA flightplan to take advantage of those models for NA and Europe etc. It also has some models we were all missing like the BAE 146 and Avro models for P3D v4.
  11. Raven AI are updating their models even though the old ones work. Raven AI is also doing a new CRJ200 that is almost done. I think that takes care of all the ERJs and CRJs in P3D v4 except the EMB 135, 145. I agree Chris it does suck that people produce stuff and then walk away. Should be a rule if you produce something and then walk away from the community said item should be able to be manipulated and used by the community. Like maybe a 5 year moratorium on all freeware items. But i also think its important to respect those devs who produce items for free. We certainly don't want people to steal their work and call it their own much like SKAI and some of those other pirate AI package groups do. The pirates sometimes sell the freeware as payware. But i also thinks its reputation. If someone produces a good piece of freeware and then someone changes said freeware aircraft which then has a major error or issue, the original author will not only get pinged for support but also the community will be like blank aircraft is a piece of junk. While yes the person who changed it should have to deal with support or bad rep, we all know that doesn't happen.
  12. Yeah, Henrik would be able to tell you if any of those ships he mentioned are near Labrador. By the way, sorry Henrik for calling you Nils. I think I was on Flightsim.com earlier reading Nils Anderson and it sounded close. lol. By the way if you don't have Henrik's Global AI Ship Traffic, i'm not sure you can call yourself a flight simmer. Best freeware around. I spend more time looking at tankers in and out of ports than worrying about my Dep or Arr.
  13. What, you mean pilots haven't enjoyed using the old FSDT O'Hare X and playing the wonderful game of which ILS freq works with which runway. lol
  14. You all might want to listen to Petraeus. I recently had similar CTDs near San Diego over the water. Every time i got close to San Diego boom it crashed. Having no appcrash report i decided to just make sure there were no FS9 models in there. Using Lorby's great ThumbnailExporterX tool you can easily check if a SimObject is MDL8 (FS9) or MDLX (FSX/P3D). Checked AI Aircraft and there were no MDL8s since i built the AI myself and have all my old FS9 models in a separate folder. Checked the AI Ships and there they were....about 4 models that showed MDL8. VEH_Destroyer Fletcher I think was causing the issue at San Diego. And some Liberty Ships etc. Not sure if these were part of Nils Global AI Ship package. Pretty sure they aren't. I had some custom military AI from the FSX days so probably left over from that.
  15. Nope didn't see this post. While the F4U shots are nice it doesn't really give an outlook or roadmap for more WWII aircraft like they did with ED post.