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  1. monitron

    5th engine

    Yes the Roller powered 744's. I've been lucky enough to see these departing out over Western Sydney before. It's a shame OJT now sits in a boneyard!
  2. It's great to have the derate thrust and assumed temperature take off calculations in the EFB now. Thank you!
  3. monitron

    A Few Issues after Last Update

    Both updates I've tried installing over top of the previous version and the lights have broken. I performed a fresh install and double checked the RealLight was on in the LM (it wasn't) and the problem goes.
  4. monitron

    Panel lighting

    Ah thank you! In the dark cockpit last night I didn't realise that it was a dual switch. You are a champion and I thank you!
  5. monitron

    Panel lighting

    Hi, I've just completed my first flight at night and can work out the lighting for the overhead panel, the MCP panel, the centre pedestal, the Captain and FO panel - but not the centre forward panel where the engine displays, backup instruments etc are. Where are the switches for this panel? Everything else is lit except for this dark patch in the middle. Thanks
  6. monitron

    Big Brown Pacific Tour

    It has long been a UPS MD-11 in to YSSY everyday (along with a Fed-Ex MD-11). It changed to a 744F before Christmas. I wonder if it is a permanent change or it will go back to the MD-11? I live right under the Richmond departure SID and hear both MD's leaving every evening. They sound different and it's always my favourite one to pick out.
  7. UPS PHNL-YSSY daily has currently changed from an MD-11 to 744F.
  8. monitron


    I tried Control + 4 and the RPM increased a bit. Now the PROP LOW P warning disappears when I throttle up and the aircraft has a lot more performance. For some reason upon loading, the RPM is wrong in the aircraft and it needs this tweak. Thanks Brian and thanks all.
  9. monitron


    Do you guys ever see 100% torque? I don't get past 84-86%. Could that indicate that the RPM isn't right in the background?
  10. monitron


    Ah ok. I'll try to change the RPM but I don't really want to mess things up. The plane flies normally but I guess we just like to know we are doing things correctly and so it annoys me being on. Thanks
  11. monitron


    Hello everyone, Sorry if this if posted before, I have had a search and found nothing. I purchased the PC12 two days ago and it's smooth flying so far except for one thing: PROP LOW P. The second I turn battery power on, this alert appears and will not disappear. I start the engines to the book, never over torque the engine etc. but the light stays on. Could it be a bug in my setup of a Saitek throttle quadrant causing this or something else? Thanks Brett
  12. monitron

    665 ground speed possible with the 77W?

    If you are interested in winds around Australia and Asia, The Bureau of Meteorology has an Aviation section. It provides Warning, Forecasts, charts of Grid Point Winds, SIGWX and Wind and Temperature. It is good for Route Sector Winds between major airports like Sydney and Melbourne too.
  13. monitron

    Bug - Scenery showing in PFD

    I had it in the 777 yesterday after a 4.5 hour flight from RAAF Learmonth to YSSY.
  14. monitron

    [V4] No ND or PFD brightness control.

    Turn off the Master Brightness on the overhead panel and then control the individual screens with the associated brightness knob. You push the button in the middle of the Master Bright dial to do this.