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  1. Did they fix the GMT time bug in the startup screen when using system time for default flight? As v5.2 seems to mix up local time with GMT time having to manually correct it, used to work fine up to the last version.
  2. Given how p3d AI works, it might be preferable to have landing north and takeoff south since south runway has aprons on both sides whereas having this runway assigned for landing would lead to long waiting time for crossing AI or chances of runway collisions if you chose to override holding by removing the hold short nodes.
  3. I agree getting off runway tarmac should be the best check for runway vacation for both arriving and departing AI, but sometimes AI making a U turn also trigger the same which would also need addressing. That criteria is true for smaller airports or in normal density operations yes, but at larger busier airports it is now not uncommon to have next takeoffs being cleared earlier or on lift off, at EGLL for instance. The option may be specifically enable for busy airports.
  4. Not a good idea as it is highly variable how much time a landed AI will stroll on the runway before vacating depending on the model and taxiway layout, if this takes too long then the lined up AI will cause go around to an incoming landing due to just sitting and not leaving the runway before the landing AI comes near. The current method of triggering a fast rolling takeoff just after landing runway vacation along with the check for minimum distance of incoming landing is more reliable. Better way to make takeoffs clear faster instead and take better advantage of fast rolling takeoff feature would be to force next takeoff clearance as soon as preceding departure lifts off the runway, as currently the AI still wait lined up till preceding departure reaches a certain height causing a delay and greatly limiting the instances where benefit of the fast takeoff ability is possible.
  5. Got to listen to taxiway instruction rap first on FS2020 ground FM radio.
  6. Still miss the horizon sky color variation at dusk and dawn near and away from the sun, its all uniformly lit with EA. The dusk/dawn timing is still off, starts to get dark/brighten correctly then steps back again. Seems new cpu issue in latest version, the terrain loading cores always working now even when stationary causing occasional micro stutters, in previous versions used to be dormant when aircraft not moving.
  7. The msfs vnav is simplified, it seems it just targets the STAR altitudes regardless of at or above/below suffix, that makes the atc instruct to descent abnormally and the vnav to dive or slow descent sometimes.
  8. It somewhat hasn't. FS2020 got the main part acceptably right that was a distant dream for most, which is full world roughly based on satellite scenery with great graphics for the performance. But most other aspects seem like a step back from their last release FSX than forward. ATC and control boundaries frequencies look straight ported from fsx with their errors and missing data which is disappointing. The AI traffic is lacking and looks in motion shallow like in fs2000, could have ported it also from FSX atleast if nothing new like following airways. The stock weather in FSX before it got defunct also had the same unreliability problems which was most time inaccurate or missing, so the current one meets expectations from stock weather of being that. Lots of good things already achieved being forgotten and unnecessarily reinvented rather than improved upon what was serving good, like why did they have to revamp the keyboard layout and user interface, it feels dumbed down and crippling, also they needlessly took away things like mouse yoke probably to their own detriment of losing casual simmers. Currently hoping that they released the sim early with just the sparkly bits complete to please the casual gamer, that it will going to be a step or more ahead of FSX in every aspect after full development in coming months or year.
  9. These sound engine bugs from fsx days seem to have been fixed with p3d v5, might want to give it a try.
  10. Couple of issues when using with stock flight planner, both can be checked graphically by zooming in the flight planner: 1. The STAR is being partially overridden by approach transition of a selected approach it seems if they have a common waypoint. Dont know what the solution would be unless a third tab for selecting or omitting approach transition is added by asobo. 2. There appears to be some back tracking happening in the ILS final intercept course, the route is being directed to FAF point (~6nm) directly then it backtracks to IAF (~12nm) point to then do 180 degrees to runway course. This however works correctly with the stock FS data where the path gets connected to the IAF point then proceeds to FAF.
  11. So the traffic bgl in fs2020 and fsx is near identical? Then do the fs2020 offline traffic follow airways or still the same direct route? If that is the case then looks like will again have to look to third party solution like the near twice defunct ultimate traffic. Fortunately AIG is working on its own solution called AIGPLN traffic controller in p3d, hopefully it will be get ported to work in fs2020.
  12. Are there any video sources available of low height overfly landings and takeoffs etc with sound recorded such as on cinema grade equipment that capture in surround sound the power of the heavies? I have been trying to find videos on youtube but it seems the equipment used or the audio stream quality make the sound quite underwhelming leaving a lot to imagination and memory of the real thing.
  13. Alleged pilot errors occurring too often with deadly results Goes to the length of drawing parallels with the pilot error and shortcomings in the crashes this year to take jibe at the pilots and discount the Max, sounds almost like a sponsored article to insert the idea in general reader of shifting blame at first opportunity after things have gone silent in the media. Is the US congressional report on the 737 MAX flawed? Latest article by the same author, in ignorance to the design flaws seems focused on blaming pilot shortcomings and quite protective of the Max and Boeing.
  14. I am more concerned about the core usage than low benchmarks, hope it isnt single core dependent and scale out to multiple cores evenly, as one can better address the latter with new hardware but not so much the former.
  15. Is it possible to be in that much confusion that one mix up gear lever up and down position, or something else happened?
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