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  1. dazza1980

    747-8 TCAS Test

    Brilliant! I wondered whether this was the case. Thanks for the reply! Darren
  2. dazza1980

    747-8 TCAS Test

    Hello, Was just wondering how one would test the TCAS system on the dash 8? The 400 was just a simple push in the middle of the TCAS dial. For the life of me I cant seem to find any reference on how to complete the test? Thanks Darren
  3. dazza1980

    PMDG 747 Radar Contact Crash

    Thanks Ian, I shall give that a go.
  4. dazza1980

    PMDG 747 Radar Contact Crash

    Thanks Ray, I will pursue those lines.
  5. Hello, I have recently upgraded P3d to V4.2 and am having issues with the PMDG747. Every time I select the "Start RC" button, it crashes P3d with RC hanging in the background. It all works fine with all other aircraft, I have even tried loading the 747 in different states, but nothing seems to work. Any help woulds be appreciated. Thanks Darren
  6. Alex, Thank you very much for your quick response! It shows all the detail now. Congrats on a great piece of software, and your support! Darren
  7. That looks much more detailed than what I am seeing, I have the level set to +5, yet all I see are outlines for the runways only:-
  8. Started using this neat bit of kit since moving over to V4.2. I have a question, I use to use Flight Sim commander which allowed me to view the gates that were in the sim at each airport, now I may be missing something, but does Little Navmap have that ability? I always like to study the map first to determine which gate is suitable, and for taxiing purposes. Using online charts isn't a solution, as sometimes I fly into default airports. Thanks! Darren
  9. dazza1980

    Dawn shadow issue

    Ah I see TechguyMaxC. Well thank you for your fast response. Looks like I shall just have to endure the banding then! I have increased the brightness of my monitor recently, I guess that has just made the issue a little more noticeable. Darren
  10. dazza1980

    Dawn shadow issue

    Well, the banding occurs everywhere. No matter where I am, at that time of the day the banding always occurs. I am assuming its a low level shadow being cast because of low light level. So the shadow would be coming from the lack of daylight if that makes sense.
  11. dazza1980

    Dawn shadow issue

    Hello, I am having an issue with ground shadows during dawn. Rather than describe, I took a small video to show the issue. In particular, if you pay attention to the white line markings you will see the shadow "banding" that I am plagued with. Would anybody have any suggestions on what is causing this? I am using PTA and Thopat preset if that has any bearing. Also some Nvidia Inspector tweaks. I have also deleted the shaders folder. My current settings are Thank you in advance Darren
  12. Well mostly I adjusted a number of settings describe int eh AVSim guide. What I found gave me reduced stutters were, Max Regions Purge Per Frame - 8 TextureMaxLoad - 6 Ground Shadow Texture - 512 Cloud Shadow Texture - 256 The latter two are quite low and do give a little flickering, but have such a good impact on frames and stutters I though it worth sacrificing. Also, having the right Affinity Mask worked well. Mine is set at 85 Turning of volumetric fog had a decent impact on frames, up to 8 FPS. I also used Frooglesim's Nvidia settings too:
  13. dazza1980

    Max Regions Purge Per Frame

    Thats great, I assumed I could only use certain values. I shall try a figure around 12.
  14. Hello! I was after a little advice on what settings are available for the "MaxRegiosPurgePerFrame" setting. Using the fantastic AVSIM guide, i have managed to get a pretty fluid and stable P3d running. However, i am aware of a small stutter when changing this setting from 4 to 16. 4 causes to much VAS usage, whereas 16 indices the small stutter. My question is, what are the values available? From what I read, and I maybe wrong, the values to use are 1, 4, 16 or 64. Is this correct or are there other values that can be used? Ideally A balance between 4 and 16? Thank you!
  15. Fantastic, I shall jump in and give it a go. Just have to get My Traffic 6 working again after some issues. As soon as I have AI back Ill give it a go. Thank you