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  1. Well folks it has arrived. Its a word not allowed fine piece of hardware! To me - 100% worth the price as this is truly solid. I always felt like I was going to snap the GF version's handles off, which of course, did happen 6 mo's in. I will miss the spoiler/flaps levers though so Ill have to come up with something. For now I assigned buttons on the TM Warthog. My flaps level snapped off many years ago (the switch itself), and I never repaired. I could always get that going again I guess. To touch on my original topic, I was able to use the existing mount plate for the GF TQ, drill 2 new holes in the bottom, and mount the virtual fly TQ right to it. PS ,my MCP is crooked, I have to go correct that now before my OCD drives me nuts! lol Happy landings all!
  2. Nice Rob! Bottom line is it definitely is doable with a bit of work I'm willing to put in. Very disappointed in the GF TQ. It has the quality of a 50-$100 unit to me. One of the handles fell out within the first 6 months and I had to send it back. Now it's 5 years old and the pots are so noisy the throttles won't sit at idle. Top that with if I'm part throttle, they fall back to idle under their own weight. Granted this is the 5 year mark but for the cost I'd have expected more. Hopefully with GF under new management the quality will ramp up. To be fair, my Saitek rudder pedals are 6 months older than that and while a bit noisy, are no where near as bad as this throttle quad. This includes the spoilers/flaps levers are well. Anyway rant over - thanks everyone. Here's to hoping they're still able to ship with everything going on. Wishing everyone and their familes to stay healthy during these times.
  3. Ha - that sounds like it certainly would work. Did you order direct from virtual fly or is there someone better to get it from in the states?
  4. Hey all - hope all is well with you and your families. I'm looking to upgrade my again TQ6 from GF. The pots are going and for the cost of this thing, I'm not attempting this 'refresh' kit. As much as I like the boeing style levers, I'm ok with moving on and getting something much higher quality. The real question is can I mount this on top of my MESM module as my current TQ is? Not sure if anyone's tried this before. I dont really want to clamp to the desk when I have a full GF center console.
  5. Haha shame on me - the way I had my window set I didnt see the last half of your post until I read this and went back. So far these gained me about 10fps at Charlotte, so thats a plus for sure. I have my traffic at around 55% and with these settings still had a few free gates at CLT, vs all of them in use. Itll take some experimentation to get close to perfection. I did tweak the flight plan percentages vs all the AIG plans being at 1% so that shouldnt be an issue for me (forgot to mention that before).
  6. Thanks @jabloomf1230! I had a feeling there was something in this file I was missing. I've always gone here to tweak the taxi speed a bit but never really looked over any of the other settings. Interesting to note, Im missing the following settings:"MaxEnroute, MaxActive, TraffigGenerated at all, and Max Active Terminal A/C. They simply don't exist for me. This was a fresh install when I built this PC so who knows. Im going to add them and give them a go. My current max parked was 120 however so I'm going to give your settings a go and see what happens.
  7. Hey all - Im trying to figure out how to tweak my traffic levels. If I set around 50%, I have ALOT of traffic at the gates, but not much actually doing any flying. This is tending to lead myself to lower frame rates for just static A/C and not much by way of taxiing/takeoff/landing, Maybe during about 15-20minutes on the ground 1 plan lands or takes off at populated airfields. Any idea how to tweak this? Im using the AIG AI traffic.
  8. I've just reverted to logging flights manually on myflightbook.com. I was big in to the landing performance but I've started caring less I guess. Project fly I just no longer trust and feel itll get shutdown eventually and all the data will be lost. At least with MFB, I can export to an excel spreadsheet.
  9. So after some searching I was about to just go spreadsheet style, but I decided on this site: myflightbook.com. Nothing is tracked automatically which I'm ok with, I'd rather have something separate at this point, which I could also download to a spreadsheet if needed.
  10. Ray did you ever end up getting these pedals? I saw in another thread you were debating. Since I'm looking at quality yokes I can't keep using my saitek pedals from 6 years ago now lol. Time for Mass upgrades I think.
  11. I too am long overdue for some good pedals. Still on a Saitek set from years ago, might have to jump in on these.
  12. Thanks - I did that the other day. Looks like I had already transferred my license but I did it to a different email for the 320 which is why it didnt show up. The folks as FSL sorted that all out very fast.
  13. So that brings me to fast spring but my A320 purchase is not there, only the 321. I tried transferring but it looks like I'd have to rebuy?
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