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  1. him225

    Problem with requesting parking afetr landing

    I just checked at default LIML and atc didn't say the parking number, perhaps a screenshot of your atc message you are getting will clarify.
  2. him225

    Problem with requesting parking afetr landing

    From what I can recall p3d atc does not speak the parking number, only gate number.
  3. him225

    AIFP/BGL Traffic to Ultimate Traffic Live

    If only bgl traffic flew airway routes, or LM add support for it..
  4. I have had lockups which seem to be related to too many AIs coming to hold position at busy airports waiting for taxi path to get cleared eg at ZGGG. It gives the apphang error of p3d stopped interacting while the static sim sound keeps playing in background.
  5. him225

    UT Live and Parking assignments

    Just turn off UTL traffic temporarily until you park at a desired stand then turn it back on.
  6. him225

    Bad performance...

    In world settings section try reducing the load radius, tessellation level and mesh complexity, terrain texture resolution settings. They are overkill to the far right and lead to cpu doing extra interpolation work if you dont have high enough resolution data installed for these. 76m mesh with 1m terrain texture seem to be good setting along with load radius no higher than ultra. This relieved my system without any significant impact on visual appearance. If you need further load relief try turning off cockpit_high_lod in p3d cfg this will reduce the panel display resolution only, as well as reduce the panel refresh rate to 10-15 in respective aircraft settings as rendering them takes quite a toll on fps than one would expect.
  7. Having same doubts as well since the explanation by the p3d dev is otherwise which is in line with what I recall from fsx, see post #2: http://www.prepar3d.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&p=139706&t=120133
  8. Yeah probably is, except may be the video quality makes the plane look like a computer model when close. But curious that drone doesn't see any shaking at all after it passes by, I would expect it to be thrown out of balance or at least shake enough to ruin the video capture.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csTkMwBE45g
  10. him225

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    I have become unsure whether the FFTF tweak is meant to be used with frames internally limited or unlimited. There have been several suggestions as above of this entry working while frames internally limited while others since fsx days have said it works with frames unlimited. Has something changed with p3d lately? This post from couple of years back suggests FFTF works with frames set to unlimited: http://www.prepar3d.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&p=139706&t=120133 then which one is applicable for current version of p3d4?
  11. him225

    Why this rush for v5? V4 is still amazing

    I take xplane11 does not suffer from the same outdated engine technology problem, but it does not look or perform better by as much margin as this make me believe.
  12. One downgrade I find compared to default bgl system is that it does not seem to support real tail numbers or flight levels as provided by the likes of AIG, UTT flight plans. Looking at the addon fedex and ups schdules available in the library they do not appear to use them in the custom schedules either at the moment.
  13. him225

    Massive FPS drop with autogen

    Try disabling pop free autogen in p3d cfg, that gave me some more fps.
  14. him225

    Massive FPS drop with autogen

    On my system I get micro stutters from autogen no matter what setting unless I completely disable autogen buildings. Then I get smooth panning with everything else to my liking at 30fps internally limited. I have tried experimenting with settings of TBM, TML, FFTF to move cpu priority to smoother fps than scenery/texture loading but couldn't produce noticeable difference, fps drops to 25 for fraction of second and sometimes longer on changing view angle, which then gradually stabilizes back to 30, or 40-45 when unlimited.
  15. him225

    Cargo vs Pax

    In above it would be removing the line atc_parking_codes=CAL,CAL, which should prevent the aircraft from parking at gates coded for CAL pax. Another solution would be to add a fictious C at the end of all cargo codes of such airlines such as CALC to make the code distinct from pax, both in aircraft cfg and airport afcads.