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  1. Copper.

    CPDLC explained

    The confusion lay with me. Apologies to you Matt and Rafael, I thought we were talking airplane printers, not home printers. Topic drift alert. But yes, now I understand and I see how the home user could end up with considerable paper wastage, but if that’s what they want...! Haha.
  2. Copper.

    CPDLC explained

    To prevent confusion - 737ng*, 737max, 777*, 787, 744*, 748 and heavy airbus’ have the a4 printers as standard. *not all have the a4 printer
  3. Copper.

    CPDLC explained

    I’m a little confused. You’re surely aware that the boeing’s come with the a4 printer as standard? The width of the paper is 8.5 - granted, it doesn’t cut to length but it does print to the a4 size (crews can fold or tear the paper). The video link avantime supplied in this thread illustrates some of the point. The a4 printer still prints most reports in a condensed form (hangover from the old printers like the one fitted to the qots2). Other reports can come out in expanded full 8.5/11 (a4) page layout.
  4. Copper.

    CPDLC explained

    Done daily, hundreds if not thousands of times, actually.
  5. Copper.

    CPDLC explained

    That document is good at describing the rules but does little to describe operational usage of CPDLC. As a side note, these systems being implemented by PMDG fall under what’s called FANS (future air navigation system). For Boeing, it’s called FANS 1, for airbus, FANS A... collectively they are referred to as FANS 1/A. FANS has developed to where it is thanks to Australia and its national airline with the first FANS capable aircraft certified in 1995. United Airlines, Air NZ and Cathay also participated in FANS development. The basic intent of FANS was to open up the skies and permit User Preferred Routing (UPR) etc. United Airlines suffered a little here as it didn’t operate much through participating FANS capable states. Incidentally, Australia’s national airline used this new capability to create a new airway over China saving in both time and fuel. The rest is history - FANS is now an integral part of aviation and PMDG will now bring this technological evolution to us. Arguably, they are not the first to do it as CPDLC and ACARS have existed to varying degrees. They will be the first to bring it all together under a single umbrella. Uptake of these systems is as subjective as the decision whether to fly online or not. This document will probably serve as a better study for the impatient as it applies to Boeing cpdlc capability
  6. Copper.

    Brake Categories

    Pmdg have given one brake category per simulated model in their fcom/qrh. 600-d, 700-b, 800-c, 900-g, 900er-h. These are all steel. The info missing is for the carbon brakes. As long as you know how to read the manual in the first place, the info relating to carbon brakes is irrelevant for the purposes of flight sim. But if you must know, following the present ngx steel fitment, the carbon fitment would be 600-q, 700-b, 800-k/l/n, 900-o, 900er-p.
  7. Well said! Everyone wants their plane made by PMDG as PMDG are synonymous with high quality interesting airplanes. When PMDG announced an indirect aeroplane product we were thrown off. PMDG usually leaves that stuff to other third party developers. It’s as if they’ve built a fs2crew product, ya know... not everyone uses fs2crew with their PMDG plane, but everyone uses their PMDG plane but not necessary fs2crew.... so of course there are going to be people who won’t use GFO or FANS1 capabilities. We’re here for the planes
  8. I’m fairly confident they would. And this is where PMDG shine brightly. The PMDG move towards a FANS1 capability will cause growth and development in the controller vendors I.e. vatsim, virtual airlines.
  9. Copper.

    744 and 777 VC eyepoint for VR users

    PIMAX 8k in the hands of 10 selected beta testers. I keep looking at it for PMDG use beta testers under nda, so no reviews are allowed yet. All going well, maybe Christmas? Will go well with 747-8. i CANNOT believe I’m contemplating buying
  10. I can understand the negative points. Another advanced 747 developer has had FANS-1 (CPDLC) for a while. Same with ACARS. These are territories already explored. Same with rain and frost being incorporated in other products in the same way. The EFB and moving map are rendered on another product although PMDGs rendition of at least the EFB will lead them by a significant margin. There’s not a whole lot that looks new except the sharing of a particular living aircraft concept and the flight progress tracking (ADS) and the bringing together of that whole environment in the single product without needing to purchase and run a bunch of add ons. The 748 is a new technology also. I stayed awake the whole night and watched the entire expo and am just a little underwhelmed after the pmdg announcement. The technologies are great and add to immersion, however from the other polled thread is not what majority of the user base want or were expecting. Add to that the significant hype, wind-up and secrecy PMDG created causing us all to imagine unrealistic possibilities. What is obvious from the poll on the other thread is - a new generation airplane in the form of the 787/737 is wanted, or a new sim platform. I still love PMDG for what they do, and continue to do for us, but I can’t help but feel the PMDG induced hype was disproportionate to the reveal. My 5c worth.
  11. Been watching CaptainAviation stream since the expo opened. Be sure to give a follow, donate.... whatever. He deserves it. Better position than the chewy stream, and CaptAviation has been running the WHOLE time. Kudos
  12. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s a new aircraft as that would be counter productive in that the 747-8 might get overlooked or might not sell as well, if they released a new product near the same time as the 747-8 release. So it’s going to be something else. 1 hr and 38 m to go before they start their presentation
  13. Oooooh, i would love a 767! Aaaah the memories
  14. Copper.

    744 and 777 VC eyepoint for VR users

    I’d just like to say THANKS ALOT hahaha yes that is meant to be shouting since this thread was made I can’t stop looking at the PIMAX 8k (actually 4K). i am dead curious as to what it will look like with 200degrees of view at 4K. what are some of the things simmers need, and need to be mindful of when buying these headsets?
  15. Copper.

    RW Inflight Long Haul Question

    I don’t know what I was smoking when I wrote my post above. It’s all wrong. I don’t know if I could’ve made it any more wrong! B215 airway is a bit too far to be joining from the lucky 8. So will use the y1/l888 chart instead (although I like the look of the 747 chart better). And also, yes, you can shutoff passengers to 90% of the cabin. Basically just disregard everything I said in my previous post 🙂 Love the Photos though!