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  1. Paypal would work. I can check on shipping this weekend when I return home from a trip.
  2. For sale - GoFlight flight simulation controller modules - US GF-TPM - Throttle-Prop-Mixture module, list price $179.95,, works with FS, P3D, XP11, no drivers or software needed, condition like new, price $50 SOLD! GF-46 - Multi-mode Display Module, list price $159, , works best with FS, P3D, condition like new, price $50 GF-P8 - Push Button Panel, list price $99, ,works best with FS, P3D, condition like new, price $50, GF-RP-48 (2 modules available) - Rotary Panel, list price $169, , works best with FS, P3D, condition like new, price $50 each If you buy all modules at once, one will be free and I will ship for free. Otherwise, price does not include shipping on individual modules. Modules are in Los Angeles area and shipping is preferred only to US addresses.
  3. Saitek, now Logitech, should really deal with this Advanced Power Management issue. A lot of flight simmers are wasting a lot of time on this.
  4. You don't need anything. To XP it is just a set of axes to set up as if it were a joystick. That setup is built into XP.
  5. sander8

    XP and GoFlight Gear

    Goflight modules are not really useful in XP. Even if you use the GFIT software, the USB support is unstable. Goflight and Pollypot have not spent the effort to update the drivers and software or firmware to make these useful in XP. Some modules are especially problematic. I worked with the very helpful and responsive admin support on the Pollypot software forum and he was, finally, candid about the instabilities. Goflight modules are really only useful and stable for FS and P3D users. I have a number of goflight modules that I have removed from my sim and am preparing to sell them very cheaply to FS and P3D users. I have replaced them with modules from Flight Solutions and Cockpit PhD and RealSim Gear and all work very well with XP.