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  1. I see the issue. For some reason windows put all the other displays in 'disabled' state. They also don't show in nvidia CP but do in windows. Oh well at least it works!
  2. You dont have any issues with surround disabling monitors not part of the surround config? Im gonna have to play around/check for driver updates ect.
  3. Hey folks just wondering if any folks have tried using nvidia surround to span across multiple displays. I've been able to do this successfully, but for some reason this disables any other monitor thats not part of the surround, including my RSG G1000 screens. Maybe one day proper multi-monitor support will be released and there won't be a need for this lol.
  4. Received my brunner about 2 weeks ago and it's absolutely a game changer! Been too busy flying to post about it lol.
  5. The TBM panel is incredible! It works with anything thats G1000 which is nice too so its not tied just to the TBM900, although thats what it was designed for and works best in. Anything G1000, the AP system, most of the lighting switches, key panel, all work in anything G1000 I've used in XP11 or MSFS. I havent figured out a way for the TBM930 to work with it though aside from the pop out panels.
  6. Sweet, I think I may do it...I gotta double check the measurements but from what I saw I think its the same height as the yoko but a little narrower. Long as it fits in my RSG panel I think I'm all in. Everyone seems to have a positive experience with it and can't go back. The fact you can customize it so every plane you fly actually feels more appropriate sounds incredible. I do love the yoko, but no matter what Im flying whether its a CJ4, a 172 or anything else, it all has the same feel (for obvious reasons). How long did it take to arrive? I feel like a kid on Christmas and I haven't even pulled the trigger yet lol.
  7. This post has been pretty informative for sure. I currently have a yoko+ but am strongly considering the Brunner CLS-E MKII. IRL flying is getting too expensive with fuel costs these days on top of that I just dont have the time to fly as much. Anyone in the US have the brunner and have to pay any of the extra taxes/duty fees they mention on the brunner site? I think as long as there are no hidden fees and I double check all the measurements for my current sim pit I'll probably be pulling the trigger...
  8. I'm very close to pulling the trigger on this... Out of curiosity, are you in the US and if so what was the import taxes involved? I saw on their site the buyer is responsible for all import taxes and didnt want to get caught out there with some crazy bill on top of its cost... Question on the fun stuff though - is the Brunner all its cracked up to be? It certainly seems that way from your post. Hows things like taxing with gusty conditions? Can you feel the forces on the controls just like the real thing? How about during a runup from the propwash? -Chris
  9. Thanks Dave, Ill give that a go next time. I'm probably overthinking the readback and confusing P2A even more.
  10. Hello all - hope all is well. I have a quick question about clearances. Sometimes when Im reading back my clearance, either P2A hears me incorrectly or Ill stumble over my own words. When this happens P2A will say something like Jetblue 22 altitude is 5000 feet. Or Jetblue 22 squak 1234. When this happens what's a proper readback to continue? I've tried reading back whats incorrect with something like, Altitude is 5000 feet Jetblue 22 or Jetblue 22 altitude is 5000 feet. P2A just keep repeating that my readback is incorrect, or gets even more confused with This is clearance go ahead. At this point I usually just start the whole process over. Any ideas what Im doing wrong?
  11. So having some issues trying to integrate the 430 in to the stock C172. I load the plane, ctrl, alt, shift space, it creates the panel preview file, however that file only has screen shots of the gps screens, nothing else. I also don't see where in these tutorials the pixel coordinates come from if this even matters as my panel preview doesn't seem correct. Im in 11.5 in vulcan btw. I found a file on the xp org downloads that added the 530 in so at least I have that for now.
  12. Can you advise on how you resolved? Im having the same issue. I have the 530 working but the 430 I can't seem to get.
  13. No stop - did I just read this is still a thing. I quit. Time to find another hobby...
  14. Any idea what the difference is between the Thrustmaster TPR and the TPR Worldwide editions?
  15. Well my this threads gotten alot of activity while I've been busy. Thats my problem is I fly alot of different stuff. I was mostly a 738 guy for years, then became obsessed with the 32x's. I used to love flying just the 172 for the GA side, but then I switched to the warrior and I've really been loving the TBM900. I had my eye on the ruddos - but I can't spend that much. The TPRs are to the high side of what I wanted to spend. Still torn between the MFGs but learning towards the TPRs. Either way, coming from 5 year old Saitek pedals ANYTHING is going to be a step up I'm sure....
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