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  1. Captainsim 757 thoughts?

    But just FYI, QW is updating their 757 now and supposedly it will release after the 787 for v4. Also Level D, during the fall of last year unveiled their 757 for v4 which is supposedly in Beta but haven't heard anything since. I was going to wait to decide between the 3 but these two above may take too long. Idk.
  2. Ortho4XP in P3D?

    Isn't this what Orbx TrueEarth will accomplish for P3D or am i a bit off?
  3. Aerosoft A318/319 v. 1.31 & P3Dv4

    Yeah but say AS did the simple port then when the FSlabs Airbus offering came out people would have said "This is wayyy better than AS airbus because AS needs to update their series, their systems suck, blah blah". so they lose either way. But in the end they provide different experiences. If you want a somewhat study level sim then go with the FSlabs A320. If you want a full set of Airbuses that are great for the FS world but not super technical then AS is the better product. AS is far more open about their products than probably any other dev. We don't hear about PMDG until it releases, same with level D, same with Captainsim, same with FlyTampa, same with QW. Seems like you made your decision a while ago so why rehash it.
  4. Aerosoft A318/319 v. 1.31 & P3Dv4

    I guess what part of "they are porting to 64bit but also decided to really enhance the aircraft and rebuild the systems from the ground up, add other 64bit enhancements like TrueGlass etc" didn't you get. All PMDG did was make the gauges 64 bit. As stated many times above AS, as a good dev should do, decided to make their product better. Could they have taken the time to port just the gauges and whatever else broke moving to v4...yes. But why spend precious developer time making a middling update when you can really make the product better. So flightsimmers don't have an Airbus series for 6+ months or however long its been. In the end they get a better aircraft series. So if AS is rebuilding the aircraft from the ground up with almost 80% new code why is an upgrade fee unjustified. Hell feelthere, Captainsim, and many other devs charged for the simple port over. AS is redoing almost everything. I guess I don't get the angst towards devs. I'm not an AS apologist but i don't think any of us know what its like until we are in their shoes. Especially when flight simmers have an infinite combination of hardware systems, 4+ flight sims, multiple update versions in those flight sims, compatibility among other addons. I know i wouldn't want to deal with that nightmare.
  5. Aerosoft A318/319 v. 1.31 & P3Dv4

    Well thats because they didn't say it was a plain 64bit port. I think that was their plan initially when v4 was a rumor but then decided to do the much needed work on the aircraft series as a whole to incorporate a ton of enhancements to take advantage of the 64bit arena. Better FMC, systems, TrueGlass, lighting, etc so that is a much larger coding effort. And as a coder then you should know anything with the FMC is a nightmare. I'm guessing they wanted to keep pace with FSlabs but each aircraft provide a dfferent experience but it will be a much improved set of aircraft.
  6. P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    Lol nice one! Well i've actually posted numerous times on this thread so maybe YOU should read it thoroughly. My posts were just replying to Tooting who you seemed to jump on me to defend his bashing of LM. So feel free to scroll back and see who i quoted and where you jumped in. The point is I am trying to help. Like I said and others have said "have you tried plain vanilla P3D v4, no addons, no addon aircraft, and seen the crash?" If no then start adding addons back in. I know it sucks and its BS but to noodle a problem like this it might take that kind of method to figure it out. Try asking Umberto on FSDT forums but he'll defend coautl so be prepared for that. While coautl has caused crashes before, usually running the standalone manager or the Live update clears those up.
  7. P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    because exactly what Dan said and I have said this before as well if you can't prove its the sim then don't spend time [REMOVED] on the dev when its not their fault. I've said before to remove all addons and i mean all addons. Basic sim and if it doesn't crash then its an addon. then you put addons back in one at a time until it crashes again. And yet the reply i got was "no one has time for that". Well if thats the reply don't spend time blaming the dev for an issue you can't pinpoint or not willing to. Especially when above posts claim this might be a coautl issue. Which yes coautl can cause crashes. I was experiencing hanging sim crash for a few days but i didn't come on here and tell LM they are trash and terrible devs. I fixed it by running down the last addons i updated or installed. And turned out it was the SODE update. AVSIM admins will tell you to do the same thing and they have been doing this longer than most of us. [REMOVED]
  8. P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    They have their own forums, genius. And they answer on there. But they won't answer if the crash is from a 3rd party addon.
  9. Adding Freeware scenery to P3D v4

    Yep, works fine for me. I can double check tonight. I had an issue in v3 where at a few thousand feet above the airport a purple outline showed up underneath the scenery but haven't see it since.
  10. Adding Freeware scenery to P3D v4

    sunskyjet KPHL anything by Shez Ansari MCAS Yuma, KLGB (i think it has some issue in v4 though), etc Airports of Norway Still kind of trial and error what works and what doesn't. I just found a nice Quebec scenery on AVSIM. There is a decent KMSY scenery on AVSIM complete with green roofs. Also decent KMSP exists on AVSIM. Robert Catharall (sp?) has taken many of Ray Smith's great sceneries and updated them to v4. They cover mostly large airports that are usually covered by payware devs but if u don't have a certain one then its great to have. Most of what i mentioned above have custom buildings etc that make it stand out but many of the AFCADs/airports that worked in P3D v3 work in v4. You may need to use ADE program to fix the taxiways but thats it.
  11. Adding Freeware scenery to P3D v4

    Ahhhh so do you have payware scenery installed outside P3D? These files are the ones in the FSX days were added to the Addon Scenery/scenery folder. So the KORD_ADEP2_RWC.bgl and the KORD_ADEP2_CW_RWC.bgl are the same file but one allows crosswind operations. You only use one of these two. The file marked CVX will be in the same folder with whichever one you choose. The OBJ file needs to go in the Scenery/Global/scenery folder
  12. AI commands

    Mark- I have SuperTraffic Board as well. It can eliminate aircraft from nearby airports in close proximity and ai aircraft individually but will not eliminate large numbers of AI outside your proximity bubble. This is probably what you are looking for. You can set number of aircraft within XX sq miles. This is it until Simbol puts out his AI Traffic tool. But this works in the meantime.
  13. AI commands

    Or use a traffic limiter. FSUIPC has one and the old Traffic Optimizer tool found in the forums here still works. I went back to Traffic Optimizer since it seemed like FSUIPC eliminated too many aircraft from Dep airport. These tools will let you limit the number of aircraft in the reality bubble. But Orbx NA NC and SC will strain even a high end system. Even going into Orbx settings and removing windmills, light poles, marine traffic etc still hurts it.
  14. P3D v4: AI Traffic Seperation

    Together. They do different things. Traffic Optimizer just eliminates aircraft based on proximity to your aircraft while preserving aircraft at your Dep and Arr airports. Thus keeping FPS at an acceptable level. AI Controller controls the movement of the aircraft. Taxi speeds, some separation. Will fly the SIDS and STARS of the cities/regions provided in the application for version 1.4 while version 2 could do SIDS and STARs for every airport. Many like myself stopped using version 2 because there was some erratic taxi behavior. BUT The great Simbol is working on a new program to do many of these tasks for AI in one application. And will give him my money when he does. Even if its free. :)
  15. ISG Simavionics profiles?

    Yeah Ernie updated it for v4. Still works like a charm. I have mostly payware aircraft so don't use it much anymore except for the TDS 787. If you buy FSPanel with it then putting panels and gauges in an aircraft is a snap. It works on freeware VCs nicely but have never tried it on something like a Carenado. Never had a problem with their forums. Can probably find the best answer there. Just did a quick search and a few Carenado posts come up. Ernie is pretty responsive when not super busy (he's the gauges and FMC guy for Qualitywings)