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  1. Also they really need to remove the moon illusion effect, size variation of sun and moon and nearing horizons becomes huge, makes it feel like in a fantasy role playing game. The dawn/dusk light amount and change rate also needs to be fixed, while the sun sets/rises at the correct times, the light quantity drop/increase from sun hiding behind horizon is pretty fast kind of like a light bulb turning on/off making day light shorter by about 30 minutes in both. In real world and also in FSX - p3dv4 some light is present when the sun is just below horizon.
  2. Just realized, how common is it for two wheelers to be allowed to ply on the airside area of airports? I thought they never were due to the surrounding awareness loss they can cause from ride balancing, wind, sun, helmet etc, also being less easily visible from a distance than a car which are also often special painted for the purpose.
  3. Thanks for the explanation, engines are definitely a critical part indeed that get very easily damaged. However it also looks like the wing structure and its root joint must also take a lot of impact such as in the recent two other ground incidents one of china 744F and the other qatar 777F. Especially the latter where it struck something fixed to the ground left me wondering how bad the stresses might be on the wing in such incidents and if that would cause any irreversible damage.
  4. In such incidents as collision with vehicles, poles, hangars etc which happen from time to time, always wonder how well are the airframes able to withstand the impact and maintain their airworthiness safety including after repairs. Do they get fully restored or have a reduced certification? Is there chance some internal damage may go overlooked that could lead to a catastrophic failure in the long term?
  5. Big bang happened or not, what can be said for certain is it doesn't stop there, as something "banged" so the story goes back further than that time scale in either case. Eternal shouldn't be kept that far from imagination.
  6. So you think they wouldn't have noticed in alpha itself and come up with what they have written in a few minutes what needs to be done, then begin implementing in few hours and fine tune it in days/weeks? That they haven't even begun and still talk about how they plan to two years later, like its some mars vehicle they planning about its approach/landing trajectory on a planet millions of miles away where they have to be right at once and can't just experiment/test on the field which is Mars. Okay.
  7. Not fixated but it is quite broken without reason that it sticks out like a sore from the rest and people try to justify how it is ok for it to be like not just at release but two years later of numerous boasted updates. One thing that distinguishes this issue from the others is that this offline AI sthing isn't something new ground breaking that MSFS tried and should not have been in this state to begin with or not been fixed two years after.
  8. I didn't bring LM/P3D into this the other guy tried to just to turn into who is worse match, its not even relevant as LM is not even developing a game and its about preserving something that worked well, not some new feature. Real time traffic cannot match what offline AIG already does due to coverage issues, model matching etc and things like taxiing, takeoff, arrivals will always look silly and up to the sim traffic engine. In anyway it has nothing to do with offline AI system and should not affect what was inherited from FSX.
  9. Again, what changes around the AI does MSFS has that you know of you say broke it, and why have they not fixed it to this day to fsx standards at least?
  10. What major changes did they make that broke the AI this badly? I don't see any, and till now Asobo has done nothing to fix the AI engine which looks complete lame in comparison to FSX AI engine. I don't care LM has failed or not, they took care not to break anything and fixed when they did as far as they are concerned here.
  11. Did you even understand what I said? They didn't promise any of this, only developed a slight modernized FSX for their own non gaming purpose that they saw fit. The issue here is of downgrade, did LM broke any of the FSX features? They didn't. MSFS did, when there was no reason to, and mind you its the same AI engine base as FSX not something from scratch. AIGTC traffic injector works on both without much difference.
  12. A 3rd party does not influence this aspect, they can only add content to it which ultimately are subject to the downgraded AI system fidelity which is the issue here. I do not understand, why be satisfied/word not allowed with compromising on something missing that was already accomplished 16 years ago? Yes you are not spotting planes but you are not walking around the accurate streets either below are you, but you still get the immersion from it. Similarly it adds to immersion if AI aircraft behave reasonably realistically, and don't tell me it doesn.t break immersion when you see that happen at the airport taxiing or waiting for departure.
  13. LM is not MS, it develops for different purpose and never raised expectations. Most importantly it didn't downgrade anything that it inherited from the ESP engine, so those who wanted an improved, slight modernized FSX went down that line and it serves well for what it is.
  14. Good question isn't it, if you draw a clear line between release features and time for fixing those and then feature additions thereafter? AI system 2nd to none what are you talking about? The AI engine is badly downgraded even for default content, it just makes it less noticeable. The splattering touchdown of AI, the silly taxiing roundabouts, bankless turns in air, cruising AI spawning at your altitude than their cruise level, etc its like a high school project to look at, the whole thing feels worse than FS2000 fidelity in motion which didn't even have a proper AI engine. Have a look at this at 18:44, you call it 2nd to none? : BEST Freeware AI TRAFFIC For MSFS | Tutorial + Guide! - YouTube
  15. It hasn't? May be you have forgotten: FS98 - FS2000: Became true global flight sim with very high coverage of airports, mesh, vector and scenery land class around the earth FS2000 - FS2002: 1. Global 3D autogen system 2. 3D virtual cockpit 3. Interactive ATC and AI system that flies full flights What special has FS2020 done in the two years of most updates in history? It couldn't even come on par with the keyboard controls, camera system, AI/ATC, weather of FSX or address all its own release bugs completely to a satisfactory final version in this time. Also in any of the new sims in FS history it never happened that a feature was blatantly left downgraded without a better addition to take its place, any feature from previous sims was never felt missed in the latest.
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