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  1. So having some issues trying to integrate the 430 in to the stock C172. I load the plane, ctrl, alt, shift space, it creates the panel preview file, however that file only has screen shots of the gps screens, nothing else. I also don't see where in these tutorials the pixel coordinates come from if this even matters as my panel preview doesn't seem correct. Im in 11.5 in vulcan btw. I found a file on the xp org downloads that added the 530 in so at least I have that for now.
  2. Can you advise on how you resolved? Im having the same issue. I have the 530 working but the 430 I can't seem to get.
  3. No stop - did I just read this is still a thing. I quit. Time to find another hobby...
  4. Any idea what the difference is between the Thrustmaster TPR and the TPR Worldwide editions?
  5. Well my this threads gotten alot of activity while I've been busy. Thats my problem is I fly alot of different stuff. I was mostly a 738 guy for years, then became obsessed with the 32x's. I used to love flying just the 172 for the GA side, but then I switched to the warrior and I've really been loving the TBM900. I had my eye on the ruddos - but I can't spend that much. The TPRs are to the high side of what I wanted to spend. Still torn between the MFGs but learning towards the TPRs. Either way, coming from 5 year old Saitek pedals ANYTHING is going to be a step up I'm sure....
  6. Gonna jump in a hijack this thread a bit, I'm torn between the MFG's and the Thrustmasters. I think its finally time to upgrade from my old Saitek pedals. I can't seem to decide as both are nice units. Are the Thrustmasters really worth the extra close to $200 USD over the MFGs?
  7. I pre-ordered which may be a mistake lol but well see. I've been dying for a proper airbus style throttle quad more than the stick but went with the combo pack anyway. Worse case I could always return it. This hobby of ours I tell ya...I guess I could have worse hobbies.
  8. Im running ASXP with SMP+RWC and so far I've been pretty happy. I tried UWXP v2.6 and wasn't satisfied. There's also a few bugs present that caused me to steer clear. I havent tried 2.6.1 yet though.
  9. Oh man - I never thought about bringing in just the desktop as a whole. Interesting! Gonna have to give that a go later.
  10. VRTools? Gonna have to research that now.
  11. Ive actually been having some odd issues with VFR flights lately myself. I've been getting more and more in GA lately instead of airliners so as I'm doing more VFR flights I run in to some weird issues, some of which is the repetitive bug. I'll have to capture a log file next time. Basically, I requested enroute a VFR flight following to KLGA somewhere around KFRG flying westbound. I didnt get any response and when I looked at the log in green it had the apropriate phrase detected. I asked again and it seemed to be no response/no detection. Then to keep it simple I requested a say altimeter, nothing. I clicked a say it for 'say altimeter' to see if it was frozen and all of a sudden the controller went nuts repeating the altimeter setting about 25 times. I ran through the full voice training and that seemed to have helped with some other issues, (as well as teaching me some phrases I wasn't aware of which was nice). Next time I'll capture a log and make a dedicated post.
  12. I 'think' I was able to get the clicks working. I can't drag on the map however. I actually stopped bringing P2A in to VR with me as I'm trying to 'take the training wheels off' if you will and actually remember the read backs ect. I only use move VR to bring in my ipad with foreflight on it so I have charts/AP diagrams ect. I wish the ipad had 2 way communication with airplay so I could actually interact with the ipad. Right now i kind of fumble about and pinch to zoom and stuff, but if I need frequency or more detailed info I swing the headset off for a sec.
  13. Well folks it has arrived. Its a word not allowed fine piece of hardware! To me - 100% worth the price as this is truly solid. I always felt like I was going to snap the GF version's handles off, which of course, did happen 6 mo's in. I will miss the spoiler/flaps levers though so Ill have to come up with something. For now I assigned buttons on the TM Warthog. My flaps level snapped off many years ago (the switch itself), and I never repaired. I could always get that going again I guess. To touch on my original topic, I was able to use the existing mount plate for the GF TQ, drill 2 new holes in the bottom, and mount the virtual fly TQ right to it. PS ,my MCP is crooked, I have to go correct that now before my OCD drives me nuts! lol Happy landings all!
  14. Nice Rob! Bottom line is it definitely is doable with a bit of work I'm willing to put in. Very disappointed in the GF TQ. It has the quality of a 50-$100 unit to me. One of the handles fell out within the first 6 months and I had to send it back. Now it's 5 years old and the pots are so noisy the throttles won't sit at idle. Top that with if I'm part throttle, they fall back to idle under their own weight. Granted this is the 5 year mark but for the cost I'd have expected more. Hopefully with GF under new management the quality will ramp up. To be fair, my Saitek rudder pedals are 6 months older than that and while a bit noisy, are no where near as bad as this throttle quad. This includes the spoilers/flaps levers are well. Anyway rant over - thanks everyone. Here's to hoping they're still able to ship with everything going on. Wishing everyone and their familes to stay healthy during these times.
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