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  1. jason99vmi

    Another ORBX sale soon?

    I think Bill just willed a sale into existence. Wow that is crazy!
  2. jason99vmi

    POSCON online flying

    Yeah this BoG screenshot of a chat they had is disconcerting. Sounds like they have nothing and only replied in that letter to restore confidence. Not sure who i trust in this weird soap opera going on. Seems they are reacting now but should have done something long before this was an issue.
  3. jason99vmi

    REX Worldwide ARPTS HD TO BE released

    There was no problem installing on a separate drive previously. Mine was. Don't know if they changed installers.
  4. jason99vmi

    AI traffic separation

    You should do like the other devs "You'll see it when its done!" lol. But if you really want to torture yourself then you could do like a Twitch thing or Youtube.
  5. jason99vmi

    AI traffic separation

    There is no program that manages separation. AI Smooth was probably the best program but that hasn't been usable since FSX. Hopefully Simbol nails it. This is the one area thats kind of been neglected in FS. If you can get the AI to operate normally i.e. follow taxipaths, leave the gates at correct timing (not a bunch at once), takeoff/landing animations, etc. AI Controller was nice in version 2.0 because the AI followed the SIDS STARS for every airport you loaded in. Also adjusts taxi speed, turn radius. Traffic Optimizer still works pretty good with limiting aircraft in the reality bubble but tends to inject aircraft in major areas like NYC, London etc in large loads that make the CPU stutter. Which i've learned is really bad for newer aircraft like Aerosoft Airbus Pro which needs FPS constant above 18. So that 5 sec dip in FPS causes issues galore. FSUIPC traffic limiter works ok as well but i had issues with it eliminating too many aircraft at certain airports. SuperTraffic Board you can eliminate aircraft at nearby airports and reduce percentage shown. Anyway you can see a nice program with all these features in one would be worth the $$$$. Simbol, take my money! lol.
  6. jason99vmi

    AI traffic separation

    I had this issue with AI controller 2.0. Had to roll back to 1.4b. You lose the STARs and SIDs for all the airports that are not provided but they follow the taxiways perfectly.
  7. jason99vmi

    Australian scenery for P3Dv4

    Launceston from Orbx is free too. YMLT
  8. jason99vmi

    Locking Frame Rate

    As someone with a 144hz monitor, I'm curious about this as well. Currently run Unlimited but with Vsync and TB on. Usually good performance but there are times stuttering will occur. Do i turn vsync and TB off?
  9. jason99vmi

    help understanding fps set rate or unlimited

    Yeah setups are. I have a 144hz monitor and its hard to find answers on this topic since most users have a 60hz tuned down to 30hz. no external limiter and unlimited in sim with vsync and TB on i get smooth performance but get the occasional stuttering. external limiter at 30 fps and unlimited in sim with vsync and TB off, I get not as smooth performance but seems less stuttering. Hard to find the sweet spot but not sure its setup correctly.
  10. jason99vmi

    cam ctrl

    DCS has built in View controls. No need for CP.
  11. jason99vmi

    Bank Stalls Frequent

    Copy that. I've also read on DCS forums to tune the Axis curvature to 30. Seems to help. Thanks!
  12. jason99vmi

    Black Marble NG P3Dv4.3

    I'm all for critisizing developers if its justified. But if you are simply critisizing because they are charging for goods and services then you must live in a barter centric society. In that case it will cost you two pineapples. lol. Joking aside, I think Chris Bell is a one man or two man operation. So essentially I assume you are paying for him to sit and figure out everyone's issues all day long or for him to hire someone to do this. You know the same people PMDG, Aerosoft, etc already have as hired support staff. Admin might wanna lock this thread since its gone off the rails or move it to Black Marble forum and let Chris himself answer.
  13. jason99vmi

    Black Marble NG P3Dv4.3

    Everyone can read, well hopefully. So when they buy said product they know this. I don't understand why you needed to make it an emphasis. You pay for support in EVERY product. Instead of that PMDG 777 being $110 it would probably be $90. Or for example you can buy a Feelthere Ejets v2 for $30 and get no support. How would you like it? I prefer support and happily pay for it. I'd be more upset if this hypothetical situation occurred. PMDG charges $150 for an aircraft simply because of their name and reputation and not the actual work that went into it. Like a Louis Vuitton bag, its just a leather bag. With the amount of your negative posts its hard to tell if you like this fs hobby.
  14. jason99vmi

    4.3 and the C-130

    Ctrl+E or use this method below for start procedure. I created it when i owned the CS C-130 for FSX. Battery -TO ISOLATED DC BUS Co-Pilots AC Instruments -ISOLATED DC BUS AC INST & FVM CONT -ESSENTIAL AC BUS GTC Door Switch -OPEN GTC Main Switch -START (returns to the RUN position when released) Wait for the GREEN light - then Bleed Air Valve Switch -OPEN ATM Control Switch -ON ATM Generator Switch -RESET then move to ATM GENERATORS Engine Bleed Air Valves #1, #2, #3 & #4 -OPEN Engine #3 Condition Lever -AIR START (returns to RUN position when released) Engine Ground Start Button #3 -*PRESS and release. After engine #3 starts Generator Selector Switch #3 -OPEN/ON Engine #4 Condition Lever -AIR START (returns to RUN position when released) Engine Ground Start Button #4 -*PRESS and release After engine #4 starts Generator Selector Switch #4 -OPEN/ON ATM Generator Switch -OFF Bleed Air Valve Switch -CLOSED GTC Main Switch -OFF GTC Door Switch -CLOSED Engine #1 Condition Lever -AIR START (returns to RUN position when released) Engine Ground Start Button #1 -*PRESS and release After engine #1 starts Generator Selector Switch #1 -OPEN/ON Engine #2 Condition Lever -AIR START (returns to RUN position when released) Engine Ground Start Button #2 -*PRESS and release After engine #2 starts Generator Selector Switch #2 -OPEN/ON
  15. jason99vmi

    v4.3 cannot find the kc 130

    Yes it is. Just their FSX version ported over.