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  1. Best answer I've seen. lol. Except a pilot doesn't have time for pie he has get to the airport and read print outs!
  2. Then you totally miss the point of a VA. Its no different then being here. You're a member of the community and those in the VA help you technically, will fly with you, talk to you about FS and many are real world pilots amazingly. Usually the only requirement is one flight a month. Which isn't too hard even with kids, job, etc. It adds to the realism for some in the rank structure and most have great tracking ACARs that will track routes, time, fuel, passengers, cargo, landing rate, etc. Is it for everyone? No. But there are dozens of types of VAs and its not hard to find one that fits the bill. And if you don't like it then you just quit.
  3. Not exactly true. Aerosoft has it on their list of upgrading it to their Professional edition airports. so then it will be v4 compatible. I'm very much waiting for this as well. Actually its the only Aerosoft airport i have. I thought for sure i saw it on a list but maybe not. Although Mathjias statement said this will probably happen for all Mega Airports. http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/126204-mega-airports-for-prepar3d-v4-partially-released/
  4. As above stated VAs are the best option. Some VA's will have set routes, some give you the freedom to fly wherever. Some VA's have limited aircraft, some have too many. Some have checkrides, some don't. Some VAs require flying on VATSIM, but most don't. You just have to find the one that best fits your interests. I fly with 3 different VAs: One has freedom of routes and tons of aircraft. But that probably doesn't help your issue. Another has realistic Euros flights, limited aircraft, has Tours which are like a set schedule of 10-20 flights visiting destinations, Flying club (single engine) flights, codeshare and a couple regionals like Nordic flights and New Zealand. And a really good community of pilots helping each other. Another one is a major carrier VA so it has its realistic flight schedule including codeshares and regionals.
  5. I use this one. still works in v4. https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=fsxafcad&DLID=195841
  6. Ian pretty much covered but there is no such thing as P3D v4 models since FSX models work in P3D. So those modelers who make or made or updating models will all say FSX.
  7. So is the update 3.0 or 2.9 for v4? I bought from PCAviator and it says 2.9 for all versions of P3D.
  8. AIG Forums. This has been done in the FS9,FSX,P3D community long before XP. This link lets you know what works in v4. http://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=25472.0 This link shows you where to download FSX, FS9 models for aircraft. http://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=23926.0 AIG provides the flightplans. When you open the zip file flightplan in AIFP, it will show all the routes and aircraft for said airline. When you open the aircraft section, AIFP allows you to download and install repaints for said aircraft. BUT you need to have the model ahead of time. When you download the repaint (open the zip file) it will usually say what model maker and variant it is for. You then go to say FAIB, HTAI or UTT or whatever model maker is named and download the model. Once the model folder is in your AI folder, you just point the repaint to that folder. AIFP does everything for you such as putting the correct number order in aircraft.cfg. It really doesn't take that long. Unless you want to fiddle with the routes and all the little features AIFP lets you do then yes it will take you a long time to get it setup. Military AI Works has military aircraft and flightplans etc. They were all made for FS9. Some work, some don't. Their forums will tell you which.
  9. Thats untrue. I had a ton of FS9 model folders running in P3D v4 and caused zero CTDs. But i'll caveat this as I junction link my AI folder to my HDD so all my AI resides on there and not on the sim drive. Every simmer should have it this way since it frees up space on the Sim drive. The FS9 models are just invisible or you see just the tail etc. Now, the FS9 AI ships from Henrik's AI Global Ship package supposedly did cause CTDs. But he has since updated that anyway. Chris, you can totally use all your hard work in v4 and just upgrade the FS9 models. I'm doing just that myself. Almost done thanks to the hard work the AIG guys who are updating those old models from now defunct AI modelers like TFS. I think the only major ones missing are the A330, A340. There are still some regionals missing like CRJ200, EMB135, EMB145. A great way to check your models is Lorby's freeware ThumbnailX tool. Lets you know what is FS9 and what is FSX models. Almost all military ai aircraft will not work since they were FS9. I think the guys over at MAIW are talking if not working on updating these models. there is a great list of what works and what doesn't over at AIG and the link at the bottom takes you to where you can download updated models. http://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=25472.0
  10. It literally took me like 10 min to do a huge airline like British Airways. Not sure what you are all crying about with putting in time. I barely get an hour or 2 to fly a night and had no problem updating many airlines. Also you don't have to do EVERY airline. Some small Asian airline with 6 aircraft you'll probably never see is not really needed. The people who put together the AI models, flightplans, and the program to implement all of them have done a huge effort in order to make it EASIER on us. AIFP literally makes it a snap to implement up to date flightplans and download and install correct models/paints. They copyright to avoid someone taking their FREE work, repackaging and selling said work as their own. Thus taking advantage of this great community. We've seen it many times. Every time its called something different whether its ICE, SKAI, or something else. The compiler if he decides not to charge for it all he has to do is ask permission from FAIB or AIG etc. But they NEVER do. It would be such a simple email. But they never ask. Also they are probably wary of some compiler who doesn't know what they are doing, screw something up. Then the blame will be on AIG, FAIB etc not the compiler. They test, they know what works, and all you have to do is use AIFP. Simple.
  11. REX has its own cloud textures so not sure why you would want it compliant with another cloud texture program. You can install only certain textures with REX so you could uncheck clouds and then it will install all the textures except clouds. I have AS16 and probably won't change either but I like REX textures and soft clouds so will stay with those. They work together perfectly.
  12. Yeah just checked. Looks like next week 22 Aug. https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/announcement/18-prepar3d-v4-–-rex-product-update-8162017/
  13. I know the Texture Direct itself was released but i don't think TD with Soft Clouds was released yet. No fee if you had it for v3.
  14. As Ian brilliantly stated AIG has taken on the grand task of updating models and alpha channels for ai model developers who are no longer around like The Fruit Stand (TFS) and AIM, etc. If you download the AIG flightplans for v3 you are fine but if you download them for v4 depending on the flightplan some of the models will not show up if they still use the FS9 model. Currently they are reworking the TFS A330 and 340. Most of the commercial airliners will show up with the exception of the ones i mentioned and I think some 767s that Ian mentioned. Also EMB 145s will not show up since AIM made those. They have a handy list of what works in v4 and the link at the bottom takes you to a handy page that has links for download. http://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=25472.0
  15. Go over to the FSDreamteam forums. The F-18 projects going on there are addressing this issue in order to get their freeware F-18s updated for v4.