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  1. Ok folks, just got the FIP! If im going to use spad - do I still need the stock logitech driver and plugin package for P3d v4? I dont want to load up anything extra that might mess things up... EDIT: Seems stock drivers are required. I cant seem to get rid of the Saitek "advertisment" slideshow thats on the displays... Any ideas what Im doing wrong?
  2. pegruder

    P3d & Multimonitor?

    So I was making progress, but seemed to hit a snag on my right monitor. Any idea why I might be getting this odd wireframe? Left and Center monitors are 100%, only seems to be the right having an issue. It also almost seems to be mirror flipped I think.
  3. I ordered one for now. Ill mess around with it and see how ill set it up and put it to use. If it works well Ill add more. What powered USB hub does everyone run for these?
  4. pegruder

    P3d & Multimonitor?

    Had no idea about these view groups - time to mess around! Thanks!
  5. pegruder

    P3d & Multimonitor?

    Are there any good guides on setting up multi-monitor right with P3D? I looked over on tips and tricks but didn't notice any. I have a 3 monitor setup and was wondering the best way to get it all lined up and looking right. This may not be doable for me as my main monitor is a larger size AND resolution than my side displays. I have a 27" 2k monitor as the main (Middle), and 2 1080p 24" monitors as the sides.
  6. Thanks for all the replies and info! It sounds like itll pretty much work with everything I have except the FSL bus - which kinda sucks as I've had the airbus bug for awhile. Adding these panels may make me go back to the PMDG NGX again however. Sounds like a winning combo of these panels and a bunch of my goflight stuff. Only part of this that kinda sucks is my middle monitor is bigger and a different resolution - I don't know if I'll be able to get the views right with the mismatch in parts, but that may be a separate post altogether... Happy new year all!
  7. Good to know! Are there any incompatibilities? Which AC do you fly?
  8. So I stumbled upon "SimCaptain" on you tube and noticed he uses alot of the saitek/logitech panels to build out his home cockpit. Looks like he put together a really nice kit with everything but was wondering how compatible these panels were. I mainly fly PMDG stuff and the FSL bus so if they didn't work with that it would be a waste of investment for me. Haven't really found any reviews for them to base anything on. Even searching avsim I only found a few posts of people having issues and not much else. Anyone think its worth it? They seem pretty cool, at least from the little I've seen. For reference, these are what I'm referring to: Happy new year and happy landings!
  9. pegruder

    Hyperthreading off works great!

    I haven't really been having a micro stutter issue but I may try disabling HT on my i9 9900k and see if there's any improvement in performance. My frame rates certainly bounce all over the place for sure. Some cities (NYC - always a problem area) with the FSL bus I see a range of fps from 12-40 as I'm flying around. I be clear - I dont mean if I look one way its 12, the other 40, i mean the fps counter is going nuts and fluctuation that much even If Im just sitting still. Ill have to give the HT off a go and see what happens.
  10. pegruder

    Blurry VC FSL A320

    Offf - FXAA is bad news! Just switched it off and the VC is so much crisper! Its still not where I'd like it to be but at least its usable! I've been comparing it to XP11's FFA320 and that cocpit just feels a bit more real. This one still feels like I'm playing a "game" if you will. At the very least at I can at least read the displays now. Before was just awful!
  11. pegruder

    Blurry VC FSL A320

    This may be a post I'll have to make over on the FSL forums, but curious what the folks over here are experiencing. Im noticing bouncing between certain ac, it seems the VC for the FSL bus isnt as crisp as it should be. If I 'pop out' the PFD's they seem fine, its just viewing in VC mode doesnt feel as crisp. Does everyone notice the same or is this something I have mucked up graphics wise? Gonna post a screen shot shortly. Edit: added screen shot
  12. pegruder

    XP Take off Question

    Interesting feedback everyones providing. Kind of why I wanted to make this post as Im not real world pilot, and haven't flown a real cessna 172 im over 10 years. Especially as I mostly fly airliners in sim I don't know whats lack of experience to be had from the real thing, and whats but/not intended from the sim. Makes sense flying out of ground effect would cause a change in the required back pressure, it just seemed excessive to me. Also flying the FF A320 which is still in beta may not be close to the real thing either. Ill give some of the defaults a shot too and see how they fair.
  13. pegruder

    XP Take off Question

    That sorta sucks. Doing that means whenever they get to fixing it will break things. Hopefully they fix ground effect AND the popping light lighting already. Honestly when they get night lighting working at a proper distance without the popping this sim will be 100% immersion at night for me. The repetitive texture thing they're doing now is better than the pitch blackness that it used to be but still not enough as the actual lights still pop in. Sorry - slid off topic as I descend in to boston and notice the potential here haha. Here's to not breaking landing gear on touch down!
  14. pegruder

    XP Take off Question

    Ok im not crazy then lol! Ive heard a few rumblings that ground effect isnt right I just thought itd be fixed by now. I've certainly noticed on my landings as well! My project fly app in XP im always in the 350-550 in landing rate! In P3d between 100-250. XP seems to lose all lift over the ground.
  15. Super generic question here but I was wondering something. The same result has happened in multiple AC for me in XP, but when I take off and am reaching rotation speed, I start to pull back on the yoke/sidestick, the AC starts to pull away from the ground, once the main gear starts to leave the ground, it seems the nose wants to instantly dip back towards the ground and I need to react with a brief (what I felt) is an excessive amount of back pressure on the controls to maintain a proper climbout (and not smash back on to the runway). I thought I wasn't trimming the AC properly but it seems unless I over compensate on trim itll happen most times. The flip side is if I overcompensate on the trim, Ill have to put a bit of forward pressure to avoid excessive AoA and a possible stall. I guess my questions are - is this normal in the real world and just an XP thing?