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  1. Hi folks. After being out of painting for a while I am wanting to get back into it. Needless to say, I am out of practice and am in search of a good graphics editor that won't break the bank. I am somewhat familiar with Photoshop (I did use CS2 but no longer have it), but the cost for CC is just not in my budget. I have considered GIMP, but my past experiences have not been very positive in that it was not very intuitive. Maybe I should give it another go? I have been doing some research on Photoshop alternatives and came across a newer software called Affinity Photo, which costs about $40 USD. It looks like a solid performer but it cannot save files in DDS format. However, if I recall, can't files be converted to DDS using DXTBMP? Has anyone used this software to create repaints and, if so, what has been your experience? Are there other options I am overlooking? Thanks. Todd
  2. I uninstall add-ons first, then uninstall P3D. Lastly, I delete any remaining P3D folders, which has already been mentioned.
  3. Redbird is one big customer...
  4. Well, they do a good job of advertising entertainment products from 3rd party developers on their homepage - Orbx, Carenado, etc. While they primarily cater to the commercial sector no doubt, the flight sim hobby community is an invaluable resource. Truly a win win relationship.
  5. Do you see this on every livery? If the aircraft itself is normal, I'm thinking it's a livery issue. Try Dutchman's suggestion if so.
  6. Wow, impressive screenshots over at Simmarket. My only hesitancy in buying this scenery is DD still hasn't made his NY airports compatible with P3Dv3 (and has made it clear it isn't his priority). With P3D v4 rumored to be on the horizon (64 bit or not), I think I'll wait. I don't want to be stuck with a scenery that may never get new installers with newer P3D versions.
  7. If you want something different, try the FSLabs Concorde. Go on a long haul from EGLL to KJFK at Mach 2 in 3.5 hours. It's a fun, complex, classic add-on, complete with flight engineer (or if you want a good challenge, act as pilot and flight engineer). I also have the PMDG 777, which is a great modern long hauler. My problem is I don't have the time in my life to fly 8 hours, but the above-mentioned auto-cruise is a handy feature, compressing an 8 hour flight to 4 hours. Or you can just depart at night, go to bed, and then land in the morning while you enjoy your coffee. Of course, then you miss all those wonderful ocean views.
  8. I did a night flight to London Heathrow and the runway lights didn't appear until I was about 1/2 mile from the threshold. Has anyone experienced this and is there a solution to fix it? I use OpenLC EU and Vector and am wondering if Vector might interfere with the normal appearance of third party runway and airport lights. I use UTX with OpenLC NA in the US and don't recall encountering this issue, which is why I ask. Todd
  9. Whenever I freeze/pause my TrackIR, the view returns to the default VC view before pausing. For example, if I am looking at the center console and want to freeze the view on TrackIR, instead of freezing the current view, I get sent back to the left seat forward view before freezing. Todd
  10. If you divide $135 by the number of models/variants you get, then I think the price begins to look more than reasonable.
  11. Hey, folks. I also posted this on the FSLabs forums but thought I'd post the same issue here so I can maximaize the number of people who might be able to help me out. I am having a graphic issue with the Concorde-x performance calculator: Every other concorde utility window (fuel loading, etc) looks normal. Only the performance calculator looks like this, which makes me think it's not a display setting issue. Anyone else having this issue?
  12. Yes, it's very strange, but I finally found the solution. I didn't realize CCleaner had a registry function - it deleted the entry and now it's gone. Thanks for taking an interest, Greg. Todd
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