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  1. AccusedChip

    Falcon 50 - Ops ?

    Scott, as we established, I’m not familiar with the 50. On the 900 the gen and battery switches have an interlock and if a switch is off it will not start. The generators are starter generators so the computer determines when they are starters and when they switch over to generating power. Done light is on the hot bus, but I think it will shut off if all gen switches and battery are shut off. Though I’m not sure if it shuts off with the gen switches or is just on the hot bus and always has power available. The procedure is all gen and battery switches on apu gen on then it should start.
  2. AccusedChip

    Falcon 50 flap positions.

    Ok I stand corrected. Never flew a 50, but typed in the 900. But it’s the same type rating. DA50. Thought they were the same. I’ll just go back to minding my own business.......
  3. AccusedChip

    Falcon 50 flap positions.

    The falcon 50 has 3 flap positions, first being slats and 7 or slats deployed and 7 degrees of flaps. This is not accurate at this time, as the sim only has slats as first position. The other positions are correct.
  4. AccusedChip

    Sailplanes for Prepared

    Just did some crazy gliding in xplane. Great tow, also does a winch launch. It was very satisfying.
  5. AccusedChip

    rift wont load

    I had a similar problem. Unchecking oculus run as administrator fixed it. Your problem may be different.
  6. AccusedChip


    Don’t set frame rate to unlimited. In fly inside set to 15 frames and in sim set to 30 frames that fixed it for me. Also ssds for the sim is a must.
  7. Can it be used with flyinside yet?
  8. Tried to update the Da62 but get a scripting error. Other purchases work fine. It just doesn’t download.
  9. AccusedChip

    October windows update

    My goflight polypot software won’t register after the update....seems like only causality so far....
  10. Glad it happens to someone else too.
  11. Ever since I installed the 748 when I fly it, sometimes the sim pauses and the only way to stop the pause is the P key, which I haven’t hit to begin with. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or not. Maybe one of my controllers is sending a rouge p? Just throwing it out there.
  12. AccusedChip

    [22SEP18] PMDG 747-8 Queen of the Skies II Released

    Yep.....thats all I can say.
  13. That message was worth it’s price in gold, plus you just saved refresh bandwidth...
  14. Also, if I buy it now for 325,000,000.00 will you refund my credit card when the price drops? just asking to beat the rush.
  15. You folks put the joy into flight simulators on a level I never thought, could be achieved in my lifetime. Thank you for the terrific work you have done and are doing. May the influx of cash from new releases encourage more great works. Each and every airplane is a work of art, and you are the best developer bar none. Ok I’m done gushing. Signed Daniel Rosso