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  1. yes. I use in it in v4. Haven't messed with the fuel.dll or sound gauge but thats an easy fix. The right display is Tacpack feature that brings a guided bomb like TV display.
  2. They are also taking advantage of the performance and not having to deal with VAS. Devs can now put in all the little things they left out for v3 and 32bit platforms. Animations, lighting, grass, extended size of airport, textures, etc. They put in the time and effort to update. You pay $5. Seems like a fair deal to me. No one says you have to purchase. Its a free country...well it used to be.
  3. Scott - All the models FTX AU has are FSX models and will be fine in P3D. So it should be just a matter of applying the aircraft to the route. Its also awesome they provided for free the Cessna payware pack from HTAI. AIFP has the substitute function but i feel more comfortable waiting for someone with a legit flightplan for NA or EU. Orbx and AIG guys need to get together on this. that would be sweet.
  4. Yeah i asked over at AIG if anyone was working on flight plans for those GA models for NA or Europe and haven't gotten a response. So don't know. Guess we could always substitute those models in the trafficaircraft.bgl. would take some work though.
  5. Yes I can wholeheartedly agree in adding Simbol's AI Lights Freeware pack. They look freaking awesome. Even show up on the military aircraft I added. Oh that is the other thing, i don't know if UTL does military or coast guard etc type aircraft but you can add those via freeware. Always nice to see sea hawks departing NAS North Island when i'm at San Diego.
  6. Good luck. Ultimate Traffic Live works with v4 but not sure how up to date it is, livery wise. most liveries don't change from year to year so you'll be pretty safe. doing the freeware models, paints, flightplans is the best way to keep it up to date on a season basis but it takes some knowledge and work. But i think if you want all that with very little effort then UTL is your best bet. If you don't mind some work and time then feel free to research AIG and AIFP which will give you a fantastic end product.
  7. Any thread with a "vs." in it should just lock automatically.....lol. always devolves to this back and forth. And two "vs." should set off an alarm.
  8. Thanks Bob. Luckily I hadn't fully migrated everything from 3.4 to 4.1 yet so the reinstallation is long but not that long.
  9. So ended up having a major issue after constantly uninstalling one of the Windows cumulative updates which i thought i had turned off. Was forced to reinstall windows (i.e. windows wouldn't even come up) so didn't get a chance to uninstall items etc. Have since reinstalled Win, P3D, Orbx, etc. My question is that things like payware Aircraft, active sky and all those things that were installed on a separate drive (my P3D drive) are still there and work correctly but do not show up in the Add Remove Programs. Is there any reason this would cause issues?
  10. PC Aviator I think had a typo in the coupon code they sent out via automatic email. I only know this because it didn't work for me either but when i used the one they sent me when i emailed info@pcaviator.com that one worked. Instead of an 8 they accidently put in a B. lol
  11. Good luck man! Installed your lights over the weekend. Really nice work! Yeah some of those tasks will be tough. I'm 100% behind you. I'm the kind of guy who likes sitting at an airport in P3D and just watching the AI traffic. Also the reason why i'm rebuilding my AI fleet from scratch again with the help of AIG and MAIW. AI Controller was on the right path before walking away. AI flew SIDS STARS which made sequencing a little better. Animations were pretty good for takeoff and landing. Had adjustable speeds for taxiing aircraft. But one thing AI Smooth did better than all of them was when you start up the sim at the airport there wasn't this mad rush of 10 planes heading to the departure runway. I know many like the default ATC but i can do without it. it will certainly affect the AI since they follow the ATC commands. And probably why when using AI Controller you couldn't use ATC. Also default ATC couldn't do SIDS STARS etc. It also has issues with multiple runways in use airports.
  12. Yeah Version 2 was great because the AI flew the up to date SIDS and STARS and animations were great. BUT something in the taxiing for version 2 got jacked up lots of going across the grass and missing turns etc. I went back to 1.4B because the nice taxiing is mostly what i wanted to see. I would prefer both though :) Simbol will make it happen!
  13. Oops wrong section. Thought i was in the Chaseplane forum. Can an admin move this? Thanks!
  14. Keven- First tried using P3D v3 this morning and received the error as CP closed itself "P3D version 3.4 not yet supported...we are working on it" Turned off experimental updates and got the same message. Then tried P3D v4 with experimental updates still off. Same message but for P3D v4.1. Turned on experimental updates and still the same message. I understand updates but it would be nice if at least one version is usable.
  15. Wow...just wow. Simbol provides link from the Sim developer and you take the word of Joe Schmoe over the developer who built the sim. Smart decision....I'm sure things will totally work out for you. If you have more issues feel free to not be helped by knowledgeable people here.