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  1. So I decided to give this a go again after bouncing between MTX and UT live for a bit. I must say - it is pretty cool flying with other traffic. So far everything works perfectly but the sim stutters quite bad every few seconds. It seems to be intermittent which is weird, I can go a few minutes smooth then hit with more stutters. Everything was butter smooth on UT live so the only thing I can think of is something related to PSX updating traffic? Im running the latest versions off the site. If it matters - I was inbound to KCLT.
  2. I do like Xenviro 1.06 for 2d flying, but it still has issues with VR for me. I think 1.04 worked best with fly inside but had some other strange issues if I remember. I think Ill try FSGRW and the SMP combo for a bit and see if I like it.
  3. That's the reason Im here looking for alternatives. The first time I installed it (cant remember the version), I was very impressed. Now it seems very buggy with lots of graphical anomalies. I may look in to FSGRW and FS Enhancer. Seems to be popular between this post and others i've read.
  4. So as the title states, whats everyone using for weather these days? I was a XEnviro user and pretty happy, although some of the latest versions I haven't been happy with and having some graphical issues however. Plus I have some VR issues. I switched to SMP with the weather connector which isn't bad, but I don't feel like there's any wind. With Xenviro I could sense gusts and such and turbulence. SMP seems to have none of that, not to mention I saw some rain when none was in the forecast for the local area I was flying. The performance also doesn't seem that great to me on SMP but I may need to tweak a bit.
  5. I'll have to poke around. I do have flywithlua installed, so that might be it! I think I did some tweaking awhile back to manually extend the night lighting which I then found out wouldn't work.
  6. Sweet! I feel it can be done a bit better but its a start! Did they change anything with haze or glow of night lights? In late v10 and early v11 it seemed a bit more realistic to me. I thought it was the latest xenviro (which seemed very buggy so I uninstalled) but it didnt change anything for me.
  7. Hello folks! I'm wondering, has something changed in XP11 night lighting? I've switched between P3d and XP for a few years now and I haven't flown XP since maybe 11.1, I'm noticing it seems night lighting seems different. There used to be this almost like HDR haze at night from the street lights which seems toned down a bit or almost nonexistent. Also noticed it seems there is some distant lighting at cruise alt now which I never noticed before which is nice. My biggest XP complaint was the popping of ground lighting at night. Although the current implementation seemed to be blurry to me and maybe a bit generic looking its a step in the right direction. So I guess my question is has there been some night lighting changes lately or did I install some messed up addon? I didn't notice anything in the changelogs although I could have overlooked it being how many updates have been had since my last go at XP.
  8. pegruder

    Is VoxATC dead?

    Ahhh one could dream!
  9. pegruder

    VoxATC and Ultimate Traffic Live

    Yes - Sadly for how much I love Vox I get much better performance with UT Live traffic so I've switched back to Pilot2ATC for now.
  10. I was on 1.06 but was having issues in FlyInside as I mostly fly in VR. I upgraded thinking things might have improved but it seems every version of xEnviro is becoming a step backward which is a shame. xE vs Skymax Pro v3 I thought xE was far superior. I haven't tried SMP v4 though to know if that was worth it. I may have to do what dmarques69 said and try something different altogether.
  11. Hey folks, I updated to 1.08 (realizing now 1.09 is out) but figured i'd post anyway since the screen shots ( This magical thread: from 1.08 I saw didnt seem to have this issue. For some reason I have this extreme blue haze on the horizon that it looks like I'm flying over the ocean at all times. I tried playing with all the settings but couldn't seem to figure it out. I tried the 'horizon shift' but it didn't seem to help. I'll give 1.09 a shot and worse case go for a reinstall of xEnviro to see if it helps.
  12. Was just thinking that - this looks awesome. Cant wait to sit down with a few of these videos. Thanks!
  13. I only recently discovered better pushback - it is one truly amazing plugin. It'd be killer to get something like that in P3D. GSX is pretty good, but I find some airports the parking space doesn't seem to line up properly for me to even get ground services at that airport.
  14. Fair enough! One thing Im curious about - with the APU on and shutting down the engines, are all the displays supposed to cut off then immediately come back on? Its like everything loses power when switching to the APU which seems abnormal to me.
  15. Awesome video! How'd you switch between views with the Xbox controller? Is that 3rd party or is there a controller option to choose between the 'walk around' vs VC views? I'm def going to have to give this a go!