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  1. Hi folks. After being out of painting for a while I am wanting to get back into it. Needless to say, I am out of practice and am in search of a good graphics editor that won't break the bank. I am somewhat familiar with Photoshop (I did use CS2 but no longer have it), but the cost for CC is just not in my budget. I have considered GIMP, but my past experiences have not been very positive in that it was not very intuitive. Maybe I should give it another go? I have been doing some research on Photoshop alternatives and came across a newer software called Affinity Photo, which costs about $40 USD. It looks like a solid performer but it cannot save files in DDS format. However, if I recall, can't files be converted to DDS using DXTBMP? Has anyone used this software to create repaints and, if so, what has been your experience? Are there other options I am overlooking? Thanks. Todd
  2. I uninstall add-ons first, then uninstall P3D. Lastly, I delete any remaining P3D folders, which has already been mentioned.
  3. Redbird is one big customer...
  4. Well, they do a good job of advertising entertainment products from 3rd party developers on their homepage - Orbx, Carenado, etc. While they primarily cater to the commercial sector no doubt, the flight sim hobby community is an invaluable resource. Truly a win win relationship.
  5. Do you see this on every livery? If the aircraft itself is normal, I'm thinking it's a livery issue. Try Dutchman's suggestion if so.
  6. Wow, impressive screenshots over at Simmarket. My only hesitancy in buying this scenery is DD still hasn't made his NY airports compatible with P3Dv3 (and has made it clear it isn't his priority). With P3D v4 rumored to be on the horizon (64 bit or not), I think I'll wait. I don't want to be stuck with a scenery that may never get new installers with newer P3D versions.
  7. If you want something different, try the FSLabs Concorde. Go on a long haul from EGLL to KJFK at Mach 2 in 3.5 hours. It's a fun, complex, classic add-on, complete with flight engineer (or if you want a good challenge, act as pilot and flight engineer). I also have the PMDG 777, which is a great modern long hauler. My problem is I don't have the time in my life to fly 8 hours, but the above-mentioned auto-cruise is a handy feature, compressing an 8 hour flight to 4 hours. Or you can just depart at night, go to bed, and then land in the morning while you enjoy your coffee. Of course, then you miss all those wonderful ocean views.
  8. I did a night flight to London Heathrow and the runway lights didn't appear until I was about 1/2 mile from the threshold. Has anyone experienced this and is there a solution to fix it? I use OpenLC EU and Vector and am wondering if Vector might interfere with the normal appearance of third party runway and airport lights. I use UTX with OpenLC NA in the US and don't recall encountering this issue, which is why I ask. Todd
  9. Whenever I freeze/pause my TrackIR, the view returns to the default VC view before pausing. For example, if I am looking at the center console and want to freeze the view on TrackIR, instead of freezing the current view, I get sent back to the left seat forward view before freezing. Todd
  10. If you divide $135 by the number of models/variants you get, then I think the price begins to look more than reasonable.
  11. Hey, folks. I also posted this on the FSLabs forums but thought I'd post the same issue here so I can maximaize the number of people who might be able to help me out. I am having a graphic issue with the Concorde-x performance calculator: Every other concorde utility window (fuel loading, etc) looks normal. Only the performance calculator looks like this, which makes me think it's not a display setting issue. Anyone else having this issue?
  12. Yes, it's very strange, but I finally found the solution. I didn't realize CCleaner had a registry function - it deleted the entry and now it's gone. Thanks for taking an interest, Greg. Todd
  13. René, forgive me if I missed it, but how did you set up your spoiler axis? Did you use FSUIPC, and if so,how? If you set up through FSUIPC, make sure you delete the spoiler assignments inside FSX for all connected hardware.
  14. Same issue here. Camera sporadically zooms out, especially when I flip certain switches or turn heading/course knobs (pmdg 777 and fslabs concorde).
  15. I found it in the registry and deleted it, restarted the computer, went back into control panel to check the uninstall programs window and the entry is still there.
  16. So, I bit the bullet and upgraded to AS16 and ASCA (plus EnvTex) and I must say flying in true IMC conditions is night and day compared to ASN. I must have set something wrong when I tried the demo earlier, because, while ASN is nice, this is even better. I flew the RNP Rwy 4R into KMDW and ceilings were just above minimums. There was no coming in and out of clouds. It was pure white outside the windows and when I broke out of the soup it was amazing to see the pure blanket of clouds above me. I also really like the ASCA cloud textures. I was using REX soft clouds before and liked them but I think I personally like these even better. I use the 512 px ASCA textures and they look really nice even at that resolution. The dynamic weather is also really cool and transitions are hardly noticeable. AS16+ASCA+EnvTex is really a great combo. I'm glad I upgraded.
  17. I have the AsRock Z77 Extreme4. It's been a great mobo, actually. This is the first reset I have had to do. I am wondering if my GPU and RAM upgrades had anything to do with it... either way, everything works again. I reloaded my OC profile and all good.
  18. Is there any way this post can be stickied on the front page of AVSIM? No truer words have been written in a long time. It's the reason I won't be buying the FSLabs bus....at least for now. I know my free time will not allow me to get my bang for the buck on this one, given my already next planned purchase. However, I'm happy for the die-hard Airbus crowd and $140 is a bargain, considering you get both engine variants of the A320.
  19. My computer specs are in my signature, just FYI. Tonight I was going to do some testing with hyperthreading. I normally run with it off. When I entered the BIOS, it said that "hypethreading not supported." I know this isn't true because I have an i7 3770k, and I have enabled HT before. Nonetheless, I enabled it anyway. But when I opened both task manger and CPU-Z, only 4 threads were shown to be active. So, I went back into BIOS and decided to bump my CPU from 4.5 GHz to 4.6 GHz just as a test. CPU-z said my CPU was running at 4.5 even though I set it the multiplier at 4.6. Something is up with my BIOS. Any ideas? Solutions?The BIOS version is the most current, FYI.
  20. I was thinking about this today. In all the discussions about P3D performance/settings we often talk about a high end computer vs medium vs low end. I realize this is a moving target and there is a continuum, especially as technology changes yearly (if not faster), but what fits the definition of each? Specifically, looking at my specs in my sig, how would one define my system?
  21. The subject line pretty much says it all. The other day I was going through my list of programs to see if there is anything that needed to be uninstalled and I noticed that FSX is in my list of programs. I used FSX briefly about 2 years ago and uninstalled it, so I don't know how or why it is there. I right clicked it and selected uninstall but I get an error message that client does not exist. If it doesn't exist then why is it there? Any ideas how I can remove this entry? Thanks. Todd
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